Saturday, September 29, 2007

What It Do: Mini Edition

Unfortunately, teh Internets aren't quite ubiquitous yet. Not quite. Mini edition follows:

  • Midtown Village Celebration - Apparently, the name change went through (and seems to be catching on in their second year) and now they're celebrating about how there is all sorts of things to do for everybody. Which has always been true but hey, should be fun regardless.
  • Philly Designers Expo - Designs from local favorites including Trk+Fld, Moonblood and more at 213 New St from 1 - 5
  • Philly Campus Kickoff with Talib Kweli, Against Me and The Ataris among others
  • Hip hop and you don't stop
  • Mojito with Rich Medina and Brendan Bring'em - The Greatest party on the water is about to come to a close once again for the summer.
  • Sundae party- 3 - 9 at the Bubble House. House music all day long
  • Dev79 spins booty music in the most opportune place The Kings of Porn XXXposed 2 at the Gold Club. Flyer, 1416 Chancellor, NSFW (but you're not working) site

Friday, September 28, 2007


Yo super stoked for this one tonight kiddies. YO MUTHERFUCKING MAJESTY. These girls on some other shit coming straight out of Florida repping that club rap. I have only heard like 6 of their songs but I heard Si Young got like 50 unreleased joints they did and they are just trying to figure out what to release officially. Shit is gonna be bonkers. I am so ready for another night of sweaty nastiness at Johnny Brenda's if only they had the the $2 beer special.

crossing fingers for PLittle Yo Majesty tag team track.

P.S. Whut It Do coming later on when Di1 can get on Al Gore's Internets cause they banned myspace at the school district and I can't look at anything.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lilo and Stich like whoa

Yo so this picture isn't actually from the show in Philly but I wanted to post a picture of Switch and Diplo together. But the show was off the chain last night at the studio spot that Diplo just bought. Shit was massive fun with all types of craziness and the who’s who of what ever you wanna call this shit was hanging out. Big shouts to Blaqstarr, Spank Rock, Cullen Stalin, Jawntronix, DSJ, Allison (happy B-Day), Abby, Sarah, TJ, Kitty Kat, ReJayJay, Primeminster Paper Bag, Young C Young, I think that dude Frogman from TTL was there, Catchdini, Sarah, that dude from the Consultants, James James, Agnew, Doc$Beats, re myn der, That Kid Bo, Tommy Ups the Party plus 1, The Get it in Girls (Calley, Jess, Emil's Girlfriend) [can we go to more really sweaty bars where you guys have to take your clothes off and drink 40's in the future $) holla], the simplest of flys jayster, Mr. Dave P, Ribbity Rabit, that girl who was hanging out in Tom's oversized muscle shirt with the American flag thong, the Broadzilla DJ who has a similar name to me, and of course to the man of the night DJ SEGA.

So basically the venue was a fucking sweat box. As soon as you walked in it was just heat and you were dripping with sweat. I hope my ten bucks went towards buying that spot an air conditioner. I got there right before DJ Sega got on and this dude absolutely destroyed the dance floor with lots of original productions and just really slammin songs. His transitions where so solid I just loved yellin the lil Jon "What" and hearing DSJ on the mic like "Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" and getting buck. This dude is serious. (Sadly no one was wutanging (until Kitty Kat showed up), so looks like they haven’t learned how from the instructions printed on the inside of the Dwizz record)

Next up was freaking Switch and peoples were just not ready yet for the awesomeness this dude drops. His set was actually a little less aggressive than when I heard him earlier in the year. It was kind of disappointing. He opened with some hip hop stuff then into some og productions, then into some MIA joints, mixing in other UK underground bangers right now. He was jammin that Kissy Sell Out dub that was just super smashing. But I was really looking forward to the thunderous bass lines and extreme jacking that came at the end of his set. I guess he had to tone it down a little since he wasn't really playin to a house crowd. But its always crazy to think that this dude commands like serious 8000 person raves in the UK and is sweating it out in this spot in Philly in the US, so intimate I loved it. He left it ready for Diplo to come up and play a bunch of his own productions and what have yous that really got the crowd bouncing. Dropping lots of cuts from the Hollertronix 12"s, the P-H-I-L-L-Y got a serious nod and stuff from his online catalogue like that Rye Rye joint. By this time the place is so freakin hot I am dancing on the second level by the film projections with my pants down drinking red wine out of a solo cup getting buck. All of my clothes were soaked through and when some one hugged me they got a shirt full of sweat. Actually I bet I looked mad thin I should have tried to holler at some girls. Blaqstarr came on after that but it was 1:00 and I was done as were most of the people in the audience.

As I was walking home I got to CCP and was chaffing so bad that I took off my jeans with my shoes on and walked the rest of the way home in my boxers. When I round the corner to my house their are eight cop cars making all the homeless people leave this park where they all sleep on my block and I kinda bug out. Should I keep walking in my boxers with my jeans over my shoulder half drunk on some dwight yokem like its no big deal in front of all these cops to my front door or should hang back by Phillips and try to wiggle my jeans on with my shoes on and hope the cops don't come over and ask me why the fuck I am not wearing any pants. (shit thankfully I was not wearing my stripper underwear that would have been really bad).

Anyways I was happy as shit to get into bed at 1:17 and slept away any worries I might have had.

Wong Wong Bitches

So its motherfucking “Restaurant Week” and what does that mean? Multi Faceted Casi G gonna review a whole bunch of places I have never eaten at but will just reference my first impressions by standing outside and hating the shit out of some yuppies. Like for real I have been in Chicago for the past two weeks in yuppie hell and like I have all this boiled up rage ready to explode. Like seriously I got kicked out of the Cubs game for almost fighting this dude cause I spilled my $7 beer on his fucking martini all over print embroidered khakis from J- Crew that I was trying to buy off of him (if anyone reading this gots a pair I need these in my life). Then once they threw me on the street my friends decided to stay in the game since the tickets were $60 and the only thing for me to do was to throw alcohol on the fire. So I went into a bar and did shots and I tried hollering at these yuppies from Schaumburg and they stopped talking to me so I told them that secretly I was a bigger White Socks fan. Yeah I am so mad in the streets right now.

On some other shit I always try to go to this place called Jenny's Noodle House in Chicago when I am there but this time I wasn't really hanging out in that area so I didn't get to go. On the way home from the airport I got off the train in Chinatown here in Philly and went to get a bowl of noodles. It was nice to be back in Philly where the fixies don't have front brakes (fucking Chicago hipsters are bullshit by the way, Philly hipsters would so win in a fight of BO, all around fixie mastery [frame colors, handle bar insanity, bike trees and above all no front brakes], and the "better than thou" yes I work at this store but I am still not gonna help you attitude), the hipster hair cuts have that really hard edge angle to them, and I could buy a lager for the $2 holla. So I was in the mood for some Chinese food and I stopped off in one of my favorite spots, Wong Wong Noodle House Sucka (p.s. I like to add words to the end of Chinese Restaurants just like when people open their fortune cookie and put "In Bed" on the end of the saying).

So I pop up in that bitch and dude in the window is forever cleaning that window when I come in. I always feel like all that soap and water on the window is gonna fuck up that crispy nasty ass duck you got all strung up. But fuck if I know cause when you order the wonton soup with chicken and pork, the old jawn waitress yells some shit in Chinese and dude starts choppin the shit up. Normally I eat by myself and try to holler at the waitress but tonight I wasn't really feeling this woman so I do my next favorite thing which is to wonder about the different lives people are living and generally try to profile them and make my life seem so much better. Or if I think they are living better I try to analyze what they got that I don't have.

Needless to say my fellow peoples eating at Wong Wong were not that interesting. Usually there is the Chinese dude sitting in that corner table who orders all in Chinese and basically wants to be smoking while he is eating. I make it a habit to categorize these dudes as the Chinese Mafia and he really wasn't that interesting. I moved on to the center table where it was an American Chinese family eating. Now I say American Chinese cause it looked like the mother and the father where both Chinese immigrants and were either first or second generation. They were sitting with their daughters eating dinner and they had this silent reserve about them, like they weren't really happy with the situation. So I shifted my gaze to look at the daughters who were in their late 20's or early 30's. The first daughter was sitting there reading a book in Chinese and half heartedly referencing the table and the conversation, she was a little older I think. Then the second daughter was kinda of a heavy set who looked like she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and just never lost it and was doomed to tight clothes the rest of her life. She was sitting next to her mixed Chinese and black son. He was having trouble sitting since he was probably 5 and was in that I am too big for the kids seat and too small for a chair. He was making a lot of noise kinda trashing about trying to eat. He basically had to sit on his knees and kneel and eat with a fork and it seemed like there was a lot of confusion why this kid was flippin out.

The Grandfather keeps staring at the kid and staring back at his daughter and there was this weird dynamic of discomfort and distrust hovering around the table. I couldn't help but think the family had lived in the Trestle Town while growing up and the one daughter fell in love with some dude and had a kid but hasn’t married her yet. While the sister went on to CCP and did decent enough in class to move to Temple and is now a mid level manager working at an insurance company in Chinatown that only serves Chinese people. Now the parents have been pushed out of the area by the recent development and have moved to the North East to cheaper rent while the daughters have moved to South Philly. Now even though they all live in the city they rarely see each other and try to get together every once in a while to revisit their family values and heritage by sharing a plate of soy chicken and roasted spare ribs. While the meal slowly drags on there is little conversation except for the constant scolding of the kid and the grandmother talking to the woman behind the register. I sat eating watching them until they got up to leave and walked away. Not once did I see them smile or ever remotely look like they were having a good time in each others company.

I sat twirling my spoon in soup looking at my phone and thinking about my place in this world. What decisions did I make that lead me to this Chinese restaurant at 9:50 on a Thursday night? Why the fuck am I not sitting in a hut in Moldova eating meat on a stick? I was in a downward spiral of despair. It was then I saw an indy person picking up some take out with one black and one white pair of mismatched vintage hightops that he must have scored in Delaware on a liquor run, that the night changed. I was dumbfounded by this dude and as quickly as it came into my life it left out the door with some food. I got up to pay and walked by the window that the Chinese dude was still cleaning only to see this kid riding by on his fixie with his hoodie up on the phone. It gave me a sense of purpose in my life so I bought a 12 pack to go from Pho Calle and rolled up a Lager in PW and started drinking as soon as I was on the street.

Wong Wong Chinese Restaurant

Bangers & Cash - Bitch (NSFW)

Keeping it as nasty as they want to be, "Bitch" is the fourth single from Bangers & Cash, the dynamic duo with Spank Rock rhyming and Disco D protoge Benny Blanco providing the beats. Download the single now and pick up the full EP on October 9th from Downtown Records.

Spank Rock Space, Benny Blanco Space

Day Of The Super Groups

Masta Ace and Words alone make this worth your time....and the other cat's are nice too. Nicolay on the beat.

Ill Bill, Everlast (who actually kills it) are 2 members of a new thugged out mega-group called La Coka Nostra. They are the (mostly) white Wu-Tang with a lot more anger. This joint features B-Real. It is not a play it while you work...oh, and get back to work, your boss is watching!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Switch, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Sega, Josh Wink

Yo, fuck real life for real. I want to be lawnmower man during the day and then magically appear at night at whatever club night that is the best that night. Like this night, in fact this whole day. I have some real world ish to handle all this week and have no idea how much internets I am going to have access to. This means that I'm missing out on all of Wednesday and won't be posting much. Wednesday would have been an all around awesome day. Early morning, I got the daytime grind on lock with some important interesting ish, get out at a mad decent time and then restaurant week reservations at Brasserie Perrier, for two, with a hopeful good look, course I'm not sure about that whole situation anymore. Then, nighttime jumpoff with Switchlo aka Lilo and Stitch aka Switch and Diplo which, if you were lucky, saw kill it pre tour at [Click] at Fluid. Not to mention rockstar (shorty we are rockstars) Blaqstarr and the "hipster premiere of DJ Sega". Sega is the truth. By hipster premiere, they mean, have you been to Jamz on a Friday or Pinnacle on a Sunday? This is an all ages jump off, so I bet some of you have. I got to see the young bol DJ in an intimate setting last week (Happy bday DSJ and Jawntronix) and he absolutely killed while playing all of his own trax. I'm not salty in the least bit. Not at all...
More info at

And just to add insult to injury, Josh Wink celebrates 10 years of Ovum last Wednesdays at Fluid. If you're more into "traditional" house as opposed to Baltimore house, then you need to be here. Two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I don't even want to write anymore about this or find that Wink music video where the boombox becomes a big star.
Wink guestlist which is free entry until 12.

Like I said, Not. Salty. At. All. In. The Least. Definitely didn't want to crazy leg wit it to Blaqstarr or Wu Tang to Sega. Nope, not me.

Tambourine Dream Promo Video

I hate teh Internets sometimes. I want to fucking post this YouTube video but I can't for the life of me copy the embed code, so for right now (and I mean for the next week or so). You're going to have click this link. Its totally worth it. Cousin cousin cole and Pocketknife are releasing Tambourine Dream a series of folk remixes on CD and vinyl. Let me just say that the vinyl cover looks beyond incredible, like Lucas with the lid off incredible. Its like off the hook but on a whole different level.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ropeadope's Love Movement

As the resident Ropeadope dickrider for 5151 it is my duty to inform everyone that they have dropped yet another line of rad clothing for you to wear in this year of 2007. The Love Movement is another social conscious line of clothing making use of positive concepts and, of course, some ill designs.
Ropeadope OWNS Philly. Seriously, next time you are out on the town just try and go an evening without seeing someone in something Ropeadope...and why not? Dope clothes provided by a local-based company supporting progressive ideas. Sounds win/win to me. Personally, sign me up for the Tank Design or Our Two Hands.

Friday, September 21, 2007

M.I.A. - Paper Planes on Letterman

With Low Beezy!!! Lame that they took out the gunshots. If you haven't heard the whole track then check it out here. Buy Kala now if you haven't already. Its only 7.99 at Amazon

What it Do

Its a hip hop weekend thanks to Flava Fest. We still got plenty of other jump offs around the way too. Normally, I would wax on about something unrelated or something from last night, but I already did that in the next post on down the page.

  • Flava Fest says go watch breaking at FUEL with their open bar (3rd and arch)
  • Colt45 more your thing? Turbostation sex planet madness with Steven Bloodbath and Strawberry Mansion on the main floor, Hurrah and Apt One in the Basement and the lovely Oh Murder Inc! along with the Super Todd Bros. Free colt and entry until midnight all at Transit (6th and Spring Garden)
  • Remember Bat for Lashes and their insanely awesome video? They're playing tonight at Johnny Brendas. $10. (Frankford and girard)
  • Live DnB at the Raven Lounge with the Damaged crew (1708 Sansom)
  • Weekend long short DIY independent films curated by Ted Passons who was responsible for Dopeness
  • Flava Fest says go to 40th and Walnut during the day for breakin and graf etc
  • Old school vs new school
    • Pharoahe fuckin Monch ain't a damn thing change (except getting paid and ghost writing for Diddy) at the Troc or
    • Biz Markie at Fluid.
    • I bet you could do both, Biz won't go on until 12, 12:30, plenty of time to get from the Troc
  • Late night with the Illvibe collective at Duplex at the Arts Garage (1520 Parrish)
  • Bleached black for more hip and less hop with Bleached Black and yinzer Apt One at Medusa
  • Crooked Looks are playing at this place. I bet it would be fun.
  • Oso presents 70's vs 80's at the Warehouse, 30th and Cecil B
  • Mojito is still going strong. Still. Still. Reduced guestlist.
  • House music is still alive every Sunday. Real house music has always thrived here. Just check out Sound of Market. Last week was bananas with Josh Wink. This week from the UK is Darren Holland and on the mic crooning out soulful songs is Philly's own Lady Alma. Sake sangrias on special, $5 or free with college id. Beautiful people and beautiful music. 3 - 9 at Bubble House, 3404 Sansom.
  • Found Magazine presentation 7 PM at the FU Church (22nd and Chestnut)

Hip Hop Links

First off, Brendan Bring'em is the best DJ in the city hands down. Promoters outside of Philly need to be booking him across the world. Philly consistently has some of the best DJ's ever. I feel honored that I can go see him 5 nights of the week and know that he'll absolutely kill it. Those last 45 minutes are so focused. If you haven't seen him see him Sundays at Loie, Wednesdays at Walnut Room, Thursdays at Bamboo, Fridays at Tragos or Saturdays at Mojito, be sure to make time in your busy schedule. He has so much heat coming it's not even a question. As soon as young Jes One gets on his grind and completes his mixtape for the mix series, I'm sure you'll all understand if you didn't already know.

Lots 'o' Links

Flava Fest

  • Tonight check out the Breaking/Popping/Locking battle at FUEL at 3rd and arch, 8 PM
    • Open bar, DJs Skeme Richards, Lil Dave and Phillee Blunt and the Freestyle Face-off prelims
  • Saturday is packed
    • 40th Street Field at 40th and Walnut 1 to 6 PM
      • Park jam with breakin' floor, graf art show and vendors village with DJ's and hip hop all day
    • Pharoahe Fucking Monch ain't a damn thing change 8PM at The Troc (1oth & Arch)
      • with Juggaknots, Reef, Philly Slick, MAGr and DJs Statik and Philee Blunt and the Freestyle finals
    • Illvibe with their weekly party Duplex at the Arts Garage 15th and Parrish
      • Open bar all night
Presented by GoodieGoodie and Freshout. More info at

Throwback Fridays: Walk This Way

Original rockstars Run DMC team up with Aerosmith for this classic jam.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Loose feat Amanda Blank

Third single from Bangers & Cash out now via the MySpaces. This one features one miss Amanda Blank. "Yall bitches is nassty".
Video coming soon. EP coming soon. Amanda Blank coming soon. I talked to her at the P. Little/ Bonde Do Role show and she said she was working on lots of new material.

UPDATE: (artwork coming soon)

Spank Rock, Benny Blanco, Amanda Blank

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kanye vs 50 Cent: Kanye Wins

Its official, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Graduation came in at #1 with 957K copies while Curtis debuted at #2 with 691K copies, while Kenny Chesney debuted at #3 with a paltry 387K copies. The last highest debut was Fiddy's own Massacre which sold 1.1 Million. Personally, I'm curious as to how the two will compare over the next few weeks. Which will drop faster? Overall, hip hop wins as do the big shots at the labels. Plus fresh off the presses are two leaked tracks from 50 and friends.
As much as I was pulling for both albums, I wish 50 would take more chances like he did with Smile. He has it in him but thinks he has to stay painted into the corner, thinking that will sell him the most albums. One more album, Fif. Take some chances, you have nothing to lose.

Secret Service Confiscates Art Installation

Be careful who you add on MySpace as the proprietors of Bobo's art gallery in South Philadelphia found out.
The window... complete with one-sided photocopies of dollars in numerous denominations. One afternoon the window drew an inquiry from a gentleman who "wished to purchase the piece", the proprietors of Bobo's thought this was odd but made an appointment with the gentleman anyways.
On the appointed day the gentleman was back with no less then eight other gentlemen, members of the secret service, who told Drew, Nick, and Phil to put their hands in the air. The secret service men came bearing files, thick with photocopies from each of the artist's myspace pages. The window display was confiscated.

The rest of the gallery is still intact so be sure to check Bobo's out at 1134 South 9th Street.

Full Story at AitAoMR

Monday, September 17, 2007

Diplo - Essential Mix 9/15/07

Diplo was featured in the Essential Mix on Radio 1. Classic set with everything thrown in, including the M.I.A.'s Bamboo Banger remix featuring Sizzla and the Paper Planes remix featuring Bun B and Rich Boy. Plenty of exclusives, bmore, reggae, old skool, hip hop etc.

Also just announced, Diplo, Switch and Blaqstarr will be performing Sept. 26th at the Starlight Ballroom and its all ages. 21+ you'll just have to get a wristband. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or surcharge free at Relapse Records (608 S. 4th).

Friday, September 14, 2007

What It Do

Shout out loud to the people in the place.


Yo! Puma Store Party

Schooly D, Rich Medina and Dozia at the Puma Store. Sponsored by bunch of people to highlight the new Yo! MTV Raps x Puma shoes collabo. Doors at 8. No gueslist so you better be there early. Free drinks. Prolly some shwag and Schooly Mothefucking D!

Crescendolls tonight with Club Lyfestile

Club Lyfestile is for sure next level or at least a whole different level. I'm not sure who is better though. Casi G thinks Dancetron Infinity might have the leg up. Either way check Club Lyfestile live performance at 11:30 after throwing back as many PBR's and vitamin water and vodkas until 11 at Level (21st and Market) for Crescendolls. Yes the same Level that Game Over was at. The owner was looking for a different type of crowd. Ian and Jhn spinning all night.

Throwback Fridays: Bump n Grind

I don't see nothing wrong. Si Young played a club remix of this song last night and I knew I had to post the original. Kells still doing it after all of these years.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bonde Do Role & Plastic Little Tonight

Tonight, Bonde do Role, Plastic Little, Gang and Pink Skull tonight at Johnny Brendas. Remember last time they played? It got a bit crazy in there. This time, Marina and company will actually have a real live stage to play on instead of getting crushed by the crowd at Sals. Have you got your tickets yet? Tickets are only $10 and available surcharge free at Relapse Records on 4th and South. I've heard this might sell out. Just saying.

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - B.O.O.T.A.Y.

Round 2 (fight! All I could think when I typed that was that Street Fighter voice). Bangers and Cash have released their second single on the SpankRock MySpace. B.O.O.O.T.A.Y. Let me see your booty bounce. Miami Bass classics in full effect with Spank Rock trading verses with a currently unknown female(s). Any ideas?

Update: Just got word that its Santo Gold and Black Betty from Kudu. Shout out to Santo Gold for making it into the season ending episode of Entourage along with Bonde Do Role.

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are Bangers & Cash - B.O.O.T.A.Y.

Spank Rock, Benny Blanco

Update 2: Got the official artwork for the single and its incredible:

Crooked Tunes

Originally I was brought on to write about rock music for 5151. Unfortunately for me, and 5151, I don't like a lot of "rock" music. The few young rock bands I like all come from Philly; Liam and Me, East Hundred and Crooked Looks. Crooked Looks is an emotional take on the "dance rock" band-style. Legend has it songwriter/vocalist Rick Smith used to produce DnB but gave it all up after a night of dancing to Rolling Stones and Beatles songs at the Silk City. Rick's living life as any rock star should be..."by the seat of his pants" "on the edge of sanity" with an "open heart" and "bared soul" for you all to enjoy...only less cliche-riddled. See for yourself by downloading over 20 songs, for free, right here

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

50 vs Kanye on 106 and Park

Where I wanted to be last night was watching 106 & Park with both Kanye and 50 cent. Work gets in the way sometimes but thank you Internets. In order of appearance.

This is a hip hop moment here. Hip hop is not dead. Never was never will be.

Bonus: 50 Cent with Soulja Boy and Jim Jones!!!!!!! on rap city. (thanks MissInfo)
  • Is it true? Is Jim Jones signing to G Unit? Whatttt?????

Roll Call!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Roll Call bitches! Young Jones is back in the building with Emynd & Bo Bliz and his trusty sidekick Illegible Caps with KMass on mic control. $1 vodkas and $3 PBR + Whiskeys are back in the building EARLY!. Its going down. Get on the list for $5 entry all night long (like Lionel Richie).
UPDATE: Link was wrong

Kany West - Good Life

If you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em then. If you didn't notice the similarities with this Dance video, Kanye scooped up So Me who also produced "We Are Your Friends" which had Kanye storm the stage at last year's Europe VMAs. Think MTV will actually remember this video by next year though?

By the way, it looks like the hottest part of Ed Banger is the artwork. Not Justice and definitely not Uffie.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007: 50 Cent VS Kanye

Who will win? Personally I'll be buying both. As far as the comment that 50 will retire, he doesn't really have much to lose on that. He signed a 5 album deal with Interscope/Shady/Aftermath. Curtis is his 3rd, he says he already has the material recorded for his 4th album to be released in February and his 5th album is a greatest hits album. I mean, does he really need to release any more albums?

Lets also not forget that the 40 Cal album dropped today as well. Pick up all three at your favorite independent record store or get them for cheap at Amazon. Even Amazon is stacked against him, buy both 50 and Kanye for 19.94 or just 40 Cal for 17.98. Which album will you be buying?

ummmm? problem?

I've been on this kinda level lately....

Discount Mojitos anyone?

The Rum Bar is not only downstairs from also offers up 1/2 priced Mojitos on Monday nights. I can't get enough of the Cucumber Mojito. MMMojitooooooo....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Pics

Holla. Eleven and Cosmo killed it at Fluid on Friday. White Tees did their thing of course. That basement for Bang Gang was out of control.

Friday, September 07, 2007

What It Do: September 07 First Friday

Its First Friday. Its September. Yeah, you might be back in class which sucks. Party it up this weekend cause in a few months you'll feel bad when you have to cram and instead go out and party.

  • First friday and all the fun that it brings. Ya know the usuals.
    • Don't forget to Stop by Topstitch (311 Market) for deals and such
  • Holland Boys, S. Prcss, Lions of Judah - deep Sleep 8 - 10
  • Sneaker Auction at Made to Order (817 N 2nd)
  • Its the Motherfucking Rub at Fluid $5 on the List.
    • You might want to get there now cause the list is already over 400 people and 400 people are not fitting into Fluid at one time.
  • You know what it is White Tees White Belts - $10 with free beer til late night, 1516 Parrish
  • Footaball season starts. Could. The. Eagles. Go. All. The. Way?
  • Sundae party at Bubble House. 34th and Sansom.


Feist at Tower Theater Sept 12th

I'm told Feist is popular with the kids these days. Luckily for you she is playing this coming wednesday at Tower Theater with JDH & Dave P. You may recognize this song: "My Moon, My Man". I like the Fred Astaire aesthetic. If you're more club lyfestile than Fred Astaire you may like 1 2 3 4 a little more.

Pick up tickets now

Throwback Fridays- Children's Story

The Ruler!

What The Fuck Was I Thinking

(insert picture of signed CD I have that says “Casi Go Fuck Yourself or else Bitch” but I don’t have a camera at work)

When I first started to work in an office I always listened to music while I worked. Back in the day I used to stream online radio all day and download shit from soul seek. Then the tech dudes at my office caught me and sent an email to my boss and they shut down my internet port. So when we moved offices and they redid the computers they removed the audio card from my computer and I don’t even get to hear the Microsoft login noises and shit like that now. Which isn’t all that bad when you sneak into your desk at 9:45 on Wednesday after drinking all night and waking up in your hall way. I used to love our meetings at 10:00 in the morning when I would be getting yelled at the whole time with a stamp from the night before and my body reeking of smoke and my perspiration stinking like beer. It used to be the high light of the day when I finally sobered up enough at 1:00 to do some real work and fix all the shit I had fucked up that morning all hung over.

With so many mornings being all fucked up like this my musical interests at work have really started to change and I have rediscovered my affinity for folk music. Before I used to sit at work and listen to Juke and only listen to folk at home on the porch in my shade garden drinking organic wine but now I see its soothing pleasures while sitting in a 4x6 all day looking at computer screen wondering if the shit I do actually makes a difference in the world or in Philly. Soon my CD collection changed from loads of underground booty house/electro mixtapes, random indy rock promo CD’s, and straight fire backpack rap to Easy Listening bangers and Acoustic Folk battle breaks. (You can’t “clog” better then me, you can’t “clog” better then me. end note sadly there is no wiki on flogging which is basically this South Virginia style of clogging that is pretty dope to see live its a little quicker stylistically speaking since Southern Bluegrass got that two step heat.)

One of my most recent additions is this CD by Jenny Owens Young who blends country, folk, dirty lyrics, songs about fucking dudes and leaving them for her own personal pleasure, and all other types of craziness. She is playing tonight in Philly at the Tin Angel for $10 bucks and its gonna be the raddest show since she generally talks shit on the audience in between songs which is always a good look for an emerging folkstress singing in the city of brotherly love.

Go at 10:30 the show will be over by the time its 12:00 and you can show off your one speed to all the 30 something’s as they realize its going to be an hour and a half drive back to Doylestown.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

40 Cal - The Big Boys (Feat. Jha Jha)

So I was Production Assistant on this video... which is the coolest job title I've heard for someone who drives around looking for a place that sells extension cords at 7 in the morning.

At one point they had me driving this huge van with all the rental equipment through Manhattan in the rain, in order to get it all back in time.
What's funny is, I've never driven in the city. And I don't know shit about NY. Asking for directions is hysterical because nobody else knows either. We had to ask 7 people before we found out which way "uptown" was. It was fun though, I drove around for a couple of hours with "Be", a north philly graffiti writer (Have you seen his work around?), and got to know NY a little.

But the best part is, I got to have a tangible impact on the production. You see the Cheerios in the last part of the video? I BOUGHT those. Oh yeah.

- Seg

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Shake That

Just caught this over at the Spank Rock myspace blog via pitchgeek
An EP he'd been working on with producer Benny Blanco that takes freak nasty Miami bass pioneers 2 Live Crew as its inspiration.

Well, Benny and Spank must've tweaked their nasty just right, as the Bangers & Cash EP is ready to hit the dance floor, complete 2 Live Crew samples on every song and an homage to 2 Live Crew's notorious Nasty As They Wanna Be cover as its artwork (see, um, above).

Myspace will be rolling out four of the EP's five tracks as free streams, starting with "Shake That" this Thursday, September 6. Every week, MySpace will feature another Banger as their "single of the week," with a video for "Loose" to follow on October 3. And, starting October 9, you can sneak Bangers & Cash out of the record shop with a sheepish look on your face, thanks to Downtown Records.
In most instances I would ask why they would say sneak out the record with a sheepish look on your face but then I remember I'm reading pitchgeek and it explains everything.

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco present Bangers & Cash - Shake That


Jazzy Jeff - Brand New Funk 2K7 feat Peedi Peedi

Philly Stand Up!

Pick up Return of the Magnificent now.

Update: Video removed for copyright claims, found another one. Don't really understand why a record label would want a music video removed. Anybody have any insight on this?

Weekend Pics

Curses at Paris Terror Club Invasion (yap snaps)
I'm sure you've already seen these, in case you haven't here you go. Yeah, I know, no updates almost all week. I'm back and alive, ready to do it all over again starting tomorrow.

  • has burst on the scene providing quality photos for the past month
    • No direct links as there is a fancy flash interface.
    • Pics from Paris Terror Club, Sex from Above, VHS or Beta and Friday At Silk
  • YapSnaps continues with pics from Parris Terror club last Sunday (aka the RAVE!!)