Friday, February 23, 2007

What It Do

Last Friday and I'm already posting about next Friday. It warmed back up thankfully, it was getting a little crazy there. Ok, big news though, we now have a calendar which you can check out below and soon at Its a little big and I'm working on it but it's not playing nice. Grrr! Also, starting today there is a 40% off sale at Pedestrian with some of your favorite hype x wear brands.

  • Philadelphyinz at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Tastytreats at Fluid - Mike Nyce, ?uestlove when in town, Good hip hop at Fluid (613 S 4th)
  • The Dating Game - Space 1026 Comedy Mummers Brigade Benefit
    • for real, for real including Amanda Blank, a kissing booth and a slow dance finale
  • Bleached Black at Medusa (21st and Chestnut)
  • Hip Hop Lounge at Liquid Charm (1207 Race)
  • Locally Localized Gravity at ICA continues
    • Watch Wu-Tang Clan Got Their Name From: Shoalin and Wu-Tang on VHS, hosted by the currently on-the-move Black Floor Gallery. (Noon - 5 PM)

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