Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Looking for New Writers

One man band courtesy of Spinal Connection
So as you may have noticed I'm pretty much a one man band here. Seg and Tom Jonze are nearly nonexistent, Casi G pops up once a week and Pedestrian has been busy with real world moves trying to post there and their own blog, therefore we are looking for new writers to post regularly on topics we don't have time or resources to post about. Specific topics include the indie rock scene and someone dedicated to fashion. Current offers include free mp3s, Facebook gifts, Internet high fives, free entry to shows and possibly actual monetary compensation. Please send samples of your work along with preferred topic to 5151List @ GMail . com with the subject "I can has job?" I will totally be cool if I receive no worthy responses knowing the fact that I found such an incredible website.


seg said...

Wow, I'm "nearly nonexistent"?
Excuse me, my posts have been called bloggosphereiphic. Well, once. But it was really sweet.

di1 said...

Nearly nonexistent for sure. If I could count your posts and compare them to mine I think you would be nearly nonexistent at least in 2007. Only you have the power to not be nearly nonexistent and prevent forest fires.