Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Weekend round up, i would have posted this earlier but I had an exam in my Wharton class. I think I got a B.

Oh snap what a long ass weekend. First Friday in Philadelphia was off the chain. Just walking around the galleries doing jack shit straight hustling for that wine and all that. Top Stitch was ballin out with the best music, food, wine, beer and grapes. It was on some other shit when the dude showed up with his own six pack of PBR and mixed it in with the lager and I went to get a beer, and took one of his. So he comes over to me and is like, I just wanted to tell you that the PBR is my beer but you can have one. So I put it back and grab a lager like, PBR fucking sucks I’d much rather drink lager. I am so fucking Philly like whoa Philly. So then I had to have a discussion about how dope it is to be from Cinci with this girl I am not trying to holler at but am trying to trade sex for picture framing. It’s not really working out how I planned. I guess you can’t really adjust the accounting books for dis dick.

Yo then I get my ass over to the benefit show to see Gang. Shit was really uplifting and a ton of people showed up. So of course I run into this girl who has become my “friend” but ever since she broke up with her boyfriend and I have been seeing her out she wants to be more then friends. Or at least I think or maybe she just wants more free PBR’s. Regardless she was wasted and the first thing she asks me is who I was gonna make out with tonight. So of course I said her and she told me she was done with boys for a least a month. So I guess I gotta wait a little. That’s cool.

Gang killed it. Their last song is just so killer. They always get everyone dancing. But of course my fav song is “Navigator” with the "first gear, second gear, third gear, stop; we don’t need permission to fuck shit up". I also commissioned a pair of GANG underwear which I am totally stoked about. I think I should ask for pink. It’s on some American Apparel shit. I should also comment on the amount of bicycle sculptures that were out outside that place. Like bikes hanging off the power cords and shit.

From there I went down to see Dj Technics just straight murder it at Fluid. I mean old school tracks, lots of classics, lots of the old school breakdowns and stuff like that. So I was wearing this 80’s baseball hat and this girl straight takes if off my head and puts it on and starts dancing around. Turns out she is an Ikea designer from LA who goes around and set up Ikeas. So her friend has got to be one of these true schooler hip hop dude who is doing all these weird break dance moves on the dance floor but they are not really break dance moves. Like you want the dude to have style but it’s just terrible. I guess he must have found out about breaking from Scion or something but shit was just wack. So while I am hollering at this girl, this dude to my right does some move and totally bites it. He then runs off to the bathroom and turns out he totally blew his knee out. Shit was wack so old girl ends up leaving with him. I got her number though.

After Technics finished up we end up going outside and biking it up to WTWB’s. Of course shit was off the chain. Lots of fun and all the regular heads were there kicking around. I ended up just kinda hanging out drinking beer. Talking shit to people. Me and kurtle love starting feeling on each other since he was wearing a mesh vest then this girl is like why don’t you feel on me (kurt ended up going home with her, BALLIN). Upstairs Diplo was getting buck on the floor and then did a special guest dj set. He killed it. Not really playing anything new or that I haven’t heard before but he dropped a couple of tracks from his “Hollertronix” 12” series, and this killer DJ Sega remix. I bet he is gonna do a Philly Party music Hollertronix 12” soon enough.

So the club empties and I start hangin with Benny Bros. I love this kid but we are forever getting into some shit. So we are talking shit to each other while smoking hand rolled cigs. When this security guard tells us to move from the door and we do but then I turn to Benny and talk some shit really loud. The next thing I know the security guard had turned around and blind sided me with a punch. Shit was on some other shit like I had no idea dude straight swung on me. I didn’t faze me at all; I just stood there and kept smoking. I did loose my glasses though but luckily Jay Simple Fly was there to scoop them for me. I need them shits back by the way.

So after that we stood around and they finally kicked us off the block at 5:00 am. Just another end to WTWB.

The next day I woke up at 11:00 to go down to Baltimore for the “Shake it to the Ground” photo shoot. We leave to go to Bmore and we hit just nasty 1:30 hour traffic on I-95 South. Shit was just brutal especially since I have no A/C in an all black with tinted windows car. Once we got there at like 5 we ended up going into West Baltimore and straight chillin. There are some really dope photos of the first day you can check here.

So we go shoot Blaqstarr’s block and then the computer craps out. So we high tail it up to the burbs to go to an Apple store and ended up chillin at the TGI Fridays. Cream and Cokes for everyone. It was also really bugged out since we had a table of like 13 people we had to sit in between the bar and the real seating area. So these dudes are on some uber frat boy shit are watching the baseball game with Bonds batting and all of a sudden this shrill ass voice is like "I hate you Bonds." Like it was totally fucking up my chicken tenders experience. So it happens again and I stand up on my chair and look over and am like "Dude I don't watch sports can you chill out, I'm eating." Dude kinda looked at me then I sat down and got pissy about TGIF charging me 49 cents for some ranch dressing. Once that gets over we finally make if back to East Baltimore to the house we are staying at and buy some beer and chill out. I wanted to go to the Ottobar and chill with BBC but I didn’t feel like getting lost in Baltimore again.

The next day was dope. I woke up on this couch to see all these dudes standing in the room discussing the days shooting. I mean it never helps that I wake up all hung over and shit like that. But I had this strange idea that I thought it would be really funny if I was naked when they all came in? Actually that would have been a great time for my gang tighty pink whities. It was kinda raw and really reminded me of some Frat house shit. Just like beds and dudes sleepin everywhere with other dudes walking around the whole time.

So it was my task to get the house ready for the shoot so basically I let Seg do all the work while I got drunk and ran around the roofs of these Bmore row homes. Oh yeah thats the picture of me with a beef pattie some crab chips and lager. That was breakfeast at like 11:00. So fucking boss. But we had to go pick up some stuff from the store and we went to the Avenue and shit was out of control. Like I thought I was gonna be all rough by drinking a beet out of my hat while walking down the street but nahh it was like in the Wire when they are in hamsterdam and everyone is screaming shit like red caps, blue tops, New Jack, Black Out, Flat Line, etc…. shit had me shook. The drug trade was no fucking joke there. People walking right up to us telling me they had the best coke loosey. Fiends walking up and down the block all day.

I had my suit there and decided to wear it around for a little bit and get some pictures but shit was just way to hot. So I changed back into my other gear. That day tons of people showed up and we all hung out doing the shoot. I don’t want to give away to many details but I think it’s going to be really dope. Then we all had pizza and it was totally like a Flamin Hotz pizza party. Surprisingly it was a corporate pizza inside of an independent box, like many of todays rappy rappers. So then part of the group had to go shoot at the Paradox and then half of use stayed at the house. I stayed at the house with all the kids and it was fun hanging with Regina, DSJ, Rye Rye, and Smash a Kangaroo Kitty Kat (stay getting trees from the block).

So then we all go to the Paradox with the Film Crew and they think we are MTV and shit. It was dope. I have never seen some shit like this. The club was just absolutely packed with kids all going nuts for Blaqstarr, Say Whut, and Scotti B tracks. No aircon, just wire fans, you could hear the trains blasting their horns while going through the train yard. I hung in the back of the club by this outside exit so I could get a cool breeze on me while watching these kids. I was totally out of place in my shirt and hat combo. I would say that it was mainly rockstarrs at the party but I saw a couple of White Tee kids hanging around in the back. But basically what the boys do is get together in groups and walk through the crowd then push each other and fall back until a little circle opens up. Then they dance off with the kids that are in that area. It was fucking sick with super dope footwork and routines and shit. In like two mins I was there I was totally drenched in sweat and just full of energy.

While hanging there I ended up having to take Diplo O Ducos to the train station to try and get back to New York. So basically while we are exciting the club at like 11:00 MIA is standing out side with Low Budget, Cullen, and K Swift. Like that shit just does not happen to me everyday, well really ever. How do you leave a club and see MIA standing there waiting to get in. On some other shit MIA needs to holler at Club Life Style, actually I wonder how MIA whould have been received if she had preformed that night in there. I don't even think those kids wanted to hear vocals in the tracks. They was just straight jacking to the beat. I found out later that MIA didn’t get in since it was at capacity which is really bugged out since it was K Swift's party.

Yeah so by the time I get back to the club after being lost forever the place is being shut down at like 12:30. Everyone is filing out and just drenched in sweat, I see you Dave Nada who looked like he was having the most fun the whole night. So I hang tight and it ends up that me, Kitty and Dan are gonna roll back to Philly.

So on the way back at 1:00 in the AM Dan is driving down the high way and is going 9 miles over the speed limit and bam we get pulled over by the cops. Shit just fucking sucked. They pull him out and take a look at his license then come back for my license then two state troopers show up and they start telling us to get ready for a K-9 search. At this point I start flippin. Like I have no idea whats gonna happen since I was pretty sure some one in our car had a bag. So the Cop goes, alright guys the dog flagged your car, do you have any drugs in the car? If you got some weed that’s cool just tell me. So then I tell him, “umm no that would not be cool, it would suck.” he didn’t really like that. So they start to go through the car and are just tearing shit apart. Pulling out all the receipts I had saved, pulling up the floor mats, I basically should have told them to keep doing it and just clean my car. So then the cop comes over to where we are sitting and is like “You see this, look at this.” and he has half a seed on his finger. I am like what are you talking about. Then he says “Yeah well tell your friends next time they smoke weed in your car that the seeds pop and they fall in your car.” We both just rolled our eyes like this dude just wants to find some shit. So then they open the trunk and start going through all the shit in the trunk. And I couldn’t remember if I had kept one of the empty drug vials I found on the ground or what ever. Shit was just kinda bugged out. So after I see them throw all our stuff on the ground and I know they didn’t find shit they get really mad and are like. "Okay go back in your car." So we go back and then Dan comes back with a warning and we drive off. I am gonna frame that fucking thing, I wonder how much sex we will have to have to get that hooked up. As soon as we are off we start screaming and like hooting and it turns out she had put her bag in her underwear. The whole thing was just super super tripped out since we had been up for like 20 hours shooting the video and just dealing with all around bullshit. Oh yeah the cop ended up keeping my Id. I am suppose to get that shit in the mail. I hope he dosen't google my name and read this shit.

When we get back to Philly at like 4:00 I go home and wake up for work at 9:00.

I love my life.

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John said...

How come blaqstarr doesn't play out in Philly? I missed him that once and I've never heard of him being back. The kid is mad talented.