Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bring Em out ! Bring Em out! Bring Em out!

Hey all. Jay Simplefly here. Dan is doing his thing thing down in the Braza. South America is a must yo! Not like I would know shit about that, I did see that movie with all the crazy gangs and the favala's or whatever tho, that shit was crazy yo. Anyways in a drunken state Dan Fiddyone agreed to give me free reign of this here blogger. bad bad move dude. Me being the opportunistic bastard that I am, heres some promo for ya....

This Thursday night is the launch of a new weekly at Bamboo Lounge. DJ Brendan Bring Em on the decks, Gravy cuddling the microphone, and myself and Mr. Up from PaperStreet holding down the bottles of Patron. This one should get pretty ugly. Did I mention complimentary booze from 10-11 if your on the list? yea...its true.

so yea. Bamboo Lounge this Thursday, next Thursday and every god damn Thursday until forever. 20th & Cherry. SAY WORD!

ez all
-Jay Yoooooooooo

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