Sunday, October 30, 2005


Waking up someone asked how the party was so my friend replied "This kid still has makeup on and I woke up with a candy necklace on." So crazy last night. Place was packed. Costume game was real. The Baseball Furies (Ayres, Cosmo, Caps and Jones) tore it up on the decks. I may have had one too many drinks. BPP and Bufflalo represented as the whole place cheered when they were called out.

Check the pics here.


I woke up today and found a scrap of paper containing the jagged stuttering writing of “Kenny – SwingKidd” on it, suggesting that indeed, something happened last night. Such scribbilous patterns on asymmetrically torn pieces of paper do not materialize under their own cognizance. And again, more evidence..

A folded hard paper flyer with the words “Hallowasted,” indicating --with no unneeded syllables-- that, #1, this is a Halloween party and #2 you might not remember that fact when you get up the next day.

I however, have an infallible memory which just needs to be stimulated by various pocket artifacts before the full story can be brought to light. And so, here is the story:

At gun point, the clown didn’t look so happy. He begged and pleaded for mercy, but alas, the masked female figure had every intention of killing tonight, and would not be dissuaded because of the mere protests of a carnival worker. Fortunately for him, the plastic gun was filled with blanks, and additionally, made out of plastic, resulting in a disappointing and anticlimactic end to the night. None the less, I took this picture at a critical moment in time so you can share a part in the panic. Thrilling.
What you can’t see in this picture, is that SwingKidd has two turntables under the set, and he’s operating them with his toes to create a layered schizophrenic series of beats that you’d have to be catatonic to restrain yourself from breaking out in a variety of chaotic dance moves.
The only way such a device can be operated is with careful artistic inspiration and possibly, methamphetamines.

The night took a slightly unpleasant turn as ghostly figures (pictured here) drew out of the fog and made threatening hostile gestures growling repeated demands to “get out of eternal resting place” Apparently though, that’s the limit of their abilities, so we spilled some beer on them and they went elsewhere to complain about their underachieving undead lives.

Wake the Dead

Honestly, whats better than tearing the fucking club up at a funeral parlor for Halloween? So far, not much. We'll see how Ruboween compares tonight cause I'm sure it will be close. If you weren't there, you definitely missed out cause the energy last night was incredible. It was a byo so I rolled up with a bottle of E&J and some Carabao (red bull i get in china town at $6 for 10). I was passin that around all night and people were going crazy with it. Last I saw of it Tomy Up was rockin with it on the dance floor.

When I got there Bo Bliz was killin it on the decks and the place was already packed. Dan the swede stepped up next and kept the crowd bouncin with power pills he was dropping. Steven Bloodbath kept the crowd rockin like they were on a cocaine waterslide. At the pinnacle of the night Low Budget came on and had the whole dance floor bouncin, moshing and throwin bows. The place was so hyped I honestly think we woke the dead. The whole place got their gangsta walk on and were bouncin around like they had dressed up as Tigger. Afterwards Emynd & Bo finished everyone off with an ill set as everyone could barely stand up when the music stopped.

Check the pics here to see what ya missed or to relive the hottest Philly Halloween party of '05.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Be more

First off a moment of silence for Rosa Parks.

Thank you and just to clarify things from her book My Story via wikipedia:
People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day. I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then. I was forty-two. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

Ok now that we've addressed that, this Bmore gutter music is damn good. Spaceboy has a new shipment in so go cop yours now cause this is just too ill to miss out on. With Spankrock and Amanda Blank lending guest vocals and Scottie B producing, you can not go wrong with this Bmore gutter education.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bmore Gutter Music

Love Bmore club and don't have enough music at home to bounce around to? Not sure what Bmore club is but love that booty bass music that Low Budget always drops at the craziest point in the night? Well you're in luck. Low Budget of Hollertronix and Aaron LaCrate have dropped their new mix CD Bmore Gutter Music. This CD is definitely hot right now and makes me feel like I should have my own personal booty dancers dancing while I type this. With original cuts by Low Budget, Spankrock and Amanda Blank, Aaron LaCrate and more this is the mix that will be taking over your ears. Check three snippets here. This CD is everywhere right now. If you're in Philly check Space Boy Music at their new location 704 South St. Call first, cause their first shipment sold out. Armands Records at 1108 Chestnut should also have it by now. Also available at Turntable lab and more including Amazon. Check the official press

Sunday, October 16, 2005

There’s the girl, across the club, who works at a drug store. She’s a pharmacist and does overtime, she’s there nearly 70 hours a week. If you ask her how she is, normally she’ll barely answer you. She’d just nod, and stare off into the distance. If you’re lucky you might get a mumbled reply in cliché form.
“How are you.” A question to answer a question. Somehow though, she’s forgotten herself, and now communicates vividly using soaring hand motions, with the trails from strobing lights throwing in conjecture and highlighting main themes. She’s cutting off to tangents concerning space and stars, exploring the nature of vitality with the enthusiasm of an afterburner. Her perfect, symmetrical oscillations draw a crowd, and with preacher-like influence she speaks to them in quick dips and spins. She’s gone off on a wild rambling rant. And who be any of us to stop her?

Lets Go!

Pleasuretown delivered as expected. I came by early for the open bar and John Redden of Socket Sundays opened up. Next was Philmoore Brown rocking out with a crazy performance.

I checked out the attic with Freak and met with Zeit und Raum. Hope and Samantha let me know that it means "Time and Space" in English. Zeit und Raum also has a show at each Freak on the last Friday of every month at Fluid. The theme for tonight was Arctic Futuristic '50s and it came off really well. All the models were looking amazing with metallic skirts, baby blues and white faux fur. You can check out their regular collection at Garfield Michael Designs at 4th and Bainbridge.

In the basement the Town Jewlerz were killing it handing out free CDs for their release party of Youth Suicide Fantasy. Tommie Sunshine rocked the attic first and then finished off in the basement. $2 PBRs were flowing and so I headed up stairs.

Cosmo and Ayres had been dropping ill tunes all night so I headed to the main floor to check out the end of their set.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Rub in Philly Again! Free admission for first 4 people

After Ayers and Cosmo absolutely killed it they're back again at Transit this Saturday. Pleasuretown is back again with The Rub moving to the main stage for the It's The Motherfuckin Remix CD release party. If you weren't at the last one you definitely missed out as The Rub! was voted best party in NYC by the Village Voice 2005.

In the basement we'll be rockin the jamz with the Youth Fantasy Suicide CD release party for the Town Jewelerz along with Tommie Sunshine one of urb mag's top US DJ's. Look out for CD giveaways from the Jewelrz.

In the Attic Freak and Low Life present jon.gill wallyc @ deadboy with the industrial and electro sounds.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

The good thing about clubs with a ground floor and a balcony overhead is you can make intense eye contact with minimal social repercussions. It's more of a psychological advantage than anything. Your mind says, "She's on a different LEVEL man, she can't reach you." and suddenly you're standing on the other side of a massive canyon, there's no way you'll actually meet.
In reality, getting your ass kicked is only a staircase away...

Rain in the city is a beautiful thing. Not because of the way it turns the ground to a warped refracted pool, bouncing back streetlamps as flickering globs of light. And not because of the sound which muffles the cars and gears churning throughout the city, softening the harsh edges and replacing them with a gentle ambience.
Its because girls who are wearing white shirts refuse to have their night's ruined by a few droplets of water, and so continue to bounce from club to club in increasingly transparent clothing.
I love rain in the city.

First Fridays

First Fridays is one of my favorite aspects of Philly. You can always find some great art, interesting people and free refreshments. Last night was no exception. I stopped by Drizzle Gallery for their grand opening. Drizzle is a completely new gallery in that it showcases only digital multi-media installments. Drizzle definitely impressed with work from Jen McCleary, Jessica Selig and more. There were so many great galleries and exhibits, you should definitely check them out before their exhibitions end.

Afterwards we headed to Ulanas for White T's and White Belts with emynd, the Swede and Bo Bliz. They killed it as expected. If you don't know about these guys check them out every First Friday with $2 PBRs til midnight, free admission before 11 and only $5 after.

After getting our drink on we headed to Wax for a Friday night dance party. Diabolic from the Town Jewelerz and special guest John Redden from Socket Sundays at Silk City dropped the party jams and got the dancefloor rockin. Check it out every Friday for a danceable spot in Old City with drink specials til midnight