Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Art Show Saturday

Head over to the Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street) for the Big Art Show. The Big Art Show is a showcase of local, independent and uknown artists from the Philadelphia area. Doors open at 7pm with over 80 artists scheduled to attend. Also enjoy music from The Yah Mos Def, US Funk Team, Sailboat!, Ice Cream Social and Ra. Admission is only $5 and this will be the biggest Big Art Show yet. Come out and support local independent artists.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Bounce: Mu

Back once again with some more muzak. You don't read this anyway so...
  • If you're in Philly I hope you've been to the Popoff Shack. If you're not in Philly it will be worth the roadtrip. This weekend Diplo will be gracing the decks along with your usual residents of Low Budget, Brendan Bring'em, Steve Bloodbath and Dan the Swede. Check the mixes below to relive your favorite Saturday night or to see what you're missing.

  • Low Budget and Brendan Upstairs

  • Bloodbath and the Swede downstairs

  • So we got some more mixes from Steve Bloodbath and fam below some new, some old

  • Youth Suicide Fantasy Mixtape from Town Jewlerz

  • Socket style with Indie Dance and New Wave glory in "Limitless Speed"

  • Jonny Makeup going away mix - dance and hip hop fun

  • Purple Drank - hiphop mixtape

  • Johnny Cocco leaves us with a new March Mix too late for a certain message board

  • My man Carlitoz has posted up some new mixes and I'm really enjoying the Sexy Jazzy Mix

  • Bird Peterson out of Texas has some real nice remixes up on his site. Check out his latest Temptations Aint Too Proud to Beg (Bmore remix)

  • All Curtis Vodka does is make hot tracks New track cranked out Mary Jane 2006

  • Back once again even with a nervous internet connection.

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Pleauretown Bounce Baby

    Pleasuretown is back baby! Yeah! We'll be partying til 6 am at Transit once again. Download the tracks below and click the picture above to get on the super exclusive gueslist.
  • Junior Sanchez has been toiling in the music business for nearly 15 years now continually bringing quality mixes and original tracks. Junior will bring that dirty electro / house you all loved at previous Pleasuretowns from Felix da Housecat and Tommie Sunshine.
  • Check out Junior's I wanna Rock from Jacques Lu Cont's Fabric Live mix
  • Felix da Housecat and Junior Sanchez
  • Over at his MySpace page check out more tracks

  • We can't forget about John Redden from Socket Sundays or John Gill from Freak either.

  • Wow, King Britt will be doing a 5 hour set. This is not to be missed. Britt has built an impressive career. From DJ'ing for Digable Planets to developing the blueprint for the Philly neo-soul scene to all of his incredible performances with his record label in Philly and around the world. This is not to be missed.
  • King Britt - Twilight cause thats when the party starts

  • Digable Planets - Rebirth of slick (cool like dat) cause we be to blog what key be to lock

  • King Britt - Sunrise cause the party don't stop until then

  • Warming up the basement will be Illvibe Collective's Lil Dave. Lil Dave has been putting workin through the years. I first heard him holding down Sundays with the down lo show on WKDU after the Momma with the Drama. Hes back on KDU now with Junior on Fridays from 6 - 9 with the Eavesdrop.You can also check him out with internet shows on Check out the Difference and his latest show with some Brazilian flavor

  • Upstairs will be the crazy crunkhop beats with DJ Ultraviolet with a special performance by Amanda Blank!

  • Emynd & Bo Bliz will be killing it as expected. They were featured on LemonRed this month with an extra special long mix. Get it soon before its taken down.

  • Ric Rok will be warming things up. If you didn't get his mix "The Postman rings twice" before, get it now
  • Oh and we can't forget about NYC party queen Oxy Cottontail blessing us with a DJ set providing you with an extra bounce to your step.

  • UPDATE: Just added, The PoPo's performing live on stage at 12 and- straight from Crobar in Miami- DJ Greg Foreman on the main floor. Greg Foreman from Delta 72 & Making Time has been tearing up dance floors in Miami and will be back in Philly to give you a taste of what hes been doing to crowds in sunny miami. Drink specials from 10 - 12. Ok enough words, just sign up on the gueslitst now before its closed cause its filling up fast.

    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Badminton Stamps Showcase Saturday

    Philabuster and Skinny Slim from Badminton Stamps are putting on a little showcase over at World Cafe tomorrow. Tix are only $6. Go check out some tracks here.

    Tonight its Tittsworth at the Khyber upstairs for free!

    Saturdays are official with the Popoff at Metro, Dip Dip Fall back.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been trying to recover from my weekend in NYC. More updates and free mp3s soon. Oh yeah, Pleasuretown is back baby! Extremely excited about this. Check the site next week for mp3 downloads from some of the djs of the night.

    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Natural Ego Rampage

    (This is not a normal post for a website that is supposed to be a philly nightlife site, not some-jackass-goes-to-a-random-party-site, but then I remembered that I can post up whatever I want, and someone has to read it. So screw you. Now, on to the story.)

    I'm going to point something out. If you decide to have a party involving your basement, and you decide that blacklights are trippy so you buy like 12 of them and position them every 10 feet like structural supports, then yeah your highlighter marked walls are going to look really cool. People, on the other hand, are going to look really, really horrifying. Really.

    I mean, now you have to drink to make ATTRACTIVE people look attractive.
    It's a similar effect to “beer goggles”, the condition where everyone looks hot so you're not sure who actually is. Although this time you're trying to do the same math among lepers with glowing stained teeth, clinical dandruff problems, and diseased, swollen-purple faces.

    This was my experience last night. I step into the basement and suddenly, I am in ugly land. It turned out for the best though. After talking to hideous-looking-girls-who-later-turned-out-to-be-attractive for a while, my ego grew to a monstrous size, and began to storm around the building by itself, making that artificially high Godzilla scream.
    Alcohol is overrated, a natural ego rampage is much more dangerous. And fun!

    Now let me describe this house somewhat.
    There's a submerged kitchen, and immediately above that is a balcony from which you can look down on the kitchen. It's very beautiful architecture. But strategically speaking it has some lethal weaknesses for those below.

    For example, a girl can throw a cracker box down at a 6 foot 10 frat/jock/beast and can feel safe knowing that there's nothing he can do to her. Especially if after she throws it she ducks and hides behind the railing, and then my housemate helpfully points the beast over to me and says, “It was him.”

    Thanks there buddy.

    After a few minutes of delicate explaining, shouted from the balcony to the kitchen, I convince him that I am too incoherent to mastermind such a plan as hitting someone in the head with a cracker box. Good work. He throws the box up at me anyway, but misses wildly, further illustrating the advantage of an elevated attack position.

    The night goes on, and a few barely mentionable party cliches occur:

    Girl shows nipple ring in exchange for premium bathroom line position. Not an attractive nipple, but hey, thats not her fault. She did all she could.

    2 Girls making out. Some guy tries to get in the middle with them. I don't think they even notice he's there.

    Drunk kid passes out and falls through a chair. I give photography advice on how to capture it properly.

    Look, I don't want to downplay the significance of nipple rings, girl on girl action, and drunken injury. They are some of the best things on earth. But really, what is there to say. They're like plastic red cups and exploitative entertainment. You can't find a house party with out them.
    And there's nothing else to speak of.

    Friday, March 17, 2006

    Midweek Madness

    Wednesday is the new Thursday. Thursday is the new Friday.

    Wednesday we rolled into Medusa for Yellowbrain and Mental Sharp. The band was playing, Armanni and Sharpness were on the mic and the place was packed. I highly reccomend seeing Yellowbrain and Mental Sharp the next time they play. Yellowbrain has a jazz funk sound while Mental Sharp comes with the quality lyrics you have come to expect from these MCs. Checkwun even got on the tables for a minute to add some turntablist elements. It added a whole new element which I would like to see more of. Up next on the decks was Ric Rok. His raw rhythms were blowing out the sound system initially but it was fixed shortly after that. Drunken dancing ensued as the drinks flowed.

    Thursday was time for The Burial. Ed Rush and Optical's records were one my first ever and Pendulum's Hold Your Color was absolutely huge so needless to say I was excited. After being at Pure for Making Time, I was looking forward to going back as the club itself is quite impressive.

    When I arrived Karl K, Jae Kennedy and Kaos were rocking the main floor with their tried and true formula of Philly drum n bass. Armanni Reign, Sharpness and Illy were on mic control hyping the crowd up. I decided to check out upstairs and found Art Cuebik on the decks. Needless to say Ed Rush, Optical and Pendulum all delivered as expected. They dropped hot track after hot track which had the whole place dancing. If you missed this, you seriously missed out on a night of quality drum n bass.

    On Wednesday I was talking to Jay Simplefly and found out Pleasuretown is back baby! Its back and bigger than ever. Junior Sanchez, King Britt, Oxy Cottontail, Ultraviolet, Emynd & Bo Bliz and more til 6am on April 1. No joking around April 1 is going to be huge because word is Diplo will be in town for Popatronix.

    Check the TWNW pics and The Burial pictures

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    5 Day Bender

    Starts Tonight!
    Live Hip Hop with Yellowbrain, Mental Sharp and an open bar? Alright, Wednesday is the new Thirsty Thursday. $10 10 - 12 @ Medusa (27 South 21st Street)

    Its the Burial with Ed Rush, Optical and Pendulum rocking Pure with their amazing sound system. Drum n bass in the place. Go download some mpfrees

    Nouveau Riche is the latest buzzing band out of Phily. Its and indie rock/hip hop influenced band with vocals from Dice Raw. They have an exclusive party this Friday with free beer. Hit us up with an email to get on our email list if you want to know where its at.

    Tittsworth seems to have found a new home as he's back again in Philly at The Straight Dope at the Khyber As you may have noticed on the flyer, its next week, March 24th

    Philebrity and PaperStreet are back at Metro with Absolute Beginners fro St. Patrick's day. Philebrity will be rocking out upstairs and your boys Emynd and Bo Bliz with the hiphop pool table rocking jams and drink specials.

    There is nothing more to say. Every Saturday, Metro. Thats it.

    Check out Emerald City as well as its going to be huge with Adrenaline. Wow, Shimon, Scott Henry, Caps N Jones, Joey Blanco, Rob Paine and more. What? 24 DJs! Damn.

    Damn, too much to do. Labuda, Cullen Stalin and Dave Nada with that Bmorelectrohopmix.

    You still there? Well, then Destroy Your Liver at the Khyber

    More Bounce: The Burial

    The Burial is this Thursday with Ed Rush, Optical and Pendulum at Club Pure (1221 St. James Street between Locust and Walnut). Ed Rush and Optical have been blazing the decks with their infectious Virus rhythms for 15 years. These two have been changing the game with every release. Pendulum are a trio of producers that absolutely blazed the charts with their most recent album Hold Your Coulour. This is an event not to be missed for all you dnb heads out there. Check below for sets and tracks to download.

  • Check out this classic set from Ed Rush & Optical on Radio 1's Essential Mix after their release of their absolutely amazing album Wormhole.

  • Pendulum's tracks have been killing it lately
  • Pendulum Remix Prodigy's Voodoo People (snippet)
  • Title Track from Hold your Color(snippet)
  • Pendulum's - Fasten Your Seatbelt(snippet)
  • Full mix from Pendulum from 1xtra Connections with L Double in December

  • Finally a bonus set from Andy C. This is one of my favorite sets I've ever seen live. Andy C at Fabric in London for the Drum n Bass arena poll party in 2001.
  • Monday, March 13, 2006

    Erin Go Bragh

    What better way to celebrate Irish culture and a Catholic saint by organizing a beer crawl among Irish themed bars? No pictures from this but a few highlights.

    Staying out until 4 after drinking from 9 - 4 and then attempting to get up and begin drinking again at 12 does not always seem to work.

    Next year I'm bringing beer with me to sell on the bus like the "chaperone". That being said, he also performed his good deeds of the day by handing out beers to random people on the street.

    Being the single sober person among hundreds of drunk people means you are missing out on some sort of drunk connection. Don't worry though, just double fist because the bars are too busy and you need to catch up anyways.

    Eventually there will be that girl who decides to flash everyone.

    Check out more highlights from Seg.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Hipster Haven

    Alright, I'll admit it. I planned on going out and catching Free Hip Hop or Plastic Little. Instead I met up with some friends and went to a couple different bars playing darts, drinking 1/2 yard beers and not seeing hipsters or hip hop. At 1:30 I had already apparently had too many beers and caved in. I went to Pure for Making Time.

    I got there too late and missed Hot Chip but the djs had the two story club packed and dancing. Since I was already there I planned on blending in by drinking Sparks but alas they had already run out probably during the open bar at the beginning of the night. The next obvious choice would be PBR but I resisted, in fact I actually ran the other way with Lager in hand. I'm not a Pure regular and don't remember if I made it there when it was 2-4 Club so I decided to check out the rest of club. The main floor was completely packed. From there I headed upstairs and found another dance floor, dj booth, Transit basement holy walls and plenty of open space overlooking the dance floor. While upstairs I kept running into people. Kev1 was dancing. Angelo Yap was there and took a number of pictures. Hollertronix fam was there celebrating Amanda Blank's birthday and Jayson Musson rolled in after his show. Somehow I ended up taking pictures of these girls who decided to be scandalous. To the boy who handed me his card (twice) I appreciate your subtlety and the implied compliment but I don't swing that way, not that there is anything wrong with that. All in all it was well worth the time.

    On a sidenote is Pure moving in on Transit's dominance of the club scene? Pretty much every other Making Time has been held at Transit. The Burial will be there this Thursday. These parties have usually been the domain of Transit. I have to admit I did enjoy the setup of the club. Transit basement does easily edge out the upstairs DJ area. The overlook area at Pure is a definite plus. The main floor of Pure I think edges out Transit though. Transit was a bank at one time and the elongated skinny design can be a negative at times. We'll have to wait and see on this one. There is a new club opening up soon which may completely change the clubbing landscape but we'll have to wait and see on that as the details are thin on this one.

    Check out the pictures here and Angelo's pictures here.

    UPDATE:Oxy was down and took pictures as well. Check them here


    I don't think I need to tell anyone how drunkenness during the daytime is different.
    But when you're walking across the street and you witness a friend jump onto the back of a flatbed truck, and then jump off as it reaches speeds of 30, 40 miles per hour, its positively surreal.
    Passing strangers are shocked with hands over their mouthes, laughing. “Oh my god... Thats how drunk kids die.”
    His fingers are all black, and he's bleeding from the elbow, but other than comatose-dream shock and “I can't believe that just happened,” no one has anything to communicate. Maybe because on some subconscious level we understand why, at that very moment, on this very street, he had to jump onto the back of a moving vehicle.

    There is nothing to explain, it was just the right thing to do.

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Tell me Where to Go

    This one is easy, Low Budget is Back in town so the 700 Club is usually the place to be. Well tonight its going to be crazy. 1.)Its Amanda Blank's birthday. Get um girl (Happy Birthday) 2.)Special Oscar dedication set to Three 6 Mafia. 3.)Anniversary of Biggie's passing (9 years, wow that long already?) so a special tribute set will be in the mix as well. Just call in sick now, you don't need to go into work/school Friday.

    Hmm...Hipsters or Hip Hop? Can't quite decide.

    AndDimSum presents the finale of Cootie Shot at Silk City with "double dare, admiral asparagus, gordon bombay, ranger rad on the tables with live musical guest Plastic Little."

    Free Hip Hop is back at Blue Horseshoe with Mental Sharp and live band Yellowbrain

    Oh,yeah, there is something called Making Time at Pure Nightclub with some group named Hot Chip. Don't forget the requisite open bar from 9 - 11 with PBR and Sparks of course.


    Drinking starts before 12, everyone pretends they're Irish and you get to pretend like you're in high school again while riding on the free bus between 16 different bars. You'll appreciate this more at 4:30 when you start at 11 and drink copious amounts of Guiness, Harp, Smithwicks and Jameson.

    Rest up cause its Saturday again. There is this thing at this place. Its been poppin off and the whole team is back for a full court press. You should already know cause its official. Its at Metro (Front and Fairmount), its $3 Jameson til 12 and $3 lagers all night. Be there or be square and remember no one likes a square.


    The Harlem Globetrotters are back in town at the Wachovia.

    Check the map if you need directions

    My game is tight not my shirts

    Emynd has been killing the T-Shirt game lately.
    Holler at him to get one of your own from the three shirts below.

    Tell Me When to Go Dumb:

    Dipset! Dipset Dipset!

    Ironic White Tees:

    Holler at emyndandbobliz(at) to get yours delivered today. US prices are $20, more outside of the US.

    More Bounce: Kappa

  • A Silent Flute has released a mixtape of "groove rock, euro fusion, power jazz and universal anthems". Get it here

  • Everyone's favorite Bmore DJ from Rowdy Nites, Tittsworth dropped these new exclusives
  • Remix of the 4Tops

  • Rough it off

  • Flea Market Music are killing it in Seattle right now. If you're ever in town, check out this trio of djs, candlewax, Greg Skidmore, and Josh Roberts, at their residencies at either Chapel or Re-Bar. For now just check out their mixes (all tracklistings here):
  • DJCandlewax is up first

  • Up next is Greg Skidmore's Red Room Revisited mix

  • Last but not least of the trio is Josh Robert's mix

  • Their latest mix they've thrown up is Curtis Vodka's "Those Hoop Ear Rings"

  • New tunes from Simplefly's Wednesday Night Weekly resident Ric Rok
  • New hour long mixThe Postman Rings Twice

  • Ric Rok remixing Curtis Blow Da Breaks(remix)

  • Been awhile since we got one up almost on time.

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    The Last Get In at Silk City

    WTF???? Silk City is closing with rumours of a posh club reopening ala Continental, a hip hop museum or a beer garden addon? Only time will tell. Regardless, the Philly stateside grime specialists will be holding their last Get In party this Wednesday. Mathhead from NYC will be headlining alongside your residents, Dev79, Starkey and Stumble. We posted bout this before but don't forget about that Slitjockey mixtape, its $5 and $1 for shipping. You cant't beat that when its $.10 per track. Since this is the last Get In, rowdy behavior is encouraged and you will be looked down upon if you do not participate. Therefore, to get you ready Knuck If you Buck.

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    Kill yourself Tuesday

    So Steve Bloodbath is tired of there not being anything to do on Tuesdays. Sometimes we just want to take it back to glory hole years of the '80's with a constant rotation of Guns n Roses, followed by Dr. Feelgood, followed by Night Train followed by Mr. Brownstone followed by drunken debauchery, cocainesexjams, $2 PBR's all night, $2 Vitamin Waters and vodkas til 12 followed by some of these people: Bulletboys, Sweet, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Loverboy, Dokken, Ratt, Cinderella, Boston, Foreigner, Journey, B.T.O., E.L.O., REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses, Mötley Crüe, Slaughter, Warrant, Billy Squier, Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns, Ratt, W.A.S.P, Faster Pussycat, Night Ranger, New York Dolls, Thin Lizzy, the Scorpions, AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Blue Öyster Cult, Quiet Riot, Toto, Kansas, Hanoi Rocks, Legs Diamond, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Europe, Asia, .38 Special, Mötley Crüe. Every first Tuesday at Fluid. Rock out with your cock out.

    Starting to get the picture? Does this describe your ultimate Tuesday night that you don't plan on remembering? Don't take our word for it though, hear it straight from the Bloodbath himself. Slurred audio at its best.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Rowdy nites

    Whats the best way to get Rowdy? Start with some crunkgria. Mix red wine, brandy and red bull. Proceed to clubs. First hit up metro for the $3 lagers and $3 Jameson shot specials, jesusjuice is optional. We head upstairs to the land of many rooms along with that bmorehipbouncehop feet,booty shaking music. Low Budget is back from his international DJ travels. Brendan continues to bring the Soultraveling vibe along with Jesone. We head back downstairs for that hiprockhop with the Swede and Steve Bloodbath. After Metro, we headed over to Transit for the afterparty.

    Wow, there really is A Resurgence of Bass. When we walked into Transit the place was completely packed. From stage to back bar on the main floor and from dj booth to bathrooms downstairs. This place hasn't been that packed since the Pleasuretown parties. Dara was rocking the main floor with that breakbeat science after the Rowdy residents had just finished. Downstairs Emynd & Bo Bliz had just finished as well when former dnb and current Bmore club DJ Tittsworth stepped up. Titts dropped some exclusives from his latest EP (which you can pick up at 611 & Armands in philly) while he had the whole club bouncing. Meanwhile John B was walking around with two pieces of arm candy enjoying that bmore club before his set. We headed back upstairs for more jungle madness with Dara on the decks and Illy and Sharpness with microphone duties. John B came on and brought his signature style of dnb. We headed back downstairs and Catchdubs was rocking the downstairs like he does every week on East Village Radio. All in all an amazing time was had by all. Word is Simplefly and Substitution will be back together at Transit late April,early May for another Rowdy. Stay tuned for details.

    We didn't take the usual amount of pictures but JaySimplefly and Tittsworth were taking pictures as well. Here is our pictures. Jay's pictures. Tittsworth pics haven't been posted yet but will be soon. have been posted.
    UPDATE: More pictures here from Cuebik.

    wandering thought

    I'm on the night owl home. Its safe to pass out. Theres like a hundred minutes before I'm anywhere near home. Thats the downside to living in a city where all transportation after 2 am is funneled through a single bus from 2nd to 69th. The upside is, you can be assured only those with a passionate desire to explore the night will be around at this hour.
    Or - those who are addicted to over-the-counter stimulants. I fall asleep, and the night plays itself out in dream form.

    Direct TV. Screw those guys.
    The night was supposed to begin with some payperview UFC with some friends [these guys], but alas they are denied for no good reason. I come up with a great idea for retribution. Its brilliant, but I can't get anyones attention. I start the sentence but I can't finish it, each time getting about 4 words in before I get interrupted by intervening conversations. I hate that. So here it is, unspoken, unacted:
    Call up Direct TV, wait on hold for 45 minutes, then yell “PENIS” and hang up. Its a masterful plan. Yeah, you can call me "Verbal".

    Apparently you're not allowed to loiter in the hallway. I know this because a transit person tells me. She points apathetically in my direction.
    “You have to move either into the bathroom or over to the bar.”
    “oh... Kayy...”
    I step over a few steps to what could reasonably be considered the bathroom and resume typing a text message. This is not good enough, and I am forced to humor her arbitrary power play by sliding 2 and a half more steps over. Never put humans in positions of authority. They are too ridiculous to have that kind of responsibility.

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Party Alert this weekend

    Wednesday:The Wednesday Night Weekly(TWNW) at Medusa with an open bar and Ric Rock on the decks followed by Emynd & Bo Bliz

    Thursday:Rowdy drum n bass weekly @ Medusas with a chance for comps to Rowdy this Saturday. Get on the email list to find out how you can win a table full of booze.

    First Fridays:Its First Friday so the art galleries are open, our favorites include Black Floor Gallery, Drizzle, Lineage, Siano, Qbix and Nexus.

    Afterwards head to White T's and White Belts, Turntable Lab / Fader's favorite Philly monthly with Swede, Bo Bliz and Emynd putting it down at Ulanas at 2nd and Bainbridge. Word has it that Low Budget will be stopping by to play some snap music in an unofficial release party for that Snap or Die! mixtape. Also pick up a Dipset shirt Oh and $2 PBRS. Free wine early plus cheap PBRs, um yeah. Good practice for tomorrow.

    Saturday: The best night of the weekend with the Popoff Shack, Nothing Fancy Volume 4 release party at the Bubble House and Rowdy at Transit. Rowdy should be real rowdy with John B, Catchdubs, Dara, Tittswoth, Emynd and Bo Bliz and the rowdy residents. We'll be partying til 3:30, $7 b4 11, $10 after.

    Sunday: Matthew Izzo Lifestyle The ultra modern home furnishing / clothing / salon / store has a new draw with Soul Wax Sundays: Get Busy Livin'. Izzo employee Erica C. Baran, aka the Baraness will be dj'ing in the window for a soundtrack to shop by.

    Destroy Your Liver @ Khyber with Steve Bloodbath and the Swede, $10 open bar 9 - 2. They definitely got the name right.

    Monday: Free booze, music videos, John Redden at the Trocadero, RSVP only

    Now until sunday is the Backseat Film Festival aka the Drink Man's Festival. This is what happens when you mix ninjas, zombies, porn, animation, beer, rock and roll and beer. Still not sure? Check the trailer
    All films located at the Triangle Theater.

    Not sure where these are? Check the 51:51 Treasure Map