Friday, June 30, 2006

Celebrating Americas Bday

  • Jinxed BBQ 7 - 10 PM with Opalrock of Town Jewlers and art from Dave Glass and Isaac Bushkin
  • Around the corner Minnow will having their last friday event with Message in a Bottle featuring 16 local artists.
  • Dan the Swede at Shouk (6th and bainbridge)
  • Hands & Knees at Manhattan Room (Frankford and Girard) with Ian St. Laurent
  • For the DnB heads - Back to Bassics.
  • A Taste of Philadelphia 11am - 5pm (6th Street between Arch and Chestnut Streets)
    • Featuring 14 local restaurants showing off their menus (more info)
  • Penn's Landing conert and fireworks with Cece Penniston and the Ohio Players 6:30 - 9:30
  • Um, there is this thing at this place. Low Budget spins, Brendan Spins, The Swede spins. It Pops off at Metro each and erry Saturday
  • Mojito with a fashion show outside you say? Sign me up.
  • Boat party 7 - 12 PM with fireworks overhead, all you can eat and drink. More info boatparty at
  • All night partiers go Bang
  • A Taste of Philadelphia - same bat channel same bat time.
  • Rooftop party starts at 4.
  • Sundays are the new black. Disco D will be tearing up the walnut Room. You may have heard of Disco D from Kevin Federline, the mixtape I posted here recently, 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way", early booty house or a host of others. Clearly this is not to be missed. RSVP here for $5 entry instead of $10.
  • Some people have this day off. I wish I was some people. If you do, enjoy it by sleeping through it from last nights debauchery at the Walnut Room.
  • Or eat some cake at the Independence Visitor Center
  • Or Salsa on down the Parkway
  • All I got so far is fireworks, parkway festival, parade and Lionel Richie. (more info) I would suggest finding someone with a roof deck who lives near the art museum.
If I hear of anything else, I'll let ya know.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Safety First cause I'm Never Scared

More gems from System D128. This time a video mix for part of track 1 from the Hollertronix mixtape Never Scared. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Party now so you don't regret it later

Cheers! Slainte! Salud! Apparently, we're only happy in the short term when we work hard instead of partying according to a new study out.
Hedonists, rejoice! A couple of Columbia University researchers have found that in the long run, people tend to regret having missed out on opportunities for pleasure -- and they wish they hadn't been so diligent about working. What's more, our attitudes reverse over time. In the short run, we're proud of our ability to work hard and delay gratification. But years later, we regret that choice.
I'm saying though, stay tuned here and find out whats going on and throw caution to the wind so you don't regret it later. You only really regret that hangover while you're experiencing it cause we all know you'll do it again the week after next.


Lightning photos

I love lightning. It inspires me, it energizes me. A lightning storm was partially responsible for this blog (see the approximation of the view at 51:51 at the top of the page). So when I saw this on Boingboing today I had to post it. The picture they chose (the one above) completely sealed the deal. It was taken January 24th, 1993 in Oakhurst, NSW. Needless to say, Michael Bath has nearly 30 pages of lightning photographs dating back almost 20 years from the land down under. He also has a handy guide to taking your own lightning photos that I will be studying. Maybe when I retire from this blog, I'll take up storm chasing and start a whole new blog.

Link (via Boingboing)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Busta Rhymes "Touch It" Hollertronix Remix

SystemD128 has done it again. Hes cranking out videos like crazy possibly for the Diplo/Bonde Do Role/CSS party coming to a town near you. So whats the record for remixes? Here is a remix of a remix. Daft punk is transcending every genre with their Technologic track and taking over clubs near you. Who would have thought that two French techno producers / astronauts would be so hot in the streets around the world?

Holler at SystemD128 and check out the original Technologic video.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Photos

Mark Ronson and Spider was crazy last night at the Popoff Shack. So absolutely insane. The bartenders were conspiring against me to get me drunk. I kept ordering a "redbull, just a redbull" and they just ignored it and gave me a redbull and vodka. So much fun last night regardless. Welcome home Spankrock. Check out pictures here

Angelo has pictures for Freak's Low Life here and Click here
Beyond Recognition

Any night at a club is kinda like the classic story of boy meets girl, edited down to about 10 minutes.

"Uh, cut out the introductions."
"Okay, thats gone." A small clip of film floats down to the cutting room floor.
"Take out..." the director points to a section of film,"...that part, there."
"You mean an hour and fifteen minutes of the two main characters developing strong emotional ties which provide context and story momentum for arriving at the inevitable conclusion?"
"Yeah get that out of there."
"Okay. All thats left is some guy grinding up against some girls ass for 10 minutes."
"ohhhhhhh yeaHHHH"

I think that's more or less representative of the social phenomena occurring here.

Bottled Poison

I was drunk, and I knew this because I was pissing clear, meaning that all nutrients had been flushed from my body. I spent a few minutes trying to track down the nutritional information on the side of a bottle of lager, which aught to have been there, but apparently the only ingredients drinkers care about is percentage of alcohol.

Think of possibilities for health concerned drinkers. Get obliterated while getting 30% of your daily value in dietary fiber. Strengthen you bones with calcium fortified alcohol, so when you trip over the curb later in the night, you probably won't break anything. Or consume vital, life prolonging nutrients, which you'll end up vomiting up later on.

But thats just a pipe dream, for now the only thing we're being served is a kind of variation on poison in a bottle. Which, when you think about it, is really an amazing success story for the marketing industry. Hey everyone, drink our toxic product and you might not throw up all over your shoes. Brilliant!

Valid Distinction

If you ever get into trouble, you can always find strength in the comforting white glow of plastic cups stacked behind the bar. Making the trip back to the bartender's company for a refill is like, going back home, and seeing all your friends, lined up, on the wall, looking tempting and delicious.

Last night, on one of these trips back to the bar, I noticed one of the bartenders was wearing a pair of antennae with penises on each end; like the headwear of some barbaric, misandristic alien tribe. There was a bachelorette party going on, and a couple other girls were wearing them also, so I asked the bartender if she got them from one those girls.

"It's not often you get to wear penises on your head!" She smiled.
"Well, It could be often," I observe.
"I said on your head, not your face."
Wow. Well, I guess its really my fault for not being aware that a girl wearing penises on her head probably already has her mind in the gutter. Take note.

- Seg

Friday, June 23, 2006

What it Do - First Weekend of Summer

It's official. Its the first weekend of summer and we'll be setting it off right. Saturday and Sunday are going to blow you away and Tuesday there is a special party but thats our little secret.

Friday Saturday
  • Private party at the Puma Store - must email 5151List@gmail to find out how to RSVP.

History of Cottontail

Remember how we mentioned previously about an upcoming appearance from one one Miss Oxy Cottontail? Well its going down this Sunday at the Walnut Room. Miss Cottontail will be djing with the lovely DJ Elle. Get on the guestlist now because its going to be packed.

So whats the title have to do with any of this? ANP Quarterly has an article about Roxy in Issue 4. Read the whole article here. So what is ANP Quarterly?
A new arts magazine published by RVCA which will focus on a broader sense of art and community. The idea behind this endeavor is to make a magazine that will educate and inform openly and without the social or financial restrictions that plague many publications today and contribute more often than not to the "same old thing" again and again. Our goal is not to focus on current events or "who's hot" but rather to bring forward people and phenomena that deserve acknowledgement and coverage regardless of their place in time. For as long as we can make it happen, this magazine will be completely FREE and without advertising. - Taken from the editors' letter in issue 1
You can pick up ANP in Philly at Space 1026 or Minnow or just sign up for their newsletter on their website.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Too Tuff Back to Wreck Shop*

Unfortunately I didn't catch this until too late. DJ Too Tuff from major old school Philly hip hop players Too Tuff Crew was profiled in the Inqy in advance of his show at the Tritone. Get your learn on or nostalgia as it may be.

Once lost, but now found, DJ Too Tuff is touching the tables again, trying to piece together a career that held as much promise as those other Philly turntablists Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Miz. Tonight at Tritone, he begins what many hope is a not-so-long road back.

"In my opinion, any DJ from the Philly area who is 25 and up has been influenced by DJ Too Tuff," says Cosmo Baker, the renowned DJ behind The Rub parties. Baker, a Philly native, called Hicks one of the best unheralded DJs of his time in the April issue of Wax Poetics magazine. "Any DJ of worth knows the cuts from 'My Part of Town' by heart."

Read the whole article here. Check out the Phila.Sophical trailer. Check out this video from his performance at Tritone.

*Title provided by Cosmo Baker. Back to Wreck Shop has been reissued and can be picked up now. Listen to the full album here.

Aaron LaCrate: feature

From what I heard last Friday was amazing. Aaron LaCrate killed it at Shouk. Debonair Samir showed up and did the damn thing as expected. I wish this had been another weekend but this weekend will make up for it. One consolation prize while I was in Florida, ten minutes after walking into random Florida club the DJ dropped Low Budget's remix of the T.I. banger "What You Know". Bmore club music is blowing up and finally getting the respect its due.
As Hyphy, Crunk, and Screw have given cities and regions a sonic identity, Lacrate hopes that “Baltimore Club Music” will be Hip-Hop’s next embraced sub-genre. Already, official remixes for Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It”, Shawnna, and Jurassic 5 have surfaced, as Jim Jones spits on Lacrate and Debonair Samir’s-produced, “Get Doe” on the Waist Deep Soundtrack.
Check out the interview here to learn more about Milkcrate clothing, Bmore Gutter Music and where Aaron LaCrate came from. Don't forget to pick up the Blow Remix CD as well.

System D128 Interview

ERock did an interview with System D128, the man behind the video for the Hollertronix remix of Stay Fly, White Label TV collaborator and creator of the awesome video remix of DJ Johnny Blaze’s “Muppets” you can see below.

Check the interview here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Next on the Decks this Saturday

Too busy to post anything besides: Go to This. Go to Mark Ronson and DJ Spider to hear more music. Check out Mark Ronson every Friday with Authentic Shit on East Village Radio.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What it do

Ok, so I'm going on vacation so thats why this is on time. Disappointed I'll be missing Friday but excited to go see sand, sun, beaches, boats, fishing, skydiving and birthday parties.

  • The Wednesday Night Weekyly - Ric Rok, $1 PBRs, $1 Vitamin H20 ladies free until 11
  • The Get In @ Tritone with grime, dubstep, and The Captain
  • Aaron LaCrate @ Shouk with Dan the swede, No cover all night, $3 drinks 10 -11 and hookahs upstairs. Now with a wider dance floor just for tonite.
  • Destroy your Liver @ Khyber upstairs

New Orleans Bounce

New winner from the monthly Hollertronix mix by JD. Normally I would just include this with the usual More Bounce posting, but this is important enough that it has its own post. From here out I'll just let Dirty South Joe aka Deluxx introduce it.

This month's winner is brought to you by that bol jd and it's an essential selection of New Orleans BOUNCE classics. From the ease in which Curtis Mayfield rides to the Bunny Hop, to the all too familiar sounds of crackly, well worn wax, this mix is an excellent introduction to one of the N.O.'s countless musical exports. Don't forget, the city itself is older than the United States, and most if not all American black music was born either there or Mississippi.

I'm not sure exactly what any of us can actually do at this point to help remedy the suffering of post Katrina New Orleans. It's a pretty safe bet that an alarming percentage of displaced residents will NEVER be able to return to their homestate. The least we can do is educate ourselves on some of the incredible cultural contributions the city has graciously provided us with.

As a bonus to jd's mix, I offer yall a couple of examples of timely protest music. 5th Ward Weebie's Fuck Katrina and Lil Wayne's (Georgia) Bush.


New Orleans still needs help. Craigslist still has their page up, so check there to find a place to volunteer or donate money.

Curtis Mayfield blend over Bunny Hop inst.
Da Entourage - Bunny Hop (they used to have Bunny Hop contests at Sharpstown mall, haha)
Ricky B - Ya'll Holla
BMD feat. Papa Reu and Juvie - Nasty Girl
Big Tymers feat. Bun B - Playboy
Kane and Abel feat. Mystikal - Shake it Like a Dog
Juvenile - Soldia Rag
Mystikal - Big Truck Driver
DJ Jubilee - Get it Ready (live version)
Everlasting Hitman - Bounce Baby Bounce
DJ Jimi - Where Dey At?

Madden on weed

Congrats to Jay Simplefly for doing what most of you now wish you had done years ago, playing Madden stoned with friends and posting it on YouTube. No seriously, the video got picked up by Deadspin somehow made it into the hands of a big ad agency and Jay and Brian (doorman for TWNW) are flying out to LA for a few days to do the shoot for the commercial. As of right now "they're leading me to believe they're basing like the WHOLE EA SPORTS ad campaign on this video. Like the NCAA footbal game, Madden, AND the NBA game. " We'll have to get Jay to give us an update if he ever returns to Philly now that he is a bigtime SAG actor. You can tell him goodbye at the Wednesday Night Weekly tonight with $1 vitamin waters and $1 PBRs til midnight at Medusa Lounge.

See Mom, I can get paid for playing video games all day. Oh and this is the only interception that from Donny Mac that I'm now cheering for.

Sidewalk Soundbites

This and every Wednesday, spend your lunch in Center City and catch some live music while you're at it. Concerts run from noon to 1:30 every Wednesday until September 6th. Locations vary every week throughout Center City. Today you can check out Lonnie Shields playing the blues at I & II Commerce Square, 2005 Market Street.

Check out the complete schedule here.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kill Yourself Tuesdays is back

From Steve Bloodbath:



(THATS 4 FOR A DOLLAR!!!!! a good value.)

NOW..... The news.




HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!

You Dudes and Chicks are gonna totally nape out!

Anybody that was at the last one of these things Knows what the Fuck I'm talking about....


STEVEN BLOODBATH AND IAN ST LAURANT are gonna kill it Like Vince Neil Killed Razzle!!!!!


For those that are searching for "kill yourself" and not this party, please call 1-800-SUICIDE or visit Hopeline. It gets better I promise.

Model casting call

From Paper Street:
We need us some models for an outdoor fashion show. Ladies only. And we need you to meet with the designer tomorrow, Wednesday. he's picking the models. This is for some real high fashion type stuff. Hit us back if you're interested and can make a quick casting/fitting session on Wednesday.

Please send to anyone you think you would be interested.
Contact Paper Street if you're interested.

Cirrhosis damage cut with coffee

Since we may talk about drinking once in awhile on here, we thought we should pass along this helpful news. Coffee may not cure your hangover but it apparently does help your liver.
Compared with people who never drank coffee, those who drank one cup a day or less were about 30 percent less likely to develop alcoholic cirrhosis. The more coffee they drank, the lower the risk. At one to three cups per day, the risk was lowered by 40 percent, and those who drank more than four cups a day reduced their risk by 80 percent. Coffee had no statistically significant effect on the risk for nonalcoholic cirrhosis.
Additionally, tea has no significant impact indicating that its not caffeine that is the helpful aid.


Disco D mixtape 'A Copa é Nossa'

For a limited time download A Copa E Nossa from Disco D featuring Cabal aka C4 from Brazilian hip hop group Braza. Get the whole tracklisting here. This mixtape has been released in conjunction with the World Cup as it translates to "The Cup is ours, The Time is Now!!!". Track 2 "A Copa E Nossa" is the official Brasilian national football team hip-hop anthem. Additional support from ProHipHop and Phresh Esteve Aqui.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Process of Elimination

If you could be anyone in a club, who would you be? There's that guy, leaning against the wall, hands all the way down in his pockets, looking like he's waiting for something.
The guy dancing spastically and erratically, laughing, while jumping up and down forcefully.
You've got your drinkers, intaking alcohol like mammoths at a whiskey pool.
Pool sharks, smoking, eyes focused on the table only. Real cool.
You've got the guy who rocks side to side with a hot girl he's never met, whispering coded messages into her hair, and she smiles to herself and laughs for some reason she's not aware of.
There's others too, different variants and mutations of this set. Pick a few, who would you be?

You wanna be the guy who has game enough to pick up the girl. Right? I mean, if you wanted to drink, you could stay home. If you wanna play pool, go during a friggin weekday. It's Friday, or Saturday, and there's a good chance you paid cover to get in here. So go have as good a time as possible.
How do you do this? I'll tell you:
Develop club game.

Okay, full disclosure. I don't have any club game, nor do I know anyone with club game, so I'm just going to cook something up based on the process of elimination and poorly informed guesses.

Here's what doesn't work:

Item number 1: Doing nothing.
Standing does not impress the ladies. Many guys can also stand. She's just not going to have anything to do with you if you do nothing. Therefore, a good first step to developing club game is to do SOMEthing. For instance, nodding your head to the music shows that at any moment you might make use of your incredible sense of rhythm and start actually dancing, which will go a great deal toward convincing an attractive girl that you are not, in fact, catatonic. (Catatonic is not yet sexy) Or if you're not ready for this yet, try to make eye contact with someone other than your beloved bottle of lager. It tells the world, "I am aware of the presence of other human beings, and, maybe someday, I will actually speak to them." Also, whispering "Hi" just under your breath as she walks by may provide good practice for actual communication in the future. Practice makes perfect.

Item number 2: Talking.
Club game is different from normal game in that you won't have use of your speaking or listening abilities while 90 decibel music is being blasted at your skull from all directions. Don't worry, you aren't expected to learn sign language. In a club environment, hand gestures, facial expressions, and vowel screaming are all acceptable forms of communication. Learn them well.
Try to develop an alluring stare by practicing with yourself in the mirror, or with passengers of passing cars. They won't have enough time to give you any real constructive criticism, but their two second look of sheer horror should be all that you need to gradually adjust and shape your gaze into a panty removing tractor beam.

Alright, I've been kidding around having fun with this, but I think I should probably drop a few actual gems of wisdom from my experiences over the last few months.
Know your environment. You think you like a girl over there? Who is she with? Who are her friends? What's the best way to approach her?
Observe, plot, plan, strategize, and then just drink a few beers and fucking go over there and dance with her. Too many nights have been ruined by overestimation of how much time there is. Make no mistake. This is one fleeting moment. And it's going to end the same way, over and over again, until you recognize it.

Aight, thats it.
Drink safe, take chances.
- Seg

Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend update




Nothing Fancy Volume 5 Released

Nothing Fancy Volume 5 was released today. V5 features 12 artists with a wide variety of art from all over the world. Submissions came from Philly, Maine, Tokyo, Lithuania, Berlin, New York and LA.


Rumours, hearsay and word on the street

The following is speculation, sayings, wishfulness, possibilities, dreams etc. Not responsible if you make plans to drive cross country and these don't actually happen.
  • Two more boat parties this month? Can we keep it up with one every other weekend?
  • Oxy Cottontail is scheduled to make an appearance in the city of Brotherly Love. Apparently she loves woodgrain.
  • Tittsworth will be making an appearance in July. No word on the date yet.
  • A booze bus to Brooklyn to Rub it up?
  • New Curtis Vodka mixtape with all original tracks? Just that Yeti Shit.
Got a tip? Hit us off with an email to

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Natural Selection starts Friday

Its evolution. Its 6 months in the making and its this Friday.

Natural Selection

Fri., June 9, 10pm-2am. $5. Monthly. Bubble House, 3404 Sansom St. 215.243.0804.

Stop by Bubble House on a late Sunday afternoon and you'll find all of Philly's house heads in attendance-either sweating it out on the dance floor or spilling onto the sidewalk with beers and bubble teas in hand. As the Bubble House's new "nightlife coordinator," promoter Jay Simplefly is about to up the ante at the laid-back dance shack this summer. To start he's bringing in Philly breakbeat funk DJs Clayton & Fulcrum for a monthly night of warm and soulful funk fusion. The duo will be there every second Friday, accompanied by Jazzface on live percussions and DJ Ric Rok downstairs throwing out hip-hop and party jams. "This one's going to be big," Jay promises. "You should probably go." In addition to sake-sangria specials, from 10 to 11 there's free Tsingtao (China's No. 1 beer, pronounced ching-dow)-along with complimentary Thai chicken wings and crispy Thai curried veggie samosas-for the early birds. Just remember, party people: "Ching-dow."(Kate Kilpatrick)

Hit up previous post to check out music samples.

Free Up Your Mix

Big things from this year's Scion's Free Up Your Mix winners. Them Rub boys Ayres and Cosmo won the reggae and rare groove mixes respectively while Philly's own Kwestion from the Scratch Makaniks won the Hip Hop Street category.

Ayres and Cosmo will be DJing in San Francisco, Denver, DC, and St. Louis.

Hit up Ayre's website to pick up the winning mixes from him and Cosmo.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Bounce: Xi

Back with more mpfrees, don't want your Ipod getting too stale with old music.

  • DJ Gorky from Bonde Do Role via Lemon Red

  • New tribute to J Dilla from Ropeadope

  • Nick Catchdubs remix of Rick Ross - Hustlin

  • Disconnected Volume 4 is out from Jokers of the Scene aka DJ Booth and Chameleonic straight out of hOttawa. Hit up the link to find out when they'll be in your area cause they're going on tour in August.

  • Krames Bmore Lucifer in honor of yesterday some ill bmore remix from Lee Scratch Perry. Check out Krames at Cobra Kai parties in Richmond, VA.
  • Ok, I could mine these all day, here are a few jewels.
  • Neva Eva Remix
  • Lean Wit It Remix
  • Stunnas & Grils Mix
  • Just hit up the site and download more

  • New evil Curtis Vodka Fuck 666

  • DJ Benzi is hustlin. Check Summer Madness from last year. The new Summer Madness joint will be out soon and is hosted by a certain rapper in Crash. Keep posted as this develops

  • New mix from the MyNineCanPiss crew and DJ slow - That Summer Jit

  • My!Gay!Husband! out of Vancouver comes with a the that B.I.G. Mixtape

  • Staying Van City, Paul Devro posts an old Diplo remix of Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb here Seriously though, just subscribe to that bol Devros blog

  • Bonus: Old Skool Jungle set featuring Doc Scott, Remarc, Congo Natty, Randall and Photek. Photek's mix features two tracks from Philly's own Mental Sharp. Drum n bass for days here

    Ok, I think thats enough for now. I could go on and on but then I wouldn't sleep and that would be bad for me. Maybe I'll start breaking these posts up in smaller chunks so I'll do more regular posts, maybe not.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006


    All is unsacred today with marketing taking advantage of random digits lined together to make more sense out of something that doesn't really mean anything. See National Day of Slayer, movie release and National Emo Kid Beatdown Day. So have fun today and do something crazy so you can tell your kids so they'll have to top it in 100 years. For now I leave you with 666 Mafia Hollertronix remix from System D-128.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Weekend dreaming


    Its first Friday therefore there will be art, white tees, white belts and more
  • Drexel Senior Photo show at Vox Populi Gallery.

  • Black Floor Gallery presents the group exhibition "Unicorns"

  • Space 1026 features Alex Da Corte

  • In Old City, FUEL will have its grand opening at the former Real World House/Seamens Church Institute

  • Check the InLiquid Newsletter for a full listing of openings here

  • First Fridays at Johnny Brendas with Breakdown and Art Cuebik (more info)

  • Turntable Lab and Fader say its the best party in Philly. We've been telling you since October. You can draw your own conclusions. Free before 11, $2 PBRs. More info here.

  • If you live in West Philly and are scared of the rain check out Winged Lion Pride at the Bubble House with Lady Jae and live art. 3404 Sansom Street.

  • Saturday

  • Philebrity beach house is postponed

  • Liberty Lands Music fest at 3rd and Poplar. Art Star Craft Bazaar. Yards will also be on hand for the ever popular $10 a cup all you can drink. Hope that it doesn't rain cause that might help

  • Padlock Gallery presents "Paper Alchemy" by Jason Hsu (via Space 1026

  • Umm, Pop Off. This week with special guest John Redden from the infamous Socket Sundays at the now closed Silk City. Front and Fairmount

  • Mojito outside at Marathon Grill for the grown and sexy. Get on the gueslist here
  • Let Me Ride Saturdays with Breakdown and Cuebik at Medusa (more info)

  • Sunday

  • Art Star Craft Bazaar.

  • Ongoing

  • First Person Arts Festival

  • First Glance Film Festival

  • Monday

  • Revenge of the Nerds at Movie Mondays at the Troc with Philebrity and Crimp Yr Hair DJs spinning from 5 - 7 with the movie at 8 at the Trocadero
  • White Label TV

    Check out this teaser video from system d-128 for the White Label TV DVD coming out soon. Its a video bootleg with bootleg videos for Spank Rock, Disco D, NWA/Nina Gordon, Ghislain Poirier, Cuizinier, Amerie, DJ Johnny Blaze, Blu Jemz + Roger Yamaha/DJ Technics by a bunch of montreal directors and system d-128 from philly. Hit up WLTV on MySpace for more info.
    Loose from 64 to 128pounds instantly using this program....LOOK GREAT! *Rare Exclusivo! Promo for WLTV Just a glimpse into what goes on in someone's head when there going thru "Money Madness"

    Thursday, June 01, 2006


    A member of the Holler family is in need of help for one of her students. Please read below and help her out. All donations need to be in by this weekend. I'll vouch for her, please if you can help out paypal
    I teach (taught) a leadership course in conjunction with a community tutoring program. through this program we help nearby highschools that have little funding and are part of lower-class communities. these schools have something like a 30% student population that graduates. many of the kids there don't stay in school because they know that they cannot afford college and give up before they can even earn a diploma.

    that said, the leadership institute's student-run organization offers three $3000 scholarships to three pre-selected students. this is an amazing program that really decides whether a child will be able to afford to go to college or not. the total of $9000 comes from a year's worth of fundraising, bake sales, charity events, speakers, and local vendors.

    we just found out that one of our major contributors (a man who owns several small companies) just filed for bankruptcy and backed out on his contribution. we had not recieved the money from him yet because he had contributed several years in the past and thought it wise to be patient with someone who was giving us such a large sum. now we are $3000 short. we cannot split up the remaining $6000 it already has been allocated to two of the students. this last scholarship was to be awarded next monday.

    we have contacted many of our other contributors in hopes that they would donate more... but if they do so it is likely that it will be a very small amount (local places contribute a little to a lot of different scholarships to get their name out). our resources are pretty much dry because we spent all year milking every one for what they were worth.

    i'm actually getting really emotional while writing this. these are students who shine in their academics and community and are a real inspiration to others. i know the student who will be fucked if we dont pull through personally.

    his name is derrick. he asks me for advice about girls to avoid english hw. he'll be the first of his family to go to college. his brother is a jerkoff. he somehow stalked my phone number after the program ended to excitedly tell me about how he asked a girl to prom and she said yes. sounds cliche, but i really don't know anyone who deserves this more.

    unfortunately all of our major financial moves (dealing with money over $250) have to be approved by an advisor. our advisor is currently island hopping and won't come home until sunday (because the situation just had to be worse than it already is). right now we are awaiting an email 'ok' from her to open a paypal account and attempt to save this kid's future.

    i am going to put in everything i can without going broke. i think i can get my parents to put in $500. that leaves me with six days to raise at least $2300.
    Please if you can $5, $10 or whatever.

    Future Party

    Plastic Little is busy readying their new album Shes Mature which will be out soon. Check this clip for Future Party which was cut from the album.

    Out now is The Jumpoff 12" featuring The Jumpoff accapella, dirty, clean and Krash remix. On the B side is Now I Holler featuring production from Diplo. Get it at Turntable Lab