Monday, May 26, 2008

5151 Update

We're about to move the blogging software, hopefully you won't even notice when you next read this. I'm hoping it doesn't break the rss feed, not sure but just wanted to give you a heads up if it did.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What It Do - Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah son! Long weekend bout to get it on and poppin. Grills gone wild for sure. Lots to do. Lets Go!


Say Wut - Keep Rockin Digi EP Out Now

Super producer NSW aka Say Wut has just released a bangin record on the home of Baltimore Club music Unruly Records
Few producers have dominated Baltimore club music in recent years more than Say-Wut. And those who have, namely Rod Lee and Blaq Starr, have distinctive voices to rely on as their trademarks. Say-Wut, on the other hand, has become ubiquitous with a less immediately identifiable sound that's defined, more often than not, by his tracks' high energy and blaring volume.

Listen to the whole album below

Download promo tracks:
Purchase from Unruly Records

Monday: Jang House and Special Guets

Because you clearly won't have partied enough this weekend, the Jang House (at the Barbary) is getting crazy on Monday with special guests Free Blood, Ninjasonik (with the k not the c) and Leif and his Black Magic goodness. Not to be missed. Oh yeah and it's some dude named Spank Rock's birthday. Your residents are Si Young, That Dude Ian, Spankrizzo aka Leroy Jetson and Jayson and NBC.

Seclusiasis Updates

  • First up, tonight is the 3 year anniversary of The Straight Dope. Stop by the Khyber and wish a happy birthday to dem cats.
  • Next Thursday DJ Sujinho of Nossa NYC is gracing the decks at Seclusiasis Thursdays at Sals. Also gracing the decks once again in Philly is one Miss Monica Sharp! Plus the Labold Brothers will be showcasing their summer line.
  • Be sure to pick up Dev79's Street Bass Anthems 3. Now available at fine retailers everywhere. Preview the tracks below and buy them direct from BeatSource. Or direct from Seclusiasis

Go to Beatsource.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Emynd & Bo Bliz Interview

215HipHop catches up with Emynd & Bo Bliz. Check em out! (Books!)

Throwback Fridays - 4 3 2 1

LL Cool J, DMX, Redman, and Method Man - 4, 3, 2, 1 remix feat Canibus Master P as featured on Cosmo Baker's Too Much Posse

Not enough DMX up in here. Oh man, remember when it was cool to wear winter clothes 365 days a year? Like snow goggles and puffy coats? Yeah. Oh and I just found the remix video featuring Canibus. I miss Canibus and his beef with Cool J. Remember that one video where he brought out Mike Tyson? Yeah good times. Speaking of which Mike was just in Cannes for a new documentary about his life and Sony just picked it up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shake It To the Ground - Behind the Scenes Footage

Here's a little behind the scene footage from Seg aka Seth Archambault. Footage shot and edited by Seth with a Bmore remix by System D128.

Editor / Camera Operator: Seth Archambault
Music Remix: System D128
Music Featured: Take You There by Nouveau Riche, Tony's Back KW GRiff feat Miss Tony

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mad Decent Block Party June 8th

Straight from the Diplodocus himself:

so june 7th is roots picnic in philly - The roots/santogold/deerhoof/diplo/coolkids . . . . .

the sunday after is the mad decent block party - 12AM to 8 PM
ive been sittin on announcing it but fuck it... streets division tried to hate but jawntronix wooed them like i neva seen.. dude is a charmer!!! big ups to the 9th floor!

so far we got water guns, t shirts and hot dogs for giveaway!! elmo and dora the explorer are comin.. the mad decent squiggly guy dancers will be there! wu tang contest plus the beatnik jive turkey olypicS!!!

performances by DJ SEGA, BLAQSTARR, FLOSSTRADAMUS, RYE RYE, FEDERATION (KENNY MEEZ), DIRTY SOUTH JOE, DJ TINY DICK NICK, SNITCH, dj octamis prime, DJA, holograms by SySTEm d128, WIreLeSS INtAnEt! DJ DoRM SLUT (R500), DAviD gUeTa, GrAtFUldEAd! cAtSTeFAnS, InDiANa JonEZ, (also circulating that soultravelers and white belts and tees might show up!) SHIIIIT MAD OTHER SURPRISES gUeStES ToO!!!

U cAN fiNd uS oN ThE BaKEtBaLL coOUrT BeHINd ThE SpOt KiLlInG iT aLl dAy sUnDaY. wE GOt BiG aZZ sPeAkErZ!!

JUSt aNNOUNcED sNiTcH dA TUrTlE & PlaStIc LiTtlE!!!!

Umm so yeah, Drop the Lime Friday, Roots Picnic Saturday, Mad Decent Block Party Sunday, End Of world Monday or hang out til tuesday for Snacks and Alan Braxe and Lifelike. So, Philly, you ready for Summer time yet?

Thursday: Sole A Philly Sneaker Documentary Premier

This looks dope. Local film premiering this Thursday at the Arbol Cafe.
Sole is a documentary that takes an almost anthropological look into the underground world of sneaker culture in Philadelphia. This film is part of the WYBE series called Philadelphia Stories. A portion of it will air on PBS Affiliate WYBE in May as a part of their sixth season of the annual mini-series event. While sneakers serve may serve their functional or fashionable purposes for hundreds of millions, they also serve as a serious hobby and lifestyle for mavens the world over. Sneakers become not only a collector's item, but some would say that they are even part of a modern art movement.The film goes deep into this underground world by interviewing boutique owners as well as designers and store buyers in order to bring full perspective into this unique business. Sole brings the viewer inside their world for a truly entertaining and informative look into the multidimensional landscape that is sneaker culture. Follow Philadelphia's heavy sneaker hitters as well as everyday sneaker collectors to see what makes them so oddly passionate about this multi-billion dollar industry.
When: Thursday, May 22, 2008, 8:30 p.m.
Where: Arbol Café (209 Poplar Street)

Contact me at 5151List [at] gmail for direct contact

You know what...

is way cooler than writing your own blog? Reading other people's blogs which is what I've been doing instead of writing on this one here. Ok, enough of break, I'll get back to posting mp3s and parties and teh c00l stuffz. My favorite lately has definitely been Wonkette. Its just so...snarky! Oooh, maybe I'll try that for once or invite someone to be my official snarkster and hate on all sorts of stuff. Just thinking out loud here. This is totally useful, I'm waiting for an mp3 to upload...

Or just waiting for my host and blogging software to play nice, since they haven't wanted to all day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What It Do

Dance the rain away tonight.



OrtzRoka - Planets (video)

Cool video from a new electronic group called OrtzRoka.

OrtzRoka Space

Throwback Fridays - Back & Forth

Aaliyah - Back & Forth

It's Friday and I'm ready to swing.

Aaliyah graces the cover of the FADER's annual Icon Issue. Below you can download the issue as a PDF for FREE as well as an Aaliyah mixtape MP3 by Caps.

FADER 54 - Aaliyah Icon Issue PDF

Aaliyah Mixtape Mp3

Btw, be sure to check out the article on T2.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonight: Tomorrow's Radio and Brendan's Bday

Tonight at Tomorrow's Radio, its Ian St. Laurent playing jams at the Barbary with special guests for Brendan Bringem's birthday. $1 drinks from 10 - 11.

Happy birthday Brendan!

Sazz Vintage Opens in Olde City

So DailyCandy is a daily email featuring cool stuff for "an affluent, influential female audience." They have local editions all over and one just for Philly and I found this one to be funny.

Last time he went out with the boys, he got thrown out of the champagne room.

Next time he wants to check out some nice racks, send him to Sazz, the newly opened men’s vintage store housed in what used to be Sailor Jerry’s Old City digs. Owner Amanda Saslow’s been hawking vintage for years, but her stock was taking over her house, so she opened up shop.

Clothing from the ’40s to the ’70s will turn the most fashion phobic guys into cravat wearing dandies. He’ll definitely want to check out the embroidered Western shirts and rockabilly gear, and pick up some buckles and hats to round out his look. They also stock bathing suits and lightweight shirts that’ll have him set for summer.

The staff is friendly enough to make him a repeat customer.

And he won’t get in trouble for groping the goods.

Sazz, 38 North Third Street (215-923-7299 or

Bun B - Swang On Em feat Lupe Fiasco

Hellz yeah, new Bun B feat Lupe Fiasco. II Trill in stores next Tuesday.
  • Bun B feat Lupe Fiasco - II Trill (ysi) (zshare)
Bun B Space

TRC -Burga Boy Style Dub

In my epic quest to post every bassline producer that starts their name with a T, we are coming right now to a dude who has been killing it for a while with some tunes. This track was on that Touchdown 4 mixtape that I have had for a minute and always loved it. For ever I thought it was a diss track until I realized that they are down with each other.

Check out this video of these dudes in a rave. Fucking rewinded this sound like 3 times. Kids going crazy on the dance floor.

TRC - Burga Boy Style Dub
(low Quality, although I can't even point you to a place to buy it, maybe they will google their own shit and read this and know that people want to support we just need to know where to get this shit.)

Add him on myspace and support. He also has a couple of records out on Northern line and More 2 Da Floor. You can buy those tracks at Juno and Garage Downloads.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tonight: Bonde Do Role, Deathset, RR, Gang at JB's

If you notice, there is no Marina. Marina parted ways last year, shortly after their last show at Johnny Brenda's. Then there was this whole contest on Brazilian MTV to pick a new singer, they couldn't decide between two and so kept both.

The MOTHERFUCKING Deathset meanwhile are from Baltimore and Australia and Brooklyn. Their latest album is on Ninja Tune's Counter Records, their rock imprint, and meanwhile they've blown up. Emily Rabbit and Spank Rock have been telling me about them for awhile, course I stopped paying attention once they said it was a band...

Pick up their album from here

Also playing resident Danger Danger band Rad Racket "mixes dreamy hardcore with hippie jazz".

Finally, Bonde do Role's pick for this year and last Gang, riding shotgun and killing rats.

Tickets are $10, order them now.

PS: Afterparty at the mausoleum, byob and maybe a keg. 12 - ?

DJ King Tutt - Evolution EP Available

The Future and Black Democrat are so huge. Easily two of my favorite dance tracks of the year.

Download the album now from Unruly

Snowgoons - This is Where The Fun Stops Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze (video)

Video For Snowgoons "This is Where The Fun Stops Featuring Reef The Lost Cauze" Off Of "Black Snow" Coming June 24th.

Pick up Reef's Long Live the Cauze Vol. II now.

Previous collaboration Snowgoons - Never feat Reef

Snowgoons, Reef the Lost Cauze

Texting Your Way To Love

This doesn't happen at all, not the in the least bit...

Global Food Shortage Affecting Beer

The food shortage is in full effect around the world. Riots are expected. Mud pies are being sold and Oh Noes! American craft brewers are now reformulating their recipes to cope with rising hop prices.

Ian Ward, president of Brewers Supply Group in Shakopee, Minnesota -- the nation's largest craft brew supplier -- says things are only going to get worse. "That's the crisis that brewers are finding themselves in," Ward says. "They're having to review their recipes. The crisis really hasn't hit hard yet."

The hop shortage became noticeable around July, when a market glut and hop reserves stored in extract began dwindling.

The bulk of U.S.-grown hops are produced in the Yakima, Washington, area. Farmers weren't getting a profitable return and got out of the market, switched crops or went bankrupt. The same was happening in Germany, the world's No. 1 hop-growing country.

In the United States alone, there were an estimated 515 hop growers in 1950; 75 in 2000 and just 45 today, Ward says. In 2006, about 2 million pounds of hops were destroyed in an S.S. Steiner warehouse in Yakima, equaling about 4 percent of the U.S. hop crop.

All the while, beer sales are increasing worldwide by about 1 to 2 percent annually. The craft brewing industry is growing yearly by 12 percent. That economic reality is pushing hop growers back into the fields.

Anybody noticed any differences in price or taste?


Bike Porn: Bootleg Sessions Vol 2 DVD Trailer

"Bootleg Sessions v.2" Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Crazy, new DVD coming first week of June featuring all sorts of fixie tricks. Here's another featuring a track stand.

Preorder now for $15 plus shipping at

Video jacked from Pedestrian who will have it in store.

Monday, May 12, 2008

DMCA Takedown Notice

I feel so honored. I'm really surprised that they are going after mixtape and remix tracks. Also, the Busta Rhymes joint I got directly from Mick Boogie and the B.o.B. song from a promo company. Left hand not knowing what the right is doing.

We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The specific content in question is as follows:

50 Cent - Smile I'm Leaving

50 Cent - I get Money (Forbes 123 remix feat Jay Z and Diddy)

B.o.B. - Grip Your Body feat Amy Winehouse

Busta Rhymes and Mick Boogie - Step Up

David Guetta - Love is Gone (Benja Styles remix)

Chemical Brothers - Do it Again (Ian St. Laurent remix)

Justin Timberlake - My Love (Mark B Fresh remix)

Keyshia Cole feat E Ness Amina - Shoulda Let You Go (benja styles remix)

The party making the complaint (Jeremy Banks -- International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) --, claims under penalty of perjury to be or represent the copyright owner of this content. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(c), we have removed access to the content in question.
Basically, this just means that the files were deleted by my hosting company and thats it. Nice to meet you Jeremy!

G Unit - I Like the Way She Do It (video)

Really enjoy this song, nothing new but the beat is killer. I usually like Yayo but his verse is just terrible. Terminate On Sight out July 1.

Muto - New animation by Blu

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Previously: Letter A

Friday, May 09, 2008

What It Do

Lots going on tonight so lets just get to it.

  • Teenagers at Northstar
  • Dizee Rascal and friends at the First Unitarian Church (R5 show)
  • Thunderheist and Black Ghosts at the Barbary (RSVP)
  • Let Me Ride with Philly house legend Carl Michaels at Fluid (free before 11)
  • Jay Yo and Jess Okay at the Raven, $1 cover.

Sunday Night Soul Travelin is Back

Sunday Night Soul Travelin is back. The Sunday night mainstay, formerly at Loie, is now home at Fuzion Bar & Grill. Fuzion is formerly the Penthouse Lounge.

Good to see Brendan and Joey back out on Sundays.

For guestlist info email lynnbrownmusicgroup [at] gmail

The DL: Spank Rock Presents Songs to Get It On

The DL at Spinner

Oh noes! 2008 Philly BBoy BBQ Cancelled

The 2008 Philly BBoy BBQ has been canceled due to too much vandalism.
We received some sad news earlier this week that the B-Boy BBQ is going on a short hiatus and will NOT be happening this year. So yes, it is canceled! Mainly due to the uncontrollable amounts of vandalism that was occurring in the playground and to the surrounding neighborhood area. We will keep you up to date about a new venue as soon as we & the organizers find one.

Hmm, so does that mean it was canceled due to graffiti?

Head over 215HipHop to see pictures from years past.

Teenagers Tonight North Star Bar

Lots of little band shit going on tonight.

After you check this show at Northstar you could take the trolly down to Black Ghosts at Barbary.

But as the teenagers would say "ohh whatever".

I am kinda stoked about this so I can score the other SLUM RECORDS 7".

Love you papa north.

Throwback Fridays - It's Like That

Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - It's Like That.

One of my first records.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Mickey Factz video and track

Mickey freestylin to a Precize beat with shout outs to Different Kitchen and Nah Right.

From Mickey
2nd week of Volume 2 and I have a crazy track right here. Competition at its best. When you put 6 lyricists in 1 room and throw a beat on, there's no telling what might happen. And this is no different to that statement. This track was very competitive in the sense that people re-wrote verses, some of us took inside shots at each other, we even told one dude his verse was straight garbage. All in all, its up to the people to decide who had the standout swag, best flow and illest verse. So once again, I present to the people: Jumanji!
Mickey Factz - Jumanji feat Nakim, Nymesis, Charlie Clips, Smoke Dza, Curtains

Mickey Space, GFC Blog

Vybz Kartel - Money fi Spend (video)

Vybz Space

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DJ Dirty - Sundae Shakedown Yacht Party Mix (live)

Oh snap, house music all night long! I guess in this case all day long because DJ Dirty just hit me off with a mix from the Sundae Shakedown WMC Yacht Party. Sundae partnered with Shakedown for a yacht party down at WMC this year...Ok I'm just jealous and I can't really write anything more praising how cool it might have been cause I wasn't there. :( Just download the mix and book your plane tickets for Miami now before gas prices make you walk there because thats the only affordable option. I'm not mad. I swear. Expect soulful, funky, party on a boat house. Make some mojitos or caipirinhas and just chill. Use the grill, its nice outside. Invite some friends over. I'm having a BBQ real soon, I've got venison burgers. We're doing it real big this weekend. Holler at me.

"For your hipster flavor and house fresh smell, make sure you count on Dirty every time"
DJ Dirty plays every Sundae and monthly at 4 AM.

DJ Dirty

Buckshot, Reef, Too Tuff: Thursday at Polaris

Hip hop will definitely be in the building this Thursday at Club Polaris (aka Starlight Ballroom at 9th and Spring Garden). Buckshot of Black Moon / Boot Camp Clik is headlining with Reef the Lost Cauze and DJ Too Tuff of the Tuff Crew on the wheels of steel. Also performing Godhead The General, Magnum O, MAGr, and Ethel Cee. Strictly 21+. Presented by Center Stage and Thor Takeover.

Advanced tickets are $15 and $20 at the door. Get them now at Brown Paper Tickets.

Bonus: Mind tricks the body, How many MC's must get dissed?

I was going to just post the link but I forgot how great this song was.

DJ Qbert - Sneak Attack (video) airs two animated shorts this episode. Part 1 features Syd Garron's animations set to Qbert's Sneak Attack.
"Next, an animation based on work by illustrator Jon Burgerman for his forthcoming book Pens are my Friends, produced by Jason Arber and Wyld Stallyons."

Download the video via the menu link.

Animation on

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Last.FM + YouTube

Brand new project combining Last.FM + YouTube automatically creating your own MTV channel. Up above you can see Crime Mob with "Rock Yo Hips". Now I'm listening to DMX. In between has been System of a Down and Ikaw(??). Really interesting, although the creator states that it's only "an experiment, and it will probably stay that way." I kind of wish there were other sizes besides too small and fullscreen, so I'm going to contact him now. Its the dopeness either way though.

5151 Last.FM + Youtube Channel

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

What It Do - May First Friday

Its beautiful out right now bout to head down to First Friday. So excited, spring is here. Lets get it!


Arts Garage Opening June 1st

Woohoo. The Arts Garage is back at it starting June 1st. Just got this release from the director. Sadly, it won't be the same though. No more open bar parties, closing at 2 AM since they are in the process of getting a liquor license although they are attempting to get a permit to stay open late.
This is to advise everyone that The Arts Garage will resume bookings for post June 1, 2008 events. Events that were canceled during the shut-down may receive first preference, considering that new date(s) were submitted via email by Friday May 2nd. Before booking new events, it is imperative that we discuss new operational changes, some of which are mentioned below:

1. In addition to installing Sprinkler System, we have also applied for a Liquor License. We hope to have one in place by August 1st 2008 or sooner. In the interim, there can no longer be "open bar" parties. Events may be promoted as "BYOB". Promoters may provide complementary non-alcohol beverages, including cups, can sodas, and water.

2. Guests carrying drinks on wheels (coolers) and back packs will not be admitted. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to patrons carrying backpacks, coolers, and other bulk/large items.We also reserve management discretion to refuse admission when deemed necessary.

3. The addition of a Liquor License also suggests that we can only open until 2:00 a.m. We are continuing efforts to secure a 3:30 a.m. closing, but until then, the venue will close no later than 2:00 a.m., patrons must vacate the premises by 2:30 a.m.

Thank you for your time and consideration and for your continued support of The Arts Garage. Please help get the word out. Feel free to contact me at 215-806-1491 with specific questions or requests.


Ola O. Solanke

Executive Director


Imagine Sound

I'm pretty sure I've done some damage to my ears, hopefully they won't be too bad when I get older...

Soulja Boy - iDance (video)

I lean, I rock, I jig, I youuua, I snap, I pop and then iYouTube.

Man, that crank dat shit ole. We don't superman no mo, we iTune that ho.

So many great quotables.

Throwback Fridays - Smack My Bitch Up

Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up.
The video for Justice - Stress kind of reminded me of this video.

Thursday, May 01, 2008