Friday, June 08, 2007

Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym come recommended from a new friend. I normally would have completely missed these guys and the fact that they are playing at the Fire tonite. However, I decided to check them out and was pleasantly surprised. Since there is very little music I listen to that sounds like this, I always compare them to The Books (a favorite of Seg's) or the Philippians. There are usually two responses to this a)Who?? or b) They sound nothing alike. I find all three seem to be treading somewheres between acoustic, folk and electronic music. Much of the Lymbyc Systym sounds more IDM / ambient while the Philippians use more samples and The Books almost completely rely on disparate samples. Exploring a whole new genre on here is rather difficult. I often hate to read music reviews in so many publications as it sounds like the author is trying to impress not with the music but rather their intimate knowledge of abstruse vocabulary. Luckily this a music blog.
Pick up Love Your Abuser, Live or a Tshirt from their merch store. Carved by Glaciers is sold out.

Tonite: Lymbyc Systym w/The Crooked Looks at the Fire (412 W. Girard)

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