Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vigilante Journalism

For those who didn't hear 50 cop cars rushing through the city, here's what what I pieced together:
A cop was shot at 22nd and Samson, and the shooter jumped into the Skuykill river to get away.
Last I heard, they're still looking for him.

I don't do fact checking, so any of the above may be false, but it's got street cred, so I'll trust it for now.

I've got a lot of great footage from the night, but it'll take a while to compile it all and edit a proper video, so here's a little teaser I put together real quick:

Video thumbnail. Click to play

More to come.

- Seg


Erin said...

It was a traffic "cop" that was shot... he's gonna be ok. Shooter on the other hand had his bloated body pulled out o' the schuylkill... Back to you Seth!

seg said...

Thank you erin, and now, the weather...

Casi G said...

So the shotted died jumping off the bridge. Shit I have thought of jumping off that bridge for fun so many times.


di1 said...

Did he jump off the bridge? I'm wondering if the cop actually hit him and he died from his wound or couldn't swim or stayed under too long while hiding out from the cops. We need a boat and one of those depth meters if we're going to do it right. Then you can figure out where to jump and just get in the boat and ride away. Of course we are talking about jumping in the Surekill.

Casi G said...

I pride myself that I drink surekill punch straight from the tap son.

seg said...

I don't think he jumped directly off the bridge, I think he jumped in at the side and died from some vile combination of hypothermia, drowning, and exhaustion.