Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Screw The RIAA

Seriously, screw them over. I, personally, never download anything that's available as a CD or LP because in my opinion MP3s sound like farts through a megaphone compared to the real thing. That and i'm an ardent supporter of musicians. But the RIAA is going too far. It's harassing people away from wanting to support artists (and more specifically labels and the RIAA). So onto the Bandwagon of anti-RIAA I jumped when this article was pointed out to me by my beloved Ropeadope Records. So for March it's on, absolutely no purchases of anything released in connection with the RIAA. As Mental Sharp says it's time to "Smash and Grab"....the RIAA's cash that is.

1 comment:

seg said...

Yeaaaaah, emusic is my shit! I'm down with the boycott!