Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Bounce and Free CD's

Some of you loyal readers may remember when I used to do posts of 10 tracks at a time. It was like Chrismakwanakah etc all in one post. I stopped because it wasn't regular and would wait to post until I had enough. Well, today is special. If you're still reading this, I have Bonde Do Role "Sola O Frango" and A Trak - Dirty South Dance CD's to give away. The first two people to email 5151List[at]gmail{dot}com with subject "Dirty South Role" with the answer to the following questions will receive both free:

What bone did Marina break while on tour last year?
2.)What is the name of the label that A Trak started with Nick Catchdubs?
Whew. Support the artists, buy their music and book them at shows or see them play.

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Cousin Cole said...

Thanks for posting those tracks!cua