Friday, March 17, 2006

Midweek Madness

Wednesday is the new Thursday. Thursday is the new Friday.

Wednesday we rolled into Medusa for Yellowbrain and Mental Sharp. The band was playing, Armanni and Sharpness were on the mic and the place was packed. I highly reccomend seeing Yellowbrain and Mental Sharp the next time they play. Yellowbrain has a jazz funk sound while Mental Sharp comes with the quality lyrics you have come to expect from these MCs. Checkwun even got on the tables for a minute to add some turntablist elements. It added a whole new element which I would like to see more of. Up next on the decks was Ric Rok. His raw rhythms were blowing out the sound system initially but it was fixed shortly after that. Drunken dancing ensued as the drinks flowed.

Thursday was time for The Burial. Ed Rush and Optical's records were one my first ever and Pendulum's Hold Your Color was absolutely huge so needless to say I was excited. After being at Pure for Making Time, I was looking forward to going back as the club itself is quite impressive.

When I arrived Karl K, Jae Kennedy and Kaos were rocking the main floor with their tried and true formula of Philly drum n bass. Armanni Reign, Sharpness and Illy were on mic control hyping the crowd up. I decided to check out upstairs and found Art Cuebik on the decks. Needless to say Ed Rush, Optical and Pendulum all delivered as expected. They dropped hot track after hot track which had the whole place dancing. If you missed this, you seriously missed out on a night of quality drum n bass.

On Wednesday I was talking to Jay Simplefly and found out Pleasuretown is back baby! Its back and bigger than ever. Junior Sanchez, King Britt, Oxy Cottontail, Ultraviolet, Emynd & Bo Bliz and more til 6am on April 1. No joking around April 1 is going to be huge because word is Diplo will be in town for Popatronix.

Check the TWNW pics and The Burial pictures

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