Friday, October 26, 2007

What it Boo!

Hahaha. I kill myself. Ok, I'll dead the Halloween puns. The best part about Halloween during the week is that you can stretch it out over two weekends. Who cares if it was 3 days ago/not for another 3 days. Go ahead pick a costume and make yourself look like a fool or zombie or sexy 1900's steel conglomerate tycoon or sexy sexy or frog.

  • Seclusiasis Phreak Out with Andy Pry at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Philebs is having a Halloween Party at Johnny Brendas with all sorts of wholesome activities like put your hand in a weird box and win Porn! (Frankford and Girard)
  • Party late at the Arts Garage with Steve Bloodbath, Jhn Rdn, DJ Frosty and Billy Martin (!??! yes that Billy Martin from Medeski, Martin and Wood (MMW)).
  • Not specific Halloween, but awesome nonetheless, Fridays at Mansion with Brendan Bring'em and Jes One til 3, free before 12 and $4 drinks til 12.
  • Sundae Masquerade with DJ Starchild now at Veranda (3 N. Delaware Ave.)
  • New completely awesome weekly starting today is Brendan Bring'em and Jones of Caps and Jones at Silk City spinning 60's and 70's Rock and Soul. Yes please. There are prizes for best costume as well.

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