Friday, August 31, 2007

What It Do: The Rave Is Not Over

2 years at this blog game. Summer unofficially over. To all those moving out and in, I feel your pain. Lets just hope that this weekend can match last Friday's craziness. Shout out to Sean Agnew, Plastic Little, MC Spank Rock stopping by after his video shoot for his side project with Benny Blanco and of course Dave P, Julian S Process, Switch and Diplo. A big fuck you goes to the motherfucker that stole my bike. If I see you riding my bike I will tackle you. I'm not mad, it would just be fun. Raise a glass this weekend to better times as things are looking better and better. Oh and if you do nothing else, save it up for Sunday night, its going to be a rager!!!!1!11!!!

  • Live Arts / Fringe starts today. I'm sure theres good stuff going on.
    • Haven't had time to delve through it yet, lasts through Sept 15th
  • Art Opening at Lineage aka the best gallery in Old City
  • Metronomics - Similar to Hustlenomics. They got it at Medusa. Rappy raps with Illy, Mental Sharp and more. Sponsored by Pedestrian.
    • Back to school means Pedestrian is real busy stocking that hot ish. Hustle on over to the blog to see whats new in stock
  • Ed motherfucking Rush at Fluid. Drum n bass in your face at Fluid
  • Crimp Yr Hair vs Hot Cops at Sals
    • Hot Cops are Nick the V and Stumble. Check the goodness, its Sals which means cheap beer, no cover and lots of hipster chicks. Talk about your one speed and how you just got a flip flop hub and you're almost ready for Deep V's but not quite and even if you do you're still going to have the front brake.
  • Remember And Dim Sum? They're Still Ill with Labuda and friends at M Room.
  • Grasshopper 1 Year anniversary all day in store
  • Last mojito of the summer with Dozia. Do I need to say more? How about free mojitos 10:30 - 11:30?
  • Egypt has reopened as Solo. Its on the corner of Spring Garden and Delaware. I can't verify anything about it. Hopefully, it is nothing like Egypt ala Disco 2000 was, unless you're into house dealers, half assed techno, muscle bound men with their shirts off etc. If you like deep house then check out the Sundae crew this Saturday at Solo. Sundays 100.3 the beat does Celebrity Sundays, couple weeks back the Shop Boyz were there. Just saying, throwing that out there.
    • DZA says Solo has "the best club system i've heard in philly since Motion closed."
  • RAVE TIL YOUR GRAVE!!!!!!! Filtered french blog electro hype killer really real house all night with Institubes All stars Para One, Surkin, Orgasmic and Curses. Like for sure, this is a rave. It is at the Vacuum. It is BYOB. ROAR and PLUR in effect. Bring your glowsticks and your candy and your vicks and party like its 1999 at the Purple House or the Basement or 1997 like it was the Fake House. Not 1997 Skyline or 1415 and definitely not 1999 Space. Maybe 1997 Crackline, if only...
    • Brought to you by the fine folks at Rizumu and PartyTrainSoldiers IGetRvng
    • Remember kids, The Rave Is Not Over, It Is On Pause

Throwback Fridays - 911 Is A Joke

In honor of all those affected by Hurricane Katrina.
August 31st, 2005
  • 85% of the city is underwater
  • President Bush establishes a task force overseen by Michael Brown
  • President Bush returns from his vacation home in Crawford Texas
  • Thousands of people are stranded on top of their houses and at the Superdome
Lets not forget about Barbara Bush's comments days later either

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wiz Khalifa - Youngin on His Grind

Following up on Music411's post earlier this week, new video just released like minutes ago.

Buy on iTunes

Wiz Khalifa

Alison Hinds - Roll It

Queen of Soca with the ragga soca banger "Roll It". The fete is the party similar to baile in Funk parties.

More on those Carribean rhythms soon as Home for Carnival 3 is out now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reppin my West PA Roots

Wiz Khalifa is the truth from Pittsburgh. He got a new mixtape droppin with DJ Green Lantern on the mix. As he says hisself this young boy "is beastin." I don't think the dude can even drink in clubs legally yet...and he killin shit.

Friday, August 24, 2007

What It Do


  • Art Opening at Jinxed with Issac Bushkin, Adam Weir (620 S. 4th)
  • Partytrainsoldiers unite with [click] at Fluid. Free before 12. Free Colt while th 30 cases last. Oh yeah, special guest Switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!11! (613 S. 4th)
  • AD Lawless does it up big with Dev79 and crew at Khyber. Always Free. (52 S 2nd)
  • Hip hop and you don't stop. Illy,Mental Sharp and more with Micronomics at Medusa (21st and chestnut)
    • Sponsored by Pedestrian puts the final stamp of approval on this. UPDATE: Wow, I should read flyers. Next week. I was amped about this and thought it was this week.
  • Pete Moss at Sundae 3 -9 at Bubble House (34th and Sansom)

Ohhh Mama Bear Lets Get Something To Eat

(photo courtesy of Finding Philly)

Dear Mama Bear,

I first meet you on a Sunday night sitting on the stoop with d drinking whiskey and Lagers when you came out in your Abercrombie and Fitch men's pajama pants and Banana Republic tanktop to throw away your perfectly packaged garbage. I hollered "Ay Bay Bay" and you laughed and went back inside only to stick your head back out and ask about the recyclables. So you brought out just one too many cardboard boxes and we made fun of you and like the fire hearted banshee that you is, you came over to talk shit on us. This is when I truly new you were someone I wanted in my life.

Screaming at the top of your lungs how fucked up it was that we were getting drunk at 10:00 pm on a Sunday night, you came over to a pair of stunned dudes who instantly knew this was gonna be the best part of the night. The conversation turned to playful jokes about my age, how old I thought you were, and how much we agreed on Dave Mathews Band is so underrated in the streets right now. I never found out your name that night or you told me and I was drunk and didn't remember to remember it since I was so stunned by your awesomeness. After repeatedly turning down swigs of whisky from a plastic water bottle,and not wanting a can of beer "since you didn't trust your self to only have just one" you slipped inside your house for an early evening. The unprecedented mind fuck was well received by the two of us and it didn't help that we forgot your name so we created your nickname, Mama Bear.

Ever since that night we secretly glance over at your row home just to see if your light is on. One time we even bought schnapps (on some other shit I hate schnapps, like if it's below 40 proof fuck it) cause we thought we would run into you. Then it happened again. You hurried out of your house into a cab to run off to old city to hang with your yuppie suburbanite friends. It was after that mega downpour that I got caught in riding my bike to get a case of Natty Bohs from Stones and I was sitting outside with a case of beer waiting to go upstairs. You were on the phone, said hello and blew off my calls of coming to the Walnut Room.

Then out of the blue last night it happened again. We were sitting there drinking leftover cans of Colt and warm Seagram's when we saw you slinking up the street ever so slightly drifting to the right. You had on a new light blue polo vest on with a white collared shirt underneath matched with a pair of off white Benton heel high cut pants that when you turned around really displayed that you had no ass at all. I was feeling it on so many levels. You were drunk, I was getting drunk, and we all were having a good time. You blurted out that you were 33 and tired of all this bullshit and I never felt more connected to you. The majority of the time we spent talking about the most yuppy shit in the world, people from Jersey parking on our block when we pay for a parking permit. It was so enjoyable to watch you run around screaming at the top of your lungs for some one to come down and move their car that was parked illegally and how you were going to call PPA on them.

It was at this moment I wanted to invite you into my world. I wanted to take you to an electro house night where we would be the only people standing around in pastel colors after getting off my sailboat, drink PBR tall boys and do shoots of rail whiskey while the whole time complaining that we can't get pints of Piels, smoke cig after cig after cig and talk shit on people by generally looking fabulous in a sea of Philly bullshitters. I wanted to wake up in the morning next to you after a night of mayhem and take you to Café Lutecia and sit outside while the spider waitress serves us ice teas and we talk shit on all the yuppies with last year's Lacoste colors on. I wanted you to sit there and even in your hung over state look at me in contempt when I make you pay for your half of the check even though it's really cheap for a big ass sandwich.

Then when it's all over I want you to kick my ass out while you go do you and have to get ready to be a bridesmaid again at some shit wedding in Doylestown that you can't invite me to since the last timeyou did I got drunk and pushed some one into a pool and ruined his $400 black jack phone.

P.S. To the waitress at Café Lutecia, it sucks you broke your foot…But at least you broke your foot in France. Shit I ran my bike into a grate at 20th and Green Street the other day and fucked my shoulder up, and then I found 20 bucks...

Cafe Lutecia
2301 Lombard Street

Throwback Fridays: I Get Around

Round and round, round we go.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This video made my day...

Rumor has it Hezekiah is joinin two others on a project....I ain't heard it but from the line-up I'd say this shit could be some serious classic shit...I'd say more but it's not my shit to leak....hit him up yourself

Spank Rock Live at Silk City Video

Shoot the lights out. Move in slide closer. Shake it til my dick turn racist.
Bonus: Spank Rock & Amanda Blank Bump snippet from McCarren Pool
Courtesy of Woodshop Filmss

Plastic Little - Masters of the Universe

Sound could be better, but this is pretty incredible.
Plastic Little's song Master of the Universe , from the Lo-Fi Thug Paradise album, Video by MegaWords artist Dan Murphy using rad found footage.

Plastic Little Space,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reading the Philadelphia Weekly

Once in awhile I actually pick up a paper copy. Sometimes I even read it on teh Internets. This week has taught me:

Fashion Design Competition

Bamboo is looking for uniforms and you could design them. Full details on the flyer above. For more info contact Rosie Kim on MySpace or via

Friday, August 17, 2007

What It Do

The rain is gone. Yay. Its not going to be 150 degrees. Weird. DC and Alaska taking over this weekend. Don't worry really real hip hop heads, we got something for you too.


First Clip of Its Always Sunny

Yes, the best show on tv.

Premieres Sept 13th. (via Philebrity)

Dwizz - Party Music EP

Flamin Hotz has just released Dwizz's Party Music EP. Its absolutely incredible and you have to see it in person. Kristie and John from the Weekly Conversation did amazing work. Derrick over at Bustbright has incredible art direction and the beats knock hard thanks to DJA. Dwizz has pitched up bmore club almost into juke ranges and has produced six solid club bangers. Salt, Pepper, Ketchup & Hot Sauce is still my jam and leads off the EP. Toot That uses a sample from Pop, Lock & Drop It and Feeling So Horny rounds out side A. Side B is led off with Lets Go Girl, a wu tang fight music anthem, that features "To the bitches that wanna fight me, Lets Go Girl". I'm Hot samples Mims banger giving it whole new life and finally Goodtimes is dynomite. Take a listen to the snippets below.

Side A

A1. Salt Pepper Ketchup & Hot Sauce
A2. Toot That
A3. Feeling So Horny
Side B
B1. Let's Go Girl
B2. I'm Hot
B3. Goodtimes

Buy it in Philly at Armands, online at Turntable Lab, in the UK at Rubadub or directly from Flamin Hotz.

Throwback Fridays: Shoop

How you doin baby?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of Fishscale, LiLo, Rats and Philly In the UK

A nice little irreverent interview while Plastic Little toured the UK. Topics include those above and sex with Amanda Blank and lack of health coverage in the US. Read the "interview" here.

Really though, as in previous incantations, this is just a lead in for a show or two.
  • Tonite with Rubbed Raw at Pageant Gallery, 6th and Bainbridge. You remember from last time right? Also see OCDJ, Jimmy Joe Roche and BYO. $5 at 8PM
  • September 13th, opening with Gang(rumors) for Bonde Do Role at Johnny Brendas. Buy tickets now from ticketweb.
  • Did you buy a t shirt yet?

Whats Up With Philadelphyinz?

Apt One and Skinny are the latest to be featured in Dirty South Joe's weekly column for the Weekly.

Michael “Apt One” Fichman (right) and Andrew “Skinny” Friedman make up the dynamic DJ and production duo the Philadelphyinz.

The two started collaborating on music in Pittsburgh, where they both grew up. Their moniker is a nod to Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities. “Pittsburgh people are really serious about their Pittsburgh,” says Fichman. “You can take the yinzer out of Pittsburgh, but you can’t take Pittsburgh out of the yinzer."

Catch Apt One's opening set at the Tech Support 2-year anniversary at the Bubble House, 34th and Sansom. Kenny Raw and Properganda hold it down afterwards and a closing set at Hurrah! at Sal's, 12th and Chestnut. Residents Shawn Ryan and Chris Rogy rock on the early tip. No cover.

Philadelphyinz Space

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Rap music videos banging the box. Some of these are Internet old, which means they just made it on TV and will be there for at least another 6 months.

Dude N Nem - "Watch My Feet" Juke makes it big time. Youuuuu Digggggggggggg?

Whats your favorite?

Concerts in the Park 2007

(image courtesy of

Todays performance by The Yah Mos Def and Burndown Allstars begins the Weekly's annual Concerts in the Park. Concerts run from 7 - 9 in Rittenhouse which gives you plenty of time to go to the nearest state store. Check the full listing of bands and such here.

Peedi Crak at White T's

From the lovely Erinalicious via Crossfaded Bacon

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cobre Restaurant & Bar

Photo from Emulsion Emotion

So like I'm a big dude. I mean I eat, alot, over a long period of time, repeatedly. For a while I only ate soup all three meals to lose some weight which worked but then I got lazy and started studying every night so I ate real food again. So with all my weight loss I decided it was time to get a one speed since I was transitioning from my Mt Airy Granola ten speed Mountain Bike into my totally grown and sexy mid 80's racing wheels Peugeot. So the first week I had my bike I left it outside my house and some one stole the front tire. So I get it replaced with this aluminum jawn over at Philadelphia Bikes Inc and two days later I am rolling around on it before I got toe clips and slid my flip flopped foot right in-between the tire and fork. Totally blew the shit out, I end overed my bike, woke up on the ground with a bike stuck on my foot, my arm all fucked up, and like some broken toes. Shit was not fun, so I parked it and went to go get breakfast all fucked up down the street at my super secret spot that some how is being overrun by yuppies which I guess kind of has to happen. So then I take it back to Philadelphia Bikes and they just look at me like, "Dude you just got your bike back from us the other day" and I was like yeah I know I need a new fork. This is also when that dude is there who has the shirt that obviously some bike messenger made for him since its an XL American Apparel that has "Don't Ask Me For Shit" on it, every time I come in I am like I want this and he is like "No, I am not going to retape your handle bars with neon pink tape. All I wanna do is play on my computer and put a little Gin in my 32 ounce sugar tee from the Chinese spot down the street and sit in front of the air conditioner." So they hook me up with a new fork after a day or two and then I am rolling around which was bugged out since I was still kinda shook. So then I park my bike outside my house cause I am all tired and then this time the dude steals my back wheel. This I wasn't all that mad at since it was on one of those European wheels that has that wack nipple. So this time when I go back to Philadelphia Bikes the dude is just buggin out. In two weeks I needed both wheels replaced, trashed my fork, and still was coming back for more shit. So I am on there frequent buyers list now and all I have to do is wait 20 mins for them to do the work on my bike.

So every time I come to that spot I have two options of what to eat. Fairmount 2 "the sequel" now titled Assandros but with the same crappy food and cardboard pizza, or there is the Chinese spot that sells chicken in sugar sauce. I also found out that people in Philly call "soy sauce" suey sauce" what the fuck is that all about? So the other day I am up there asking them to replace this steel rim that I got with an aluminum one cause my fat ass totally bent the shit and I went to go get something to eat and there is a new spot called "Cobre". I was feeling it. Crazy grimy outside that makes the place really feel like a dive ass restaurant until I stepped in that place. Shit was out of control on some Mexican Yuppster shit. Like I love seedy ass Mexican joints where they are not speaking English and you have to pay market price on your guacamole and you order in Spanish and the girl smiles all cute (I see you Jose's). This place looked like it was gonna be a weird night club lounge thing for male entertainers but instead they serve Mexican food. I mean I guess they are trying to class it up but the way to do that is not to sell really corny and mad corporate art on there walls, then on the flipside they got that crazy Mexican jukebox that plays all types of crazy songs way to loud. So it was lunch time and inside the place was me and like a small table that was having a party and that was it, yet I still got terrible service. Plus they had that juke box so loud I couldn’t even think to myself. And like since there was no one in the place the shit was just echoing all over. The menu was kinda dope though they had a Puerto Rican side and then there is a Mexican side. I got food from both but I wanted to talk to my waiter a lot about the food and find out what was the real dopeness. He was this 16 year old kid in a White Tee which was really funny to me since I swore I had seen him up the block outside the spot at 17th and Mt. Vernon. So the whole time I keep asking for a glass of water and I am still hung over and keep almost drinking the glass that has a floating candle in it while I am talking to my Mom on the phone. Then I ask for a recommendation and he says "For me, I would totally get the steak with onions and mushrooms. Whoaa thats eating." I was like dude its Wednesday at like 12:30. Who gets a steak? Give me some soup and like this Puerto Rican Corn meal thing with plantains and flavored pig skin.

So while I am waiting I am start reading that article about gun owners in Philadelphia and it turns out that the girl I am banging who is 23 has also banged this dude who is like 40, repeatedly over a short period of time cause we had to have a little talk about our sexual partners before we could have sex and she told me about him. It was kinda bugged out. I immediately went to call everyone I knew and was like you see that dude in the paper; I am sharing with him, yeah a lot, like every other night. It was really boss, then my food came and I lost my appetite. The soup was dope but that other shit was just out there and tasted like bullshit. Plus there was suppose to be this weird sauce that went with it but it came like half way and by that way I thought I was going to puke. So I have to go since I am on lunch and I walk over and give the dude $10 on an $8 dollar meal and he starts buggin out. He is like are you sure you don't want to stay for dessert, we got some dope desserts. Again I was like dude its Wednesday at 12:45, who gets desserts. I walk out and go pick up my bike and cruise back to 440 feeling like shit ready for another three hours of being hung over at work. That’s truly some of the best shit like when you’re so hung over that even after you eat you still feel like shit.

812 North Broad Street

Friday, August 10, 2007

What It Do


Whats Up With DJ Sega?

Speaking of Casi talking about a Philly Party Music Hollertronix 12", the latest signing to the Mad Decent roster is Philly's own DJ Sega. Sega along with Dee Square are the club music dj's for the all ages crowd. You can catch Sega every Friday at Jamz in Germantown and now Sundays at Pinnacle as well. Expect to see kids getting crazy and wu tanging better than you.
As a producer his stock has exploded with “Woo Hah!” and the track currently forcing kids to Wu-Tang their asses off, “Ghetto Hokey Pokey.”

Asked to describe the nuances that differentiate Baltimore, Jersey and Philly club music, Taylor breaks it down. “Baltimore club is more for the club scene. It’s hype, and has a lot of horns,” he explains. “Jersey club is a little more mainstream simply because they chop it up more to make remixes of mainstream hip-hop, and they use a lot of bass. Philly club has elements of both—without as many horns, and it also has a lot of bass. I try to add some soul to it too.”
Can't wait for that Hollertronix 12".

DJ Sega Space

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Weekend round up, i would have posted this earlier but I had an exam in my Wharton class. I think I got a B.

Oh snap what a long ass weekend. First Friday in Philadelphia was off the chain. Just walking around the galleries doing jack shit straight hustling for that wine and all that. Top Stitch was ballin out with the best music, food, wine, beer and grapes. It was on some other shit when the dude showed up with his own six pack of PBR and mixed it in with the lager and I went to get a beer, and took one of his. So he comes over to me and is like, I just wanted to tell you that the PBR is my beer but you can have one. So I put it back and grab a lager like, PBR fucking sucks I’d much rather drink lager. I am so fucking Philly like whoa Philly. So then I had to have a discussion about how dope it is to be from Cinci with this girl I am not trying to holler at but am trying to trade sex for picture framing. It’s not really working out how I planned. I guess you can’t really adjust the accounting books for dis dick.

Yo then I get my ass over to the benefit show to see Gang. Shit was really uplifting and a ton of people showed up. So of course I run into this girl who has become my “friend” but ever since she broke up with her boyfriend and I have been seeing her out she wants to be more then friends. Or at least I think or maybe she just wants more free PBR’s. Regardless she was wasted and the first thing she asks me is who I was gonna make out with tonight. So of course I said her and she told me she was done with boys for a least a month. So I guess I gotta wait a little. That’s cool.

Gang killed it. Their last song is just so killer. They always get everyone dancing. But of course my fav song is “Navigator” with the "first gear, second gear, third gear, stop; we don’t need permission to fuck shit up". I also commissioned a pair of GANG underwear which I am totally stoked about. I think I should ask for pink. It’s on some American Apparel shit. I should also comment on the amount of bicycle sculptures that were out outside that place. Like bikes hanging off the power cords and shit.

From there I went down to see Dj Technics just straight murder it at Fluid. I mean old school tracks, lots of classics, lots of the old school breakdowns and stuff like that. So I was wearing this 80’s baseball hat and this girl straight takes if off my head and puts it on and starts dancing around. Turns out she is an Ikea designer from LA who goes around and set up Ikeas. So her friend has got to be one of these true schooler hip hop dude who is doing all these weird break dance moves on the dance floor but they are not really break dance moves. Like you want the dude to have style but it’s just terrible. I guess he must have found out about breaking from Scion or something but shit was just wack. So while I am hollering at this girl, this dude to my right does some move and totally bites it. He then runs off to the bathroom and turns out he totally blew his knee out. Shit was wack so old girl ends up leaving with him. I got her number though.

After Technics finished up we end up going outside and biking it up to WTWB’s. Of course shit was off the chain. Lots of fun and all the regular heads were there kicking around. I ended up just kinda hanging out drinking beer. Talking shit to people. Me and kurtle love starting feeling on each other since he was wearing a mesh vest then this girl is like why don’t you feel on me (kurt ended up going home with her, BALLIN). Upstairs Diplo was getting buck on the floor and then did a special guest dj set. He killed it. Not really playing anything new or that I haven’t heard before but he dropped a couple of tracks from his “Hollertronix” 12” series, and this killer DJ Sega remix. I bet he is gonna do a Philly Party music Hollertronix 12” soon enough.

So the club empties and I start hangin with Benny Bros. I love this kid but we are forever getting into some shit. So we are talking shit to each other while smoking hand rolled cigs. When this security guard tells us to move from the door and we do but then I turn to Benny and talk some shit really loud. The next thing I know the security guard had turned around and blind sided me with a punch. Shit was on some other shit like I had no idea dude straight swung on me. I didn’t faze me at all; I just stood there and kept smoking. I did loose my glasses though but luckily Jay Simple Fly was there to scoop them for me. I need them shits back by the way.

So after that we stood around and they finally kicked us off the block at 5:00 am. Just another end to WTWB.

The next day I woke up at 11:00 to go down to Baltimore for the “Shake it to the Ground” photo shoot. We leave to go to Bmore and we hit just nasty 1:30 hour traffic on I-95 South. Shit was just brutal especially since I have no A/C in an all black with tinted windows car. Once we got there at like 5 we ended up going into West Baltimore and straight chillin. There are some really dope photos of the first day you can check here.

So we go shoot Blaqstarr’s block and then the computer craps out. So we high tail it up to the burbs to go to an Apple store and ended up chillin at the TGI Fridays. Cream and Cokes for everyone. It was also really bugged out since we had a table of like 13 people we had to sit in between the bar and the real seating area. So these dudes are on some uber frat boy shit are watching the baseball game with Bonds batting and all of a sudden this shrill ass voice is like "I hate you Bonds." Like it was totally fucking up my chicken tenders experience. So it happens again and I stand up on my chair and look over and am like "Dude I don't watch sports can you chill out, I'm eating." Dude kinda looked at me then I sat down and got pissy about TGIF charging me 49 cents for some ranch dressing. Once that gets over we finally make if back to East Baltimore to the house we are staying at and buy some beer and chill out. I wanted to go to the Ottobar and chill with BBC but I didn’t feel like getting lost in Baltimore again.

The next day was dope. I woke up on this couch to see all these dudes standing in the room discussing the days shooting. I mean it never helps that I wake up all hung over and shit like that. But I had this strange idea that I thought it would be really funny if I was naked when they all came in? Actually that would have been a great time for my gang tighty pink whities. It was kinda raw and really reminded me of some Frat house shit. Just like beds and dudes sleepin everywhere with other dudes walking around the whole time.

So it was my task to get the house ready for the shoot so basically I let Seg do all the work while I got drunk and ran around the roofs of these Bmore row homes. Oh yeah thats the picture of me with a beef pattie some crab chips and lager. That was breakfeast at like 11:00. So fucking boss. But we had to go pick up some stuff from the store and we went to the Avenue and shit was out of control. Like I thought I was gonna be all rough by drinking a beet out of my hat while walking down the street but nahh it was like in the Wire when they are in hamsterdam and everyone is screaming shit like red caps, blue tops, New Jack, Black Out, Flat Line, etc…. shit had me shook. The drug trade was no fucking joke there. People walking right up to us telling me they had the best coke loosey. Fiends walking up and down the block all day.

I had my suit there and decided to wear it around for a little bit and get some pictures but shit was just way to hot. So I changed back into my other gear. That day tons of people showed up and we all hung out doing the shoot. I don’t want to give away to many details but I think it’s going to be really dope. Then we all had pizza and it was totally like a Flamin Hotz pizza party. Surprisingly it was a corporate pizza inside of an independent box, like many of todays rappy rappers. So then part of the group had to go shoot at the Paradox and then half of use stayed at the house. I stayed at the house with all the kids and it was fun hanging with Regina, DSJ, Rye Rye, and Smash a Kangaroo Kitty Kat (stay getting trees from the block).

So then we all go to the Paradox with the Film Crew and they think we are MTV and shit. It was dope. I have never seen some shit like this. The club was just absolutely packed with kids all going nuts for Blaqstarr, Say Whut, and Scotti B tracks. No aircon, just wire fans, you could hear the trains blasting their horns while going through the train yard. I hung in the back of the club by this outside exit so I could get a cool breeze on me while watching these kids. I was totally out of place in my shirt and hat combo. I would say that it was mainly rockstarrs at the party but I saw a couple of White Tee kids hanging around in the back. But basically what the boys do is get together in groups and walk through the crowd then push each other and fall back until a little circle opens up. Then they dance off with the kids that are in that area. It was fucking sick with super dope footwork and routines and shit. In like two mins I was there I was totally drenched in sweat and just full of energy.

While hanging there I ended up having to take Diplo O Ducos to the train station to try and get back to New York. So basically while we are exciting the club at like 11:00 MIA is standing out side with Low Budget, Cullen, and K Swift. Like that shit just does not happen to me everyday, well really ever. How do you leave a club and see MIA standing there waiting to get in. On some other shit MIA needs to holler at Club Life Style, actually I wonder how MIA whould have been received if she had preformed that night in there. I don't even think those kids wanted to hear vocals in the tracks. They was just straight jacking to the beat. I found out later that MIA didn’t get in since it was at capacity which is really bugged out since it was K Swift's party.

Yeah so by the time I get back to the club after being lost forever the place is being shut down at like 12:30. Everyone is filing out and just drenched in sweat, I see you Dave Nada who looked like he was having the most fun the whole night. So I hang tight and it ends up that me, Kitty and Dan are gonna roll back to Philly.

So on the way back at 1:00 in the AM Dan is driving down the high way and is going 9 miles over the speed limit and bam we get pulled over by the cops. Shit just fucking sucked. They pull him out and take a look at his license then come back for my license then two state troopers show up and they start telling us to get ready for a K-9 search. At this point I start flippin. Like I have no idea whats gonna happen since I was pretty sure some one in our car had a bag. So the Cop goes, alright guys the dog flagged your car, do you have any drugs in the car? If you got some weed that’s cool just tell me. So then I tell him, “umm no that would not be cool, it would suck.” he didn’t really like that. So they start to go through the car and are just tearing shit apart. Pulling out all the receipts I had saved, pulling up the floor mats, I basically should have told them to keep doing it and just clean my car. So then the cop comes over to where we are sitting and is like “You see this, look at this.” and he has half a seed on his finger. I am like what are you talking about. Then he says “Yeah well tell your friends next time they smoke weed in your car that the seeds pop and they fall in your car.” We both just rolled our eyes like this dude just wants to find some shit. So then they open the trunk and start going through all the shit in the trunk. And I couldn’t remember if I had kept one of the empty drug vials I found on the ground or what ever. Shit was just kinda bugged out. So after I see them throw all our stuff on the ground and I know they didn’t find shit they get really mad and are like. "Okay go back in your car." So we go back and then Dan comes back with a warning and we drive off. I am gonna frame that fucking thing, I wonder how much sex we will have to have to get that hooked up. As soon as we are off we start screaming and like hooting and it turns out she had put her bag in her underwear. The whole thing was just super super tripped out since we had been up for like 20 hours shooting the video and just dealing with all around bullshit. Oh yeah the cop ended up keeping my Id. I am suppose to get that shit in the mail. I hope he dosen't google my name and read this shit.

When we get back to Philly at like 4:00 I go home and wake up for work at 9:00.

I love my life.

Cosmo Baker - Still Good

Cosmo is back once again with a follow up to his Feeling Good mix, entitled Still Good. Feeling Good became the most downloaded mp3 from 5151 ever in like a week. The numbers were out of control. Just in time for the sweltering heat, Still Good begins where Feeling Good started. Such an incredible mix.

Catherine Howe "Up North"
Tarika Blue "Dreamflower"
Archie Whitewater "Cross Country"
Lani Hall "Love Song"
Joe Sample "In All My Wildest Dreams"
Taj Mahal "Corinna"
Minnie Riperton "Les Fleur"
Batteaux "Maybe I'll Run Away"
The Main Ingredient "Summer Breeze"
Quincy Jones "Summer In The City"
Cris Williamson "Shine On Straight Arrow"
Steve Davis "Lalune Blanche"
David Crosby "Music Is Love"
Shuggie Otis "Island Letter"
Sly & The Family Stone "(You Caught Me) Smilin'"
Larry T. & The Family "Where Does The Answer Lie?"
Archie Whitewater "Home Again"
Stevie Wonder "I Gotta Have A Song"
The Albert "One Life"
Odyssey "Battened Ships"
Linda Lewis "Old Smokey"
Milton Wright "Friends And Buddies"
Nina Simone "Feeling Good"

Download Cosmo Baker - Still Good

What it Do: Advanced Warning

  • Rockstar Fashion Show at Prince Music Theater presented by Rosie Kim
  • King Britt at Fluid
  • Psycho on the Schuykill River Banks
  • Bamboo tonite - There is an US magazine party so this means
    • party starts at 11
    • Sign up on the guestlist to ensure entry and $5 cover
  • Erry Thursday at Fluid Steve Bloodbath spins the hits at Silk City
    • And by hits I mean 90's hip hop
    • UPDATE: Typo. Thanks AA
Saturday August 18th

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

This is gonna be a new segment I write called…

“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

Basically its gonna be a really salty guide to places I have eaten in Philadelphia that are really real. So basically I am so tired of eating Cheese Steaks and pizza and shit like that, that I am always trying to find restaurants that don’t serve that shit and fit into my budget (el cheapo). So lets do this, and soon I am gonna nerd out on this shit and like figure out how to google maps these places and have places where you can comment. Also I am gonna try and code them to areas of the city. Shit is kinda blogcore but whatever, I just threw on this Iron and Wine track an am feeling like I need to make my mark on the world. Don't talk to me about this in the real world.

So I try to make it a rule that I never go to South Philly. Like I have no business ever being there, ever. Everytime I go I just feel out of place since I don’t eat pretzels, don’t watch the Phillies, and don’t listen to WMMR. So like a week ago I wake up on the floor of my apartment naked completely dehydrated after sweating for 8 hours and am like this is a perfect day to go to the Italian Market and get breakfast and some Draino. So I call up Dan and we decide to ride down there and get some shit to eat. I basically am thinking I am going to Pats at 12:30 since I don’t know shit else about that area. But we show up and there are like a shit load of cafes on Christian street. So of course we decide to go to the one that has the most fixed gears hanging off a tree near by and it happens to be “Sabrina’s Café” on 910 Christian.

So we walk up and first it’s really awkward. We walk into the first room and it’s really dark, kind of like this blue dark room that is really noisy. I was so not having that shit. So I ask the waitress if we can sit outside which I find out is a 20 min wait and we should just sit in the dark room. Now I am not having that. Like when I go out I am paying for an experience. I want it all and yes that means, coffee, water, juice and for my ass not to be sitting in the dark. Then I start to look around and I see my South Philly indy peoples. I think they are a little more raw then the north sider’s because they were seriously representing them bad tattoos like it was no joke. And that angle haircut? How do you eat your food with that shit.

So the waitress eventually takes us into the other room and its like night and day in that place. I seriously walked out of some dudes basement in to the country bumpkin roadside café in Vermont. Shit was on some yuppie extremist you are not in Philly but straight chilaxking in Maine and you would smoke a blunt but your like 33 now. I loved it. We sat in this raised table that had a family to the right hanging with there kid and we could look at the whole spread of the restaurant. This is always the best since I always want to see what other people are eating and talk shit about them aka figure out what the fuck they are up to.

So its on and our waitress comes over and gets our order. Dan got some Mexican eggs and blue corn thing which is so what ever. So I had to go crazy and order this crazy ass French toast with cheese in it. But while we are sitting there the waitress for the indy side comes over to the yuppie side and it just absolutely floored me. I couldn’t talk about anything else after that. She straight up had some line drawing tattoos, a small round oval face, black hair, tight hair cut, and had a pair of jeans on. She basically looked like my favorite indy girl trainwreck waiting to happen. I found out her name was Kirby and the shit was on. Well really I just talked a bunch of shit about talking to her but I never manned up. Instead I eat almost all my food until I felt like I was going to throw up cause there was so much food. Then the check came and for the food it was really well priced for the area. So I think I hit the girl with a 22% tip cause I was feeling really real and shit just tied my morning together. Before we left Kirby walked by me and I asked her for more coffee and she said she would be right back with it. So I thought this was my time I am gonna holler at her but instead this other girl comes back and I tell her I actually don’t want any more. On the way out we ended up running into Kid Blends sitting there with his girl and this really dope pair of neon Nikes on. Shit was crucial.

Google maps

Crank dat Soulja Lion King

Soulja Boy has been killing it in the clubs. The first time I heard of him was when Curtis Vodka remixed his BAPE track. Download Curtis Vodka - FAPE Theme

Weekend Pics

Friday, August 03, 2007

What It Do: August Already

Like for real? Where did July go? First weekend of August is that month though. Friday is about to be crazy as soon as I can sneak out of work. The picture above is from USGS (natch) and depicts the August 7th eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which approximates tonite.


Benja Styles and JDS Present: Welcome to Realadelphia

PHILLY STAND UP!! Benja Styles and JDS continue with that raw Philly heat bringing in DJ Drama aka Mr. Thanksgiving aka Barack O'Drama to host. I've been listening to this nonstop since I picked it up yesterday from Different Kitchen. Certifiable bangers from Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Peedi, E Ness, Cassidy, Freck Billionaire, Gillie and more. Standouts include:
So many great cuts on this. Cassidy and Peedi Peedi killing this right now. Download the whole mix here. Get the tracklist here. By the way, keep posted as rumor is DJ Drama will be in Philly courtesy of one of your favorite shops off of South. Nope not that one either. Catch Benja at 32 on Thursdays and at Loie Fridays and Saturdays. JDS holds it down on the beat every night., Benja Space, JDS Space

Bottom of The Hudson Benefit Show

Just got a quick update from the super rad girls from Gang that they are playing a benefit show tonight at 9:30 at the Tritone to help pay for the medical bills for a member of Bottom of the Hudson after a tragic accident on July 30th. Pitchfork wrote all about it here and here so after you do some smoozing, get drunk for free and other lame shit in Old City, go over to the Tritone fork up your ten bucks and get right with Gang. Plus the Tritone got that ill drink special I think before 12, a PBR and a shot for 4 bucks.
Mntn High on Myspace, Gang on Myspace

Throwback Fridays - This Is How We Do It

Caps & Jones played this at the last Roll Call. Such a banger. Pretty much a one hit wonder. He did have that one video where he would run around and play tennis and chase girls in tennis skirts, that was a good video. Found it: Something for da Honeyz.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Whats good, It's Thursday and you know what that means...The weekly installment from your local cotton pusher...It's August and HOT, I can't wait til fall so I can wear jeans hoodies again...Another reason I can't wait til Fall is for our line to drop. We just wrapped up design and it looks great, we've stepped it up from just tees to a full line of Tees, Raglans, and crewnecks...We are also wrapping up Fall orders and companies got some solid designs on the way...BE READY!!!


Now the shop news...We finally received one of my favorite companies, and also got REASON in, another one of my favs...To go along with that we got some nice consignment sneakers and some nice New Eras...Almost forgot, we also got a nice package from our boys at Mighty Healthy, we received the EXCLUSIVE MH and THE HUNDREDS collabo, WE ARE ONE OF THE ONLY PLACES TO THIS PIECE, SUPER LIMITED!!!
So there it is, we got some dope new gear and there are some good events this weekend...So i'm sure i'll see you here or out in the mix...If not you've got to be missing out...Try to stay cool in this terrible heat...And we'll be back next week...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wildstyle Tonite at Jamaican Jerk Hut

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of thee hip hop movie outside tonite at Jamaican Jerk Hut. Its free, byob, drinks and food available and it all starts at 8PM. Free after party at bar Noir with Illvibe DJ's Skeme and Lil Dave.

So Philly

Yeah, so Philly news was really popping yesterday and I just want to write about all of the lovely stories.
  • Judge prevents SEPTA from suicide by a slow painful death. In other words, transfers are now good until Monday because they're going to run out of those hard to come by slips of paper. I thought stuff like this was only going to happen if they didn't get dedicated funding?
  • Rick's Steaks is still serving up steaks at Reading Terminal Market for now. Apparently, the Reading Terminal board doesn't think that the Grandson of the inventor of the cheesesteak is authentic enough. Hey at least it isn't Geno's that they're inviting to replace him.
    • This is a great lead in from DMac at Philadelphia Will Do
    • Cheesesteak controversies have long been a part of Philadelphia, from when John Kerry asked for a cheesesteak with dead puppies on it to when Joe Vento started offering dead Mexican immigrant cheesesteak.
  • And now from the department of should have known and blogged about this beforehand: Strippers offering lap dances on the links. Congratulations Tourism Committee you made it as the number 2 story on Countdown last night. I love how NBC videotaped it and then showed it to local residents who had no idea what was going on so they could say they were disgusted about something they would have never even known was going on were it not for said video.

Nothing Fancy Vol. 8 Call for Artists

Nothing Fancy is now accepting submissions for Volume 8.
Submissions for NFv8
deadline is August 15th
theme is collections

send jpgs 600w x 480h
to info _at_ nothingfancyvolumes _dizot_ com

save a hi res version of your submission in case we end up using it in one of our printed zines.
Nothing Fancy Volumes

Design the 2007 WKDU EMM T Shirt

Design the 2007 WKDU Electronic Music Marathon 10 year anniversary t-shirt.
We are seeking a new design for our 2007 EMM t-shirt.

Please submit your concept to us by August 31st!

We have put up past year's designs on our photos page, so take a look and then.. you may do something totally different. WOW us!!!

What it needs to have:
2007 EMM/ or 2007 Electronic Music Marathon
Wkdu 91.7 fm
10 year anniversary


front print only on black shirt
submit in either one or two color

Message us on my space to let us know you have a design and we will let you know where to upload/send your work.

Much love,
Roo, Jenn, Zara and the entire EMM 2007 staff
Submit your design to the WKDU EMM MySpace page

The Death of Disco

The Village Voice just posted an in depth article about Disco D and the events leading up to his eventual suicide. I vividly remember getting a call from Isla saying they found Disco dead in his parent's home. I was waiting in line at a food cart ordering enchiladas. Disco was crazy in such a good way. So much energy, kind of a trip meeting him when he played at the Sundays are the New Black Party. He absolutely killed it banging out beats on his MPC. It felt real intimate mostly cause there were like 15 people there. He accomplished so much in a short amount of time and couldn't see past his depression. Time and time again, the greatest artists of our time have their lives cut short. There is a sense of twisted irony that what often pains them most is exactly what can make them great. Disco D was bipolar and would go back and forth between manic episodes where he could work on all of his projects at once and produce incredible results but then could slip into depression and not have any motivation to work on any of them. Rest in Peace Disco D, you are still missed.

The Death of Disco

Meta and July Review

So meta.
And now for the July Month In Review:

Top 5 Posts
  1. Funkmaster Flex on July 4th
  2. More Bounce and Free CD's
  3. DJ Phinesse Baltimore Club Mix Volume 2
  4. DJ Benzi & Lil Wayne - None Higher Mixtape
  5. Franki Valli and the Four Seasons - Beggin (Pilooski Edit)

Top 5 Tracks
  1. Funkmaster Flex on July 4th, part 4
  2. Cousin Cole - Party Like a Rockstar
  3. DJ Eleven - Ode to BK
  4. Mark Farina Live @ Comics February 23rd
  5. Justin Timberlake - My Love (Mark B Fresh remix)

Top 5 Search Terms (similar terms combined)
  1. Daft Punk
  2. Baltimore Club Mix
  3. fiftyone fiftyone (5151)
  4. Lil Wayne None Higher
  5. Dope Boy Fresh