Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Rub in Philly Again! Free admission for first 4 people

After Ayers and Cosmo absolutely killed it they're back again at Transit this Saturday. Pleasuretown is back again with The Rub moving to the main stage for the It's The Motherfuckin Remix CD release party. If you weren't at the last one you definitely missed out as The Rub! was voted best party in NYC by the Village Voice 2005.

In the basement we'll be rockin the jamz with the Youth Fantasy Suicide CD release party for the Town Jewelerz along with Tommie Sunshine one of urb mag's top US DJ's. Look out for CD giveaways from the Jewelrz.

In the Attic Freak and Low Life present jon.gill wallyc @ deadboy with the industrial and electro sounds.


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