Friday, October 19, 2007

Spooning with Tommy Up

Since we are all talking about Paper Street and Tommy on this site like every post I think I am gonna post about him toooo.... Like this one time we were hanging out at the Marathon Grill listening to Cosmo Baker straight murder it and this song came on that was all rocky and kinda electroy. And I start straight jackin in my chair next to dude and he is eggin me on like "Okay all right yeah yeah yeah... Man I am feeling this song too." Thats when his girl Pallah starts getting into it also and then we are like fuck it lets stand up and dance. So we all three stand up and start moving and I turn to girl and i'm like "I'm Justin your Britney lets battle Tommy will judge." So of course I ain't got no moves and I do the hand up in the air, shake the booty move, but its a rock song so I start to do the Molly Ringwald into the Carlton into rebel fist in the air knock dance move. Then she starts to do the all my same moves except for way better. She started with the faux rave dance with out glowsticks into some interpretative swan movements straight into pop, lock, and droppin it down to the floor and coming up all sexy.

So Tommy jumps in and ends it declaring Pallah the winner and as the loser I had to go up to Cosmo and request a Britney spears track which he didn't play. But it turns out the song that we were dancing to was by Spoon and Spoon is freaking playing tonight with The Pony's at the TLA.

Oh snapadooo I am gonna be dance offing girls all night for beers.

Spoon with The Ponys and DJ Dave P
Friday, October 19, 2007
Electric Factory
Doors: 7:30 pm | Show: 8:30 pm
421 N. 7TH ST.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone 215.627.1332

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Fuck Art, Let's Dance said...

ahhh haaaaaaa
you had some moves casi
they just werent what woul dbe clasically decribed as good moves, but whatever, you got moves!