Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crooked Tunes

Originally I was brought on to write about rock music for 5151. Unfortunately for me, and 5151, I don't like a lot of "rock" music. The few young rock bands I like all come from Philly; Liam and Me, East Hundred and Crooked Looks. Crooked Looks is an emotional take on the "dance rock" band-style. Legend has it songwriter/vocalist Rick Smith used to produce DnB but gave it all up after a night of dancing to Rolling Stones and Beatles songs at the Silk City. Rick's living life as any rock star should be..."by the seat of his pants" "on the edge of sanity" with an "open heart" and "bared soul" for you all to enjoy...only less cliche-riddled. See for yourself by downloading over 20 songs, for free, right here

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Anonymous said...

love these guys. that dude rick is wild!