Friday, February 09, 2007

New shirts from Moonblood

MoonblooD has just released their newest line of tees featuring super hero styling for both men and women. The prints feature intricate details and are created by a couple who currently live in No. Libs.
Created in early 2006 by soon-to-be-wed Amy Eldon and Leo Voloshin, MoonblooD is a men's and women's t-shirt label. Inspired by the couple's love of tribal textiles and travel, the line exhibits a wintered and worn aesthetic fusing intricate, hand-drawn graphics on hand-dyed shirts.

From Cool Hunting:
Not unlike their first collection of Egyptian-inspired motifs and Native American imagery, the result is a modern tribal look that takes the tee beyond predictable centered-graphic designs.

The tees start at $38 and include shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

In her spare time Amy also runs the fashion blog Seamsters commenting on the latest fashion news and trends. This week features guest blogger Ann Marie commenting on NY Fashion Week. (Philly, when are you going to have a fashion week?)

MoonblooD tees

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