Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls dancing and chanting around purses and half full glasses, I feel like I'm witnessing some bizarre voodoo ritual- centered somewhere around materialism and alcoholism. One voracious short-skirted tribeswoman keeps flicking up her skirt in our direction, some kind of primitive "come-hither" communique. And so we edge closer to the circle of flailing, swaying bodies hoping to catch a glimpse of the cultural link between us and they.

Its on!

So, last night was the final Family Affair outside at Marathon. Its a shame, cause its really picked up steam. I got there at like 10:30 and it was packed. Emynd was rocking it on the decks. It was definitely hot, excellent ratio on the dance floor , free lager and good music all under the stars. Jay was there and letting me know about an upcoming party/venture to benefit some good people and causes. I will keep you informed as I learned more. And if you just want to party crazy like with some college jawns, check out The Wednesday Night Weekly.


Uh, just so everyone knows, Wax Bar is designed to look like hell. When you come in, on your right there will be red boiling pits of lava, and flickering white lights, signaling that you've reached the most evil of nighttime dwellings. You will be approached by dark figures scowling and grinning, jerking in inhuman bodily motions, stomping your feet as they pass. A demon with no eyes towers above all, ripping open your soul with low frequency amplifiers. Then the devil asks you what you want.
"To be forgiven for all of my sins! I'm sorry! I'm SO sorry! Forgiveness! Please!"
"Sorry - all out. Is coors light okay?"
"...yeah that's fine."

There's an ugly logistical question of the night: How do you lure in and catch this attractive female without acquiring the wrath of her hideous friend? No question, there is definitely danger involved. I for one am not about to risk my arm getting gnawed off at the shoulder for a chance at a phone number or some other instrumental prize. Leave that for the desperate drunk guy who doesn't know the peril he's facing and can't feel his arms anyways. He won't miss them.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Two breasts curving inward
- the feminine equivalent of planetary suction.
We're having a conversation so my eyeballs are orbiting past jeans stretched over tight thighs and the reflective glean of her smile, trying not to get pulled into the collision of her flesh and v-neck shirt.
That's not how we do things on this planet; there are rules, procedures that must be followed.
But it's not working, and as my eyes drift down her neck and my stomach tears apart with anticipation I feel as though this complete violation of social boundaries is almost worth it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fotos uploaded

Mississippi Love was crazy on Sunday. Last count I heard, there was over $4,000 raised. SimpleFly, Winged Lion Pride and friends put on an amazing party.

Then Monday Mylo destroyed Rock&Roll at Fluid. Shout out to PaperStreet for bringing in a premiere producer/DJ for absolutely free.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Its the Rub!

Seriously, I need Pimp C to do the voiceover for this. Ayres and Cosmo killed it. J&J had me mesmerized and the Womb was everything you would expect it to be; dark, warm and inviting. The Rub in the sixth boro was where it was at tonight. I was taking pictures all night and when I finally took my last pic, I was ready to get ugly with the rest of them. I'm surprised I didn't throw my arm out of its socket and on to the dance floor. I'll be feeling it tomorrow, so if any nurses want to come and help a doc out, come see me. It was an absoulte zoo tonight, Kats gettin Freaky , Misfit and a Herd of Elephants stompin thru and Pippi Longstocking like you've always wanted to see before. Cosmo ended the night right with Nolia Clap and this was just a taste of whats to come tomorrow. Can't forget to say thanks Sara!

This was just the start. Mississippi Love at Tragos is where its at tonight. If you haven't come out in years, months or less than day, you have to come out to Tragos today. You got work tomorrow? Come out early, go in late on Monday or just take the damn day off! You don't have work tomorrow? Come out early anyways. Seriously, if you can't stay just drop your donation off. If you are staying (and I don't know why you wouldn't) $20 for a VIP table and 6 pack on ice never felt so classy. Partying for a good cause, never felt so good. Don't forget to bring out that extra dough as well for all the silent auctions. You know you'll want what they got and tonight the money goes to a good cause, so you can afford to spend some extra dough ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Full Details

Philly Love Week:
Wednesday, 9/14 Opening Night-Red Sky (224 Market St.) 9PM – 2AM “BONAFIDE” presented by Take Dat Productions Enjoy Drink Specials & Bonafide Bites DJ Aktive spinning w/ live drummer & featuring DJ NY Beverly Bond ($10 cover) % of the cover will be donated

Thursday, 9/15- The Mansion (121 S. 19th St. @ the corner of 19th & Sansom St.)
Special Happy Hour 8PM-10PM Enjoy hor d’oeuvres $4 u-call its, $4 domestics, $4 wines, and $4 specialty drink 8PM-1AM ($10 cover)1AM-3AM($15 cover) Stylish dress code very upscale no jeans, sneakers, or hats. Cover will be donated


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I can't believe this weekend

I can't believe how crazy this weekend is going to be. Absolutely insane! Saturday is Pleasure Town with Tommie Sunshine and The Rub from NYC. Sunday is the closing party for Love week at Tragos, Hollertronix (Diplo & Low Budget) will be doing their thing with a special Mississippi crunk set, Mental Sharp will be performing live with MCSquared and more. Then Monday Mylo will be tearing up Fluid. Wow, I can't believe it. I wish I didn't have to get up so early on Monday and Tuesday. I will post more details soon. Email us and we'll hit you off with the details if you're impatient.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Furious murderous fantasies well up inside shaking fists. Can you imagine how good it would feel to take out physical aggression on this beast of man? He is a fucking bastard. We were supposed to play pool with our friends, and you ruined everything. Probably some engineer, probably some worthless lowlife technician who holds on to the rules because it's the only thing he has left. Oh sure, you put your quarters down for pool, but you didn't say anything. Probably because you're an anti-human sociopath. We actually said the words, "Our friends have next game, whoever wins." But you didn't have the brains for that kind of social behavior huh. The rules, oh the rules! I'd love to help you. And I would. Maybe if I had a tranquilizer gun I might be able to teach you something about relaxation, but I don't, so you and your bald thick head are doomed to exist in the most excruciating of anti-social states. That of never knowing and thus never achieving harmony with your fellow humans.
But hey, don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a dart in your neck someday.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gettin Awesome!

Just got back from another awesome Friday night with Family Affair from PaperStreet. Low Budget was dropping the sick tunes with girls gettin crazy on the dance floor. Marathon on 20th is one of my favorite spots in the city.

With all the good, bad and ugly goings on the past couple weeks its great to see that its going to be absolutely crazy around here. Saturdays at Wax Bar are the spot with Mental Sharp. Thursday is the LTJ Bukem jump off at Emerald City. Then Saturday is Pleasure Town with Tommie Sunshine and the Town Jewelrs. Then we cap off this crazy week with Mississippi Love. This is the party to be at. 100% of the proceeds go to Katrina relief. Diplo and Low Budget will be dropping a special Mississippi Crunk set. $10 to get in, $2o for a VIP table with a bucket of 6 beers! Silent auctions, special appearances and more all for a great cause. Mississippi Love will be the closing party for Love Week, a week to go out and party for a good cause. Its great to see the community coming together to show solidarity for our fellow Americans. Angela is setting things up right with Love week and Simplefly and friends will be throwing a legendary party for all the right reasons. More details to come soon.

For more info on anything mentioned here or to let me know what you're doing email us at

Sunday, September 04, 2005

At the bar you will meet many cute girls but in the end be torn away from them by strangers posing as boyfriends. I had managed to get back into the bar, which was necessary because I had traded my license for a que ball, and forgotten to trade it back. For a bouncer it could be a difficult proposition: I've got to get in, because my ID is in there and.. No, I don't have an ID, its in.. What? But how can I.. Alright fuck you.
But with good fortune, he lets me slip by and I recover the valuable white sphere to return it to its rightful owner. So here I am at the bar, next to this cute girl who I'm about to explore with a thrilling introspective question like "Are you waiting for a drink?" Of course, boringly obvious inquiries like this ALWAYS attract interest when standing beside bar stools at 1 in the morning, and we immediately get down to a thorough exploration of the themes surrounding alcohol acquisition. The conversation is a pleasant one and the attraction is mutual. Despite this, and despite all good fortune thus far, a smiling adversary with a name like Eric or Mike comes over and puts his hands around her. "What are you doing talking to my girl friend?" He's joking, but I look at her, and I look at him, and realize I've just come back for my license. I say goodbye, but her face looks embarrassed, either because this is her boyfriend and she knows I like her, or because he's not and he's ruining everything. I step away and back to the door with a vision in my head: Her scolding him for interrupting, and then a dreamy look on her face, staring at my retreating figure wondering where it would have went.
I'm back out on the streets, grinning evilly with the knowledge that I stirred up some emotion that wasn't there when I came in.