Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Madden on weed

Congrats to Jay Simplefly for doing what most of you now wish you had done years ago, playing Madden stoned with friends and posting it on YouTube. No seriously, the video got picked up by Deadspin somehow made it into the hands of a big ad agency and Jay and Brian (doorman for TWNW) are flying out to LA for a few days to do the shoot for the commercial. As of right now "they're leading me to believe they're basing like the WHOLE EA SPORTS ad campaign on this video. Like the NCAA footbal game, Madden, AND the NBA game. " We'll have to get Jay to give us an update if he ever returns to Philly now that he is a bigtime SAG actor. You can tell him goodbye at the Wednesday Night Weekly tonight with $1 vitamin waters and $1 PBRs til midnight at Medusa Lounge.

See Mom, I can get paid for playing video games all day. Oh and this is the only interception that from Donny Mac that I'm now cheering for.

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