Thursday, June 08, 2006

Natural Selection starts Friday

Its evolution. Its 6 months in the making and its this Friday.

Natural Selection

Fri., June 9, 10pm-2am. $5. Monthly. Bubble House, 3404 Sansom St. 215.243.0804.

Stop by Bubble House on a late Sunday afternoon and you'll find all of Philly's house heads in attendance-either sweating it out on the dance floor or spilling onto the sidewalk with beers and bubble teas in hand. As the Bubble House's new "nightlife coordinator," promoter Jay Simplefly is about to up the ante at the laid-back dance shack this summer. To start he's bringing in Philly breakbeat funk DJs Clayton & Fulcrum for a monthly night of warm and soulful funk fusion. The duo will be there every second Friday, accompanied by Jazzface on live percussions and DJ Ric Rok downstairs throwing out hip-hop and party jams. "This one's going to be big," Jay promises. "You should probably go." In addition to sake-sangria specials, from 10 to 11 there's free Tsingtao (China's No. 1 beer, pronounced ching-dow)-along with complimentary Thai chicken wings and crispy Thai curried veggie samosas-for the early birds. Just remember, party people: "Ching-dow."(Kate Kilpatrick)

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