Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gettin Awesome!

Just got back from another awesome Friday night with Family Affair from PaperStreet. Low Budget was dropping the sick tunes with girls gettin crazy on the dance floor. Marathon on 20th is one of my favorite spots in the city.

With all the good, bad and ugly goings on the past couple weeks its great to see that its going to be absolutely crazy around here. Saturdays at Wax Bar are the spot with Mental Sharp. Thursday is the LTJ Bukem jump off at Emerald City. Then Saturday is Pleasure Town with Tommie Sunshine and the Town Jewelrs. Then we cap off this crazy week with Mississippi Love. This is the party to be at. 100% of the proceeds go to Katrina relief. Diplo and Low Budget will be dropping a special Mississippi Crunk set. $10 to get in, $2o for a VIP table with a bucket of 6 beers! Silent auctions, special appearances and more all for a great cause. Mississippi Love will be the closing party for Love Week, a week to go out and party for a good cause. Its great to see the community coming together to show solidarity for our fellow Americans. Angela is setting things up right with Love week and Simplefly and friends will be throwing a legendary party for all the right reasons. More details to come soon.

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