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Is this an official ad or a replacment? looked like there was another ad under it and was not the same ad on the other side. seen at 33rd and spruce/south

the Roots Rising Down Listening Party

Last night at "The Studio" some members of The Roots were on hand to host a listening party for their new album, "Rising Down." No, Casi, it's no Organix, but really, what will be? It is, however, a fantastic album. Many Roots fans have already heard Rising Down featuring Styles P and Mos Def, Get Busy with Dice Peedi Peedi and Jazzy Jeff, 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) [Black Thought's sickening nonstop barrage of lyrical fire] and the reportedly recently axed "single" Birthday Girl.
So after hearing most of, if not all, of the album I can honestly say this is one of their best in years. The beats are really heavy and dynamic. Their sound shows more growth and strength in direction. The guests are plentiful but well placed. It's just a phenomenal album...from the 1.5 listens we were treated too last night.
The party itself was nice. They provided a some beer and a decent helping of catered food. DJ Excel was spinning when the party started and during an interlude before they played some more of the album.
I wish I would have brought my camera to share some pics of the event and of my awkward meeting with Black Thought (is that a pound he's offerin? no a shake/hug combo? nope, it was elbow dap...misread that one...oops...) Nothing like a seasoned music DJ/writer/promoter/blogger getting star struck by one of his favorite artists caught on film to really hammer home how great of a night it was...entertainment on all fronts.

Dice Raw, funniest comic to be a rapper? could be....

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Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (XXXChange Remix)

Just got this in the emails. Panda Bear had XXXChange remix his Comfy In Nautica into a danceable little tune. You may know XXXChange from production for such acts as Spank Rock, Amanda Blank and Kid Sister. You may also know him from the skreets of Bmore. Panda Bear's Person Pitch is available now and I actually highly recommend it. I still find it weird, but it's undeniable.

XXXChange, Panda Bear

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Jayson Musson: Too Black for BET Release party

Mark your calendars for April 11th as Free News celebrates the release of Jayson Musson's Too Black for BET Episodes I & II book release party and exhibition at the Mad Decent Mausoleum. Musical stylings courtesy of Mr. William Pym and one Spank Rock aka DJ Leroy Jetson.

Don't forget every Monday its the Jang House at the Barbary with Spank Rock and Plastic Little DJ Si Young.

DJ Ayres - More Drugs (Drugs Vol 2)

Volume 2 of DJ Ayres - Drugs mixtape.
After finishing the Hip-Hop History 90s mixes, I wanted to get back on some fast shit because it's been a minute and there's so much good new stuff out. Doing this mix got me pumped up for Winter Music Conference! Please enjoy responsibly. :mrgreen:

Juan Maclean - Happy House
Metro Area - Erodyne
A.S.S. - House Bells
Bag Raiders - Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix)
Surkin - White Knight 2
Steve Angello and Laidback Luke - Be (Laidback Luke Rave Edit)
DJ Tameil - Bump Like This
Say Wut - NFL Horns
Million $ Mano - They Know
Jim Sharp - Champion Junglist Sound
Fully Fitted - Roll It
Bladerunners - Champ
Charlean Dance - Mr DJ (Speaker Junk Remix)
King Tutt - The Future
Larry Heard Presents Mr White - The Sun Can't Compare
Juan Maclean - Happy House (reprise)
One Hand Loves The Other - Tortoise (Treasure Fingers remix)

Shouts out to Tittsworth, Catchdubs, Alex XXXChange, Scottie B, Eli, Mano, Tameil, Trevor Loveys, DJ Haul, Darshan, Treasure Fingers and 7L from the Bladerunners for the music! And be on the lookout for They Know, Champion Junglist Sound, and Bump Like This on T&A Records.
DJ Ayres - More Drugs (Drugs Vol. 2)

Every One Has A Story

Spotted at Zoe Strauss' Blog

Zoe Starauss: I-95 Show May 4th

May 4th, Zoe Strauss I-95 show is back. Buy prints of her new and selected works at Front and Mifflin under I-95. Rain or shine.

Birdman - 100 Million (Fully Fitted Remix) video

Birdman - 100 Million (Fully Fitted remix)

Which video remix do you prefer?

Fully Fitted Blog

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What It Do - Easter Weekend

What up? Its Good Friday and tgif. I mean I had such a difficult short week and getting to leave work early today. Terrible I say, terrible. For real though, SXSW pictures up on Monday. I'm working out a new photo site, just ironing out the kinks before we unveil it.


Big Boi - Royal Flush feat Andre 3000 and Raekwon

First single off Big Boi's new album Sir Lucious Left Foot. 3 Stacks please rap more, like a lot more.

  • UPDATE: 05/04/2010 Dead links and post still got taken down???

DJ Excel - Thats What a Pimp Does (Obama is a mackdaddy)

DJ Excel from flips Pastor Mannings speech into a Bmore club track touting one Barrack (Barry) Obama.
Download high quality mp3s from

Tacconellis - An Insider's Guide to Ordering

Ah, Tacconellis. Forget showing up here and ordering a slice at 3 am or stumbling through your cheesesteak order by saying with instead of wit or god forbid anything but Souf Philly English. It also has been named one of the best pizza places in the US. takes us on a step by step process of ordering your dough and sitting through the terrible service for the holy grail of pizza.
2. Always over-order. My Aunt Diane is crazy: She reserves about one pie per person when making a reservation. But there is a method to her madness: You always come home with leftovers, and unlike some other pizzas, Tacconelli’s is the gift that keeps on giving... Besides, Tacconelli’s is like drugs: There’s nothing worse than running out before you feel like you’ve had enough. How to order at Tacconellis, Tacconellis Pizzeria

Ayuda Community Center Auction

Auyda Community Center is a faith based center helping families in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. Their programs include legal aid, after school programs, advocacy case work, college prep and more. To help raise funds for these very important programs, they are having a silent auction. Bid on everything from paintings to Sixers tickets to trips to Tahiti. The online auction runs until March 27th with one final day on March 29th at Ayuda. Shipping is free on everything so start bidding away.

Ayuda CC Auction, Ayuda CC, Location

Saturday: Making Time

Guess who's not playing at Making Time again? Thats right its Crystal Castles! Thankfully they're on tour with Health, so unless a bottle of Jack keeps them down they'll definitely be there and if nothing else Switch is there to drop that dirty jackin fidget house. Oh yeah, I heard a rumor while at SXSW, apparently the real reason Ethan from Crystal Castles is so secretive about his name is that he was in a band that we would make fun of him for. Hmm, maybe glam rock? 80's hair band? Goth death metal? Nu metal? I betcha it was nu metal, easier transition to nu rave.

As a little bonus, I got this in the mail. A little mix from JAPATTACK.
crystal castles - courtship dating
crystal castles - air war (cfcf remix)
letter g - it's gone
the bloody beetroots - we are from venice (la serenissima)
crookers- massive
the bloody beetroots feat congorock - bluto fucks popeye
esau mwamwaya - chalo
JAPATTACK - my bike in c minor
abx - i rhymed slow in 1991
genghis tron - arms (dylan reece remix)

More info on Making Time

Joe Sixpack Wanders No. Libs Taverns

Part 1 of an ongoing for GoPhila.


The Rub - History of Hip Hop Rap Up

The Rub has just rapped up their History of Hip Hop series with Volume 21, ending in 1999. Be sure to download the whole series if you haven't already. If you've noticed Brooklyn Radio has been having some problems, Imeyer at is hosting the '90s. So many quality tracks. Did you notice anything they left out? Leave it in the comments.
The Rub History of Hip Hop: The 90's

Throwback Fridays - Check Yo Self

Ice Cube - Check Yo Self.

So wish I saw Cube at SXSW, too bad had setup for the Flamin Hotz jumpoff.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

50 Cent - Fat Joe's Funeral

"Result's are in...scanned at 46K...Which is actually terrible." LOL. 50 is on his e-thug. Strait killin it.

Meanwhile Buck says he never received a royalty check.

Dizzee Rascal - Where Da G's feat Bun B

Dizze Rascal - Where's Da G's feat Bun B off of Maths + English seeing a US release thanks to Def Jux on April 29th. Dizzee was awesome at SXSW. He was doing pushups backstage before he went on. Pics coming soon.

El-P, Dizzee Rascal and Busdriver are playing at the First Unitarian Church Friday, May 9th. Buy tickets now.

Bonus: Dizzee Rascal - Where's Da G's feat UGK (album version)

UNDRCRWN vs Ubiq March Madness

Tonight Undrcrwn, Ubiq and 215 Magazine will be celebrating March Madness. Come to Ubiq to play March Madness 2008, watch first round tourney action, grab a couple drinks all while Cash Money is on the 1's and 2's.

Ubiq: 1509 Walnut Street



Iverson at last nights Sixers vs Nuggets game. Thank you AI.

Link (via Philebs)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life feat Nikki Jean

Lupe with an amazing track and Nikki Jean from Nouveau Riche on the chorus. Its set in Houston and features cameos from Bun B, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Willie D and more. The Cool out now.

Download from Amazon: Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) (Amended Album Version)

Two One Five Magazine Issue 2 Party

Tonight! Two One Five Magazine issue 2 release party is at Silk City featuring Steve Bloodbath, Reef the Lost Cauze, Pink Skulls, Rich Medina and special guests. There is an open bar 10 - 11 and free Dock Street all night. Sign up at Two One Five Magazine or at the door.


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La Coka Nostra again

I can't deny my love of this "supergroup." Everlast, Ill Bill, Slaine and directed by Danny Boy this is their "official video debut."

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indie village holla

SXSW Day 3

Real quick like some pics. More coming soon.

Santogold staright killin it.
Special guest appearance by one Spank Rock
Lee Mayjahs at the 5 6 Media / 215 Mag party
Nikki from Nouveau Riche
Nikki and Dice Raw
The man King Britt
Miss Amanda Blank
After party with Diplo, A-Trak and Blaqstarr
Peace, We's out

Friday, March 14, 2008

mad decent vs iheartcomix

set list for mad decent and iheartcomix

Philly in Austin

Mad Decent vs I Heart Comix Tonight:

Two One Five tonight:

Flamin Hotz tomorrow:

What It Do

I'm going to keep this short, cause I've been in SXSW mode all week. Have fun.



Reason Sample Sale at Pedestrian

Reason sample sale all weekend at Pedestrian. Special Reason jumpoff tonight, stop by before 11.


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obey party flyer

killin it with the metal blog house tip

flamin hotz at indie village sxsw

posted up at sxsw for indie village come holler at us 2-4 the rest of the week. were right near the free beer from 3-4

SXSW Day 1 Pictures

Maggie Horn and her new friend

Scottie B and Cosmo Baker
Ian Meyer from
L to R: DJ Eleven, Nick Nack, Tittsworth and Cosmo Baker
Cosmo Baker
Big homie DJ Eleven
Chingo Bling welcoming us to Texas

Saturday: 215HipHop presents Beats & Rhymes

This Saturday presents Beats & Rhymes at the Khyber. This installments competitors include Street Orchestra, Fatnice, DJ Lil Dave and Dot.Matic. Live performance and hosted by Carlito Attack and Mighty Flipside ESQ with DJ Ultraviolet on the wheels of steel.


Buy Tickets, More Info

Friday: Let Me Ride with Apt One

Apt One joins Let Me Ride residents Art Cuebik, Joey Breakdown, Kevin Kong and Illy MC this Friday at Fluid. Free before 11, $5 after. $2 domestics and $3 well drinks til 12.

Let Me Ride

Wild Wild West Bike Race 08 Philly March 15th

I love this type of shit. West Philly is effectively challenging Fishtown to a battle of body order, bad facial hair, and all around bike riding mastery. To be honest I don't know who will really win. I mean this is some shit right. How the fuck are the hippyhipsters of West Philly gonna make a bike race, give away some dope bags and pretty much give a big finger to the fuckers in Fishtown like yeah bitch we got better all you can drink after parties for $5. You will not catch me at this event since I am gonna get my ass down to SXSW but actually the after party sounds interesting to me. Well kinda only because I really like short, frumpy girls, with bad tattoos, bad attitudes and who treat you like shit the whole night cause you don’t dress like them or there current boy friend but can drink as much you and then wanna fuck you in random places and then in the morning sneak out your apartment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Roots - Birthday Girl

Not my favorite song. By the way recognize anyone?

Multimedia message

I'm in Austin at SXSW

I'm here. Its going down for real. Follow me on Twitter here. Check the badge on the side for updates. I'm going to try to figure out mobloging as well. Lets go!

2 New Ropeadope Clothing Lines

First is their new International Line. For fans of Ropeadope OR "international" sports like Futbol (soccer for the dumbasses), Rugby and Cross Country Running(?).

Then there is the new Don't Stop line designed by Ashkahn. It's only been a matter of time before someone offered up the Haterade Tshirt.