Thursday, September 06, 2007

40 Cal - The Big Boys (Feat. Jha Jha)

So I was Production Assistant on this video... which is the coolest job title I've heard for someone who drives around looking for a place that sells extension cords at 7 in the morning.

At one point they had me driving this huge van with all the rental equipment through Manhattan in the rain, in order to get it all back in time.
What's funny is, I've never driven in the city. And I don't know shit about NY. Asking for directions is hysterical because nobody else knows either. We had to ask 7 people before we found out which way "uptown" was. It was fun though, I drove around for a couple of hours with "Be", a north philly graffiti writer (Have you seen his work around?), and got to know NY a little.

But the best part is, I got to have a tangible impact on the production. You see the Cheerios in the last part of the video? I BOUGHT those. Oh yeah.

- Seg

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