Saturday, June 30, 2007

Purely Experiential

I think a wine buzz is one of the best things in the world. It's halfway between tripping and drunk. The world turns a mellow sepia, emotions get crisper, and I feel more real. When I was younger, people would tell me to stop thinking so much. I'd roll my eyes and think to myself maybe they should start thinking more. But it's easy to mistake profound wisdom for common buffoonery. True recreation is escaping the harsh tethers of logic and causality and existing on a purely experiential plain. Instead of preceding action with thought, just act. It's like meditation, but with pool sticks.

2 AM. Jumping up and down at a crosswalk with an unlit cigarette and a cell phone, screaming "Do you have a light?" has become an undertaking of great importance. I will get this cigarette lit if it takes an entire night of pleading. Of course, I could walk a block away where D is waiting with a lighter, but that would be cheating. No! Worse than cheating, it would be a complete violation of any notion of accomplishment. In the moment, none of these thoughts run through my brain, but I feel them passionately. Suddenly a passing car does a hard break and some stranger leans out and holds a lighter up to my face. You are awesome. Victory at last. I wave my fire-tipped cigarette like a battle flag.

I arrived at D's apartment to find him contemplating a mattress set ablaze before his feet. Stomping out the fire left a charred hole, providing a vision into the skeleton of the creature, sharp metal coils rapped around each other, singed at the edges. We met the neighbors, whom after some initial concern about what we were doing with a partially burned mattress in front of their apartment window, seemed quite cordial.

I decided I was going to sleep on the parkway. Picking a bench in front of the fountain, I sat down and closed my eyes. Thoughts poured into my head and I opened my eyes with the feeling that someone was approaching. No one was there. After a few more minutes of general unease, I pulled myself to my feet. You need to own up to a specific kind of drunkness to feel safe sleeping in the city. Enough to completely drown out all internal safety alarms. I was not there.

I met a man caught in the grips of desperation on the way home. Yet again, quick charity yielded no sense of reward. This man was completely unappreciative.
I hate how generous I am when I'm completely fucking drunk. And fuck you for taking my five dollars.
I collapsed into my bed and felt a warm current of contentment wash over, carrying me off into unconsciousness.

- Seg

Friday, June 29, 2007

What It Do

Yeah, so I haven't really updated at all this week. Sorry about that. Next week we'll be back to a more normalish schedule. Check it though, this Saturday is a full moon. Just sayin don't be freaked if you see teen wolf partying on the Moshulu. (Image courtesy of

  • Sundaes at Bubble House (34th and Sansom)
    • House Music for the people
  • Fountain Green - Techno from Sunset to 1 am here

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Here we go again, This week BIG THINGS!!! First we are having a little B-BOY event on Friday at the F.U.E.L Gallery (3rd & Arch)...Featuring Rep Styles Crew and many other crews from across the country and the world...You dont want to miss this one...

Ok, so last week I hinted on something special so here it is....

YUP, We are getting our first shipment of Kid Robot clothing...We are also doing something a little special for the drop...We will open at 11AM and have free BREAKFAST!
Complimentary Cereal and Orange Juice, When has anyone cured your hang-over for you? Well we will this weekend, Supplies limited...So hurry down and DONT SLEEP! As for other new merch we got in click the links for pix...
We Also did a little video for our store, So if you've never been down here's what were workin with!

Another little hint for next weekend...We are doing a little first Friday jump off, in collaboration with Philly's own FRESH MELT WATER! More details to be dropped next week, Got to keep you on your toes!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Internet Radio Day of Silence

The Day Of Silence is a one day protest to highlight recently enacted fees for online radio. Not only will fees be higher in the future, but they will be applied retroactively.
According to calculations made by the Radio and Internet Newsletter, or RAIN, AOL retroactively owes about $1.65 million in sound-recording royalties for that month alone (and that doesn't include songwriting royalties). By the end of this year, according to RAIN, the company could owe roughly $20 million -- unless the rates are overturned by the board or by Congress, which is still a possibility.
Not only will this affect "traditional" Internet radio but also sites such as Pandora and Although, has decided not to participate in the protest. Local radio stations such as XPN and WKDU will cease to operate online among thousands of others due to these crushing fees. Please visit to learn what you can do to help.
Royalty Hikes Panics Webcasters,

Tonite: Plastic Little Video Premiere

If you've been watching Current TV in the past month you may have noticed this short documentary on Plastic Little. The video is now available online, check it out. They're serious too, like an official documentary.

Tonite stop by Space 1026 (1026 Arch) for the video premier of "Dopeness", the video shot in an abandoned hospital. Expect beer, food and a number of other music videos as well. Doors open at 8.

First Weekend of Summer 07Photos

  • Slideshow above from Game Over with Cosmo Baker, Fine Print Act Up! benefit at Arts Garage, West Oak Lane Jazz Fest and Married to the Mirror (also here if it doesn't work.)
  • Weekly Conversation has photos of the Panda Bear show
  • Yap Snaps has Crescendolls pics

Friday, June 22, 2007

What It Do: First Official Weekend of Summer

Holla, first official weekend of Summer and its hear with a bang. Weather looks near perfect, warm but not sweltering all weekend and like 10% chance of rain. Life is good right now. I'm excited. Lots of good things going on with me and around me. Celebrate with me. Happy birthday to everyone that has one this weekend :) (Photo Credit Weekly Conversation)

  • Dawn of the Dead on Liberties walk at 9:30 (1030 N. 2nd)
  • Married to the Mirror presented by Plastic Little. DJ Si Young and DJ Deejay at the M Room (15 W. Girard)
  • Mojito on the Moshulu - Now with Brendan Bring'em! (Delaware and Locust)
    • $5 on the list, Open bar 10:30 - 11:30
  • Fireworx Boatparty! EDIT:If you actually read the flyer, you'll see this is next week and not this Saturday
  • Philadelphyinz at Khyber (56 S. 2nd)
  • Bleached Black at Medusa - Battle to the death. Is it a Philadelphyinz party or is it a Bleached Black Party?
  • West Oak Lane Jazz Festival - Lowrider's WAR from 5 - 7 and Rocket Number Nine rider's Sun Ra 8:45 - 9:45 for free (near Ogontz and Middleton, free shuttle from Independence Hall 2 - 10 Saturday and Sunday)
  • Sundae Block Party with Pete Moss - Third year anniversary of Sundae (Bubble House 34th and Sansom)
    • Pete used to spin all of the time in Philly and has since moved so this will be his only Philly appearance this year
  • West Oak Lane Jazz Festival - Love Rollercoaster riders Ohio Players from 7 - 8:15
  • Fat Camp - Erry Sunday Dan teh Swede and Jones of Caps & Jones play at the 700 club. Its cool, you should go and drink cheap beers and eat pizza

Throwback Fridays - Summertime

I mean what other video could I post for the first weekend of summer?

Game Over : New Friday Night Weekly

Starting tonight is the new weekly from Paper Street at the new new Marathon Grill @ 10th and Walnut. There's an open bar 10 - 11 and admission is absolutely free if you sign up on the list. Party goes 10 - 2 and is $10 if not on list.

Btw, I'm pretty sure you already did, but if you didn't be sure to download Como Baker's Feeling Good Mix.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tonite: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Should I retype the blog post from Pedestrian or just link to it? Ok that was an easy one.

The only thing they missed is Mark Farina at Fluid.

(Photo courtesy of RPS)


Whats up kids, Ready for you weekly fix...Here it goes...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
First the new drops we got...New designs from SKOOLED IN KORRECTNESS, BODAGAN, AND MNWKA...Also some new fitteds from KING STAMPEDE and NEW ERA...Some nice polos and shirts from MNWKA to keep you fresh for the first official weekend of summer...Click the links below for the full drop...
Now the fun part...FRIDAY NIGHT.WORLDS CAFE.REP STYLES.MUREDEROUS RAVEN.PEDESTRIAN.DAVE MASS.FRESH MELT WATER...Yeah thats right, all in the same building, you know its gonna be a good time so stop threw...ALL AGES doors open 8PM at World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut)...Sign up here...

BIG BIG THINGS next week...Let's just say that we will be recieving a package from a one of our new accounts...Hint: They have their own boutiques in New York and LA...Spark anything? Look for something a little special for next week's entry...

New from Pocketknife

Just got this brand new remix from Pocketknife (one half of Flagrant Fowl with Cousin Cole). Its a remix of White Magic's "The Gypsies Came Marching After." Honestly, that doesn't mean anything to me but the track is hot. Wikipedia tells me that White Magic is a "folk rock group from Brooklyn, NY headed by Mira Billote". This makes total sense as the next release from Flagrant Fowl will be a "forthcoming mix CD Tambourine Dream, which will feature 17 or 18 Flagrant Fowl remixes of folk songs new & old." Flagrant Fowl - flipping folk to blog house, hahaha, maybe not that funny. Enjoy
Pocketknife, FlagrantFowl, Cousin Cole

New Video from System D128

System D128 just hit me off with a link to a video he did for the Mad Decent workshop in the Australian Outback a few months back. Check it out here. It features the kids dancing, learning how to use the equipment and of course "Smash a Kangaroo".

D128 also hit me off with a link for an iPhone commercial from "The Consultants". They are "a team of professionals and creative individuals." And apparently a bit mysterious as well.

SystemD128 space, Stemspot, The Consultants

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweatheart on Practice Space

So Vice started their own online tv channel at One of their features is "Practice Space" where they, you guessed it, film bands in their practice space. Their latest episode features Sweatheart, everyone's favorite finger painters, at Space 1026.

Link if video doesn't work.

Sweaheart MySpace

"New miXXXtape from up north"

What up? Just got this mix with above subject in the emails (5151List [atatat] gmail [dizot] com) from DJ miXXX. Its all sorts of blog house, ghetto house and bmore tracks that have been poppin lately and such. I believe he is from Sweden and is digging through 45's to the left. Hit up his myspace for more info.

Download DJ miXXX presents the 07 miXXXtape

01. Justice feat. Uffie – The Party
02. Foxxy Lady – Speaker Junk

03. Interzone to Golden Skans – Klaxons (So Me Remix)
04. Busy P – Chop Suey
05. Bobmo – To the Bobmobile (Orginal Mix)
06. Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal – Everybody Rocking
07. Claude Vonstroke – The Whistler (DJ Assault Remix)
08. Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (Beta Version)
09. Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal – We Don't Give A Damn
10. DJ Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground
11. DJ Rod Lee – Dance A Little Bit
12. Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Tittsworth Remix)
13. Emynd & Bo Bliz – A Bit Patchy Club Theme

14. Kid Sister – Damn Girl (DJ Gant-Mans Juke Remix)
15. The Pase Rock – Lindsay Lohans Revenge
16. Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull – Sweat (DJ Technics Remix)
17. Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frago (DJ Databas Remix)
18. Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty – Yah

19. Bonde Do Role – Gasolina (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
20. Peter Björn & John РYoung Folks (Diplos Drums Of Death Remix)
21. The Knife feat. Juiceboxxx – Xxxchange

Private Party at the Puma Store

Tonite check out DJ's King Britt and Skeme Richards at the Puma Store (1505 Walnut) as they unveil their new collection Wanders @ Puma. Marcel Wanders is a world renowned Dutch designer and has teamed up with Puma to create a series of urban lounging and camping accessories. Seen above is the unveiling in Tokyo this past Fall courtesy of Mocoloco. More importantly though, the event runs 8 - 10 features hors d'oeuvres from the Latest Dish and vitaminenergy and Silk vodkas. You must rsvp to with subject line "marcel wanders launch".

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tonite: What to Do?

Mark Farina This Thursday

House legend Mark Farina this Thursday at Fluid for his CD release party. If you've never heard of Mark, here is a small snippet from his bio:
Since 1989, Mark Farina has been traveling the globe performing at literally hundreds of shows a year, sometimes DJing both of his preferred styles in two different rooms at the same party. At other events, he's been known to play extended sets that lasted over eight hours. In his House sets, Mark is known for his uniquely effortless journeys on the jazzy side of Chicago House, mixed up San Fran style.
For a more aural bio, listen to this set from 2/23/07.
Sign up for the guestlist here

Whats Up With Dwizz?

Dwizz, Bang Em In Ya Ear

Pictures and such

Friday, June 15, 2007

What It Do

Mo money, no problems indeed. New Silk City, like old Silk City but now with better sound. Not really sure what they did besides clean and replace the speakers. Good times, good break from this grey weather. Words escape me. Guys 2 sales this weekend. One at Grasshopper and one at Pedestrian, but you should already be In The Know.

  • Jinxed BBQ / Art opening jumpoff with Opal DJing 7 - 10Pm (620 S. 4th)
    • Features graf artists Cense and Computer Chip 7
  • bbq all day today. They're there and drinking now. (5th and Cecil B.)
  • Rosie Kim presents a swimwear and summer fashion show at Bamboo
    • Open bar and house music from Starchild 8PM on
  • Stakeout Music presents Jackin Heaterz brodown at Fluid (613 S. 4th)
    • House music all night long
  • Damage - Stoya's 21st birthday party featuring Mike Saga and Mindbender at Raven (1718 Sansom)
    • Electro, hard house and go go dancers
  • Mens sale at Grasshopper today and Sunday (727 Walnut)
  • Roll Call!!! Caps and Emynd & Jones & Bo Bliz at the M Room. They're like the fantastic four but without the super powers and there isn't a girl. Remember the last time? No? Yeah my memory is a bit hazy from that night as well. I do know that I had a blast. presented by Simplefly. Guestlist for half price entry.
  • Mojito on the Moshulu - Latin / Afro / summery house music and such with live percussionists on a boat. Open bar 10:30 - 11:30 (note the change in time). Grown and sexy good times with 900 of your closest friends. There will be more bars open this time. (Delaware and South)
  • There is this party where they freak out like crazy people and get rad with partytrainsoldiers. This time there is 30 cases of Colt45 which probably won't last from 9 - 11. Special guests Voxtrot. If you email you can get free entry if you are one of the first 100 rsvps to arrive. Making Time at Transit (600 spring garden)
  • Sundae day party at Bubble House. Outside, and good rhythms
    • This week its Lee Jones and Dirty presenting Flashback. House music from the 80's and 90's

Throwback Fridays

Classic new jack swing from Bel Biv Devoe. If you're feeling this, be sure to pick up Cosmo and Scot Melkers Live at the Spotlite, an all new jack swing mix.

Jhn Rdn Crescendolls Mix

Just got this mix from Jhn Rdn as a promo for his upcoming weekly "Crescendolls". With the death of Hands & Knees, this phoenix rises from the ashes at the newly opened Goji at 20th and Hamilton directly across from the Wawa. Goji features Japanese cusisine, a sushi bar and an outdoor patio. Plus the kitchen and sushi bar are open until 1. Residents include Jhn Rdn, Ian St. Laurent, Kyle from Bleached Black and Danielle Redden. Keep up to date where else but on the Crescendolls MySpace page.
1 rod lee - star track
2 mr oizo - patrick122 (jhn rdn edt)
3 livin' joy - dreamer (nightmare)
4 yelle - office boy (shir khan)
5 gossip - standing in the way of control (soulwax)
6 justice - dvno (jhn rdn edt)
7 prodigy - girls (gent noch) (jhn rdn re-edt)
8 les rhythyms digitales - from disco to disco
9 klaxons - gravitys rainbow (soulwax)
10 daft punk - robot club rock
11 daft punk - robot rock rock rock (isl jhn rdn edt)
12 digitalism - zdarlight (groove addiction)
13 cars - just what I needed (balt version)
14 yelle - garcons des matins (sta)
15 chemical brothers - do it again
16 a-trak - wampercycle
17 robin s. - I need your love
18 coburn - we interrupt this program (jhn rdn edt)
19 basement jaxx - red alert (jhn rdn edt)
20 todd terry - get down (kenny dope mix)
21 amplid - plugin (lovely chords) (jhn rdn re-edt)
22 justice vs data - d.a.n.c.e.
23 la riot - kill bill
24 the avalanches - ray of zdarlight

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tonite: Silk or Bamboo?

Mo Money, No Problems with Steve Bloodbath at the new new old Silk City?

Or Ice cream man! Ice Cream man! No need to flag him down tonite at Bamboo with Brendan Bring'em and Dan teh Swede. Guestlist here:

Sneakerheads: Undercrwn vs Adidas

Tonite at Arsenal 632 N. 2nd Street. See the unveiling of the Undercrwn vs Adidas collabo. Reception starts at 6 with 20 pairs on site out of 750 pairs available worldwide.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So this week, we have a lot on board. We are having a sale(30% on all sweatshirts and jackets) this weekend cause I'm going to a Fourmula One race in Indy, and why the hell not. We also got in some new Mighty Healthy, Fresh Melt Water, The Cut and OMMO. Also some dope parties going down, sure to be a great weekend ...So here it goes...

First the fresh gear for the weekend...

Then we are also having a SALE...SAVE 30% ON ALL SWEATSHIRTS AND JACKETS...Sale starts at 12PM Friday and ends Sunday at 8PM...So Stop down a get a nice Hood or Jacket for one of these parties...

Friday Afternoon Fresh Melt Water Website Launch/Bobby Crooks Birthday Bash...Party starts Friday at 3PM (5th and Cecil B)...Free booze, give-aways, and food...This is gonna be the reason you cant make it out Friday night...But it's okay cause Bo Bliz and Emynd are killin the Mroom(15 W. Girard)with a little jawn called ROLL CALL on Saturday Night

Have a good weekend kiddies, and if your open, check out the F1 race it should be on Speed Channel or NBC around 1PM on Sunday...The hum of the engines helps cure a hangover...Trust me, we been doing it for years...

More Bounce and Free CD's

Some of you loyal readers may remember when I used to do posts of 10 tracks at a time. It was like Chrismakwanakah etc all in one post. I stopped because it wasn't regular and would wait to post until I had enough. Well, today is special. If you're still reading this, I have Bonde Do Role "Sola O Frango" and A Trak - Dirty South Dance CD's to give away. The first two people to email 5151List[at]gmail{dot}com with subject "Dirty South Role" with the answer to the following questions will receive both free:

What bone did Marina break while on tour last year?
2.)What is the name of the label that A Trak started with Nick Catchdubs?
Whew. Support the artists, buy their music and book them at shows or see them play.

Upcoming Fashion Shows

Tonight: At XIX, the top floor of the Bellevue - 8PM

Friday: At Bamboo, starts at 8
don't miss this swimsuit fashion show 8pm!
open bar 8pm

be dressed for photos. nbc producer will be there.
Bamboo Lounge
20th & Arch St.

hosted by rachel inc.
music by starchild
nbc will be involved!


Jayson's Mood and a danse party

So every time I see Jayson, he's always "Blog about my mood son." So straight from the source:
My tummy hurts
To keep this on a livejournal tip, I'm assuming he's listening to Hail Social or Fischer Spooner or maybe Massive Attack but with his current mood, I doubt it. Yo son, kick it with some Pepto Bismol. Anyways, check out the new Plastic Little jumpoff "Married to the Mirror" at the M Room on Saturday June 23rd with DJ Si Young and DJ Dee Jay. Somewhere I had copy of this from Jayson but that was probably in a bulletin I got on myspace 3days ago which is over my 25 page limit. So instead check out Black Like Me at Philadelphia weekly. Oh and please send letters to PW saying how much you hate/love the column so they keep printing it and don't get scared that T5S is going to stop advertising. Also, check out the art opening of Phantom Limb from Jayson and Heather Rae Morton at Topstitch on July 6th. Also, I did some guest dj'ing at WKDU today so I can have my own show and I played "Get Close" the clean version but it wasn't, oops sorry Oriel. Also, I don't think I said also enough times in this post.

Jayson Musson, Plastic Little, DJ Si Young, DJ Dee Jay

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ubiq Reopened

Walking by Ubiq during the spring I'm sure you noticed that it was closed. Well now its back open and completely redesigned by renowned architect Rafael de Cardenas. Cardenas is also responsible for the aNYthing score among others in the LES and around the world.
the optically stimulating store vibrates with black-and-white patterns, intense and strategic lighting, and reflective surfaces. The back of the store holds a standout collection of men's clothing and accessories in a space designed to feel like an old Upper East Side living room. The exclusive footwear, including Ubiq's eponymous line, find special homes in bright glass cases that facilitate maximum ogling. And with an upstairs gallery that transforms into temporary pop-up shops, expect a string of exciting collaborations to come.
Pop-up shops excite me. I looked into setting up a pop-up shop and the realtor was real nervous. Hopefully in the future I can find realtors not quite so nervous. Stop by the new store and gawk and buy and pair of Dunks or AF1's or a shirt at 1509 Walnut. Check out some of Cardenas' other projects at Architecture at Large.


More Photos

Above is what you missed at Mojito. Don't worry, its every weekend this summer on the Moshulu. Sign up for the guestlist for Saturday here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Grass Like Whoaa!

Its so refreshing to go to a bar, sit and drink $2.50 beers and hear really great music. Ortliebs Jazz Haus turned into Ortliebs Barn (No Raveo all you Scandinavian Trance heads who googled LowLands and got here we are talking about fucking BLUE GRASS) when the LowLands showed up last night to a crowd ready to get down on a Monday night. They played in the old acoustic style around one mic and just kept the place jumping with oringnal material, some killer John Prine covers, and harmonizing that stole my heart. The place was full of friends and family all sitting, drinking, and talking with a couple of courageous floggers getting up to dance when the spirit hit them. This was the last show for The LowLands before the Folk Fest this summer so they can finalize the full length album for release later on this year. Here is a track written by the guitarist in the band Chris Kasper which really captures the bands flava, and you can pick up the EP at Itunes and CD baby. These guys play a lot of local shows so sign up for their email news letter, or myspace, or Adrien Reju's email list.

Gamblin Soul [zshare]

DJ Kentaro feat Spank Rock

Newish single from DJ Kentaro. Although Kentaro is a former DMC champion, you won't find any of his signature scratches on his latest record Free. For this single, Spank Rock stopped by the studio while touring in Japan for "one long, drunken and wild session". Pick up Free now at your favorite store/digital download jumpoff.
Free video at Ninjatune, DJ Kentaro

Saturday: Roll Call!!! w/ E&B & C&J

Caps & Bliz & Jones & Emynd now monthly. Remember last time? They back this Saturday at the M Room and now every third Saturday. Holla at the gueslist for reduced entry.

Do you have feelings of shyness?

Its the safe, natural way to feel more confident about yourself. :)

Weekend Pics - June 8 - June 10, 2007

Friday, June 08, 2007

What it Do

Normally, this is where I ramble on and you have already skipped this part. One thing I do want to say is wow, there are crazy amounts of DIY or house or whatever parties popping up right about now. Anyways without further ado...

  • Mia Fundraiser at the Khyber - $10 for a good cause features K Mass, DJ Deejay and more (56 S. 2nd)
  • Lymbyc Systym w/ Crooked Looks - The Fire at 4th and Girard
  • [Click] - Its like Ibiza and Germany combined in there with partytrainsoldiers Dave P and Adam Sparkles now at Fluid (613 S. 4th st)
  • Sugar Shack - til latenight at 2nd and Cecil B or so. with The Swede, Deluxxx, Reef the Lost Cauze and more
  • AFTCP8 continues 1 - 6 PM (1400 N. American Street)
  • Sundae Block Party with King Britt!!, 3PM on - 34th and Sansom at the Bubble House
  • Theres some sort of international bike race. What this might mean for you is an excuse to start drinking along the Manayunk Wall. Still haven't been yet. Probably not this year either.

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is yet another option for those into the Philly street / skate / etc boutique scene. Here is a sampling of brands you can find at 54. N. 3rd.
mama, WRATH ARCANE, SUGAR CANE JEANS, track+field bags, MHI by Maharishi, fucking awesome, pegleg nyc, staple design, steven shein, call of the wild, WeSC, alex and chloe, JOHNNY CUPCAKES, FLYING COFFIN, name ribbon, house 33, UARM, evisu, claw money, HELLZ BELLZ...
You may also remember Deep Sleep for being the location of the free Hail Social show last month. Expect more to come in the future.

Open tues-sat: noon 'til eight PM. sunday: one 'til six PM.

Check Deep Sleep on MySpace and their new DeepxSleep blog.

Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym come recommended from a new friend. I normally would have completely missed these guys and the fact that they are playing at the Fire tonite. However, I decided to check them out and was pleasantly surprised. Since there is very little music I listen to that sounds like this, I always compare them to The Books (a favorite of Seg's) or the Philippians. There are usually two responses to this a)Who?? or b) They sound nothing alike. I find all three seem to be treading somewheres between acoustic, folk and electronic music. Much of the Lymbyc Systym sounds more IDM / ambient while the Philippians use more samples and The Books almost completely rely on disparate samples. Exploring a whole new genre on here is rather difficult. I often hate to read music reviews in so many publications as it sounds like the author is trying to impress not with the music but rather their intimate knowledge of abstruse vocabulary. Luckily this a music blog.
Pick up Love Your Abuser, Live or a Tshirt from their merch store. Carved by Glaciers is sold out.

Tonite: Lymbyc Systym w/The Crooked Looks at the Fire (412 W. Girard)

You Are Beautiful

No. Libs residents will recognize this sign installed at 2nd and Spring Garden. This is courtesy of who else but You Are Beautiful while the photo is from Kristie Lee at Emulsion Emotion a recent addition to our link list. Check the current exhibition of YAB at the Temple Art Gallery in Olde City as they exhibit their work in a group show with A/WAY, Celebrate People's History: Poster Project, Project Hello, Tit Pin (that is not a typo), University of the Poor's School of Arts and Culture and the West Philadelphia Re-signage Committee. Learn more about You Are Beautiful here and here.

Emulsion Emotion is a photoblog courtesy of professional photographers The Weekly Conversation. TWC consists of "John Yeomans and Kristie Lee Krause... We capture images together dynamically, interdependently, and adaptively to achieve specified, shared and valued objectives. We handle commercial assignments for major magazines, corporations, record companies, and advertising agencies." You can also buy select photos from them on Etsy.

Throwback Fridays

Inspired by BWM, I'm going to start doing Throwback Fridays™. Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, I'll post a video approximately at least 10 years old or older. Expect lots of rap interspersed with New Jack Swing, RNB and a dance track every once in awhile. So for the inaugural post heres DMX - Hows It Goin' Down

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket







New Steve Bloodbath and Silk City

Steve Bloodbath just sent me this brand new Busta Rhymes remix of Get Down rave banger. Oh and he also let me in on some Silk City rumors and innuendo
the grand opening of Silk City/ My New Night... "Mo Money, No Problems" is June 14th Every Thursday At Silk City... Best of 90's Hip Hop, R&B, Club, and Slow Jams... with Special Guests every week
So, tonite check out Steve at Dutty Wine and next week for the Silk City grand reopening. You heard it here first.
Steve Bloodbath, Strawberry Mansion

Tonite: Popoff Shack Reunion

Remember when the Popoff Shack was like the greatest party possible. Low Budget and Brendan were spinning upstairs and Dan the Swede was downstairs. It was all I could talk about on this blog for like 6 months or so. I hated going all the way out there cause it was kind of in no man's land but damn if it wasn't worth it. Well tonite its back at Bamboo. Low Budget and Brendan Bring'em will be spinning upstairs. Dan The Swede will bring nothing but fiyah for the dance floor downstairs and the outside area. Its only $5 on the list and you'll be awarded with an open vodka bar if you are there between 10 and 11. Yeah, sounds about right. Meanwhile, after tonite catch Low B in LA on Friday at the Echoplex and then in Atlanta at the Royal on Saturday.

Ian St. Laurent Remixes Chemical Bros

Just got this new banger from Ian St. Laurent. This is a remix of Chemical Brothers' - Do It Again. Check out the video of the original, not quite sure whats going on but definitely Chemical Brothers all the way. The lyrics remind me of a Saturday morning after a White Tees :) Anyways, now that Hands & Knees is dead, Ian St. Laurent is teaming back up with Jhn Rdn once again for Friday nights with Crescendolls. Peep the page to find out when and where the first one is. Or just stay tuned here every Friday until forever and we'll post it up.
Ian St. Laurent, Crescendolls

Tittsworth & Ayres on MTV Canada

Learn how to make the next Baltimore club hit using an SP404. Also peep the essential and random facts at the bottom.

Pick up T&A records and CD's at Turntable Lab.

The Remedy 10th Anniversary Photos

I had a blast at the Remedy Anniversary on Monday. Big Rich and Cosmo killed it. DJ Soul was the special guest. There were free Ayres and Cosmo Scion mixed CD's everywhere. I picked up 2 extra, so the first 2 people to email me at 5151List [at] gmail {dot} com will get one. Questlove showed up minutes after I did to say whats up to Cos and Rich. Brendan was there and was having a blast. Illvibe in the building. Tommy and Thane stopped by. Rachael and Gravy and lots of other people. The place was packed. Shout out to Bird, Has and JC. I see you DD.,, Imeyer

Sinden - Bassbin and Bangers Blog

Check out Sinden's monthly blog for Fact Magazine. He goes through latest releases from Kid Sister, Gantman, Pase Rock, XXXChange, Baltimore club blowing up and more. Basically a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to blog about individually but haven't yet so now I don't have to. Hey, look free mp3s:
Also be sure to check out the article and interview with MIA which includes a full track by track review of her upcoming album Kala. Oh and just to throw out some rumors, supposedly there is a remix of Boyz featuring Akon and Young Jeezy!

Sinden June Bassbin and Bangers Blog, MP3s via MadDecent Blog, Sinden on MySpace

Friday: For Mia Fundraiser

Just saw this on MySpace:
This isn't about me. This is about a fundraiser myself, Kate "Hawk" McNichol, and Maiken Scott are having to bring awareness of childhood cancer & help raise money for a cure. It is in honor of Mia, my cousin's daughter, 8 years old and battling AML [acute myelogenous leukemia] since November of 2005.

WHERE: The Khyber [56 S. 2nd St - Philly, PA]


WHEN: Friday, June 8th, 2007

TIME: 8:00pm - 2am

COST: $10 - if you make an online donation of $10 or more and are planning to come to the event your name will be added to a guest list.

**Usually The Khyber is free upstairs, however $10 is to get into BOTH areas of the venue for the evening, not just downstairs, everyone will have access to both floors once paid.**

WHAT: Twice the fun, with bands rocking out the downstairs and DJ's & a kick-ass hip-hop performance keeping things bumping upstairs. There will be a raffle with some fantastic prizes, drink specials [vodka & lemonade for $3 all night, $1 PBRs & Miller High Life upstairs until 11].

ALL MONEY MADE WILL GO TO: Alex's Lemonade Stand


The Clamor [Philly, PA]
Audible [Philly, PA]
The End of Radio [Philly, PA]
Kid Kreyol [Philly, PA]
Hello Tokyo [NYC, NY]

UPSTAIRS - DJs & Hip-Hop Performance:
Ultragrrrl [NYC, NY]
Kenneth Masters [Philly, PA]
DJ DeeJay [Philly, PA]

Kate Hawk -
Maiken Scott -

Can't make the event but still want to donate

If you would like to make a donation offline instead you can write a check payable to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and send them before June 8th to:

For Mia Fundraiser
c/o Kate McNichol
3241 Amber St. Box 5
Philadelphia, PA, 19134

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(Danny Devito signing autographs in Center City)
I thought about not posting this but then I realized that Its Always Sunny is the most incredible show on TV and the new season hasn't even started yet. It means that the gang is shooting episodes and will be back soon, not sure when but soon. Personally, Devito is nice but not necessarily needed, definitely added plot lines though. Whatever saves the show.
If you haven't seen an episode yet watch an episode or 15 here. It kind of reminds me of the humor of Arrested Development. Of course for some that is a glowing stamp of approval and I'm sure others will be like, "There is a reason that show got canceled." Love/hate the show? What's your favorite episode? Leave it in the comments.
Photo courtesy of Uwishunu.

Outkast & UGK - International Players Anthem

UGK and Outkast. Crazy collabo. Forget about best of the South, these 4 are the best in the game period. Here's the extended clip. I was going to quote lyrics but I can't figure out which ones to quote, since there are so many I would end up quoting the whole video. The song is amazing by itself, but the video is pretty amazing. There are crazy cameos and the subtle effects thrown in are nice too. I can't wait for the UGK album, its out 7-17-07, preorder it now.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tonite: The Remedy 10 Year Anniversary

From Cosmo Baker:
Some words about The Remedy: It was over 10 years ago that, in a time when hip-hop was in a serious state of flux, when together with Rahnon and Rich we created The Remedy, "Dedicated to defying devisions in our musical climate." The idea was a night which cured all that ails you of your hip-hop woes. And together, we created what I will humbly call the greatest hip-hop weekly event in the history of Philadelphia, if not of all time and al world. Where else could you find all types of people getting down to whatever Rich and I and whatever guest he had, all in unison, all on a Monday night - EVERY Monday night. There's a reason why Rich always called it "Fluid University," and that was because people went there to get schooled, but like one who thirsts for knowledge - it is sustenance. People would travel hundreds of miles each Monday night, join the Remedy Massive, and go back to New York or DC or Pittsburgh that night, only to have to go to work the next day. And they would do it week in and week out. Where else could you go and find Andre and Big Boi on the dancefloor, Lauryn Hill sitting at a table, Dave Navarro at the bar, DJ Cash Money on the turntables and Kurrupt on the mic, and it was like it was NOTHING? And this was on a normal night.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of something that was that special, something that was so important, something that made such an impact. And I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to have actually played a part in it. The Remedy was what really made me the DJ that I am today, and I know Rich feels the same way. The Remedy influenced so many throughout the years, and it's influence is still being felt today, a decade later. The way that things are so temporary these days, it's an honor and a blessing to have been able to be involved with something that has had this much staying power. It is also truly one of the biggest honors of my life to have been able to be behind the decks alongside my friend Rich Medina, one of the best DJs one could imagine, as well as being a giant among men, and Rahnon, my dearest friend and closet confidant and really the glue that held it all together. So let's do it again, one more time, like we used to... See you on tonight!

Free before 11, $5 after. Guest DJ's and giveaways all night long. Fluid 613 S. 4th Street

Plastic Little - Club Banger (video)

Remember back in December when Plastic Little shot the club scene at Medusa? Well the Club Banger video is now done.
From the directors of Spankrock's amazing Rick Rubin video, directors Jesse Engaard and Jerome Roxas have brought another banger for Plastic Little's Club Banger

Yes, dope. If you look really, really closely you still probably won't see me but I swear I'm in the background.

Weekend Pics: WTWB, Wheres Me Booty, Datarock and More

Drink Moloko has pics from White Tees White Belts at the Arts Garage redesigned his website
YapSnaps has pics from Abrasive Company at M Room, Datarock and White Tees here
Check out my pics from Where's Me Booty on Saturday and the afterparty at 2nd and Poplar
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