Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tell me Where to Go

This one is easy, Low Budget is Back in town so the 700 Club is usually the place to be. Well tonight its going to be crazy. 1.)Its Amanda Blank's birthday. Get um girl (Happy Birthday) 2.)Special Oscar dedication set to Three 6 Mafia. 3.)Anniversary of Biggie's passing (9 years, wow that long already?) so a special tribute set will be in the mix as well. Just call in sick now, you don't need to go into work/school Friday.

Hmm...Hipsters or Hip Hop? Can't quite decide.

AndDimSum presents the finale of Cootie Shot at Silk City with "double dare, admiral asparagus, gordon bombay, ranger rad on the tables with live musical guest Plastic Little."

Free Hip Hop is back at Blue Horseshoe with Mental Sharp and live band Yellowbrain

Oh,yeah, there is something called Making Time at Pure Nightclub with some group named Hot Chip. Don't forget the requisite open bar from 9 - 11 with PBR and Sparks of course.


Drinking starts before 12, everyone pretends they're Irish and you get to pretend like you're in high school again while riding on the free bus between 16 different bars. You'll appreciate this more at 4:30 when you start at 11 and drink copious amounts of Guiness, Harp, Smithwicks and Jameson.

Rest up cause its Saturday again. There is this thing at this place. Its been poppin off and the whole team is back for a full court press. You should already know cause its official. Its at Metro (Front and Fairmount), its $3 Jameson til 12 and $3 lagers all night. Be there or be square and remember no one likes a square.


The Harlem Globetrotters are back in town at the Wachovia.

Check the map if you need directions

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