Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Bounce: Xi

Back with more mpfrees, don't want your Ipod getting too stale with old music.

  • DJ Gorky from Bonde Do Role via Lemon Red

  • New tribute to J Dilla from Ropeadope

  • Nick Catchdubs remix of Rick Ross - Hustlin

  • Disconnected Volume 4 is out from Jokers of the Scene aka DJ Booth and Chameleonic straight out of hOttawa. Hit up the link to find out when they'll be in your area cause they're going on tour in August.

  • Krames Bmore Lucifer in honor of yesterday some ill bmore remix from Lee Scratch Perry. Check out Krames at Cobra Kai parties in Richmond, VA.
  • Ok, I could mine these all day, here are a few jewels.
  • Neva Eva Remix
  • Lean Wit It Remix
  • Stunnas & Grils Mix
  • Just hit up the site and download more

  • New evil Curtis Vodka Fuck 666

  • DJ Benzi is hustlin. Check Summer Madness from last year. The new Summer Madness joint will be out soon and is hosted by a certain rapper in Crash. Keep posted as this develops

  • New mix from the MyNineCanPiss crew and DJ slow - That Summer Jit

  • My!Gay!Husband! out of Vancouver comes with a the that B.I.G. Mixtape

  • Staying Van City, Paul Devro posts an old Diplo remix of Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb here Seriously though, just subscribe to that bol Devros blog

  • Bonus: Old Skool Jungle set featuring Doc Scott, Remarc, Congo Natty, Randall and Photek. Photek's mix features two tracks from Philly's own Mental Sharp. Drum n bass for days here

    Ok, I think thats enough for now. I could go on and on but then I wouldn't sleep and that would be bad for me. Maybe I'll start breaking these posts up in smaller chunks so I'll do more regular posts, maybe not.


    Bushwick is Beautiful said...

    The track from Disconnected Volume 4 is great. We are actually making a video for it tonight. We talked our house guest into doing something amusing....

    Mad said...

    The Catchdub link no workie!!

    di1 said...

    sorry, this is actually from june 06, i'll see if i can dig it up later and post it up, i just added tags to this and didn't realize it would post to hypem as if it was new.

    Mad said...

    Oh cool man, I will stay tuned! Great post btw, need more jungle floating around the Hype Machine.