Thursday, February 15, 2007

DJ Phinesse - Baltimore Club Mix Vol. 2

Hey DJ, can you play club music? I love club music.
DJ Phinesse out of Pittsburgh via Philly has been running club music and reggae on the radio and at parties all around Pittsburgh. While in Philly, Phinesse used to work at Armands. I was checking out his website the other day, listening the Baltimore mixes that he posted up. A couple myspace messages later and he sent me the mix so I could share with you.

  • DJ Phinesse - Baltimore Club Music Volume 2 (full tracklisting)

  • Download all 3 of his mixeshere. DJ Phinesse MySpace, DJ Phinesse Website


    Anonymous said...

    Oh, I just know Double L from Armands. But, I did do a stint at Funk-O-Mart for a minute back in the day while going to Community College in like '98.

    Also, Volume 3 is already available on my website! Playlist on the blog!

    Thanks for showing the love!

    DJ Phinesse

    Anonymous said...

    Volume 4 is ready to go! Check it out on my site!

    DJ Phinesse

    Matt said...

    what is the first track on the volume 2 mix?

    di1 said...

    I love that track.

    Its "Club Muzik" by Mz. Thang on Club Beats Records.