Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rowdy nites

Whats the best way to get Rowdy? Start with some crunkgria. Mix red wine, brandy and red bull. Proceed to clubs. First hit up metro for the $3 lagers and $3 Jameson shot specials, jesusjuice is optional. We head upstairs to the land of many rooms along with that bmorehipbouncehop feet,booty shaking music. Low Budget is back from his international DJ travels. Brendan continues to bring the Soultraveling vibe along with Jesone. We head back downstairs for that hiprockhop with the Swede and Steve Bloodbath. After Metro, we headed over to Transit for the afterparty.

Wow, there really is A Resurgence of Bass. When we walked into Transit the place was completely packed. From stage to back bar on the main floor and from dj booth to bathrooms downstairs. This place hasn't been that packed since the Pleasuretown parties. Dara was rocking the main floor with that breakbeat science after the Rowdy residents had just finished. Downstairs Emynd & Bo Bliz had just finished as well when former dnb and current Bmore club DJ Tittsworth stepped up. Titts dropped some exclusives from his latest EP (which you can pick up at 611 & Armands in philly) while he had the whole club bouncing. Meanwhile John B was walking around with two pieces of arm candy enjoying that bmore club before his set. We headed back upstairs for more jungle madness with Dara on the decks and Illy and Sharpness with microphone duties. John B came on and brought his signature style of dnb. We headed back downstairs and Catchdubs was rocking the downstairs like he does every week on East Village Radio. All in all an amazing time was had by all. Word is Simplefly and Substitution will be back together at Transit late April,early May for another Rowdy. Stay tuned for details.

We didn't take the usual amount of pictures but JaySimplefly and Tittsworth were taking pictures as well. Here is our pictures. Jay's pictures. Tittsworth pics haven't been posted yet but will be soon. have been posted.
UPDATE: More pictures here from Cuebik.

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