Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back to the normal grind

After an insane long weekend of drinking, good music, dancing, drinking, friends, drinking, eating and dancing we're back to the normal grind. Shout out to Caps and Jones for holding it down on Saturday at Savalas in Brooklyn and yall should already know about Pleasuretronix.

So we're on to more partying and we're starting tomorrow with two events


Thursday, November 24, 2005


Pleasuretronix like whoa! Pleasuretown was rockin' again til 8 AM, this time with Josh Wink. Downstairs Cosmo, Low Budget and Ric Rock tore it down. On the main floor Ovum held it down with Wink, Okeef and more. Upstairs Steven Bloodbath and John Redden were killing it as expected. And now for the rest of the story...

Friday, November 18, 2005

What it do

If you need some more bounce for your iPod, you're in luck cause I've got your fix.

  • That dude Lemon Red got the internet goin nuts every month with his guest dj mixes. Check out this month's mix from DJ Benzi

  • DJ eleven from the Rub dropped an H-town mix here

  • That long cat illegible DJ Caps over at the Stencil was digging in the crates and asks Where were you in March 2003?

  • Finally if you missed it Cosmo Baker released a live mix he did with Peanut Butter Wolf back at the Remedy parties at Fluid. Download this mix directly here Check the full story here. Finally go check out Baptman a serious producer,remixer etc from France who is hosting the mix.

  • And now for the rest of the story...

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Too many parties? No.

    Have you ever felt like there are just too many parties to go to? No? Me neither. Well this week is definitely for you.

  • Thursday

    Those Rowdy dudes are getting crazy tonight with DJ SS. SS is one of the best producers in drum n bass/jungle and has been dropping sick tracks for years. Its only $10 with an open bar from 10 - 12.

  • more...

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    This is what happens when you party 'til 8 AM

    Partying until 8 AM puts you into a different realm. There are those nights when you get home and the birds have just started chirping and its not quite as dark as it has been. 8, however, is the next level. Its fully light out and normal people are just waking up, getting ready to go to church and start their days as they go about with their everyday lives. We however are just stepping out into the daylight trying to remember the whole night...


    Before the night had started, I was offered a medium drink filled with a miscellaneous substance posing as coca cola. Now, whenever I come across a dangerous-looking foreign substance I immediately consult the musically based medical guide “Poison” by Nas, which is advertised as an all inclusive list of various poisons which one should not ingest. (For example: “Radio and TV: Poison, white Jesus: Poison.”) Unfortunately, this helpful tune might not be as comprehensive as Nas would have you believe. (Suggested addition: “Rohypnal flavored coca cola is… uh… poison.”) Anyways, I was fading in and out all night taking pictures when possible, and at one point I woke up in meat locker, but there wasn’t really a photo opportunity.

    9:16 _ Discovered myself in a warehouse surrounded by paintings with the words “obey” written below political portraits in frightening fascist lettering ...becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of dried blood on the ceiling...
    Is this a gallery on first friday? or have i been dragged off to some primitive holding cell to live out the rest of my years in isolation and trepidation? We make a hasty, and somewhat uncoordinated escape.

    11:36 _ awakened by staticy flickering security screen in an otherwise dark room. "you’re being watched." Fortunately, it was just another one of the clever aesthetic touches employed by the inspired decorators of Drinkers. ...Inspired possibly by the movie Saw.

    12:31 _ aaahhhhHHHH!!!!

    1:23 _ (Murder is Policy) Found myself in a dark underground torture chamber which later turned out to be sugar moms. Though, I highly suspect it might be dual-purpose. Don't stay there past closing time. When you hear last call, you get the fuck out.

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Call for artist submissions

    Calling all young Philadelphia artists. Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is looking for submissions for its 3rd annual local invitational by 5 PM. Email info@fleisher-ollmangallery.com for more info.

    Read on for more info...

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    We came to party

    If you've been following along you know exactly what the headline means. This weekend is no different as we keep on grinding.

    • Full details found: Friday, November 4th at TPDS is a Guatemala Mudslide benefit at TPDS, 114 S. 12th Street. This event is sponsored by the Guatemala Health Initiative of Penn Med Global Health and all proceeds go to help rebuild a hospital that was covered by a 6 foot wall of mud. For full details on this trajedy check out this article. There will be drink specials, Guatemalan music, art and coffee as well. Come out and party for a good cause.
    • Saturday its time to "Tear the Fucking Club Up" with Tittsworth and Dave Nada, Mr. Malta and a live performance by Philly drunken masters: Plastic Little all going down at Silk City, 5th and Spring Garden. If you loved that Bmore Gutter Music, or are still not sure about that Bmore club, come through and get a lesson in all things booty. Cover is only $6 and the first 30 people get a free Tittsworth mixtape. Cop Titts EP or his mixtape at his site and listen to snippets here. Tittsworth was also featured in the Philadelphia Weekly check the interview here. Also definitely check out the samples on the Plastic Little page. If that doesn't make you want to come out to check these guys out, I don't think you'll be able to handle this night.
    • If that wasn't enough, head across the street to Transit for Pleasuretown once again. You should know the deal by now but Paperstreet decided to flip it. 3:30 was just way too early to close so they brought in Felix da Housecat and are going to be rocking until 8 AM! The Rub is still going to be dropping the MF Remix this time in the basement. Tommie Sunshine will be back on the main floor with Felix along with the Freak DJs and Philth. Upstairs its the Town Jewelrz and Socket's John Redden in the attic with Philebrity. The cover is only $15 but email 5151list@gmail.com and it's only $10 to get in.