Monday, April 30, 2007

The Monday Night Social

New weekly at Fluid every Monday featuring jazzy, soulful grooves, deep house and more. Om records representative Andy Caldwell from Los Angeles will be gracing the decks tonite. From his bio:
Collaborating with DJ/producers such as co-writing/producing Kaskade's hit single Everything (Billboard Number 1 Dance Club Play and Top 10 Dance Commercial Radio Charts) Caldwell has also done several remixes for the Yoshitoshi label, including the Grammy nominated track "Safe from Harm" by Narcotic Thrust. Further expanding his reach, Caldwell's signature production style is also recognized in the film and television industries. He has composed music for films such as Forces of Nature and Skulls, as well as popular television series Six Feet Under, Boston Public, and Chromium Blue.

With an ever-expanding discography, Caldwell has only just begun to fulfill his passion for music, with frequent DJ tours, remix opportunities, production work and finally his debut artist album!!! For over the past 10 years, his DJ schedule has allowed him to share his love of music with fans around the world, performing as a DJ / musician in every major city on every continent
Listen to some of his tracks on his MySpace or on his website.

The Monday Night Social every Monday at Fluid (613 S 4th Street, Above the Latest Dish). Drink specialst until 12 and only $5 if you are signed up on the guestlist.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What it Do is for the Children

I'm going to go ahead and say that its all about Saturday this weekend. Blaqstarr is one of the hottest producers I've heard in awhile. Couple reference points, remember Jiggle It? Blaqstarr. New MIA album? 1 Timbaland track and like 6 Blaqstarr tracks. XR2? Blaqstarr. Not sure who produced this new MIA track but its banging and I can't wait for the new album. Oh yeah, some dude name Diplodocus is going to be there too.

  • Hail Social is playing tonite at the (First Unitarian) Church with Chomelodeon
    • My new favorite band along with Flamin Hotz new favorite band, just sayin'
    • Listen to their album on the Philebrity player
    • Starts at 7:30PM at 22nd and Chesnut Street
    • Download Heaven and Start Stop
    • Check their MySpace and buy their albums
  • Critical Mas Bike ride, meet at city Hall at 6pm
    • I'm not sure if this helps, please don't debate its merits, some people like to ride bikes, actually I don't care, what do you think?
  • Westwax, JJC and Kenny Raw spin records at Marvelous 6 - 10PM (208 s 40th)
  • The Straight Dope featuring Dan the Swede - Dev79 and crew get down at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Muhahaha with Juan Dolla and Benny Brows at Sals (12th and Walnut)
  • Therapy Sessions at Fluid - Drum n bass smashdown (613 South 4th Street)
  • Tighten Up - Illvibe at Bubble House, free all nite (34th and Sansom)
  • Hands and Knees - You already know. 2 Left, (15 W. Girard)
  • House music at Siam Lotus - good Thai food and house music all nite long (931 Spring Garden St.)

WKDU Electronic Marathon Call for DJs

Got this on MySpace today:
yea, we know it's only the end of april, but this year will mark our 10th anniversary and we have lots of planning to do! if you would like to be a part of the electronic music marathon this year, please PM us with your email and we will let you know how you can be a part of this event. thanks!

jenn & roo
The WKDU Electronic Music Marathon is 72 hours of electronic DJs dedicated to a different charity every year this year Nov. 18th - 21st. Holla at them on MySpace if you want to play.

Citypaper 2007 Style Issue

This week the Citypaper published their annual style issue. Be sure to check it out online because half of the pages in the actual paper are black and white.

you won't find a more diverse crop of curiously clothed cityfolk than the amateur fashionistas who strut our crosswalks and subway platforms. Which is why we took our Style Issue straight to the streets.

We stopped strangers to chat about what they're wearing, and what their style says about them.

We pounded the pavement in Philly neighborhoods — some obvious (Old City, South Street), some not so obvious (the Great Northeast, West Philly) — for the best spring and summer finds.

We shopped for girl sneakers, funky hats, T-shirts, sharp specs and wacky nails.

We even asked local makeup artists to use faces like canvas to represent the 'hoods that most inspire them.

Here's hoping they inspire you.

Link, For more street fashion be sure to check out Broad&Market.


On Saturday night we were almost killed.

Alright maybe not... but we had very good reflexes. Either way, I spent many minutes afterwards mumbling into my voice recorder, reflecting upon every way in which flesh and metal could connect uncomfortably.

It was the white Impala hidden in a thick mist of disinterest at the end of the alleyway that was responsible for everything. About 40 - 60 people had overflowed from the house party into the street. They had formed circles, little conversational organisms, and they spoke to one another with various levels of agitation and drunkenness.

A puppy darted over and around feet in a terrified indecisiveness, overstimulated by pounding music and simultaneously attracted and repelled to the vibrant intensity of strangers and strange scents. Cigarettes, bottles of Coors Light, and martini glasses with color liquid flickered through the crowd; the clinks and chatter rising just above the city noise with which they had been subconsciously competing.

The roar of a growling engine ended the competition. A pair of headlights sliced through the night and were granted full attention. The white car burst through the crowd rudely, snatching the center stage with it's absolute unflinching antagonism and pathological rate of acceleration.

Bodies dived out of the way, a guy narrowly avoided getting hit while scooping up his dog, the crowd parted like rain, and immediately after the car passed, having temporarily regained its polarity, yelled a collective "What the fuck!!!"

And then the driver shifted into reverse.

This is the time when your brain starts imagining things for you. The hard metal frame intersecting with your torso and spreading your body onto a brick wall, every bone collapsing in on itself and the world spiraling into a black hole of lost consciousness. The shadow on a wall getting larger and larger until it becomes a disfigured giant, towering above you. Blood flowing through the cracks of a car window, running down the fractured pattern and collecting with tiny white shards in the gutter. Yes, your brain can imagine all of this in a fraction of a second.

The car backed up, hit a girl, and reversed down the alley way, followed by a dozen angry hipsters and glass beer bottles.
Suddenly we'd been sucked into the main story of an "action news at 11" broadcast. The kind of story that almost always ends badly and leaves you with no choice but to conclude that some people are just dangerous and evil and you should probably just stay inside, away from windows.

When the car reached it's starting point, it squealed forward again. A hail of glass projectiles smashed into windshield and the car swerved in tight intentional movements, determined to hit whomever dared take a step near its wrathful delirium.

Broken unconscious bodies rolling over cracked windshields, legs sucked underneath the front of the car. Caution tape. Ambulance lights. Figures hunched over on the sidewalk, faces concealed behind shaking hands. The mind was at work again, concocting gruesome new endings for the night's broadcast.

But the car made it to the end of the alley without hitting anyone, and this time, floated around the corner. Vanished back into the outside world. The girl who'd been hit limped inside. The crowd was in shock. Some anonymous individual had attempted to violate one of the basic rules of humanity: Thou shall not kill without rhyme or reason. It was just like action news. Another depressing story implying that fear is the only logical reaction to life.

Fortunately, that's not how it ended.
As we stared off to where the car had exited, a cop car blew by.
Now, growing up in Connecticut I've always seen police as a force whose sole purpose was to harass and oppress me, but that night, I felt a warm glow of satisfaction run up my spine. Forget the action news ending. This is not a story about evil strangers who try to kill random people. This is a story about someone doing something genuinely, unquestionably wrong, and then being caught and punished for it, quickly and effectively. Hooray for humanity.

Okay, yeah, it does bring up troubling implications about the nature of humanity, with questions that can only be answered by the man who tried to commit vehicular homicide. But do I look like a fucking journalist? Fuck that, this story is as tied up as it's going to be. Be glad I'm not leaving you with some generic warning to stay inside away from windows.

- Seg

Be safe, and if not, you'll at least get a good story out of it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cornbread - Graffiti Legend

Cornbread is credited as being the father of modern graffiti who in the late 60's and early 1970's covered Philly with his friend Cool Earl. As mentioned here by Seg, a new documentary is dedicated to their exploits as they spearheaded the graffiti movement a full two years before NYC started bombing their trains and everything else in sight.
On-screen, Cornbread talks about his graffiti exploits, the city’s gang wars, and how the newspapers once declared him dead. He describes the stunts he pulled to spraypaint his name on police cars and paddy wagons, the Jackson 5’s jet, even an elephant at the zoo—all before joining Mayor Wilson Goode’s Anti-Graffiti Network. But he also talks about getting messed up on drugs and witnessing his oldest son being shot to death. While the film will no doubt appeal to the graffiti crowd, McKnight believes his documentary is a human story all will appreciate.

Check out the documentary tonite at The Gathering a monthly hip hop event held on the last Thursday of the month. For more info check out Cinema Alliance. Read the Philly Weekly article here.

Queens of Noize - Video Booth 3 feat P. Little

Little jam from England featuring members of Plastic Little dancing in the video booth courtesy of Queens of Noize and Sinden's Beeper (hit me on my beepa, beepa).

Also, check out their performance at SXSW over at MusicPlusTV featuring favorites such as Club Banger, Drizholerring and more. And if you haven't picked up the masterpiece that is She's Mature you should do that now.

Dev79 - Street Bass Anthems

We mentioned this earlier and posted up the J.R. Writer remix but now Dev79 has hooked us up with a little promo mix featuring "a few tracks from the cd, a few outtakes that didn't make the cd, and some commercially available tracks."
Street Bass Anthems has it on lock with a slew of exclusive remixes and blends (of artists such as Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Mike Jones, The Pack, Pharrell, JR Writer, etc.) from Dev79 and associated gang members such as Starkey, Edu K, Stumble, Nappy, BD1982, DJ Skipmode, and more. Raw urban in ya face club music, Philly style.
Street Bass Anthems is only $6 and is available as 320 Kbps MP3s or as a physical CD, your choice. Get it directly from Seclusiasis and pick up more merch from the crew including shirts, bandannas, EPs and mixtapes.

Philly, check out Dev79 and crew on Friday at The Straight Dope with Dan the Swede and Saturday at Inciting HQ with the Clap Trap this weekend.

Also check out Whats Up With Dev79? as Dirty South Joe interviews him for his weekly article in the Philadelphia Weekly.

Tracklist for Promo Mix:
gucci mane - pillz
mike jones - mr. jones (dev79 & jack horner remix)
juelz santana f/ camron - santana's town (ghislain poirer remix)
this is why i'm hot rmx vs. game over (stumble checkmate blend)
lil wayne vs. mims - stuntin' like i'm hot (dev79 street bass refix)
count of monte cristal - ghetto bitches (sinden remix)
lil boosie f/ webbie & fox - wipe me down
rich boy f/ polow da don - throw some d's (dj skipmode club remix)
drop the lime - i want 2 know
pitbull - jealouso
say wut - yeah
clipse f/ slim thug - wamp wamp (dev79 trick ho's mix)
trevor loveys - someone i dub (herve remix)
dj technics - hi hats (jay z remix)
pharrell f/ jay z - frontin' (starkey remix)
dev79 - thizz phreak
Download Dev79 - SBA Promo Mix, Buy Street Bass Anthems, Holla at Dev79 on MySpace

Art Cuebik - Old Skool Jungle Mix

Art Cuebik hooked me up with Alchemy 101 a mix that he did "late last year, but finally put up for the internet. basically a 94-95 old school mix with lots of ragga influence. "

Peep the tracklist:
Gachet - Touch my Toes (AWOL VIP)
Pure - Anything Test (Zinc VIP)
Trinity - Gangsta
Brainkillers - Screwface
Badman - War for '94 (Tango VIP)
DJ SS - Limb by Limb
MTS - Baad Boy Sound
DJ SS - Rollidge
Kenny Ken & DRS - Everyman (AWOL VIP)
Prizna & Demolition Man - Fire (AWOL VIP)
Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - AWOL
Splash - Babylon
Pascal - P-Funk (AWOL VIP)
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice '95 (??? mix)
DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (??? mix)
House Crew - Superhero
Ash & Vern - Squeeze
Aphrodite - Booyaa!
Dead Dred - Dread Bass (Origin Unknown mix)
DJ Zinc- Feel
P.O.T.- Trick of Technology
DJ Hype - Rinse Out
Dillinja - Angels Fella

Art Cuebik - Alchemy 101

Holla at Art on MySpace, Check out Let Me Ride at Fluid on First Fridays

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Josh Wink Bday with Dubfire

Happy birthday Josh. Celebrate in style with Dubfire aka Ali from Deep Dish on the guestlist for half priced entry tonite at Fluid (613 south 4th street).

Bonus video: Josh Wink feat the Interpreters - Simple Man (the one where his boombox becomes the star)

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

Blog house at its finest. Apparently the video isn't finished and as such will get taken down eventually or not.

Here is their video for We Are Your Friends that won best video and made Kanye storm the stage.

Roll Deep - Celebrate That

The 14 man group all hailing from London have been causing a stir on the underground club scene for around 5 years now. As some would say, the founders of grime music, Roll Deep have gon grom strength to strength, opening many doors for the UK music scene. In 2005, their debut album, In at the Deep End was released to critical acclaim from both the underground and the mainstream, scoring 2 top 20 hits in The Avenue and Shake a Leg.

Roll deep is fronted by Wiley aka eski boy and once included Dizzee Rascal. Other members include JME and Skepta both from Boy Better Know. Their latest album Rules & Regulations is out now.
Roll Deep on MySpace

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Wrong Answers

Let's do a quick word association. I'm going to give you a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind. There are no wrong answers. Ready?


Okay, if your answer was "Philadelphia graffiti legend", then this event might interest you:
April 26th - Thursday - 8:30pm

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA

This screening is part of The Rotunda's monthly hip hop event called The Gathering - Philly's longest running hip-hop event. This event will feature live performances by the band known as Cornbread, live graffiti, break dancing, and a Q&A and autograph signing with Cornbread.

Doors will open at 8pm, $5 donation requested
If your answer was "thing that sits on the side of my dish while I eat mash po's" then that means you fail. And now you'll never get into medical school.

- Seg

Mad Decent vs. Unruly - This Saturday

Holla! 18+ cause party music is for the kids and they can all Wu Tang better than you. Click the flyer for guestlist

Friday, April 20, 2007

What It Do

Holla! The weather is beautiful out. Its a nice day. Shout out to Penn students for their last day. Weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's all weekend, about time! Have fun this weekend.


Plastic Little - All Yall Niggas Dead

QTSRC="" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="256" AUTOPLAY="false" >

(Firefox users, sorry don't know how to embed it properly, just tested in IE and it looks fine. Safari, I have no clue, don't have a Mac)
Download it here

Also at YouTube

Buy She's Mature if you haven't yet, download it at, buy it direct, Plastic Little on MySpace

New Mix from Designer Drugs

New blog house mix I picked up from New Machine Addict.

611 Records is Moving

611 Records is moving from their current location at 611 South 4th Street. Nigel shouldn't have a problem finding a new place now that he is a realtor. To help with the move, everything in the store is marked down by 50% so start digging. The new location will be announced on 6/11/07.

UPDATE: Use code 58af9a on when checking out for 50% off as well.
Bonus: Dieselboy - Live set at Bassrush 3 in 1996

Background story: Bassrush parties happened in the Baltimore area and were put on by Ultraworld who also threw parties at the DC armory and now every year outside at Ft. Armistead park with Starscape. Lonnie, the founder, now runs Sonar in Baltimore. Bonus trivia: One of his early parties was held at the Martian Martini bar in the Fells Point section of Baltimore.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Without Incident

There is no inspiration, only caffeine.
I guarantee you this: Wherever you find a new creation, you'll find torn packets of sweetener and tiny red straws lying somewhere nearby.

I've been brutally seduced into entering a Starbucks by an evil diva who craves nothing less than complete control, total obedience, and yellow highlighters.
She stares off into the Courier New landscape of a 70 page printout on the physiology of the brain and with her attention directed into a deep Sans Serif abyss, I am free to write ... for the moment.

We've taken seats facing the window, a towering glass monolith which climbs to the ceiling, the height and breadth of which magnifies our ultimate insignificance in this corporate haven of stimulant-hustling greed.
Starbucks' schizophrenic identity conflict is most clearly identified in the coffee cup I hold in my hand. It reads:

"You simply can't make someone love you if they don't. You must choose someone who already loves you. If you choose someone who does not love you, this is the sort of love you must want."
- Israel Horovitz (Playwright)
Wow, that's a pretty deep thought, if somewhat incomplete. My eyes tilt to the tiny lettering beneath.
"This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks"
In a post 911 world, all art requires a disclaimer.

Fine. Here's another: "The following post might not add up to anything."

I'm currently trying to write a piece about last Friday night, but it's difficult. Something is lacking.

"You can't have a story without an inciting incident, you just can't."
I paused briefly and having nothing more earth shattering to introspect upon, clicked the plastic switch on my voice recorder and ran to catch up with D and KCG who had been keeping pace, fighting against the harsh bite of city winds.

Among the tangled nerve endings in my brain, something had short circuited; I sensed that this night was going to be of a manic flavor. I was ready for anything, thirsting for a three act, feature-length experience. Craving incitement. The plan was to head over to Sals, but I was secretly hoping that unforeseen events would change the direction of our novel in progress.
An inciting incident is the thing which knocks the main characters off their course and sends them spiralling into unexplored dark matter. The inciting incident can be a conversation, car accident, maybe an environmental catastrophe. I scanned the streets hungrily for passersby and swerving vehicles. I really wasn't asking for much.

An hour passed, we had reached Sals, and still no sign of a meteorological disaster. I tried to take matters into my own hands and jumped around on the empty club floor. Well, it was almost empty, no matter where you go there's always that one guy experiencing a synaptic electrical typhoon, dancing wildly all by himself. Sometimes I wonder if he's just really shy and thinks that this is a good way to get to talk to girls. But he's always looking down and has his eyes closed, so he'll be dancing by himself at the end of the night too.
I wasn't in the mood for his Zen dance therapy. Tango dancing was much more in line with my unusual chemical condition. I'm still not exactly sure how that happened, but if you ask any girl to tango dance, my bet is she won't say no... Unless she doesn't want to touch you, in which case you probably shouldn't attempt to put the rose in her mouth. Just give up man.

I really wish I could build this story up to a brilliant climax, where the main character struggles with a vicious antagonistic force while fighting off the symptoms of an internal serotonin imbalance and ends up changed forever, but all that really happened was D and KCG hooked up with some chicks, and some dude told me, "Yo! You look like that guy... Mark Wahlberg." That's it. No inciting incident, no climax, no resolution.
What a disappointment.

I guess I'll leave you with this inspiring message: Fuck having a good time, they're overrated, short sighted, and if you have enough of them, the memories all just start to blur together into a giant blob of brain matter, completely indistinguishable from each other.
I want unique experiences, not more getting-drunk-and-having-fun weekly bullshit. Someone help me out here. I'd really like to be drugged and wake up to find myself naked in Mexico for once. That would really be refreshing.

This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Fiftyone:Fiftyone.

- Seg

You know what. From the right angle, I do kinda look like Mark Wahlberg...
I have to go work out now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ropeadope has dropped another clothing line on our asses. Based on cities of dope isht this line of Tshirts are more relaxed and fun than their last politically minded line up of shirts.
I think the Philly shirt should become mandatory worldwide...remember thy love and thy soul!

as Ropeadope says...

The 12 Superhero DJS out to Save the Night

If you know anything about Philly music, you should know that there have been some amazing DJ's that have grown up in this corner of the world including Cash Money, Too Tuff and Jazzy Jeff just to name a few of the old school favorites. Killah Kate Kilpatrick takes a look at the 12 DJs that are currently killing it in the city in the latest issue of the Philadelphia Weekly. Big shout out to Brendan Bring'em for making the front page, Emil and Bo of White Tees White Belts for "Best Party Rocking Tag Team", Mr. Wu Tang: Freak Nasty and laser shooting Indie party rockers from Hands and knees Ian St. Laurent and John Redden. Not one of these DJ's should be missed though, check out the article to find out where you can hear them next.

Help Casi Find Awesome

Casi apparently met a young woman named Awesome on Saturday night at Making Time and is now heartbroken that her number was smudged after being soaked from the rain. Read his plight here and contact us via MySpace or email at 5151List {at} gmail {dot} com if you know Awesome. Making Time, not just a showcase for Blog House, Neu Rave and Electro Disco.

New Spank Rock Interview from London

Spank Rock producers and dj's Ronnie Darko, AleXXXchange and Chris Rockswell speak with Pyro Radio (download) about their Fabriclive 33 Mix CD. If you've heard the CD or seen the track listing you may be a bit surprised.

Here's XXXchange breaking it down:
First you make a wish list of stuff, then they try and license all that stuff. about half of the requests will get turned down and another quarter will come with specific instructions (more on this later). so, if you've tried to make any kind of coherent statement with the tracks you've picked on the first round you're gonna need to compensate for all the holes on the second round of wish-listing.

to avoid unnecessary arguments and confusion I took over nearly the entire selection / licensing process on our side of things. that's probably why this mix ended up being a more electro stuff /obvious hits and less rap / obscure rock stuff than our previous mixes, just 'cause that's the way my taste runs.

some of the stuff that got turned down was really suprising, we tried to get two separate tracks by MU but apparently they deny everything on general principal. "cola bottle baby" got turned down and all kinds of other obscure shit got turned down...people who you'd figure would be clamoring over each other to get that licensing money...! justin timberlake of course got turned down but, rick ross got approved. go figure...

"owner of a lonely heart" got approved. but we weren't allowed to re-edit it in any way so, i had to hire Tyler Pope(from !!!) to come in and re-play the guitar parts for that and the justin timberlake song. we also had to make a fake version of MU's "Paris Hilton" which happens underneath the "technologic" acapella. in the end, the easiest companies to work with were the smaller, more dance oriented ones like, ed rec, institubes and, gigolo, who are actually familiar with the Fabric mix cd series.

this one is way more stretched out than the rest of our mixes, in terms of letting each track actually play for a while etc...

fabric requires you to fill 70 minutes with only about 25 tracks licensed, which means each track has to play for about 2 and a half minutes. this format, I feel, is a little bit outdated and is probably better suited to doing a compliation cd rather than a mix cd. However, since it's impossible for fabric (or scion, or whoever) to make any money off these cd's if there's more than 25 tracks lisenced, we're all stuck trying to fill that space with that amount of songs. so it's nice to pick 12"s that have the acapellas and bonus beats and all that other good shit to play around with...

so, while finishing the mix, I forgot about the 70 minute length requirement ( the other dudes were on tour by this time) and, I turned in a 54 minute one. so, they made me go back and re-do it but, were nice enough to license a few more tracks (over their normal limit) to help me fill it out.

in the end we figured out how to make it work but left the experience ready to do another "fun" ( apparently now also illegal) mixtape as soon as possible
Go check out XXXchange website and listen to "Get It Now featuring Amanda Blank" and buy the digital single.
Over at Turntable Lab, pick up his latest release on Money Lotion

Diplo Reports from Rio

Diplo traveled to Rio yesterday and gives the following account
i was supposed to go near Mineira (rio zona sul) today and there was like 15 people murdered. this is after i travela out from Nj and all I hear about is korean dude killin like 32 kids….. i think we are all on self destruct right now

here in RIo theres a new gang in town.. the blue command..or milicia..
its like the retired police invented thier own gang.. the dont run drugs but they invaded the north zone
(basically the police already run most the gangs around here - taking a cut of the money and reselling weapons but now like rogue police crazies made up a new gang with like Bope skills (B.o.p.e. is kinda like navy seals of rio they train like its bahgdad) they are scariest dudes in brazil hands down worse then royce gracie.. they ride around caveraos (that translates into big skeleton) - its like this supertank that just runs up the hills and smashes and shoots everything.. it has a loud speaker that says “we have come to take your souls” . .. its no doubt that when they do catch a a miltar dude.. they burn him alive in tires.. (microwave) theres no remorse here .. just revenge after revenge on both sides..

Continue reading over at the Mad Decent blog for the rest of the story and to download "Danca do familia adams".
Download "Danca do Indiana Jones"

Whats Up With DJ Technics

Late but important. Check out Dirty South Joe as he catches up with Baltimore club OG Technics.

“There are exploiters of Baltimore club,” says Technics. “But in the back of the consumer’s minds they know these people aren’t creating anything and that it’s coming from another source. It wasn’t gonna blow up and get the kind of attention it has until it crossed over and white kids started listening to it anyway. But until one of the pioneers goes full steam ahead and focuses, it’s not gonna blow up. It’s just gonna be America’s best-kept secret.”

Hmm, more on that later. Check out the rest of the article here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

White Tees White Belts with Peedi Crakk

Next level White Tees White Belts with Peedi Crakk aka Peedi Peedi
From Emynd:
Believe it.

That same ol' White Ts and White Belts madness with a special performance by the Badland Bully himself, Peedi Crakk.

First Friday, May 4th. 10 PM - 3 AM.

Flier coming soon.

Big t'ings.

Philly Film Fest Favorites

The 2007 Philly Film Fest favorites have been announced. Nine of the highest rated films will be replaying on Tuesday at venues across the city. I'll be checking out Dog Bite Dog because there is nothing like ultra violent Asian crime thrillers. The favorites run the gamut from said ultra violent flicks to Cashback a romantic comedy, a documentary about legendary sports venue Palestra, horror flicks and more.

Buy tickets for any of the favorites here and read up on all of the films on their home page.

Save Blog House

In February, a member on the Hollerboard coined the term "blog house" to refer to a style of house music that is typically hyped on a number of blogs including Discobelle, Fluokids and others as a dig at trendhoppers. The epitome of this sound is Justice and their label mates on Ed Banger Records. Casi G (pictured above) took it upon himself to write the wiki entry for it. However the article is currently up for deletion.
This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy.
You may share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Articles for deletion page.
Please improve the article if possible, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.
Pleas help save blog house.

Weekend Pics: Hands & Knees and Making Time

Pictures from the weekend can be found over at Yap Snaps. 2ManyDJs pictured above.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What It Do: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th! Yeah, my favorite day of the year. I have always found superstitious tales like this one funny. 13 has always has been my favorite number. Friday the 13th the best day(s) of the year. I always wanted a black cat which I now have. So far I think I've gotten nothing but good luck from all of these. I do have to admit that I absolutely hate watching scary movies. Friday the 13th included. If you need a reason to wile out, then blame it on this. Or you could just rest up as there are 3 different parties going all nite. Now only if it was a full moon too...



Redman Interview

Ahh, good old Redman. AVClub has a really interesting interview with the Funk Doctor. A bit hard to follow at points, but still crazy to hear how he breaks it down. I was going to quote some of the interview but you'll just have to read it for yourself. Oh, and he says yes there will be another Red & Meth album. also has an interview with Red.

Mr. Catra - Adulterio

Another funk carioca video from Mr. Catra, this time for Adulterio featuring Isadora, Lorena, Lorrayne and Luisa.

Also, I found another blog entirely devoted to baile funk called Rio Baile Funk. Check out the rather long interview with Sany Pitbull.

New Baltimroe Club Mixes from DJ Phinesse

Pittsburgh via Philly party rocker DJ Phinesse hit us off with some brand new Baltimore Club mixes. You can also subscribe to his brand new podcast as well.
Hit up DJ Phinesse on MySpace and at the Phinesse Blog

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carnivale! Tonite: Sign Up for the List

PaperStreet presents Carnivale! a warm up party for Mojito at Cebu (formerly World Fusion) at 123 Chestnut Street. Free Mojitos (Cuban) and Caiprihinas (Brazilian but made with Cachaca) from 10 - 11. Brazilian dancers and musicians from the acclaimed group Ala Brazil as well as Mojito resident DJ Lucas Rivera and drummers Carlos & Kiki from Mojito. Get on the list here for $5 entry, $10 not on the list.

Shoe Exchange and Competition Today

Sneaker expo today at Temple. Exchange, collect, network and a competition as a kicker. Featured boutiques include Afficial, Deep Sleep, Exit Skate Shop, Pedestrian and more. Located at Mitten Hall, Broad and Berks, Temple University, goes from 6PM - 10PM.

UPDATE: I don't know how to tell time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Catra & DJ Edgar - Sem Misterio

Mr Catra & DJ Edgar - Sem mistério (Prod. Pietro sargentell)

Mr. Catra is one of the best known MCs in funk music. Sem Misterio means "Without Mystery".

Spank Rock In Austin at SXSW

Is that a new song too? Spank Rock, Amanda Blank and Rose rapping at South by Southwest courtesy of Nylon TV.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Pics - Diplo and Hands & Knees

This was at the end of the night when Diplo started playing Nirvana etc. at Reading Terminal. Friday was killer with First Friday art, custom sneaks at Trinity, Sweatheart and American Sneakers at the Painted Bride, Hail Social at Deep Sleep, Yah Mos Def and KMass at WTHN and then Hands and Knees.
Bonus: Plastic Little - Crambodia feat Ghostface, Spank Rock and Amanda Blank (Hot Chip Remix) (via CallMeMickey)

Friday, April 06, 2007

What it Do: First Friday

Diplo, Pete Rock and King Britt killed it last nite. Reading Terminal Market people. Free drinks. Killin it! Good friday indeed. Philly Film Fest is in full swing. Check Segs recommendations here and here.

  • No White Tees but word is next month is going to be off the hook. When its official I'll let you know
  • First Friday arts crawl now with music.
    • 5 - 8 American Sneakers and Sweatheart at the Painted Bride (230 Vine Street)
    • 1oPM Hail Social at Deep Sleep (54 N. 3rd Street)
    • 11PM Yah Mos Def at WTHN (17 N. 3rd Street)
    • Rebellion Love Tour - Custom Sneaks at Trinity Art Gallery (158 N. 3rd)
    • Jungleland at Space 1026 - 1026 Arch Street
    • Babooshka sale at Topstitch (311 Market 2nd Floor)
  • Let Me Freak at Fluid (613 S. 4th)
    • Let Me Ride DJs Art Cuebik and Joey Breakdown with Freak DJs Wally and Deadboy
  • AJ Ready Wright with Cold Retarded at 700 Club (700 N. 2nd
    • Shelltop hip hop and Sheena easton meet and party
  • Hands and Knees at M Room (15 W. Girard) Only 5 more left
  • J Smooth and Carl Michaels at Medusa (20th and Chestnut)
  • Blueberry - Rave on with Local 13 at Transit (6th and Spring Garden)
  • Bodyrock - Illvibe at M Room (15 W. Girard)
  • [Click] is cancelled, Medusa was double booked
  • The Re-Up - Crimp Yr Hair DJs and John Redden at Upstairs at Sals (12th and Chestnut)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

King Britt Record Release Party Tonite

Presented by PaperStreet
Let me tell you about what our hometown legend did in Miami during the Winter Music Conference a couple of weeks ago: He owned it. Not only is King's face staring out at everyone from the cover of this magazine that everyone was reading, but his party at the Victor Hotel was the talk of the week. King has been really busy lately scoring movies ( Miami Vice) and breaking new musical ground (his masterful Sister Gertrude Morgan album), and when news broke of his new work, Deep & Sexy 4, we were stoked.

Deep & Sexy 4 is his return to house music and we're proud to throw the Philly party celebrating its release. The best part? King wanted to make the party free for his Philly people. Just sign-up on the list and we'll see you Wednesday night, no cover charge. Make sure to wear those good shoes, you know, the ones you can dance in.

Word is the gueslist is almost at capacity so I would suggest signing up now.
Bonus: King Britt - Call Me featuring Rose from This Is King Britt released in 2005

Lethal Bizzle - Mr.

Right, so I've been meaning to start posting UK grime/hip hop/garage whatever you want to call it this year. To make it easy I'm just going to call it UKG.

First up is Lethal Bizzle. You may remember Bizzle for his Forward Riddim aka Pow! that was making London Clubs erupt into full on fights. Things were getting so crazy that it was actually banned at some clubs and from mainstream airplay.

From his forthcoming album Back to Bizznizz check out "Mr."


Lethal Bizzle on the internets, Lethal Bizzle on MySpaz

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - War

Originally from Chicago, the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is an all brass band that you may have seen in the NYC subways playing or you may have bought their record or you may have seen them play with Mos Def. No? Just hit play then.

Check out for more info.


philing! is a new service for you mobile phone that lets you listen to your music direct from your computer or music from up to 6 friends. Add a little web 2.0 and social media allowing you to review songs, see what your friends are listening to, post messages to your friends, see the most popular tracks and more.

If your unlimited data plan is burning a hole in your pocket and your phone is supported try this out and let us know in the comments. I attempted to sign up, but my phone is not currently supported. See the list of phones supported here. Also, artists and labels contact phling! if you want your music to be able to be streamed at any time.

phling! (via CoolHunting)

Your music
, a new feature in ways to listen to and power up your music collection.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Month In Review

So, I thought I would do this, show what you guys have been into, let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Top 5 Posts
  1. Rest In Peace Big
  2. New Three 6 Mafia - Dope Boy Fresh
  3. Diplo and Questlove at Reading Terminal Market
  4. Fabriclive 33 - Spank Rock Megapost
  5. Label: MP3
Top 5 Tracks
  1. DJ Nappy Thugstep Mix
  2. Bo Bliz 5151 Monthly Mix Jumpoff (I haven't forgotten, we'll be back this month)
  3. Three 6 Mafia - Dope Boy Fresh
  4. Biggie Smalls - Just Playing (Dreams)
  5. Emynd 5151 Monthly Mix Jumpoff
Top 5 Search Terms (similar terms combined)
  1. Three 6 Mafia Dope Boy Fresh
  2. Baltimore club mixes
  3. Diplo Reading Terminal
  4. fabriclive 33
  5. Plastic Little Crambodia


New EPK for Mad Decent signee DJ Blaqstarr featuring footage from Paradox and Ralph J Young Rec Center put together by System D128. I absolutely love this. I just wish it was longer.
"this aint no gutter music, this is rockstarr music fyi"
- Diplo

So hot right now.

Pick up the Supastarr EP at Turntable Lab and get a free Mad Decent CD or holla at iTunes and get your digital download on.

Bonus: D.O.G feat Blaqstarr - Ryder Girl

Mad Decent web, Mad Decent space, Blaqstarr space

UPDATE: Check out and download the full quality version over at Stemspot.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Intelligent Life and Karaoke

I start the night off with a shot if at all possible. Beer has a nasty tendency to slow down my brain unless I drink really fast, and I don't necessarily want to get drunk right now. Not when there's cute women around. I scan the bar while feigning enjoyment of my Pabst.
Two girls at the door being hit on by the bouncer, one waitressing with a short skirt and tattoos in exactly all the places you're not supposed to look. She doesn't catch me peeking, but maybe I'm too intoxicated to be truly discreet.

With every sip I can feel the beer suds steadily submerging more and more of my cerebral cortex in its incapacitating elixir, leaving the demanding art of flirtation to progressively fewer and fewer suave brain cells.

"Hey, what does your tattoo say?" I inquire, with a little too much enthusiasm.
"Oh it says: (I don't remember her answer, but it was probably something gothic)."
"Oh... but... you have a lot of them." Apparently the surge of ethanol overtook all the brilliant brain cells, leaving only underachievers and slackers to develop dialogue.
She stares at me with blank eyes, and we share an exquisite awkward moment. I wish I had a camera.

Bonus Note:
There are two ways to end a conversation.
  1. Excuse yourself politely
  2. Say something so unintelligent the other person has no choice but to conclude that you are not an intelligent life form and scurry away. If you need help with this one, drink and the answer will come to you.

I retreat back to my seat. "Well. I'm ready to leave."

But where to? What do you do when you discover you have drank too much to flirt subtly? Well that my friend, is why the Japanese invented karaoke.

"Put your motherfucking hands in the hair!!!!!!!!!
Get your fucking hands in the air!!!"
I point to a cute white girl who has brought herself to my attention by failing to hide her amusement.
"YOU!!! Put your hands in the air!!!" She complies immediately.

Karaoke requires the exact opposite energy of barstool flirtation. Scream hysterically. Jump up and down. Make a scene and you will win the room. Forget talking. In the state you're in this is the only chance you've got to make a connection.

Immediately after my aggressive rendition of "Circles" by Soul Coughing, an older chick materializes from thin air and forces her dance moves on me, which involve grabbing each others hands and spinning around gracelessly. I can tell by her ring finger that she's married. Extremely married. But that's okay, I'm just here to fulfill my fantasies too.

We drunk dance with stupid smiles and then wave goodbye without ever making eye contact.

Post Script:
I know, I know, this is another one of those trite "happily ever after" endings. It's not my fault that my life is a series of idealistic romance cliches. I don't make these things up.

- Seg