Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tonite: Josh Wink at Fluid

This man holds down a residency every last Wednesday of the month. This is must go to party in Philly if you like dance music. I'm busy and lazy so I just pulled the below from Jae Slay and Saints & Sinners.

The Local Town Hero Josh Wink!!

One of the most Humble,Creative and Hardest Working DJ's in the city, returns for his Monthly Night of Magic at Fluid.

Here's How I Remember Josh,

It was 1994/95, I had just moved back to Philly from Hawaii where Raves weren't anything compared to how it was Stateside. I went with Rob Paine the first night I came back to one of the NASA parties up in NYC.The Other DJ's on the bill were Keoki, Scott Richmond and a few others. The ONLY One worth remembering was JOSH.

His DJ Set was a Rollercoaster of Extented Drum Builds and Deep Rich Bass tinged with some Acid & ranging from Tribal to Drum and Bass and whatever else he felt like mixing it up with.

That Night I'm Positive I wasnt the only Newest Fan! He had the whole place moving and begging for more.

So here we are It's 2007.The man's had a countless amount of original material released under his belt

"Higher State of Conciousness" "Are You There?" "Dont' Laugh" "I AM READY"

Remix projects for RadioHead, Moby, Skinny Puppy and DJ Sneak to name a Few.

So it's pretty safe to say that Josh is still just as Passionate about the music as he's ever been!

Follow up to what this amazing talent has been up to since then at &



21 & UP WITH VALID I.D. is a must

Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia

Tonight, come to Fleisher Ollman Gallery to check out the book release party for Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia. The book features 96 black and white photos featuring graffiti on the streets, SEPTA stops, and corners as it permeated Philadelphia in the 60's, 70's and 80's. As many of you may know, Philly is the home to modern graffiti with Cornbread being one of the first known writers. Each book measures 9.5 x 13.5 inches and includes an 18 x 24 inch two-color poster and are printed in a limitied edition of 1000.
You are invited to join us for a book release party for Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia on Wednesday January 31st, 2006. The event will be held at the Fleisher Ollman gallery at 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 100 (upstairs), and will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Food will be provided by Wadada
Audio / visual / sound installations by Megawords Magazine. Beer by Yards

Copies of the Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia will be available for sale for $20.00. We will also have a limited number of Megawords Magazine number 6, which is as always free of cost.

At 8 follow everyone over to the after party at Bar Noir ( 112 S. 18th Street) hosted by Nicky $$$. Drink specials from 8-10PM
Order your own copy here, more info at Megawords Magazine

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life Again

Here I've cut together my favorite scene from the movie Babel and a great Nouveau Riche song that, in my mind, have very similar thematic premises.

Among all the ways to enjoy life --drinking, taking pills, partying-- relationships still have the greatest potential for disappointment.

But that won't stop us from trying.

- Seg

Playboy Year End Best Of Voting....

Go here and vote for your favorites. Gyptian is a phenomenal artist. Check out his myspace songs to see if you want to vote for him.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mad Decent Podcast 12: James Brown

It was definitely a sad day when I heard James Brown passed away. He was the hardest working man in show business and created some amazing music. The mix is brought to you by Cosmo baker and the words are from Diplo.
James brown died on christmas, and I couldn’t do any more podcasts til we did it about him.
cause james brown gave birth to this podcast and he gave birth to everything in modern music - nothing is the same after he was here and now he’s gone and I feel bad for people in heaven that have to rewind through his life cause it must be pretty damn nuts. This mix of JB songs and production credits is under 30 minutes and I thought I was listenin to it for 3 days before it ended.
Mix was done by cosmo baker.. he’s a true hero to me.
i used to go to fluid on monday nights to check cosmo at his party called remedy.. it was on fuckin monday nights and it was packed thick and cosmo would drop his signature style of hip hop and classics and wierd stuff no one would expect but would turn it out..
Link, Subscribe

Friday, January 26, 2007

What it Do : January 26 - 28 , 2007

So it might be cold, but its only cold when you're going to the party, and even then not really for that long. Once you leave to go home, it won't be cold at least you won't really notice. Come out and get buck. Holla at Nate Day as its his last weekend before Cali. Good luck and I'll see you tonite.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

51:51 Monthly Mix Podcast Jumpoff

Now presenting the monthly mix podcast jumpoff (fully web 2.0 compliant). First up we scooped up Double L (as seen to the left) to put fiya on the riddims. You may remember last years Home for Carnival that he collaborated on with El Professor. Well he's back with a new mixtape called In Ya Bloodclot Face featuring the hottest dancehall riddims out there.
double L is one of eight members of G13 SOUND, a Philadelphia-based DJ collective specializing in rockin’ parties and purveying good music. He has just released In Ya Bloodclot Face, a sonic trip through the toughest, hottest dancehall riddims coming outta yard. This is the follow up to this past summers’ Home for Carnival, which spotlights some of the biggest soca hits from the past 5 years and was collaborated on with fellow G13 member, El Professor.
Music has always been a part of L’s life. Starting with piano lessons at age 5 that lasted for the following 10 years, to playing guitar and drums in various bands through high school and now DJing.
Through the years double L has played all over the Philadelphia metro area, including venues like Transit, Shampoo, Chrome, Loie, Filo’s (RIP), Sugar Mom’s & many more.
Currently, you can catch him Thursday nights at Byblos (18th & Sansom, Rittenhouse Sq., Phila.). (Holla at a Philly Weekly to get the coupon for a free hookah.)
Podcast Tracklisting:
1.bounty killer- talk to dem (0:0.000)
2.vybz kartel- nah shot a soul (1:14.331)
3.vybz kartel- good morning mr. buddy (2:12.185)
4.bling dawg- who you be (2:51.060)
5.daville- no new friend (3:29.466)
6.alaine- only for you (3:48.355)
7.mavado- da real mccoy (4:36.267)
8.elephant man- dirt bed (5:52.827)

9.elephant man- gal bruck (6:50.664) easy- tek weh we self (7:47.852)
11.mavado- what dem a say (8:36.453)
12.bounty killer- what's the deal (9:42.613)
13.idonia- ukku bit (10:40.644)
14.assassin- hotter than her (12:17.007)
15.vybz kartel- no (13:13.835)

HARD WAY riddim
16.vybz kartel- tick tack (14:02.587) vegas/cutty corn- hustling (15:06.087)
18.capleton- hard way (16:03.102)
19.g. mafia- gal over gun (17:30.929)
20.hit list- kitten son (18:27.265)

POWER CUT riddim
21.busy signal- power cut (19:49.013)
22.leftside/esco- when you see me (20:53.222)
23.vybz kartel- start war & dead (21:39.664)
24.elephant man- trouble (22:41.383)
25.bounty killer- drop bullet (23:12.119)
26.idonia- bush kash (24:14.430)
27.chino/bramma- set it off (25:16.075)
28.mavado- nah miss (26:19.348)

BATTLEFIELD '07 riddim
29.sizzla- rapid (27:05.784)
30.spragga benz- all about dem (27:37.768)
31.vybz kartel- battlefield (28:333.773)
32.anthony b.- tun it up (29:21.824)
33.assassin- discontinue (30:09.228)

Hit up Double L at doubleLp2 [at] yahoo (dot) com or on MySpace to order a copy of In Ya Bloodclot Face

Now what you've been waiting for:
Subscribe with iTunes, subscribe with other podcast software, download the mix

UPDATE: In Ya Bloodclot Face now available at Turntable Lab

Smoking Ban Exemptions : Round 1

From Philebrity:

45 exemption applications submitted, 8 granted, 7 rejected.

The 8 places you can currently legally smoke in Philadelphia…

Friendly Bar, 1039 S. 8th St.
BJ Lounge, 4027 Lancaster Ave
Tonic on Main, 4421 Main St
Fire Fighters Home Assn, 415-427 N. 5th St
Philadelphia Club, 1301 Walnut St
32 Degrees Luxe Lounge, 16 S. 2nd St
Delialah’s Den, 100 Spring Garden St
Bottoms Up Bar, 4659-4661 N. 5th S


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

RIP Disco D

Wow, I can't quite believe this. Disco D was found dead this morning from an apparent suicide. Disco was manic-depressive and fought it off most of his life. Its sad that he couldn't have kept fighting it. Please, if you suffer from anything like this please make sure it is being treated.
Disco D Myspace, Urb Article

Friday, January 19, 2007

What it Do

Beats, check 'em out. Still recovering from last weekend, need some more Vitamin C. Will post crazy amounts of pictures by Monday, promise.

  • Until gone - %50 off sale at Pedestrian (252 South Street) on select brands.
  • EDIT:Philebrity reminded about an art opening tonight at ICA called "Locally Localized" featuring local galleries like Space 1026, Black Floor and more. Check this, its incredible.
  • Girl Talk at Johny Brendas with Plastic Little - Last time he played here was a random house party in South Philly. This time he gets written up in the Inquirer and the Philly Weekly. Needless to say tickets are sold out, I looked on Craigslist and there are only wanted tickets. When I saw him in LA, I found it to be a pretty good show seeing as he is just clicking on his computer every few minutes. First he brings all the girls on stage and then proceeds to jump around taking his shirt off waving it around like a helicopter. Just don't bother trying to pick out every sample he uses or your brain will overheat. Oh and maybe, just maybe you will be able to win tickets from Philebrity & R5 by 4:30. (I'm sure snarky emails will be rewarded)
  • Cage and friends at the Church (btw, if you haven't noticed Cage switched his style up and got signed to def jux)
  • Hands & Knees - Sparks fueled hipsters dance to Jhn Rdn and friends
  • AJ Ready Wright at 700 club cause who doesn't like 700?
  • Rave on with Double Vision and Unbirthday
  • Oh and BobSaget at the Tower Theater, have you seen the Aristocrats?
  • Beats and Rhymes - Reef the Lost Cause on the mic with all of his producers squaring off against one another. That bol emynd is in the competition so root for him.
  • Yurayura - House and techno with Bart Skils and the funkshun crew
  • Rowdy Send Off - At Medusa, DNB send off party for Nate Day and Steve Rea
  • Tech Support at Bubble House
  • Stakeout on Acid - Acid house and tech house at Upstairs at Sals
  • Dan the Swede & friends - New weekly at Upstairs at Sals (thanks Jawntronix for reminding me)

Omar - Get Money

Heres the latest in Emynd's t-shirt line featuring the one and only Omar Little from The Wire. If you haven't seen The Wire, go rent it but to fill you in now, Omar is a stick up man who holds up local drug dealers. You have to have a code, Omar's is that he only believes in making money from those already in the "game" proclaiming that he "never put my gun on no citizen." Omar's gun is a shotgun often tucked under his trench coat. Omar is legendary in Baltimore and is scared of no one. To see the shirt in action pick up a Philadelphia Weekly as emynd is sporting it for the photo shoot accompanying the Beats & Rhymes party this Saturday or just click here (flash won't let me copy the pic).

Get the shirt over at Crossfaded Bacon.

Pharoahe Monch - Gun Draws

This is an absolutely incredible video I first saw over at HoustonSoReal. Pharoahe Monch album dropping in Spring.

EDIT: Its "Gun Draws". Also check out for the lyrics. Read these facts on gun violence. 2006 was one of the worst years for homicides in over a decade with 344 out of 406 murders in the city attributed to firearms. Whats worse is that as of the 15th there were 25 murders already compared to 14 last year (I don't agree with his logic at all, much more to it than city government corruption.) One last thing, murders are up everywhere this year, especially in cities with over a million people. I've lived here for more than 7 years and have been lucky enough not to be touched by any of this. I've heard shots but nothing more. No matter what city I lived in I would be still be talking about this.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More on Drama and Cannon

First up, they're out on $100,00 bond. Drama was on ATL radio but didn't mention much about it and mostly just talked about his upcoming album. Over at, mixtapes are gone. Reports from Idolator indicate you can still buy Drama mixtapes on iTunes. All is not lost yet.

HoustonSoReal breaks it down in three different ways
As mentioned in the hearsay article above
New York Times Weighs In
Lil Wayne Responds
  • Weezy says "Play the Game Fair"
    • Why is Weezy throwing dude under a bus? I really can't figure him out at all. Does he have any idea what hes talking about? Weezy, you wouldn't have charted a million without Drama.
    • Meanwhile DukeDaGod from Dipset is actually talking sense:
      • "Why are [the RIAA and FBI] getting involved?" Duke asked. "Leave us alone. Let us make our hip-hop. Nobody is dying, nobody is killing nobody. It's just music being made. Everybody is gonna feel it whether you're on the radio, not on the radio. Even if you're a consumer, you gonna feel it, 'cause it's gonna be hard to find certain tapes. Certain people are not going to carry the mixtapes anymore because they know what could happen. It's so many people that wanna hear our stuff. We get e-mails from all over the world. They don't care about the RIAA, they wanna hear some Dipset, they wanna hear some Drama. So it's messed up for the whole world."
Finally one last thing to leave you with from someone who works in the industry for a major
not to make things worse... but...

I sadly have too much insight into this situation due to my job....

I can guarantee you Drama had rights to every song on those tapes....

the majors have departmetns dedicated to "mixshow" ya know, the whole hot 97 funkmaster flex or cipha sounds playing what they're "feelin" on the radio. that whole thing is orchestrated. just like radio spins

basically, there are local people in every city (I'm sure you DJs know them) who tap the "heavy hitter" djs and have them on lock... a "promotional team" so to speak. so the mixshow department at the major label will PAY a "promotional team" 10K or more to get a song on the streets... in reality, that money is being funnelled directly to DJs for ideal placement on a mix tape and to get the single played extra at the club.

Drama is taking the fall for the INDUSTRY. since payolla is illegal, all the majors will deny any involvement and say they just paid the promotional team. Drama takes the hit.

and when you clear a track, you need publishing AND master clearance

the publisher -- whoever owns the samples, rights to the song etc. AND
the master -- the artist -- they have to say its ok for you to use their voice/likeness

when a major puts a song on the streets, they have cleared it already (it sucks i do this on a daily basis and its like pulling fucking teeth).

its all tied up together and this dude got his hustle on and put on SO many people, and do you think the majors are going to expose their ways and show that their "street cred" is just paid off? HA. theyre gonna let him fall.

the RIAA sucks and has this delusional ideal that they can "clean up" the industry. Taking down someone who is trying to get music out there is NOT the way to do it. Exposing the way things are TRULY done is. too bad there are so many multi million dollar majors with loobyists and shit making sure they dont get touched by the law.

i am yet again disgusted by the machine that pays me. and sadly every day learn more and more that my dream of "changing the industry" was incredibly naieve.

on a more refreshing note -- i met lil flip today and he actually went outside, climbed up a pole and put up his own posters. kinda funny watching his bling swing around in the freezing cold, but i thought y'all would appreciate that image.

More updates when I find out.

Molten Lava

D just pointed out that I made this into a commercial.

Hey, if everyone only promoted stuff they loved, we wouldn't have advertisements for products that nobody wants. I guess that would mean no more HeadOn ads.

- Seg (degauze)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free Drama & Cannon

Holler at the PR dude responsible for the innate ramblings in the below article. Matthew Kilgo

Edit: Here is a link to the Fox news report where you can see Mr. Kilgo himself.

Aphiliates Music Group Raided

The Aphiliates Music Group was raided yesterday afternoon at the behest of the RIAA. The Fulton County SWAT team and Clayton County Police brought all 17 employees in for questioning on warrants to arrest DJ Drama and Don Cannon who were among the 17. Drama and Cannon are being held for racketeering without bond.
From the RIAA:
"These guys are actively advertising online. They've got a website that they're advertising from, that's where you place your orders and that's how the orders are shipped out," Matthew Kilgo of the RIAA told local reporters. "Statistics also show that you can make up to a 90% profit just off the resale of counterfeit CDs. So there's huge money to be made in it, and there's no stigma attached to purchasing it."
Resale of counterfeit CDs? Huh? Mixtapes are a promotional tool that the labels have been falling over themselves for. See also Papoose, Young Jeezy etc. It seems as though the Gangsta Grillz series apparently got too big and popular for its own good. Yet still, the RIAA PR story was that they were reselling counterfeit CDs. These CDs are of course full of tracks from the labels, partially funded by the labels and the labels are in turn funding the RIAA. It is exactly instances like this where people don't care about downloading music for free.
DJ Drama was born and raised in Philadelphia and later moved to Atlanta where he went to college at Clark Atlanta University.
Heres a couple Cannon joints from his MySpace jumpoff
Full Story, DJ Drama, The Aphilliates (mixtapes section taken down)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Setty Smooth - "The Mac"

Setty Smooth extols the virtues of owning a Mac with iSight.
Welcome to the world of Setty Smooth - where his quest to find love leads him on the most extraordinary of journeys . In this episode, Setty guides five fine ladies through an intimate video chat session, a little something he likes to call "cyber love". So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Setty drops his first single and video, "The Mac" from his unreleased debut love ballads album.

Link: MySpace, Download video (Thanks to ardentnotion for finding this)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I bleed Eagles Green

LA is incredible. I have tons of awesome pics of Spank Rock and Trouble performing at the Echo here in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. I'll upload them when I get back. On the way to Jimmy Kimmel though, we were yelling the Eagles fight song outside the Mann Theater complete with odd looks from those around us not understanding the importance of Philadelphia.

Friday, January 12, 2007

What it Do

Remember how I mentioned Spank Rock is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah, me too thats why I'm in L.A. I love Philly and will be representing for the Eagles. B. Dawk jersey in the crowd tonight on the show. Holla!

  • Dining days in University City continues through the 18th.
    • Reccomendations for food / price combo Rx, Zocalo and White Dog. Penne looks good but I've never been there.
  • Art Syndicate show at the Maze Gallery featuring Danny Perez, Hunter Stabler and Wowch! The show is from 5-10 at 1726 Chestnut St
  • Click at Fluid (613 S. 4th Street)
  • Open Fire! - Upstairs at Sals its the Seclusiasis crew of Dev79 and Starkey knocking you over with that bass heavy street fire. (200 S. 12th Street)
  • Cold Retarded - AJ Ready Wright rocks the 700 club every friday with the shelltop jams. Your favorite houseparty upstairs at your favorite No Libs bar. (700 N. 2nd)
  • Tigthen Up - Illvibe Collective playing soul, funk, hip hop and more. (3404 Sansom St.)
  • Tastytreats - Mike Nyce and ?uestlove when not on tour consistently rock Fluid with the jams (613 S. 4th Street)
  • Shakedown - Continuing since Summer, Rob Paine, Willyum and Summer Joy got the deep and funky house @ Marathon Grill 2001 Market St.
  • Martin Luther King Jr, Day of Service Volunteer because I know you have it off.
  • Celebrate because the Remedy is back at Fluid for this special night. Cosmo Baker and Rich Medina bring back the legendary party with Rahnon even on door.

HiRes Banksy

Hi res images (1600 x 1200) of some of Banksy's work are now available at his website in the shop. No attack helicopter with the pink bowtie but there is kissing coppers, the maid in london, laugh now, house on hill, bombed village and more.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scottie B / Mad Decent / Unruly Online

We just had to do a mashup post when mentioning the new Mad Decent blog. Mashups are all the rage or something and they have to do with dinosaurs like triceratops and diplodocus and other crazy extinct giant animals. Also, you can expect all sorts of unknown music that will rule the dance floors in like two months from Paul Devro.

From said blog, so I can tie in with the next part of teh mash up, there are sets from the one and only Scottie B. founder of Unruly Records, king of Bmore club and more. Here is what Diplo has to say bout it bout it:
for me, comin from hollertronix… thats cool like we get a good rep for fucking up the DJ scene , but to help invent a genre is kinda a whole wheat bread loaf crazy.. ive djed with scotty, hes a run of the mill black music staple DJ, he rocks the fitted hats the clean sneakers the polo shirts and holds down clubs likes the paradox on the weekends where metal detectors are manditory and he throws it down. Scotty is a DJ foremost and he knows every new hip hop track that bangs on urban radio… at the same time he can give you a comprehensive house music history if you step to him….. but bottom line scotty b loves music and in this set hes droping blqstarr, sinden , kw griff, switch, fergie, mia, internet only bootlegs and classic baltimore club that only this dude has ripped from his vinyl .. .. its like all this new house music awakened a sleeping giant…. this isnt a ableton mix this is live from Sonar. check it on thursdays or go and buy hollertronix 6 vinyl at where you get the Unruly Simon joint that is a complete take over in 2007
Scottie B - Live at Sonar part 1
Scottie B - Live at Sonar part 2

So, Unruly has now leap frogged into the 21st century and beyond and is opening up their Catalog and letting all you go at it. Singles are 1.99, albums are either 5.99 or 7.99 and they're all high quality mp3's that you can play tonight at your favorite club and completely blow away the dance floor with tracks from Low Budget, Scottie B, KW Griff, Blaq Starr, Doo Dew Kidz and more. Rod Lee has his On The Download EP up there which you know will slay em in the club.

Mad Decent Blog, Unruly Online MP3 Store

ps. The Wire slays all television and the duo responsible for the score, Darkroom Productions, just released a mixtape. Fader blog has the details.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Streetwear Sales

Streetwear sales going on at WTHN now and at Pedestrian starting Friday..

WTHN has slashed prices 40% on Lemar And Dauley, Mishka, In4mation, Reason Brand, The Hundreds and King Stampede now until they are gone.

Pedestrian, recently opened at 252 South Street, is having an MLK Weekend sale with 30% off the entire shop including the above brands and more including New Era, Kilo Goods, shop exclusives and more.

More Info: WTHN, Pedestrian 252

Free WiPhi

Wireless Philadelphia is apparently under way and is offering free wireless until January 21st.
The map above shows the areas currently covered by Earthlink. To log on to the network "simply click on Feather by Earthlink from your computers list of available networks to get surfing." I'll be trying this out when I get home as I should be blanketed in coverage. After the 21st, the plan is only $17.95 per month.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Love Movement at Threadless

The Love Movement is an incredible art collective originally based out of Philly but now in LA still loving and representing Philly always. Check out what Ropeadope has to say:
Trippin through Philly I picked up on the scent of The Love Movement - one of the city's more prolific and creative coalitions. With love as the backbone, and social awareness as the neckbone, art & design take over as the weapons of choice. Dropping bits and pieces of objects in the community that beautifies and educates. An idea worth emulating.
Their main social awareness project right now has to deal
TLM currently has three tee shirts up on Threadless for you to vote on. Check 'em out as they're killer. My personal favorites are the one above and this one asking the all important question, "What if Saddam Skated?"

All money from the Darfur shirt will go to benefit the efforts with Click now to sign the pledge.

Additionally, all sales from The Love Movement art go to a village in the West African nation of Benin. Their most recent project was to build a well.

Vote now for With Our Two Hands, Save Darfur, What if Saddam Skated? and NBA or Art?

Curtis Vodka - Blentcast 5

Blentcast #5 is now up over at Blentwell. This time featuring the one and only Curtis Vodka. Its all straight bmore fire. The full mixtape I Just Fucked Your Girlfriend will be out soon. Sweden look out and West Coast look out in February.

Be sure to sign up for the podcast here (itunes here) to get mixes from DJ C, BBC and more.


Call for Artists

Three seperate areas for you to submit your art.

Your Task: to replicate BY HAND (or make a reasonable facsimile of) something that is typically made by machines.
What Will You Make: Let your brains go wild, folks... what about a home-made hot dog? a hand-hewn pencil? a crank-your-own toaster? how will your nimble brains transfer your ideas through your able hands???

send a written proposal (nice and brief) to courtney {at} space1026 (dot) com
Proposals due by Jan 10 (tomorrow). Confirmation received by January 15th.

Big Art Show Philadelphia #7
Call for Artists! We're having an art party in a brand new, huge art space in North Philadelphia. Show your work! Saturday, February 3rd at Art Making Machine Studios, 3000 North Hope, Philadelphia, PA 19133. Register now via e-mail: Philly 7 {at} bigartshow [dot] com or register via the web at

"Art of the Flower"
The Philadelphia Sketch Club is sponsoring its exhibition on the theme of flowers to complement the annual Philadelphia Flower Show hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.
WORKS ELIGIBLE: This is an open, juried competition for 2 or 3 dimensional works of art on the theme of flowers. All submissions must be hand delivered and properly wired for hanging. Size is limited to 40" in width including frame and under 30 lbs. (Clip frames are not allowed.) There is a maximum of two submissions per person and all work must be for sale. Work must be original and not previously shown at the PSC.
AWARDS: Both cash and merchandise awards will be made.
Delivery of work Feb 16 & 17 11 a.m. - 4 p.m
Entry fees: 2 works may be submitted for a fee of $20
For more info and an entry form check out the Philadelphia Sketch Club

Monday, January 08, 2007

Before Florida....

The new guy is finally getting his internets fully functional at home and is readying up an onslaught of music writings for your eyes. But first the celebration of his birthday is a town holiday in Tallahassee FL so his presence is required (you know, to passify the masses and whatnot.) Until the return, and the uptick in writing, 5151 would like to provide this collection of songs for free download. This is from Philly record label Ropeadope Records and it is a collection of songs from artists that they are releasing on their entirely digital imprint....Ropeadope Digital (creative naming!)

Spank Rock - Sweet Talk (unofficial)

Just found this on YouTube, an unofficial video for Spank Rock's Sweet Talk from YoYoYoYoYoYo. Video courtesy of WAYAW.

Edit: This version was removed from YouTube for violating the terms of service. You can still check out the video here though.

Check out the official video and post up which is your favorite in the comments.

Friday, January 05, 2007

What it Do : January 07 First First Friday

Its First First Friday and that only happens once a year. Hopefully the weather will hold out so it won't be too bad. Unseasonably warm temperatures continue with the high of 70 possible this weekend. Our usual staple of White Tees White Belts has been postponed until next month as the bols Emynd and Bo Bliz work on their debut record which should be ready for next month's White Tees White Belts. Stay tuned and I'll keep u in the know.
  • Go Eagles! E - A - G - L - E - S !

Post Holiday Sales Abound

Sales abound in our fair city (mostly for the fairer sex) and Daily Candy has the wrap up from stores including Sugarcube, Vagabond (both of which you can check out tonight during First Friday), Echochic and more.

Drop the Lime Mix

Over at Flamin Hotz they just posted a brand new mix from Drop the Lime out of the Trouble and Bass crew. The Bass Bandits crew debuted at 4 over at Turntable Lab so go help them push it to number 1. The mix is hot and includes 2 reedits of the Get Up smashdown along with Math Head's Magnum track.

Get it here and then head to NYC on Saturday for the party listed to the left. Do not go if you are afraid of lots of people going crazy to heavy bass music. You will leave sweat/beer drenched and tired.
Check the T and B blog for pics and video of the last party.
Full tracklisting:
(0:00)Sky City Rising - Fever Gasp
(2:20)Math Head - Dream Tigers
(4:38)Matt Shadetek - Bump Bump
(7:09)Trouble & Bass - Stitches (DTL V.I.P)
(8:03)Drop The Lime - Hold On
(10:27)Starkey - Let You Go (DTL Remix)
(11:26)Ciara - Get Up (DTL Watching U Edit [STAKEHOUSE Re-Edit] )
(12:31)White Label- Clap Clap
(13:53)Drop The Lime - Died In Your Arms Refix
(17:19)DJ Debonair Samir - Sirens
(18:28)Bmore Gutta Music - Kick A Few Ho’s
(19:23)Ciara - Get Up (Drop The Lime Watching U Edit)
(24:39)The Game - One Blood (DTL One Shot Refix)
(26:53)Drop The Lime - Big Malice
(29:00)Vyle - Strobemouth (DTL heavy bass Remix)
(32:18)Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Switch Remix)
(34:40)Brainstorm - Rock The House
(36:29)Math Head - Magnum (Megaforce Edit)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spank Rock On Jimmy Kimmel Live

For all the LA people.
hey everybody! want to be on national TV with Spank Rock next week???

read below:
Our friends at are looking for die hard Spank Rock fans to be part of their mini-concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday, January 12th. Jimmy Kimmel Live features celebrity guests, cutting edge performers, like Spank Rock, with plenty of surprises, panic, and general pandemonium. The best part is, Spank Rock will play anywhere from 3-5 songs for you.

If you are interested in seeing Spank Rock in person and being a part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience, please visit and follow these simple steps:

· Click the 1iota TV Shows button
· Click the Jimmy Kimmel Live logo
· Choose the Spank Rock event link to request tickets


Remember, BE QUICK, because space is EXTREMELY LIMITED!!



Vote for Spank Rock in the Plug Awards. They've been nominated for Hip-Hop Album of the Year, Live Act of the Year and New Artist of the Year.
Spank Rock on MySpace with the Lindsay Lohan track

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cassete Playa

Words cannot describe this. Long live acid rave.

I think this is some sort of fashion company that takes their inspiration from 1992 acid back when drum n bass was hardcore and Storm was taking over NYC. Clearly with the influx of ugly colorful clothes, I can see this being the next hot line. Sadly its only available in London, Tokyo and Paris.

Music by shitmat. Cassete Playa website and their myspace. (via A Silent Flute)