Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mantras and Memories

"You'd have to eat some celery"
"You'd have to eat some celery"
"You'd have to eat some celery," he whispered under his breath over and over again as they stood in the abandoned alley way. It was 12 am, Seg had forgotten what he and King were talking about and thus was reduced to repeating the last spoken phrase over and over until he could find a place for it. Like the mantra of some senile jigsaw puzzle addict.
"We were talking about tic tacs." King said.
"We were talking about tic tacs!" Seg recalled all of a sudden.
Tic tacs have one calorie. Celery has negative calories. In order to eat tic tacs safely, you'd have to eat some celery. Suddenly it all fit into place. Seg's face flushed with relief. The tension in his shoulders dissipated, the night could continue.

This is what Saturday night had become. The plan to goto west Philly had started its slow twisting decent into the ground after a few delays and miss-communications, and it was time to eject. KCG returned with his friend, and the four began crawling the area for hidden drinkeries. Pleasant memories of bars open long ago were met with boarded up windows and cold winds. Some hugged the walls of alleyways to keep warm, others made phone calls trying to find the next bar. Cramping their cellphones up to the ear, listening for long moments and at times replying, "No, we're here now, it's gone. There are boards over the windows."

Finally the group found a local bar, and stepped inside.
"Interesting crowd." Interesting is never a compliment.
Seg scanned the room with skeptical eyes. This was a small town bar somehow right in the middle of the city. A dumpy looking women belched lyrics into a microphone while the words ran across a nearbye monitor. "Uhhhgg, Karaoke."
KCG snatched up the song list and began scribbling titles on a piece of paper. "Where are all the drunk songs??"
The night took a delightful turn at this point. I desperately wish I could share these moments more visually. Words are so low budget.

The DJ unnecessarily butchered KCG's name and he made his way to the stage. With delivery like a lounge singer he began belting out the lyrics to "Tainted Love."
"First I ran to you, now I run to you."
Apparently, the only thing different between then and now is tense.
"Tainted love!!!! Tainted!! Love!!! Tainted Love!!"
The song was finished in dramatic fashion, with the words "Tainted Love" being expertly inserted at random and hilarious moments.
The performance ended, and the group laughed, and drank, and played pool, and lived happily ever after.

The End

(I think I wrapped that up nicely.)

- Seg

Friday, December 29, 2006

What it Do: New Years Weekend

What up Party People? Another year gone by and I can't believe it already. Have fun and stay safe. Minnow is still open so stop by before they close for good.

New Years Eve

RIP James Brown

Rest in peace to the Godfather of Soul. There are a few musicians that have a truly lasting and revoloutionary effect on music and this man is one of them. Soul to funk to hip hop, his music resonates and will live on forever.

The Hardest Working Man in Show Business aka Mr. Dynamite will be sorely missed but his legacy will live on.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Now... and many times before

Classic footage of various artists edited together to form a stunning visual tribute to the musical arts. Oh and a U2 track is playing in the background, which I'll begrudgingly admit is pretty good.

- Seg

Friday, December 22, 2006

What it Do: Christmas Weekend

Happy Holidays to all of those celebrating whatever holiday you down with. I'm an equal opportunist and think we should celebrate all holidays continuously. Holla!

  • The Straight Dope : Meddafore (mixtape champion) is home to tear it down with BD1982, Dev79, Starkey and the crew at Khyber Upstairs.
  • [Click] : Special free edition at Fluid, $1 PBR and $2 well drinks til 12, 613 S. 4th Street
    • Dave P, Adam Sparkles and Julian S. Process provide the jams
  • Jae Kennedy and Illy DJ at the Dive: 947 S Passyunk Ave, with everything classy
    • cheap drinks and classy jams in South Philly
  • Hands and Knees at M Room (Frankford and Girard) - Jhn Rdn, Ian St. Laurent, 10 - 11 Free, Sparks, PBR, VitVodka


Minnow will be closing down as is and reinventing itself for the new year. Its sad to see them go and I wish them all the luck in their new venture. We need to support these local shops. Support them now as they liquidate everything at half price. Check the sale prices below and check back in January for the farewell party.
- Delphi, Stacks, Quiet Life and Text tees are all $15 (guys and gals)
- we have other tees for $10
- we have hoodies and zipups from $20 to $30
- books from $10 to $25
- skateboards for $35
- trucks and wheels for $20 a set
- small accessories from $5 to $10

* all purchases come with a free shirt, while they last!!!

** the next 50 purchases receive a free record from the Yah Mos Def!!! (the pink vinyl that was released in September)

Minnow will be open from 1 to 9 everyday, but closed on Monday. Our last day will be New Year's Eve...

We need your support, so please come through and get some of the goodness while we're still here.

Minnow, 700 S. 6th Street ( 6th and Bainbridge )

Brooklyn Radio On Blast

We haven't mentioned Brooklyn Radio in a bit because you should already be listening. In case you haven't, they've been killing it lately.

The last Rub Radio featured DJ Eleven live on Lord Sear's All Out Show on Shade 45. Its an all Yay Area mix featuring E 40, Pack, Cataracs, the original stunna Mac Dre and more.
Turntable Lab Radio got that dance / rock / whatever on lock picking out the hottest joints available at their store from the last three weeks. Check out tracks from Snoop, Clipse, Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, Tameil, Drop the Lime, MIA, Technics and more.
The Lemon Red monthly mix is back with a special holiday mix from Snack & C'mish the resident Turntable Lab Radio DJ's.
Previously: Bass Bandits EP Out Now, Rub Radio Been Killing It

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plastic Little Crambodia Single

Plastic Little just released the Crambodia single record. Its available over at Turntable Lab.
Not only will the instrumental for "Crambodia(1)" help you gear up for the upcoming TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project (shhhh…), but this single version also includes a guest spot from Spank Rock, as well as Ghostface and Amanda Blank, who were included on the album version. The beat is nice anyway, so it doesn't really matter who's on the track… okay, it does matter who's on the track, 'cause if Ghostface cosigns Plastic Little, shouldn't you give 'em a chance too? The man knows what he's talking about. Anyway, in addition to the dirty, clean and instrumental versions for "Crambodia," you also get dirty and clean versions of two album tracks: the dope, Cure-sampling (double shhh…) King Honey remix of "Get Close(2)" and the retro-futuristic space beatage of "Holla Plastique(3)."

TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project??? Will find out more direct from the source. Holla at TTLab, listen to the 3 tracks they posted up and cop that for $7.
Previously: Video Shoot and Crambodia download

Bamboo Thursdays

Check out Bamboo tonite at with resident DJ Brendan Bring'em on the beat. Open bar like normal from 10 - 11. Guestlist here.

Beforehand be sure to check out the debut of "Louise" the creation from local designer Kasey Jackson at Echo Chic from 6 - 9. Sip eggnog and listen to Brendan spin here as well.
The “party dress of the season” gets unveiled Thursday night when local designer Kasey Jackson launches her new women's line called Louise. Jackson says a lot of the inspiration for her forthcoming spring collection of versatile dresses comes from the girls in Ibiza, where she and husband DJ Brendan Bring'em (who's DJing both halves of the night) lived in 2000. “You see people leaving the nightclub in their party dresses and going straight to the beach in the same outfit, and vice versa,” says Jackson of island fashion. “So these dresses can be very casual for the day, but because of the quality of the fabric and design they can easily be dressed up for night.”
More info about Louise at Echo Chic.

Edit: Due to certain complications a certain special guest will not be here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

What it Do

Yo, I'm backed up with school and what not sorry for the lack of posts. I promise I'll get back on the grind end of next week.



My guard comes up whenever I hear the words "Do you like life?" in a musical performance. I start thinking, "What kind of fruity pop am I being fed here?" Then I listen carefully. If in the next few seconds there is any reference to the importance of smiling or any reiteration of the phrase "all you need is love," I walk. Not that those things aren't true to some degree but in practice they tend to fail us miserably. If you're going to write a song with the intention of providing life advice you had better make sure that what you're saying adds up to something more than "smile and get a girlfriend."

Nouveau Riche performed the song "Life Again" at the Troc last night and although the lyrics do include "Do you like life again" they build up to it with this verse:

If the hate makes you feel good
Say it, Think it
If the shot makes you feel good
Take it, Drink it
Got your scotch, your whiskey
Your Rum, your gin
Empty the bottle, Swallow
till you like life again

...meaning it's now my theme song. Also, there are two other verses about the importance of drug use and--if I'm not mistaken--giving oral sex.
Check out Nouveau Riche's special brand of hiphop-infused-whatever.

- Seg

Bonus Notes:
1) People die from overdoing life, and when they do, it's tragic. But people die after a lifetime of boredom and regret too, and which would you rather have in your obituary?
2) Consumerism grants corporations more power and money, however, repressing our urge to acquire the things we desire is to destroy the root of our humanity. So the problem will have to be fixed on their end not ours.
3) The lead singer of Nouveau Riche looks as sexy as she sounds.

Update: I spelled Nouveau Riche wrong. Fuck.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

first review the meantime.........

My home network is funky and I can't regularly get access to the internet. I have some things written up covering a couple of different music thangs that I just can't wait to get out to you but unfortunately the 9-5 isn't always the place for me to do such things. So today's post is a short one (from my standpoint) but pretty frickin' awesome.

Philly-based record label Ropeadope is one of my favorites for so many reasons. Their artists are usually forward thinking. Their clothing lines are aesthetically pleasing to my eyes and comfortable to wear while supporting artists and causes I respect. Even their website has daily updates that have led me to some interesting other sites and sounds (google "Ideal Bites" for one example.) They have rarely led me astray so far. So when they announced that they were doing a commemorative line of shirts based on the Black Panthers emulating sports designs...well my interest was piqued.

Here is what Words, the master of all things apparel at Ropeadope, had drawn up about the new clothing line:

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Ropeadope Industries, along with On Point Clothing is proud to present an exclusive collection entitled the Black Panther S’port Shirt Series. The line is the creation of New York City designer Alex Sumner, and was created under the tutelage of original members of the Black Panther Party, as well as nearly a dozen of the Panthers’ closest contemporary comrades and supporters. This collection is one man’s attempt to pay homage to the ground breaking movement that changed the face of American culture forever and shook our nation to its core.

"By super-imposing the images of heroes of the Black Power Movement upon the logos and jerseys of sports giants, the S’port Shirt collection states its profound case: we must not merely celebrate game players, we must celebrate change makers. In many of today’s big-ticket athletes, we see millionaires who will not sign an autograph for a child. The Black Panther Party fed the children. They clothed and educated the children. The Panthers provided the conditions of sound mind, body, and spirit to the youth. Today we witness sports franchises that displace and financially drain the communities in which they dwell. The BPP provided training, protection, and structure for the communities from which they sprang. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense did all of these things without regard for riches, accolades, or fame. Instead of giving the people of our communities the choice of which high-priced capitalist they wish to emblazon about their chests, Ropeadope and the Black Panther Party, bring to the community a jersey that represents you: a jersey you can be proud of.

"As we make this line available to the public, we also convey the fact that the work of the Black Panther Party is far from done. The U.S. prison industry still holds many Panthers behind bars for crimes that they either did not commit, or were grossly over-sentenced for. The time is now for each of us to do our part for those who have done their share for us: $5 from the sale of each shirt in this collection will go directly to the Safiyah Bukari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation for the defense and liberation of these American icons still living an American nightmare.

"No matter what U.S. city you hail from, no matter your race or background; whether you are a sports junkie, or the concept of being a sports fanatic is lost on you; the Black Panther Party for Self Defense is your home team. The S’port Shirt is your home jersey.

All Power to the People!

Check out the different designs here

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bass Bandits EP Out Now

The Bass Bandits EP is out now at fine record stores and available directly from Flamin Hotz. It features 6 banging bass heavy tracks from the Trouble & Bass crew out of NYC. As always, the sleeve is amazing. It has a spot gloss on it giving it an extra value to it that I haven't seen before with vinyl. Quality music, quality art. Spin it at your next dj set or just hang it on your wall.
Blending elements of hip hop, grime, dubstep, bmore club and electro, New York’s Trouble and Bass crew is set to drop a speaker shattering EP of remixes for Flamin Hotz. Drop the Lime and Math Head have selected six of the hardest club ready remixes that the the crew produced this year. These tracks have been club tested and dance floor approved all over Europe and North America and a ready to make your speakers bleed. One listen will let you know that the Bass Bandits are here and ready to destroy your sound system.
Check the audio samples below. Get Up is my favorite, the ending is killer as it transitions into a Michael Jackson sample.
A1. Drop the Lime - Dirty Ride (Slam Dunk & Phat Camp edit)
A2. L. Vis & Wully - Uptown V.I.P.
A3. Drop the Lime - Juggernut
B1. Drop the Lime (Watchin' U) - Get Up
B2. Party Crashers Unite - Ballers
B3. Math Head - Magnum (Meagaforce Edit)

Buy the EP directly from Flamin Hotz or at Turntable Lab.

As mentioned here, there will be a record release party on Saturday with Drop the Lime and Math Head alongside Dev79 and Stumble at Tritone. $3 to get down with drink specials all night.

Oh and the Inquirer picked this up as a Do This. Check it out in the Weekend insert, inside front cover son!

Fashion Show Jump Off Tonight

Tonight check out this fashion show / open bar / music extravaganza / benefit / jump off. Performances from Miss Amanda Blank, Art Cuebik and DJ Siyoung. Doors at 9, Show at 10.

Got this from Kurt aka NBC from Plastic Little aka one half of Kinked Works.
This thang here is a fundraiser for our space at 311 Market street that will be the new office/studio of Kinked Works in the rear, and a boutique/gallery "Topstitch" in the front.
311 market st 2nd fl.

The designers include:
EZLM Originals
Kinked Works
Megan Sherry

holler at a ticket,$10 or pick them up at Honeymilk inside of Vagabond 37 N. 3rd Street (267-322-4057) tickets are $15 at the door.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Get In with Flamin Hotz Saturday

This Saturday, Get In with Flamin Hotz, Trouble & Bass and the hometeam Dev79 and Stumble at Tritone. This is a special Get In as its the record release party for Flamin Hotz Bass Bandits EP. Expect Casi G to get crazy and start throwing records around. There will be drink specials and plenty of mayhem to go around. T&B just had their own party this past weekend in New York which, judging from the video and pictures, was a total smashdown. The real quality of party that we believe in here at 51:51. Expect a full post with mp3's tomorrow about Bass Bandits.

Video from T&B in NYC and Pictures 1,2,3,4

Bonus: Dev79 Mix for Discobelle (with tracklisting)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White Tees White Belts!!

White Tees White Belts! We've been banging the drum for this party since forever. They've really hit the sweet spot with the Red Warehouse as this place is more packed each month. The warehouse was full until close. If you haven't read Seg's recap go do it now. It's hilarious and insightful into the sort of night you will have. I had no camera with me but no worries as we have hundreds of pictures up for you. Drink Moloko from NYC got it on lock with three albums. Check them here, here and here. More photos (more candid) from Yummygrl from NYC. Next month do not miss out, first Friday January 2007.

While Seg slept til dark, I woke up to go to the Plastic Little video shoot for "Club Banger". I'm pretty sure I'll be all up in that video and will post it as soon as I hear its finished. Lets just say it involves a club scene, drugs, pissing off bar patrons and dead people. Oh and the outside shot while normal people walked by was priceless.

emynd (white t's white belts) has officially retired schizophrenic tennant and has updated and graduated to Crossfaded Bacon. Since its launch he has dropped the next design in is his t-shirt line. Posted up a new mixtape dedicated to the killer tracks from skate videos of yore. Posted up photos from above and finally got back into his bread and butter of calling people racist discussing racism.

Download: Bangers & Hammers Vol. 1 (alt), get the tracklist and buy that ish.

The New Guy

'Ello 'ello all the FiftyoneFiftyone faithful readers. My name's Tom and I'm here to add more music-centred content. SPECTRE Promotions provided me a copy of the new Central Services sugar-coated indie-pop-rock confection and that will be the first review. Also on the horizon I see interviews with Philly's Crooked Looks and Liam And Me in the near future. D1 has sent over a lengthy list of people that want publicity from 51:51 and I'm sifting through for some good stuff to recommend.

Thanks to D1 and Seg for this...let's take 51:51 to new heights!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Percee P - Put It On the Line (BX Remix)

New video mix for Percee P out of the Stone's Throw camp. This one for "Put It On the Line (BX Remix)."
From Cocaine Blunts:
Percee P is one of the most important rappers to never get his due. His style has been cited as a major influence on the likes of Pharoahe Monch (that’s him on the “Lung Collapsing Lyrics” intro) and basically all of DITC (via Lord Finesse, who he battled in ‘89, but that’ll be another update, or you could just cop that Edan “Fast Rap” mixtape). He’s cut records with everyone from Kane & Kool Keith to Aesop Rock & Jurassic 5 and outshined just about all of them. That’s his voice on DJ Shadow’s “Napalm Brain, Scatter Brain”. I could go on… In short, aside from Big Daddy Kane, he’s the illest quote unquote fast rapper to ever touch the mic. But because he’s only recorded about 18 verses in as many years, not a lot of heads know what’s up. (Although I guess that’s as much his fault as it is the industry’s).

Up until recently (still? I don’t know), you could find him pushing his home recorded maxell compilation tape outside Fat Beats NYC. It was kind of sad, to be honest. Especially when you’d be like “I know… you’re the rhyme inspector percee p, one of the dopest rappers of all time” and he’d just be like “yeah, see i’m in the source”. But you can’t knock his hustle.
Percee was most recently featured on the Chrome Children CD & DVD. He is currently working on an album to be released on Stone's Throw tenatively titled "Perseverance".

Download: Peanut Butter Wolf's Chrome Mix. (tracklisting)
More from System D128.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


The scene opens like this:
Robert Deniro walks into the shot and the camera follows him into a phone booth.
After several minutes of mouthing dialogue to an unheard off-screen character, Deniro getting progressively more agitated, he hangs up, and the camera flies up to him like a cruise missile, forcing the audience uncomfortably close while he bashes the phone against the phone booth repeatedly. This is classic.
Zooming out from here reveals a couple hundred bodies dancing or nodding to 80's electronica while Goodfellas plays on a screen projected on the wall behind them.

I stood near the center of the room trying to appreciate the cinematography, but it was difficult with all the people continually getting in my way. Who invited all of them? Aren't they aware this is a Scorsese film? Don't they know what that means?
It's supposed to mean something.

I leaned over and asked a girl where she got her fou-dy from... she told me she brought it with her, but she says it without looking at me as if there were any chance of achieving snobbery while holding a half finished hurricane in hand. I could see the backwash frothing up inside the container, sloshing around sickly with every motion. I had to have one.

Not possessing a beer in firm grasp of my right hand made me feel unbalanced, as if my whole left side of my body was too heavy to move without a proper counterweight. I stood there, pretending to be okay with just observing the crowd, while gears churned in my head about how exactly I was going to exit sobriety at 12:30 on a Friday night at a BYOB warehouse.

Give me alcohol, give me smoke, give me stimulants, give me depressants. I'll take anything that can be swallowed or inhaled.
You could say I was desperate.

All the parts were in position. All I needed was the catalyst to start things off. A single spark. I took the lighter out of my pocket and flicked it a couple of times to illustrate this point visually to the rest of the room.

The phrase BYOB needs to have its language altered somewhat to include the vast variety of instruments which would allow said departure from a sober state. I see a large amount of intoxicants, and smell quite a few more. Friendly faces with full backpacks means you actually have a chance of being gifted a beer if you talk to the right people. Never underestimate the generosity of pleasure seekers. Thanks Mike! My first beer of the night was free and unexpected. I could feel my virility replenishing with my first celebratory sip.

For a moment at around 2 am I got bored and King had to convince me to stay by shoving a few fliers in my hand and pointing me over to two cute girls on the dance floor. I walked over and handed them the cards but firmed up my grip at the last second. "You have to WANT the flier!" But just like with all creatures on earth, upon getting the cards they didn't want them anymore. The girl with the heart shaped earrings stuffed her card down the other girl's shirt which I obviously took as a sign that she wanted to dance with me.
But then her guy came over so she referred me to her friend, whom I correctly assumed had no interest in dancing whatsoever. But I tried anyways.
Then all of a sudden the guy spun around and approached me. "Do you want weed?"
Is this a consolation prize? The camera zooms uncomfortably close.

Sometime later a figure labors away to assemble a joint on the surface of a toilet-paper dispenser in approximately the time it takes to piss. He struggles with the roll and peeks out of the stall through the crack, and sees there are many anxious drunk people with full bladders. It does not matter what you do when you are in the bathroom stall. But how quickly can you do it? That's the end all. The joint looks like a snake digesting a car donut. He gives up and stuffs the gear in the discrete fifth pocket and walks out of frame.

Later on, while in a gas station filled with cops he'll have to remember not to go to his fifth pocket to search for change.

The first rule of night club is, you do not talk to the cops while high.
The second rule of night club is. YOU DO NOT TALK, to the COPS while HIGH. But if you do, don't fear, your taxes pay their salary right? That means you own them.
"Arrest that man over there! Why? Why!!!??? Because he's got fuzzy nostrils that's why! Get over there and make the arrest before I pack up and move to Canada."

When I woke up this morning it was dark out, which was strange, because when I stumbled home this morning, it was light out. This could mean 2 things. Either I passed out after I got home from work, slept for an hour and dreamt that I went out to the warehouse at Front and Fairmount and had a great time, or... All those things happened and then I got home and passed out for something like 13 hours straight. There a few strands of evidence which support the latter theory.
Number 1: Eye crusties
Number 2: I have a big red scar on my back from when I tried to jump up over a railing but ended up rolling under it.
It's a difficult maneuver to describe, but it involves the grace of 4 hours of drinking and a bunch of outside observers exclaiming "Ow!"

- Seg

Friday, December 01, 2006

What it Do : December First Friday 2006

I'm back just in time for First Friday. I see blue sky which I hope will hold up for awhile. The weather is ridiculously warm for the first of December. I'm energized and ready to go. Lets do this Philly.



World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. Check out to help buy medication for those infected with AIDS in Africa. You buy your favorite products from Motorola, Apple, Gap etc and they use the proceeds to buy the medication. Dazed and Confused Mag has streaming pictures and video all day today on their MySpace. You can also submit
a video or image now and your work will be seen alongside pieces by Patti Smith, Bjork, Anton Corbjin, Roman Coppola, Sir Peter Blake, Rankin, David Sims, Martin Parr, Helena Christensen, Mike Figgis and more.

(RED)alert will be broadcast from 00:00:00 hrs to 23:59:59 on 1st December 2006 on and, and the entire event will be archived on so you will easily be able to search for your piece and others.

Submit your (RED) alerts here.
And as Tim Westwood says "Wrap it up before you slap it up".

Plastic Little Video Shoot Tomorrow

Direct from a PaperStreet MySpace bulletin.
Plastic Little has got that new crack and they wanna share it. They are busy shooting their new video and there's thing in it that we in the bizness call a "club scene". I know, it's just some techincal jargon...but I'll explain it to you.
It's a scene which takes place in a club.
Got it?
Wanna be in it?
This Saturday, like tomorrow, be at Medusa at 20th & Chestnut Street at 4pm.

You'll just be an extra or something, but when they start showing the thing on MTV2 and you're all wasted you can grab your cat and be like , "Oh shit look!!".

Don't know what to wear? The esteemed video directors said something to the effect of, "Look fresh". If you don't know what fresh looks like, go google image it.
Shes Mature out now. Pick it up here with Too Black for BET, the Picture Disc or a just a single.

Curtis Vodka - Diamonds & Cream

Just in time for the new Bond film our man System D128 has released the video for Curtis Vodka's Diamonds & Cream from the Yeti Bounce EP which is still available at fine record stores all over the world. Find out where here. If I ever have bodyguards they are definitely going to be like the girls (garotas*) at the end or maybe two from the Fox Force Five.

*I can't get Portuguese out of my head. Its weird to hear everybody speakinging in English. Walking into a store this morning I started going over what I was going to say and then realized I didn't need to speak in Portuguese or Spanish.

Dip Dip Fall Back

Apparently all sorts of stuff popped off while I was gone. Dip Dip Fall Back video debuted. Jay Z actually responded to Jim Jones. Curtis Vodka video finally done and will be posted up soon. Eagles repeated last years season. (It can't be all good.) Brendan Bring'em on the beat and now behind the wheels of steel every Thursday at Bamboo. Oh and if you look closely you can see my hat and a part of me in a couple scenes.

Previously: Dip Dip Fall Back video shoot, Shiz and Stacks - Dip Dip Fall Back

Friday, November 17, 2006


Writers - Part 1 (Subtitles kick in after a few minutes)

Writers - Part 2
Writers - Part 3

Apparently it's graffiti appreciation week. If you open your eyes when you walk around Philly you've no doubt seen Vatoe's handiwork. Not much to look at as a single tag, but even people who hate graffiti have to be impressed, Vatoe is up over the entire city. Next time you're walking pay closer attention to bus stops, newspaper dispensers, poles, telephone booths... does this guy ever sleep? Facinating.

Taking on a life of graffiti writing requires a kind of acknowledgment of the futility and pointlessness of the act; a point that resonates in Style Wars and Bomb the System. I see a lot of energetic people with an incredible passion for something they can't quite put their finger on. I see a lot of lonely people trying to reach each other in the simplest form of communication possible: A single word written on a wall.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Style Wars

Classic piece of graf history: Style Wars. I love graffiti, but I understand why people were so pissed off at the community back then. When the trains are completely saturated with tags upon tags upon tags, things get kind ugly. gotta respect the roots though.

My favorite moment in this document is the press conferance where a new anti-graffiti poster campaign has begun: "Make your mark in society, not on society."
A reporter asks, "Realistically, do you really think this will work?"
Mayor Edward Koch answers, "Well you say realistically, I'm hopeful it will work ... Time will tell."
"Mr. Mayor are those posters graffiti proof?"
"...Time, will tell."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bring Em out ! Bring Em out! Bring Em out!

Hey all. Jay Simplefly here. Dan is doing his thing thing down in the Braza. South America is a must yo! Not like I would know shit about that, I did see that movie with all the crazy gangs and the favala's or whatever tho, that shit was crazy yo. Anyways in a drunken state Dan Fiddyone agreed to give me free reign of this here blogger. bad bad move dude. Me being the opportunistic bastard that I am, heres some promo for ya....

This Thursday night is the launch of a new weekly at Bamboo Lounge. DJ Brendan Bring Em on the decks, Gravy cuddling the microphone, and myself and Mr. Up from PaperStreet holding down the bottles of Patron. This one should get pretty ugly. Did I mention complimentary booze from 10-11 if your on the list? yea...its true.

so yea. Bamboo Lounge this Thursday, next Thursday and every god damn Thursday until forever. 20th & Cherry. SAY WORD!

ez all
-Jay Yoooooooooo

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Feed the Fishes

King gave me a handful videos to feed to you over the next few days. I'd post them all at once, but I don't want to overfeed the fishes.
First video:
French graf artist "Sens" puts up a dope piece atop a high-rise.

This reminds me of my favorite graf film, Bomb the System, which I guarantee will make you look at graffiti completely differently. If you're not already into the scene, or if you want to see a great artistic film on the topic, go rent that shit.

- Seg

Monday, November 13, 2006

Digitaldubs presents Curimba Riddim

Ok, so I found this, they're from Brasil and I'm killing time before I leave. I've found some other videos that Seg will post up later.

Digitaldubs Sound System - Lone Ranger
Sylvia Tella on Diaspora Riddim by Digitaldubs Sound System
Digitaldubs on MySpace

Friday, November 10, 2006

What it Do?

Yo, so I'll be on vacation for over 2 weeks in Brazil and Argentina. I plan on picking up lots of new music, taking lots of pictures and not posting until I get back. Hopefully Seg will get back into posting more and I may ask Jay Simplefly or Tommy Up to do some guest posting as well. I might play around with mobile blogging, but we'll see how that goes.

  • Hip Hoppers
  • Hipster Smashdown
    • Click at Fluid with Dave P and Adam Sparkles
      • 25 cent PBR's til 11!!! (THAT'S 4 FOR A DOLLAR!!!), $1.00 PBR FROM 11-12!!! $2.00 Well Drinks til Midnight!!! No Cover all night long!!!
    • Hands & Knees at M Room
      • Open Bar 10 - 11 - Free pbr and vitamin water and vodka
  • Shelltop drops with AJ Ready Right every Friday at 700 Club (700 N. Front Street)
  • Ill Vibe at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd street)
  • Sundays Were the New Black - Last sunday night party at Walnut Room
    • This is the end of PaperStreet & Simplefly's Sunday night party series at Walnut Room. It's been mad fun and we've had a blast dancing and getting drunk with you every week, but nothing lasts forever. We are just kind of out of superstar DJ's to bring through every Sunday. There's no names left on our superstar DJ rolodex, so whatever. We figured we'd go out with a good one. No guestlist, $5
  • Seclusiasis Radio with Justice - get it at or (more info)

Whats Up With Brick City Club?

Dirty South Joe talked with DJ Tameil out of Brick City aka Newark, NJ in his weekly Whats Up With? column over at the Philadelphia Weekly. Tameil and Tim Dolla have been making Bmore style club music and have branded it Brick City Club.

Our styles are real similar, but the difference with the Baltimore club is they like a lot of horns, while we use harder kicks and chop the samples up a lot more. I’ve got the okay from all of the big dogs in the game.”

On Brick City Club: “Me and Tim Dolla of the Brick Bandits are pretty much the only ones putting out the CDs up here with the Baltimore style. We call our style Brick City Club here in Jersey.”

The product: “We just did a joint release between Unruly and Hollertronix. I did a remix of Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans-Europe Express.’ That’s coming out really soon. Stay tuned for a whole lot more.”
Hit up Tameil on MySpace to pick up one of his mixtapes. DJs join the record pool and pick up 2 CDs every week.

Whats Up With DJ Tameil? at PW


While at Making Time I ran into an old friend Kev1 that let me know about his latest venture aCIDhAUS. Checking the site, I've seen plenty of people wearing his designs including Dave P and now Justice who absolutely killed it. Casi G was blown away by their opening track, a remix of Black Sabbath. I meanwhile was dancing my ass off throwing glowsticks about when they came near.

Loyal friends, fans, & family: Here is DJ Lord Hastings Chesterfield, III's latest original line of precious silkscreened ACIDHAUS T-shirts -- never-before-seen, limited edition, 100% cotton, 100% guaranteed to elicit stares of bewilderment, curiousity, and psychological disturbance from passersby.
They're obnoxious. They're threatening. They're hypnotic. But above all they were conceived with love.

T-shirts for Flashbacks
Uniforms for Party Train Trackstars
Outfitting for Public Sound Throbs & Primeval Pulse Mobs

These t-shirts can be found:
  • hanging from the racks at Grasshopper boutique (8th & Walnut)
  • covering the torsos of Optimo, DJ Dave P, and DJ Mike Z (Making Time, Sorted).
  • come December, gracing the walls of Cafe Loftus (15th & Sansom)
Pick them up here or get in touch with Kev1 on MySpace if you want them hanging from your exclusive boutique in ...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jarabe de Palo - Bonito

I don't even care that its raining. Really incredibly catchy track that was theme music for my trip around Europe couple years back. It is a few years old, but its still good.

Pick up the CD here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

RE:UP 12 Out Now

RE:UP 12 is now out featuring a number killer articles including our boy Curtis Vodka. The feature spread is about ego trip "the last word in independent hip hop publishing" from their humble beginnings as a zine to their foray into TV with VH1.

Thomas and Eric of Rub N Tug, Stones Throwers Aloe Blacc and Exile, Eric San (the Canadian scratch musician better known as Kid Koala), DJ Shadow, Chromeo's Dave 1 (aka A-Trak's broham), and cut and paste dance wizards In Flagranti. Also has a nice little profile section on up and coming artists like Curtis Vodka, Aaron LaCrate, Escort and then some. Did I mention the design and art in this issue? From coverage of cute meisters Friends With You, spreads by Dave Kinsey and Grotesk, to throwback reggae covers and hand made signs from Latin America.
The magazine is packed with a ton of info. Pick it up directly from RE:UP or over at Turntable Lab.

Apples and Hand Grenades

Under normal circumstances, I loathe female singers. In my experience most of them get so caught up in developing a 20 octave range that when they get to singing they end up spewing lyrics of the "Ohhh where's my love?" variety of bullcrap. I'm sure you've heard that kind of pop music that's so unstomachable the only way to counterbalance the contrived happiness is by stabbing yourself in the face with a discount corkscrew. Well, loft those masochistic tendencies into the closet and come meet Arrah & The Ferns. It's pop to my ears, but its got the aesthetic equilibrium of a Geisha with a battle axe, intersparcing cute keyboard plinks, playful guitar riffs, and laid back drumming with bitter cursing and the occasional death threat.

Arrah & The Ferns - Emo Phillips
(5 Stars)
"Oh and gee.. did you look outside? I can't believe its snowing... now i really F'in hate my life."
I love her temper tantrum near the end.

Arrah & The Ferns - science books (4 Stars)
"Should I kill you while you're sleeping? I'll give you drugs and drag you through the street."

[Update: This CD is fantastic. If you like the above songs, don't hesitate.]

Big Big Car is another surprising find. Imagine taking a folk music apple and injecting it with a syringe of SCALDING HOT indy rock. Imagine what that would DO to THE APPLE. It would warp the FUCKING SHIT out of the apple that's what it would it would do! The same applies here.
Folk music infected with a sinister infusion of indy rock: It's juicy fruit that will rot your teeth.

Big Big Car - Oh Lets Race (5 Stars)
This song has the kind of calamitous breakdown that makes people blow up their houses with joy.

Big Big Car - Raspberry Grandpall
(4 Stars)
Dynamic changes like this should require caution signs.

- Seg

Thanks to Mark for sending us the tracks! (Standard Recording Company)

Queso Fresco: Philadelphia Weekly in Mexico

Kate Kilpatrick, A&E editor at the Philadelphia Weekly, is reporting straight from Mexico City on the new PW blog Queso Fresco.
She's currently living in Mexico City, aka D.F.—learning Mexican barrio slang and blogging about art, music, fashion and street culture in "the last surrealist city in the world."
First post was November 1st and so far has covered Dia de Los Muertos dunks, Santa Muerte Streetwear, the limited edition Mitlantecuhtli prints featured above along with breakdance competitions, sticker / stencil / wall art and more.


Friday, November 03, 2006

What it Do: November First Friday

Hipster tendencie are really seeming to come out as I was torn between going to the Clipse and then to Making Time for Justice. Luckily, the Clipse have been rescheduled for December. I really just want to see Justice but seeing as there are a whole snapload of ironically cool bands, I think I'm going to bite the bullet. I'll totally make up for it somehow, hmmm...


Killer Mike : In Stores Now

Dare I say one of the most important albums of the year? Damn right I say it. Jay is for show, Clipse got crack rap, Nas might be close because he's hungry and still has something to prove and Game can't keep other people's name out of his mouth. (Seriously, is it possible for you to do a verse without mentioning someones name? Please, just try it once.) Anyways, Killer Mike's double alubm I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind is out now. Buy this and support this man. He's not afraid to tell like it is. His lyrics span from talking about the Superdome and a scathing critique of just about everyone in That's Life to typical rap braggadocio on Juggernaut (Flamin Hotz album with Trouble and Bass remix out soon) to incredible storytelling on Deuces Wild. Killer Mike is my favorite rapper by far. No one can touch him right now.

A couple videos are in order:
Here is Dope Story, an incredible machinima video with story rap at its best.

Deuces Wild - Another story rap this time using a sample from 1 is the Loneliest Number, not really a video but its still worth posting because the track is just that good so just scroll past and download the mp3 offered below.

All That Jizz - Maybe this will get him on MTV, Adult Swim special, just guess what its about. (Right click and save as so Deuces Wild keeps playing)

Pick up I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind at IAP or your local record shop.

Grind Time Rap Gang Bang! Bang! Bang!

Previously: Killer Mike is Killing It, Club Bangers

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last TWNW - $5 Open Bar - Simplefly Bday

Last TWNW ever. Cobra Kai's Krames is back once again to kill it.

From Simplefly:
We got 400 Glow Sticks, a laser machine, a fog machine, and 2 DJs that will make your fucking face melt. These DJs will make you re-evaluate your life... its that fucking deep inside medusa tonight. get on the guestlist for the $5 Open bar right hurrr

Tonight IS the last TWNW @ Medusa Lounge....Lets burn this bitch down.
Do it! Do it! $5 Open bar. Jay Simplefly birthday party.


More Bounce: Pi

Back once again with More Bounce. We've got 12 tracks for your perusal from house to bmore to hip hop. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween for real tonite and we'll be baalllin! at the Bellevue Hotel top floor club XIX with Soul Travelers Orchestra, Grey Kid and just added Lucas Rivera straight from Mojito. Guestlist here but you better hurry up.

Couple more tracks for to get your Halloween bouncing:

"Maximum Overdrive VideoMix"

New live video from System D128. Robot rock appears to be serving as the rallying call for machines all over the world while Rhea-M envelops our earth.

We Mix On Your Grave

I just dug up this mix that has been buried for awhile now over at Laundromat United. Its from last year but it still kills. Its in 3 parts with the first and third 13 minutes and middle 31 minutes long. Laundromat United throw parties out in the Bay Area, so if you're ever in the area hit 'em up. You may also recognize Capski as he has a couple edits floating around the sphere.

Related: Laundromat United webpage, LU MySpace

Monday, October 30, 2006

System D128 + Diplo - 'Kill Yourself!' Mad Decent Massacre

I just got the next installment of Mad Decent Radio. Its a monster mash mix straight from Diplo and System D128. It should be up on the podcast soon but you can check it out below.
put it on yer shuffle if your off to beat up lil kids and steal their shit...
will be soon as a new mad decent radio + but iweb fuckin up inna badman place..

Friday, October 27, 2006

What it Do: Halloweekend

I must say, last year was pretty epic. Childs Play on Friday then Ruboween on Saturday, Seg meanwhile stayed in Philly for last years Hallowasted we'll have to see how things compare this year. Ladies, if you need a costume place, get one from here, its in Jersey. Girls's Costume Warehouse including but not limited to Sexy 1900's Steel Conglomerate Tycoon, Sexy sexy and frog.


Armand's Closing

Entire inventory of Armand's Records is for sale on Ebay for $199,000. Records, CDs, professional contracts, fixtures, DVDs, basically everything you need to start your own store or painstakingly flip it all on Ebay seperately. Anybody want to go in on it with me?



Ballin at the top of the Bellvue Hotel for Halloween with Soul Travelers Orchestra and The Gray Kid. Costumes required.
We're mad psyched to present the city's biggest Halloween party along with the Soul Travelers at XIX (say it like 19) at The Bellevue on Halloween night this Tuesday, October 31st. XIX, say it like 19, is probably the raddest spot in the city. It sits on the top floor of the legendary Bellevue Hotel and overlooks the entire city. Huge ballroom ceilings, multiple rooms and plenty of space to dance. This will be the second year the Soul Traveler's Orchestra will be performing on Halloween. The Soul Traveler's Orchestra is DJ's Brendan & Joey Blanco with a live backing band of incredible musicians, led by the legendary James Routh, that play along with the DJ's. They destroyed it & packed Denim last year and now we're all collaborating to turn the party dial up to 10 at XIX.

The party starts at 9pm. Costumes are required for entry. It's $15 at the door, but just $10 on the list. Spread the word to all your people and get ready for the Haunted Hotel....(insert evil Vincent Price laugh here).
Just added is The Gray Kid. He's responsible for the hilarious Paxil Back track. MySpace here, website here. Download Lonely Love here.

Bonus track: Jim Jones feat T.I, Baby, Young Dro, Diddy - We Fly High Remix

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spank Rock Afterparty

Spank Rock afterparty killin it with the Kings of the Party aka Deluxxx, Caps & Jones. Bamboo preview like whoa. Ronnie Darko birthday party and stage diving off no stage. Shout out to Yuengling Lager, Yap Snaps, Jay Simplefly, Paperstreet, Nate Day and couple other people I now don't remember.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Spank Rock and Beck Tonight and After Party

Sayin though. Spank Rock opening for Beck tonight at Tower Theater. After jump at Bamboo, upstairs at Tom Hagens Tavern. Opening set by Caps and Jones, Live performance from Spank Rock Crew. Spank Rock and Beck Tickets still available for tonight. After party guestlist here.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What it Do

Yo, yo party peoples. Still no go on Level. I walked by the other day and they got popped for a whole bunch of different violations. Soon, soon, I swear. Once it does, its going to be some next level sort of stuff going down. Anyways, I'll post up more mp3s next week, I know I haven't done that in awhile. Lots of good stuff, just need to get it up here. So without further ado...

  • Vox Populi benefit with Plastic Little, Yah Mos Def and more. Vox is moving and you can help them by paying $10 to listen to music and drink Victory beer.
  • DJ Huggs direct from Montreal will be spinning at Sundays are the New Black $5

Jam Master Jackmaster

New mix just posted over at from Jackmaster. He hails from the UK and has an all vinyl mix ready for the dance floors.
When Jackmaster is not blasting speakers and making the ladies swoon at night he also works full time for Rubadub / Blackhole Distribution - one of the UKs leading distributors of underground heat with an emphaisis on records that don’t have bar codes. This dude came to us when we were still selling units out the trunk and gave us our first international order. Download this mix, done with all vinyl so if you hear something you like you can email him and he can tell you were to buy it, throw it on before you go out to the club tonight and then when the after party comes back to your pad thorw this mix on again. Then Saturday morning you can send a thank you email to Jack and post a comment on here about how Flamin Hotz got you laid.Get the mix here.
Tittsworth - Eye Whips Pussy (Viscious Pop)
Dopplereffekt - Infophysix (Gigolo)
Twista Feat. Pitbull - Hit Da Floor (Atlantic)
Rod Lee - Bass Drop (Unruly)
Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Institubes)
DJ Boobie - We Be Clubbin’ (Baltimore Breakbeat)
Jonny Blaze - Black Sheep (Blaze One)
Drexciya - Journey Home (Warp)
Ciara - Get Up Accapella (LaFace)
Ayres - Broke Ass Home (The Rub)
Spank Rock & Amanda Blank - Blow (Milkcrate Records)
Rod Lee - Feel Me Pt. 3 (Baltimore Breakbeats)
Like-A-Tim - Ride The Red Rhythm (Like Records)
Nelly Furtado - Man Eater Accapella (Geffen)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back Instrumental (Jive)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Jive)
Electric Soul - X2 (Direct Beat)
Les Visiteurs - Snoops Acid Drop (White)
Epy - Get Set (TRUST)
Drexciya - Hi Tide (Somewhere In Detroit)
Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me Instrumental (Money Studies)
DJ Rod Lee - When??? (Unruly / Club Kings)
Rod Lee - I’ll Be Your Man (Baltimore Breakbeats)
DJ Deeon - House - O - Matic (Dance Mania)
Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Interscope)
Los Hermanos - Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
313 Bass Mechanics - Pass Out Acapella (Breakin’ Records)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

WKDU Electronic Music Marathon

Just started. The Electronic Music Marathon takes a long weekend every year and puts a different electronic music DJ on every hour to raise money for a good cause.

From the WKDU EMM myspace:
The electronic music marathon has been a fund raising activity at Wkdu 91.7 fm for the past 8 years. We have raised money in the past for numerous charities both in and around the Phildelphia area. Most recently we raised over $3,000 last year for NOVA, The National Organization for Victim's Assistance, who desparately needed funds after the devasting effects of the hurricanes last year. To date we have raised over $16,000 for both local and national charities.. all with one goal.. to make music the key to a better world! Our past charities have been Philabundance, PhiladelphiaFIGHT, NOVA, Village of Arts and Humanities, and the Red Cross. And this year's charity is... Musicopia/ Strings for schools.
Listen in Philly at 91.7 FM or online here.


Thursday October 19th
6 PM DEV 79
7- kEVIN rucker
8- loopsky
11 TBA
12 midnight- Rick B

Friday October 20th

1 ainsworth
2- mike saga
3- TBA
4- brian Durr
5- canvas
6- erica
7- jim
8- tim
9- oriel
10- james manely
11- TBA
12 noon- dj rehab
1 pm carl michaels
2 Jenn louie
3- magin boo
4- strizzuth
5- art cuebik
6- Junior
7joey breakdown
8- mercury falling
9 zara
10 hectic
11 dj tommy

Saturday October 21st

12am Sister midnight
1 am roland riso
2 soma
3 jeff heart
4 the goddess
6 donato
7 James payne
9 King Trance
10- little dave
11 johnny g
12 noon sir ruff
1pm starchild
2pm the baraness
3 taco pimp
4 gabriel ben
5 Dj roo
6 general mayhem
7 jack siebert
8 frankie vibe
9 bille
10- kik
11 architect

Sunday October 22
12 mid- g drive
1am 621
2 isis
3 Russel mania
5 Duane broadnax
6 Jamie morris????
7 Olivetti
8 Dj Snake
9 Summer Joy
10 Dj dennis
11 Meeshu
12 willyum
1 rob paine
2pm dj kel
3 vincent wonder
4 linda leigh
5 justin paul
6- maike panik
7 deann mojado
8 joe kopasek
9 nigel richards