Friday, December 30, 2005


Need New Years Eve plans?
  • Philly check out the Pop-Off Shack with Low Budget and Brendan from Soul Travelers.
  • NYC check out The Rub
  • Baltimore check out the Taxlo party at Sonar with all your favorites including Cullen Stalin, Dave Nada, Lonnie Fisher, Simon D Phoenix, Tittsworth and more.

Tonight check out Takeout with Emynd, Bo Bliz, byob, free chinese food and more.

Yeah, we've been lax on the updates. We promise we'll be back with a bang after the New Year with more than you'll be able to handle. There is so much planned and 2006 is shaping up to be huge. Check back and make reading us your new years resolution.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Gift of Music

Wow! I really hope you didn't miss last night. Paperstreet knows exactly what to do to throw a party. Great leaders surround themselves with great talent and that is exactly what they are doing right now. The Rub on 4 turntables, Spankrock and Amanda Blank and Phil Moore Brown rocked the main floor while Steven Bloodbath and Dan The Swede tore it up in the basement. So much fun and so needed with finals, hectic holidays and more. It was an oasis of sensory overload to drown out all the unnecessary noise.

Hollertronix started the weekend off right at the 700 Club on Thursday. Low Budget is there every Thursday with the hottest house party of the week. Low B had the place in a frenzy playing new tracks from his upcoming album. Diplo dropped by as well, with his new tracks while the whole place went crazy.

Friday may have been a bit ill advised.

Luckily, Saturday completely made up for it. We would consider trekking through rain and trance if every Saturday was this good. Phil Moore Brown opened up with their signature sound and had the crowd rocking.

Meanwhile, $2 beers are an excellent way to start the night.

Spankrock came on next and absolutely killed it with The Love Peace Project, booty dancers, bongo drummers, Darko and Devlin on the decks. Amanda Blank came out and blessed us with a couple tracks. Pasey Pase was there as well providing extra hype. This is definitely one show that is not to be missed. 2006 has huge things in store. Its a full on assault of beats, bass, bounce and booty. The Rub followed it up with their party rocking skills on four turntables. Meanwhile Steven Bloodbath and Dan the Swede were rocking the downstairs.

2006 is starting off correctly with a number of excellent parties with Cosmo, Pase Rock and Spankrock on the XXXplosive tour and this Simplefly party. Plus to get things started there are two new dance parties starting in the next week with Unicorns & Rainbows on Fridays and The Pop Off on Saturdays. With Low Budget, Cosmo, Brendan Bring em, Bloodbath, The Swede and more, there is a new destination for philly nightlife. Don't forget about Destroy Your Liver on Sundays either, an excellent way to celebrate the weekend with $10 open bar from 8 - 2 at the Khyber.

Check the pictures here

Saturday, December 17, 2005


We ended up getting to the club around 12--which is unfortunately late for Philadelphia-- and missed a sizeable amount of trance and drinking.
So it’s a good thing I fuckin hate trance.
That was harsh, let me rephrase.
I hate trance music, I hate trance crowds, I hate trance beats, I hate trance culture.
That was still harsh.
I loathe trance. You end up in this club nodding to simplistic drum hits, strobing paparazzi lights blinding you, with the combined effect transforming every minute into another 15. It becomes an endurance challenge. Your friends are like, Just stay 20 more minutes! So you wait an hour, and somehow, through some mess up in chronology, there’s still 5 more minutes to kill. A slow painful death.
But maybe I’m a little melodramatic.

One of my friends leaves to go look for the people who are supposed to be here by now and I’m alone at this table in the dark part of the lounge. My eyes roam around the room and I have bizarre fantasies about starting fights from petty provocations. This guy comes over and pushes our coats out of the way claiming the area for him and his friends, and then I confront him with something like, What the fuck man? And he’s looking all angry and irrational and soon there's a flurry of elbows and fists impacting jawbones at uncomfortable angles.
Snap back out of that reality.
I’m still sitting here in this dank basement of a lounge. Where the hell did he go?
I ascend the staircase into lighting and fire.

When you start your own club make sure you employ a large number of “Feelers.” Feelers are the hot girls paid to wade through the crowd and touch and rub and massage everyone they pass with a casual yet provocative hand motion. There are usually one or two at a club this big. They make you have that feeling, the one where you know you’re feeling good but you don’t know why. Well that’s why. Subconscious activation of the temporal regions of the brain through delicate manual stimulation.
You probably won’t realize it. Though drink enough and you might speak some accidental truth:
“The chemicals in my body are telling me I’m having a good time!”

A guy gives his friends a rousing emotional speech about how they should attempt to communicate with some cute girls in the club surrounding. “This is it! We’ll never be back here again, so it doesn’t matter what we do!” It’s a brilliant sermon, and his hand gestures match the sincerity and tone of his voice. Never the less, an hour later he’s still with them, all standing in a circle sipping beer and looking anxious.

“Americans… can not dance to trance music.”

Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Bounce: Beta

  • Lemon Red got the internet goin nuts with Nick Catchdubs Mix

  • Low Budget has a new mix coming out next week and has blessed us with some new tracks. As soon as I learn more I'll let you know with where you can buy it etc.

  • Myninecanpiss Candy mix

  • Ric Rock rockin at Medusa w/Armanni Reign and friends

  • Ross Hogg aka Duppy Ranks has an excellent reggae mix Hit up his website to cop Slump & Grind and Concious Decisions II.

    Some online radio for ya
    • East village radio is doing it with "The Let Out" hosted by the Fader crew including Nick Catchdubs

    • Mark Ronson has his own show "Authentic Shit"

    • The best part about EVR is that they are offered as podcasts so you can download the last show in mp3 format and listen to them later via your favorite computer app or upload them to your iPod.

    • My favorite online radio station is BBC radio.

    • Particularly Annie Mac

    • Also The Essential Mix is great as they have a guest dj every week
  • Guilty Pleasure

    We came across a family of beer bottles, so we took them in, gave them a home
    and then ripped their heads off and sucked their bodily liquids out of their necks.
    Once we realized what we had done, we bolted out into the streets, disorganized and frightened.
    This picture haunts me still.

    Cafe Habana is like Mexico for anyone whose never been to Mexico. For example, the walls are orange and blue and they serve Carona instead of lager, which is EXACTLY how I picture all of Mexico. I tried to get the bartender to speak some spanish, but he wasn't having it, and I was cut off after repeatedly insisting "Mucho Bien Servasa!"
    Drake's performance of jazz with drum and bass influence is not very authentic mexican, although its pretty fuckin brilliant in just about every language.

    Saturday, December 10, 2005

    An aural and artful adventure

    We're keeping it moving with new features, More Bounce and the calendar on the right hand side. Keep posted as we let you know about all that you need to know about whats coming up. Get on our mailing list by emailing and sign up for the guestlist for Spankrock and the Rub next Saturday at Transit.

    And now for last nights episode:

    Just because it's cold out doesn't mean there isn't anything going on. You have two options, follow these suggestions or just not worry about it. I'm going with option b cause it's not really all that cold.

    Fleisher-Ollman had their annual local invitational opening last night. Meat ball exhibited the works of nine upcoming local artists as previously mentioned here before. Mark Khaisman had some wonderful transparencies framed with light behind them. Alex Paik displayed a series of vivid yet calming pastel paintings. Jack Sloss setup a pair of multimedia experiences complete with headphones and bleachers. At one point I was listening to some chopped and screwed paired with scenes of empty street scenes. P. Timothy Giershick had a modern take on geometry with mixed media paintings. Johanna Inman exhibited a series of beautiful photos from the turn of the century that had been printed on glass and reworked. Frank Vagnone had a pair of wonderfully imaginative found household sculptures that included everything including the kitchen sink. Michael Coppage created a pair of large riveted cardboard sculptures. Nathaniel Danis had a series of mixed media drawings and Leah Bailis had a trio of white houses on pedestals. All in all excellent stuff. Words can never truly do the art justice, so go check out the exhibition which runs through January and is open Monday through Saturday.

    From there we headed to the Black Floor Gallery to see Alex da Corte's "Welcome your Sorrows". Along with this amazing installation Mike Fleming, Birdie Busch and Ramona Cordova were scheduled to play. Mike played some excellent indie rock. Now this is not the usual listening palatte of 51:51 but it was good. Mike is also in this band A-Sides which happens to be a big deal now. Birdie Busch followed Mike with a duo who continued in the quality tone that Mike had set. Unfortunately, I missed Ramona Cordova as I headed out to Space 1026.

    Space 1026 had Sweat Heart, Princess and Plastic Little which had started at 7. Unfortunately I missed Sweat Heart and Princess, but Plastic Little had just gone on. Man, they are killing it right now. They bring so much energy when they perform that it is impossible not to have fun. With songs like Drizhollering and Jumpoff, Plastic Little came to party and get the place bouncing.

    After Plastic Little, I headed out to Cafe Habana to see Drake. Drake melds jazz, classical and drum n bass live with a 5 piece band. Having been together only 2.5 months, Drake is an excellent new band that has the potential for an excellent future. Watch the next More Bounce as I'll be putting up some of their tracks from a demo they recorded.

    Finally, I headed over to the Blue Horseshoe for Free Hip Hop with Isaac Jordan, Art Cubik and Rockwell. Nothing but ill dj's and hot beats. You know.

    Check out the pics here.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    More Bounce: Alpha

    So since we love music so much, we thought we would start a new regular post with links to all the hottest ish that is blastin through our speakers. The title will definitely be called "More Bounce". Right now I'm looking at separating them by giving them a subtitle of Greek letters. If you have a better idea hit me off with an email. I'll give you credit and link to your site and all sorts of fun stuff. Anyways, without further ado:

    Since I know you all love that Baltimore club music and mixes check out this new ish:

  • Spankrock in the lab with Disco D

  • Check out our Myspace Jumpoff to listen to the new single "Back Yard Betty".

  • Since I'm feeling Spankrock-ariffic, download this Bmore mix from the Voila mixtape.

  • Check out Spankrock December 17th at Transit with the Rub. Click here to get down with the get down

  • Don't sleep on Amanda Blank. She is about to put the game in a chokehold. Check it out here on Blow from that Bmore Gutter music alongside Spankrock.

  • The dynamic duo is killing it again on Bump.

  • Since I know yall are fiending for those Baltimore Club mixes, check out the Tittsworth sampler from the forthcoming album

  • Ayres has been putting in the work on that Bmore club as well check out Broke Ass Home hot off the presses

  • If you're on Bmore overload right now check out Clicktrax for a 2 part live mix from JDH and Dave P.

  • Diplo's been doing his thing and remixed Kanye's 'Gold Digger' Check it out here Shout to DJ Benzi

  • Well, so thats just a start. We'll be putting quick links on the side to the latest hot ish soon for all those that feel lazy and don't want to scroll down the page.

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    No press is bad press

    If they're not talking about you, then you're not important. Well, Lady Sovereign. Hmm. She was at Silk City. Can't really say she played there. There was a performance. It was in two acts. It was originally scheduled to be a musical but became a play.
    For the full breakdown...


    Hi. Okay, so its been some time since the last heroic venture on the turbulent seas of philly streets, but heres why.
    Regardless, we went out last night and did the standard bar crawl, and took no pictures, and not much happened at all, but its still significant and heres why.
    Now you’re wondering how fiftyonefiftyone does it. Look, you don’t need special powers or abilities, no, you just need this: