Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wake the Dead

Honestly, whats better than tearing the fucking club up at a funeral parlor for Halloween? So far, not much. We'll see how Ruboween compares tonight cause I'm sure it will be close. If you weren't there, you definitely missed out cause the energy last night was incredible. It was a byo so I rolled up with a bottle of E&J and some Carabao (red bull i get in china town at $6 for 10). I was passin that around all night and people were going crazy with it. Last I saw of it Tomy Up was rockin with it on the dance floor.

When I got there Bo Bliz was killin it on the decks and the place was already packed. Dan the swede stepped up next and kept the crowd bouncin with power pills he was dropping. Steven Bloodbath kept the crowd rockin like they were on a cocaine waterslide. At the pinnacle of the night Low Budget came on and had the whole dance floor bouncin, moshing and throwin bows. The place was so hyped I honestly think we woke the dead. The whole place got their gangsta walk on and were bouncin around like they had dressed up as Tigger. Afterwards Emynd & Bo finished everyone off with an ill set as everyone could barely stand up when the music stopped.

Check the pics here to see what ya missed or to relive the hottest Philly Halloween party of '05.

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bo bliz said...


thanks for coming through, my night was somewhat blurry. i'm glad i didn't hit that e and j bottle.

good shit!