Friday, February 02, 2007

51:51 x Flamin Hotz Monthly Mix Jumpoff

Back once again with that podcast jumpoff. Its First Friday so that means two things, Old City Arts Crawl and White Tees White Belts. We've been beating the drum for this party since we started. Easily one of the best parties in the city. Now that they've moved to their new spot, this party has officially blown up. You can meet cats from Boston to DC who make the monthly trip to get down with Emynd, Bo Bliz and Dan the Swede. This month is extra special as it is the record release party for Emynd and Bo Bliz and there will be mixtape giveaways from WTHN. Their debut EP, White Tees and White Belts is being released by Flamin Hotz and is in stores here in Philly at Armands and The Sound of Market. I've got word that it will be at Turntable Lab and your favorite record stores early next week. Flamin Hotz picked them up as the duo have been coming with straight heat lately. Just check out this message that they received from Scottie B:
Need a big big favor. Please could u send me the new EP u have. I will send u whatever it costs thru paypal or whatever. Im gonna be at Fabric on 2/2. Wont be able to get the joint and i know Emynd and Bo came w that fire! Please let me know!"
We've got two seperate mixes and one from Dan the Swede later on this month. They represent what you'll hear at the party tonite with everything from Miami Bass, to hip hop, electro, Baltimore club, special remixes and whatever else will rock the crowd.

So without further ado: Subscribe with iTunes, subscribe with other podcast software, Emynd Feb 5151 Mix, Bo Bliz Feb 5151 Mix

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