Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Screw The RIAA

Seriously, screw them over. I, personally, never download anything that's available as a CD or LP because in my opinion MP3s sound like farts through a megaphone compared to the real thing. That and i'm an ardent supporter of musicians. But the RIAA is going too far. It's harassing people away from wanting to support artists (and more specifically labels and the RIAA). So onto the Bandwagon of anti-RIAA I jumped when this article was pointed out to me by my beloved Ropeadope Records. So for March it's on, absolutely no purchases of anything released in connection with the RIAA. As Mental Sharp says it's time to "Smash and Grab"....the RIAA's cash that is.

This is This - Alex Da Corte at ICA

You may remember Alex Da Corte from his imaginative "Welcome Your Sorrows" at the Black Floor Gallery. Well he is back with a new project entitled This is This debuting tonite on his birthday at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Party runs until 8PM and features Dave P djing. As you may be able to tell, the exhibit revolves around a deer. Photo credit PW, which has more on the artwork. Also playing are Plastic Little and Sweatheart with cover charge of a $1. Officially its sold out, but if you show up, you may be able to get in. Also at the ICA is the Daydreamer Magazine launch party featuring DJ Phillee Blunt from the Illvibe Collective. From their MySpace (where else?)
Daydreamer is a magazine that profiles people in their 20's and 30's who have taken exceptional risks, both professional and personal, in order to make their daydreams a reality, living the lives that they want to live. We're highlighting artists, social entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, anyone who has made a sizeable impact in actively shaping the world that they daydream about.
Seems interesting enough, Daydream magazine is scheduled to be a pilot as that most magazines tend to fail within the first two years.

Also tonite is last Wednesdays which means only one thing, Josh Wink and Ovum at Fluid. Get on the guestlist here for free admission.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mad Decent News

Bonde do Role signed a deal with UK indie Domino Records and released the video below for Solta O Frango (Release the Chickens).

DJ Blaqstarr album is out now and its huge available at TTLab and iTunes.

If you've heard the podcast, then you already know about Smash a Kangaroo. If not, check it out here.
From Diplo:

im here in Darwin.. its nothing but crocodiles aboriginals and cowboys, i got here via alice springs and tommorow im takinga mail plane to maningrida.... in the plan ive got a rane/serrato combo mixer/ a UB black powerbook/ two cdjs/ maudio midi mpc mad, and a bunch of hard drives..
the govt gave a lil money and Apple and rane came though hard.. and Ed banger even harder for djing the fundraiser last wednesday in smelbourne at miss libertines.. we are going to make a lil music studio up in the bush tommorow and keep it going until the wheels fall off. all the equipment being donated to the aboriganal community organization here in NT.. and then the same project in Wagga next week.
i cant beleive the thing came together but its going down and I hope to do a project like this every 6 months

Check the pic of the some of the kids here

Also while in Australia, Diplo was on Triple J. Download it here (via Discobelle with mostly correct track listing)

Cadence Weapon Signs Deal with Epitaph

Sharks was originally released in 2005 on Upperclass records only in Canada but now that everybody's favorite rapper/blogger just signed a deal with Epitaph and will be re-releasing Breaking Kayfabe in the US, we now have a video for it. New album due out in the Fall. Btw, is anyone else surprised how far Epitaph has come and how much it has branched out?

Bonus: Cadence Weapon - Black Hand

(Via 15MinutesToLive)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Self Esteem

If you've ever wondered what Grease's "Summer Nights" would look like juxtaposed to The Offspring's "Self Esteem", wonder no longer. I think it fits.

Let me know if you dig it!

[Update: Or you can actually digg it here.]


- Seg (aka degauze)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

InLiquid Update

  • Attention Artists! Monday, February 26 is your last chance to participate in InLiquid and Dane Décor’s second annual Art and Furniture Experience. This year InLiquid is distributing 100 pillows to 100 artists to create one-of-a-kind designs. The resulting works will be sold at an April 18th party to benefit InLiquid and MANNA. To create a pillow, and receive a $25 gift certificate to Dane Decor, download a participation form now. All forms must be received by Monday, February 26.
  • Do you wield a mean chisel? Does a pure, crystalline slab of ice make you shiver with creative possibilities? InLiquid, Skytop Rover Co., and Star Cellars will present "Winterfest IV: Ice Carving Contest and Cold Sake Chill Out"on March 18, and now is the time to sign up for the amazing Ice Carving Contest. The deadline to sign up for the contest is Friday, March 2! Click here for the registration form and to find out more details on how to participate.
  • We hope you will attend the second Feast Your Eyes Salon Dinner, “Barbeque the World Over,” taking place on Friday, February 23. Tickets are $65 pp. The Fair Food Project is the Beneficiary for the evening.

InLiquid Newsletter, InLiquid on MySpace

Friday, February 23, 2007

What It Do

Last Friday and I'm already posting about next Friday. It warmed back up thankfully, it was getting a little crazy there. Ok, big news though, we now have a calendar which you can check out below and soon at Its a little big and I'm working on it but it's not playing nice. Grrr! Also, starting today there is a 40% off sale at Pedestrian with some of your favorite hype x wear brands.

  • Philadelphyinz at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Tastytreats at Fluid - Mike Nyce, ?uestlove when in town, Good hip hop at Fluid (613 S 4th)
  • The Dating Game - Space 1026 Comedy Mummers Brigade Benefit
    • for real, for real including Amanda Blank, a kissing booth and a slow dance finale
  • Bleached Black at Medusa (21st and Chestnut)
  • Hip Hop Lounge at Liquid Charm (1207 Race)
  • Locally Localized Gravity at ICA continues
    • Watch Wu-Tang Clan Got Their Name From: Shoalin and Wu-Tang on VHS, hosted by the currently on-the-move Black Floor Gallery. (Noon - 5 PM)

New 51:51 Calendar

New 5151 calendar powered by Google calendar. Events are searchable and you can add the calendar to your own google calendar if you want. If you want a gmail account just send me an email 5151List {at} gmail {dot} com. XML/RSS here and iCal here. Former attempts to display it here had me pulling out hair.

WTWB at the Ukie

Yep, word on the streets with the over capacity and whatnot of last month, the March White T's White Belts will be at the Ukie of Hollertronix fame. There will be a special surprise guest, $4 Obolons.

Meanwhile the record is selling out of control at Turntable Lab. It hit #4 in 4 days and completely sold out or would have easily hit #1. Not to worry though, if you slept on the first batch, the Lab reupped and you can still cop it. Its $8 and features a crazy full cover pic sleeve and labels and 9 tracks.
And as a bonus, the duo just released two tracks on their MySpace.
Links: Cop the EP, White Tees Myspace, Crossfaded Bacon

Sale at Pedestrian

From Pedestrian:

Stop by this weekend before the gear is gone.

NYT on Drama and Cannon

The New York Times ran an expose on the crew solidifying long held views that these DJ's actually have the blessing of the labels and are being paid by the labels to market their next hip hop album. The writer actually contacted me regarding this post. She contacted me saying she had already been writing bout the Aphilliates but with this new revelation wanted to contact the industry insider whose quote I posted up. I contacted my source but they were unwilling to cooperate because of possible repercussions. With further digging, Samantha was able to talk to the promotions director for Jive records, Ron Stewart

Mixtape D.J.’s have effectively absorbed many of the functions of an A&R department, the branch of a record label that traditionally discovers and develops new talent. Ron Stewart, a promotions coordinator at Jive Records, a subsidiary of Sony BMG Music, told me he prefers to test new artists out on mixtapes. “Budget permitting,” he said, “we’d do a few mixtapes with a few D.J.’s, because they have different audiences in different regions.” Labels prefer to use established mixtape D.J.’s like Drama, rather than produce promotional CDs themselves, Stewart said, because “the best D.J.’s have a better brand than the average label does.”

Although the deals are informal and often secret, labels typically pay a prominent D.J. like Drama $10,000 to $15,000 to produce a mixtape for an artist. The label’s representatives, Stewart explained, adopt what amounts to a don’t ask, don’t tell policy about the D.J.’s plans to sell the work; what the D.J. does with his copy of the master, Stewart said, “is his own business.”

Can someone inform the RIAA what the left hand is doing? The RIAA is supposed to represent the labels but has so far alienated consumers and has no idea what the constituents they represent really want to do. Clearly a job well done.

NYT:Hip-Hop Outlaw (Industry Version)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Philly Sound Clash

$3 Magic Hats all nite, its free. Superstar DJ's Josh Wink, King Britt & Making Time's Dave P all spinning at the same event while 6 of the areas top bands, chosen from a staggering number of competitors, battle it out for the celebrity judges. 6 PM - 2 AM.
My personal pick is Taragirl! but we'll see who wins. Guestlsit here

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Switch at M Room on Urb

As mentioned here, Switch at the M Room was the most fun I had in awhile. Check out (I See you Cat Fancy) for a writeup of the party and a handful of pictures.
By the time Dave Taylor (aka Switch) manned his specially set up dj booth on The Manhattan Room's stage, the crowd was ready to be taken to the next level. Armed only with his lap top, a midi controller, a mixer and two CD turntables, Switch soon was up and running in full fashion churning out what almost appeared to be a live set. With his eyes hard focused on his lap top, he tweaked his midi controller from time to time to create incredible build ups and drop outs that would induce the crowd to cheer in enthusiasm.

Link (via FromPhillyWithLove check for more pics)

Jay Z - Minority Report

Not one to wax on about Jay Z here, but its about NOLA. The rebuilding process is still going on.

Win a personal party with RJD2

HipHopSite is my favorite place to buy new releases in the Hiphop genre because of all the special bonuses they throw in with many of the bigger releases every year. This is one of their bests though. By preordering "The Third Hand" from them you get:
  1. Bonus funk mix album put together by RJ
  2. 3 bonus unreleased MP3s and a link to stream the entire album before you get it in the mail
  3. Entered into a drawing to have XL records put on a private party for you with RJD2 as the DJ! They apparently will promote the party, book the room and print the flyers.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hip Hop: Art or Poison?

Really? I mean really? I guess dmac explained it best when he posted it.
Yes, how are they getting away with it! How dare they make music and then attempt to sell their creation to people! POISON, I say, POISON! I can't wait for CNN's special about pogs. Could metal slammers hurt our children's eyes? How are these manufacturers getting away with it?!

Actually, I do have a question: How can CNN get away with putting this crap on the air? Shouldn't they be out of business? Oh, wait. CNN's competitors are Fox News and MSNBC. Now I understand.

I'm surprised this isn't on MSNBC with Nancy Grace. If anyone watches this trainwreck of news coverage, please let me know in the comments if they said anything insightful or decided to go the sensationalist route taken in the commercial.
Via Philadelphia Will Do

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bad Apple(s)

The scar engraved on my right hip is not much to look at. Two centimeters in diameter with some black and blue blotches in the surrounding area. Beneath the surface, the muscles in my thigh feel twisted and sore like I've been violently shoved across a hard club floor.

Oh, funny story..
Last night I was violently shoved across a hard club floor. My very first bar fight. I guess it was more of fight between this checkered-shirt-wearing white guy and his relationship problems, but apparently its more fun to assault people than see a therapist. Let me recount the experience in extravagant detail...

At the Starlight Ballroom I was fascinated by the lighting arrangement. A dozen smart-lights projected brilliant purples and greens across the arms of a hundred dancing bodies. Swirling lights arranged on strings created a "firefly swarm" affect above the crowd, giving the environment a magical feel. I ignored the music and danced instead with the visuals.
Meanwhile, in a completely separate reality, a guy was having an emotional discussion with his girlfriend, of which I was completely oblivious. But as I gazed around the room, he saw me, and shouted, "Get the fuck away!"

I smiled. Some people get violent when they're drunk, I get amused. "Hey man, its all good" I reassured him, and put my hand on his shoulder to get the guy to relax. Subtext: I'm not the enemy.

Very shortly after this tactful display of friendliness I found my self flying for several seconds before crashing down on my hip and sliding three feet across the floor. Fortunately I had some cushioning: Three glasses of whiskey and coke from pregaming, along with whatever beer I'd had at the bar so far. It was better than Tylenol: I felt nothing.

From the ground I lobbed my beer at him, missing wildly and firing the bottle off into the darkness; miller light fanning in every direction. Leaping back to my feet I took a good look at what I was dealing with. The guy was taller than me, but aside from the girlfriend bear-hugging his stomach and his his arms out to the side in a typical "What?? What?!??" posture, he didn't really look like the type of meat-head who'd start fights at a club. He resembled 20 other guys at this place with their buttoned down shirts and groomed facial hair. He didn't even look unstable. His eyes glared with a genuine contempt, as if I truly were the source of his problems. His face formed the kind of vehemence usually reserved for someone who just keyed your car or fucked your mom. I flashed another unconcerned smile, and mocked his posture while clucking my mouth, making strange noises.
And then I walked away.

Hey, if the guy wanted to get in a fight, he didn't need my help.

I feel that most violence is based on misdirected sexual frustration. If people would get their sexual issues under control we'd live without unreasonable conflict. We didn't go to Iraq because of oil. We went because Cheney won't acknowledge his preference for tranny pornography. Or something like that. I mean the man has "closet sexual deviant" written all across his miserable scowl.

Anyways, after dancing for another 15 minutes, the music stopped and we were informed that some guy had just pushed a bouncer, in effect drawing the rage of six other bouncers and the attention of the police who had arrived to haul his ass to jail for assault. Of course I can't be certain, but if I had to take an intelligent guess I'd say I wasn't the last guy that dude felt like pushing that night. Can anyone confirm that the guy arrested was tall, white, possessing a checkered shirt and unresolved sexual issues? Let me know.

I ended up getting home at around 4:50, just in time to witness two extremely drunk guys fighting outside my apartment. One was wielding a traffic cone.
"So, uhhh.. do you guys need help?" I didn't know what to say, it didn't look like either guy was losing. They could barely stand up, much less fight properly. One of the guys stared at me. "FUCK YOUUUU" he drooled awkwardly. I told him I was calling the police and watched as they limped away, still grappling with each other.

I'm starting to wonder. Is this philly? Are we a part of some bitter, aggressive culture where the first assumption made when two people meet is that the other person is the enemy? I feel like I've seen far too many people who take themselves too seriously, see every stranger as competition, and feel that the point of every interaction is about defending their fragile egos. Certainly most people aren't like this, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that the bitter, anti-social, bad apples are overrepresented in this city.
Shit, I dunno, what do you guys think?


- Seg

Friday, February 16, 2007

What it Do

Mid February already with snow on the ground still. Head up to the Poconos to really take advantage of it. Holla back.

  • Tighten Up with Illvibe now weekly at the Bubble House (3404 Sansom)
  • Zodiac Aquairus Edition - Medusa
  • Hands & Knees - M Room (15 W Girard)
  • Monster (as seen above) with Krames from Cobra Kai out of VA. Trust me this is going to be good. We've been championing Krames for almost a year now, he comes correct. Next week will be a feature post on Krames and his new CD full of remixes "Dishwasher Safe".
    • Just got this new remix of Walk it Out by Krames featuring a VA MC
  • Brazilian Carnaval Celebration at World Cafe Live
  • Afterparty until 7 featuring Dev 79 and Starkey

Thursday, February 15, 2007

DJ Phinesse - Baltimore Club Mix Vol. 2

Hey DJ, can you play club music? I love club music.
DJ Phinesse out of Pittsburgh via Philly has been running club music and reggae on the radio and at parties all around Pittsburgh. While in Philly, Phinesse used to work at Armands. I was checking out his website the other day, listening the Baltimore mixes that he posted up. A couple myspace messages later and he sent me the mix so I could share with you.

  • DJ Phinesse - Baltimore Club Music Volume 2 (full tracklisting)

  • Download all 3 of his mixeshere. DJ Phinesse MySpace, DJ Phinesse Website

    The Roots live at the Tower Theater

    Everybodys favorite hip hop band The Roots is playing at the Tower Theater March 30th and Paperstreet has a special presale just for you lucky readers. The presale runs until tomorrow at 5 PM. Click here for your invite and pick up tickets from Ticketmaster or directly from Ticketmaster. Enter code PaperStreet for the presale tix. Tickets range from $35 to $39.50.

    Now that Low Budget no longer holds smallertronix on Thursdays at the 700 Club, check out The Real Information at Bamboo every Thursday with Brendan Bring'em on the beat. Sign up for the guestlist and its open bar 10 - 11 and $5 entry. Not quite free but you got an open bar.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    My Love

    (Image courtesy of EuroRoss)
    If I wrote you a symphony...Call me candle guy cause I am on fire.
    Way too much Justin Timberlake. I never thought I would find myself liking Justin Timberlake so much. For all the ladies that don't have dates on this Valentines and wish they did, just close your eyes and listen to My Love.
    I'm not big on Valentine's Day, the over commercialization of one of the most beautiful essences of existence. Treat your partner like everyday is Valentine's day and let them know they're loved everyday.
    Meanwhile, I'm sitting here all sentimental at relationships gone by. My first love, my current love is music. She has always been there for me and always will be. She comforts me, keeps me warm and keeps me going. Without her I don't think I would be here.
    So without further ado:
    Don't forget about The Love Movement - Art collective formerly based in Philly.

    UPDATE: Thanks to Justin for pointing out that the last threee links didn't work, they do now.
    Two links I forgot to mention but wanted to (well 3)

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Sale at Pedestrian

    Sale at Pedestrian this weekend. Up to 70% off select items. Pedestrian is located at 252 South Street.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    New Three 6 Mafia - Dope Boy Fresh

    Switch was incredible last nite. I had the most fun I've had in a really long time. Got to meet Scottie B and saw Amanda Blank, Spank Rock, Santi from Santogold, Benja Styles, DSJ, Cullen Stalin from Baltimore, Seclusiasis crew and more. Incredible nite, incredible music.

    Meanwhile, I've been listening to this song nonstop. It has shot to number one on my playlist.

    For all you DJ's I got you with the instrument and acapella here.

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    What it Do

    • Exit Philadelphia just opened their new location at 440 E Girard and is having their grand opening tonite from 6-10, "coinciding with our first art show feat. Mr. G, Eddie "Kesone", and Pastor. There will be free food and beer all night long, DJ, and tons of cool ass people."
    • From 7 - 10 pm there is a group heart show at Jinxed featuring too many artists to name. Full list here (620 S. 4th Street)
    • Open Fire - Street Bass with Starkbot and Dev 79 - Free Sals Uptairs (12th and walnut)
    • Skipmode of Illvibe at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
    • Gay rap super trio V.I.P. at M Room for Hands and Knees

    UPDATE: Kurt mentioned that TopStitch was opening last nite, I just remembered. Grand opening is March 2. More info at Uwishunu.

    New shirts from Moonblood

    MoonblooD has just released their newest line of tees featuring super hero styling for both men and women. The prints feature intricate details and are created by a couple who currently live in No. Libs.
    Created in early 2006 by soon-to-be-wed Amy Eldon and Leo Voloshin, MoonblooD is a men's and women's t-shirt label. Inspired by the couple's love of tribal textiles and travel, the line exhibits a wintered and worn aesthetic fusing intricate, hand-drawn graphics on hand-dyed shirts.

    From Cool Hunting:
    Not unlike their first collection of Egyptian-inspired motifs and Native American imagery, the result is a modern tribal look that takes the tee beyond predictable centered-graphic designs.

    The tees start at $38 and include shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

    In her spare time Amy also runs the fashion blog Seamsters commenting on the latest fashion news and trends. This week features guest blogger Ann Marie commenting on NY Fashion Week. (Philly, when are you going to have a fashion week?)

    MoonblooD tees

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    End of an Era: Low Budget's Last Night at 700 Club

    Damn, so Low Budget is done with 700 Club. This is a good thing as he is just too busy party rocking the world to be here consistently. Congrats LowB but be sure to save time to play here once in awhile.
    So after 4 years of one of the best dance nights I've ever been a part of, I've decided to hang up the headphones on Thursdays at 700 club.

    I NEED to thank EVERYONE thats come out the last few years and made this one of the best nights in the city. As a DJ you always dream of having that one weekly party that is consistently bangin, week after week, the night that you practice for, the night that you go out on a limb and break new music, the night that makes you the happiest. And I'm more than lucky to have had that for this long. And its all because of the incredible people that have supported it, that I was able to keep doing it. But furtunately for me, my schedule just will not allow me to continue to put in the effort that it takes to give this night the attention that it deserves, so I have to let it go.

    I also have to thank Dan the Swede who's pretty much been my partner in this night for the last two years. He's held it down like no other, and Philadelphia's really lucky to have him as a DJ in their city.

    So lets do it one last time!!!

    Thursday Feb 8th @ 2nd & Fairmount

    Tonite is going to be crazy. Free as always. Lets get it in!!

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Pharoahe Monch Listening Party Tonite

    This still an incredible song. If Gun Draws is any indication, this could be one of the best albums of the year.

    Calling all DJ's!
    Pharaohe Monch listening party TONIGHT (Wed. Feb. 7th) @ Red Sky (on Market St. Between 2nd & 3rd)
    No Dress Code

    and YES, Pharoahe Monch will be in the building
    so DJ's, bring your recorders for vocal drops....

    Related: Pharoahe on MySpace

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    New Tuesday Night Weekly

    Direct from Steven Bloodbath:

    The Good People of MONSTER Invite you to our TUESDAY NIGHT WEEKLY!!!!

    I Know... We're Excited Too

    Its Called LOVE BUZZ and It's Tremendous....

    a Mixture of ALL kinds of rock and dancing music with special weekly guests and ...

    THIS WEEK...

    We Have A Special Guest From Boston...

    He Does this really Good party called PAPER... and He Has Been Touring For The last week doing parties all over....

    Let's Show Him A Real Good Time Philadelphia!!!!!

    My Partner in Crime...


    a.k.a. Out of Town Dignitary

    If you've never been to Bar Noir, It's a Little Tricky....

    It's Downstairs on 18th St...

    Here's a visual aid....

    There's a GANG of Drink Specials, some of which are.....
    2$ High Life
    2$ PBR
    3$ SoCo & Lime
    3$ Finlandia Drinks From 9-11

    and There is NEVER A COVER.... Come See What it's all About this Tuesday...

    112 S.18th St. (Between Chestnut and Sansom)

    Curtis Vodka Live On KRUA

    (Right click save as)
    Curtis was the special guest on KRUA, University of Alaska at Anchorage college radio station, on January 25th and has given us this wonderful mix featuring all sorts of dancey / electro goodness from TTC, Justice, Vyle, MSTRKRFT, VanShe etc.

    The 5 Spot Burns Down

    Flames broke out Saturday morning at 9:30 and eventually engulfed the entire building. Due to the extensive damage, the building was torn down Sunday. Luckily no one was hurt. Officials have not found the cause of the fire yet. Skinners Tavern and Sonnys Steaks were both victims of water damage and Red Sky restaurant had to cancel a number of reservations. No other damage was reported to nearby buildings.
    The Five Spot may be best known for being the home of the Black Lily which launched the career of Jill Scott and more. Low Budget used to DJ there on Saturdays. Here is just a small list of people that have performed there: Jean Grea, Alicia Keys, Cosmo Baker and moreBlack Thought, ?uestlove (DJ'ing & on the drums), DJ Grandmaster Flash, Malik B, DJ Premier, Jill Scott, Scott Strorch, Mos Def, DJ Revolution, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, Bahamdia, Murs, Little Brother, illvibe Collective, Floetry (1st US Performance), Kindred (1st performance they ever did), 9th Wonder, Jazzyfatnastees, DJ Low Budget, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Alchemist , Guru (of Gang Starr), D'angelo,. (List courtesy of

    More:, Philebrity, Inky, KYW: Slideshow

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    M.I.A. - Bird Flu

    New video from MIA entitled Bird Flu from her forthcoming album.

    Bonus footage from the video shoot
    M.I.A. Space

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    What it Do : First Friday

    Its superbowl weekend and I don't really care. No birds, no Saints even, defintely no Bills. Oh well, next year. Tonite is White Tees White Belts thats all I care about and Old City arts crawl if it clears up a bit.


    WTHN Sale this Weekend

    The flyer says it all. Sale at WTHN this weekend.

    51:51 x Flamin Hotz Monthly Mix Jumpoff

    Back once again with that podcast jumpoff. Its First Friday so that means two things, Old City Arts Crawl and White Tees White Belts. We've been beating the drum for this party since we started. Easily one of the best parties in the city. Now that they've moved to their new spot, this party has officially blown up. You can meet cats from Boston to DC who make the monthly trip to get down with Emynd, Bo Bliz and Dan the Swede. This month is extra special as it is the record release party for Emynd and Bo Bliz and there will be mixtape giveaways from WTHN. Their debut EP, White Tees and White Belts is being released by Flamin Hotz and is in stores here in Philly at Armands and The Sound of Market. I've got word that it will be at Turntable Lab and your favorite record stores early next week. Flamin Hotz picked them up as the duo have been coming with straight heat lately. Just check out this message that they received from Scottie B:
    Need a big big favor. Please could u send me the new EP u have. I will send u whatever it costs thru paypal or whatever. Im gonna be at Fabric on 2/2. Wont be able to get the joint and i know Emynd and Bo came w that fire! Please let me know!"
    We've got two seperate mixes and one from Dan the Swede later on this month. They represent what you'll hear at the party tonite with everything from Miami Bass, to hip hop, electro, Baltimore club, special remixes and whatever else will rock the crowd.

    So without further ado: Subscribe with iTunes, subscribe with other podcast software, Emynd Feb 5151 Mix, Bo Bliz Feb 5151 Mix

    Related: WTWB Myspace; Armands: 1108 Market Street, 19107; Sound of Market: 15 South 11th Street, 19107; WTWB on Flamin Hotz, CrossFaded Bacon Goods and Services