Wednesday, April 04, 2007

King Britt Record Release Party Tonite

Presented by PaperStreet
Let me tell you about what our hometown legend did in Miami during the Winter Music Conference a couple of weeks ago: He owned it. Not only is King's face staring out at everyone from the cover of this magazine that everyone was reading, but his party at the Victor Hotel was the talk of the week. King has been really busy lately scoring movies ( Miami Vice) and breaking new musical ground (his masterful Sister Gertrude Morgan album), and when news broke of his new work, Deep & Sexy 4, we were stoked.

Deep & Sexy 4 is his return to house music and we're proud to throw the Philly party celebrating its release. The best part? King wanted to make the party free for his Philly people. Just sign-up on the list and we'll see you Wednesday night, no cover charge. Make sure to wear those good shoes, you know, the ones you can dance in.

Word is the gueslist is almost at capacity so I would suggest signing up now.
Bonus: King Britt - Call Me featuring Rose from This Is King Britt released in 2005

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