Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Diplo Reports from Rio

Diplo traveled to Rio yesterday and gives the following account
i was supposed to go near Mineira (rio zona sul) today and there was like 15 people murdered. this is after i travela out from Nj and all I hear about is korean dude killin like 32 kids….. i think we are all on self destruct right now

here in RIo theres a new gang in town.. the blue command..or milicia..
its like the retired police invented thier own gang.. the dont run drugs but they invaded the north zone
(basically the police already run most the gangs around here - taking a cut of the money and reselling weapons but now like rogue police crazies made up a new gang with like Bope skills (B.o.p.e. is kinda like navy seals of rio they train like its bahgdad) they are scariest dudes in brazil hands down worse then royce gracie.. they ride around caveraos (that translates into big skeleton) - its like this supertank that just runs up the hills and smashes and shoots everything.. it has a loud speaker that says “we have come to take your souls” . .. its no doubt that when they do catch a a miltar dude.. they burn him alive in tires.. (microwave) theres no remorse here .. just revenge after revenge on both sides..

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