Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween - Music & Parties

UPDATE: Casi wanted me to post his costume from 2006.

Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica

So as you may be able to tell from the posts on here, I don't really listen to bands at all unless I used to listen to them in the 90's. I especially don't listen to any of this new indie rock stuff. Casi G on the other hand is the complete opposite always telling me how he bought the new MSTRBear vs Panda album. Once he starts that sentence I tend to tune out, course most of the time I don't actually listen to him. I think I've developed a caching function, so you have to hit a keyword and then I bring up the whole conversation, pretending like I've been listening the whole time. Its a really awesome upgrade in version 2.6. Surprisingly enough, he put the new Panda Bear album Person Pitch on and I actually liked it. This means alot to me, it has to be good if I actually like it. I'm thinking because it sounds like 70's acid rock. Or maybe rolling in the fields on a warm day on happy pills. I would definitely not be into skating to it as in the video. Well maybe that 70's style skating where you were more surfing on the sidewalk doing hang tens and carving before polyurethane wheels. Also, I could have sworn that they are playing again at an R5 show but its not currently on their site. Yeah, so buy the album and I would definitely recommend the vinyl edition but there is like one song per side of the record which is incredibly annoying to flip every song but it sounds so much warmer and brings out the fields so much more.

UPDATE: Casi just reminded me of the rest of the story. I think I went over to watch an Eagles game that was on late or baseball or some other sport that I have since given up on in the past month. He was already 18 deep in on a Hoegarden case and I was really not feeling this at first. There we are sitting on the couch watching a mute TV with the remote too far away. There is no way I'm getting up to listen to any more of this. So Casi finally gets up, since he had to get another beer, and he flips the record for song 2. I actually start to get into it since I'm pretty sure whatever team I was watching was losing. So I flip it for the next song, when I get a beer, and flip it again. This continues for awhile and we listen to the whole album and the case of beer. I keep exclaiming how much I actually like this. Then to get back on track we listened to Yadadamean:

Vinyl, Discovery and Waffles

  • Interesting post over at Wired claiming that vinyl will be the ultimate killer of the CD. As you may guess, I'm sure Casi would agree. Somewhere along the way I got hooked on vinyl as well. I can't quite justify buying double albums this way, but singles and I love love old jazz records, not the reissues from recent years, but the old vinyl with the crackling and everything.
  • Lala, yet another possible threat to the music business. Wired does a writeup of the service and the founder who has conquered multiple other markets and got bored of traveling. To me it seems rather similar to Pandora except that it offers links to buy the music you're listening to. Can anything save the music industry? Is it worth saving? Do we need major record labels?
  • Never buy a ringtone again.
  • Waffleswaffles and jam. Anyone used any of these? seems to be in the lead. is still in its infancy. Stmusic and funkytorrents both eclipse these newbies in users and torrents. Whats your favorite? Sorry, no I don't currently have any invites.
  • Trent Reznor is producing Saul Williams new album and was an Oink user. I'm not sure whether or not to be scared or to just write this off as boring typical music journalism: "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!, a mind-boggling fusion of genres — think NIN meets Gnarls Barkley meets Justice". Read the article here. Pay or not for the album tomorrow here.

Snoop Dogg's New Direction?!?!

Snoop D-O-double-gizzle has decided to suckle at the teet of Roger Troutman like Tpain and Akon.

Where does your opinion fall? D5151 likes my notoriously un-humble and extraordinarily loud-mouthed opinion I find it to be bandwagon jumping rubbish from a guy that has been such a individual in Rap for so long.

Living The Dream

Waking up in some one else's bed....
Putting on a vintage 70's tux..
walking into work late still drunk....

living the Casi G dream.... Priceless

I am gonna take my clothes off

Jenny killed last night folks. Seeing her up stairs at world cafe live is such a different experience then Tin Angel but it was on some super dope date shit. I bought Jenny a shot and she didn't drink it and didn't even make fun of me. Big shouts out to the girls who were playing rummy the whole time through both sets, I wonder who won? Thats almost as dope as the time I saw the girl knitting some socks at a show and I asked her to make me some gloves. Yo also to that lesbian couple making out at the bar I see you. Keep reachin for that rainbow.

For all the vinyl naysayers here is a quick wake up call. If an obscure female singer song writer with independent distribution is still pressing vinyl then shit still has a market. I kinda wanted to buy doubles of this shit so I could cut up and double up "Hot in Here".

Vigilante Journalism

For those who didn't hear 50 cop cars rushing through the city, here's what what I pieced together:
A cop was shot at 22nd and Samson, and the shooter jumped into the Skuykill river to get away.
Last I heard, they're still looking for him.

I don't do fact checking, so any of the above may be false, but it's got street cred, so I'll trust it for now.

I've got a lot of great footage from the night, but it'll take a while to compile it all and edit a proper video, so here's a little teaser I put together real quick:

Video thumbnail. Click to play

More to come.

- Seg

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre

On some other shit I first saw Jenny Owens Young while I was dating this girl who was all fucked up in the head. She was a lot of fun but would always say the craziest shit to me. For example... We had started fooling around and it got interesting and then she straight up stops everything and says

"Do you live journal?"
Me of course "Whats that like bloggin? Nah that shits stupid. Why?"
"Well I was just curious ya know cuase thats how I meet a lot of people in my life."
me throwing down the mack "So let me guess you live wire or what ever its called [aside: purposely throwing in the mistake, chicks dig dumb dudes]
"Ohh don't worry you can meet a bunch of my friends from Live Journal at this show over at the Tin Angel. We all meet on Live Journal and its kinda how we keep up with each other."
Me moving my hands up her body "What show are we seeing at the Tin Angel?"
"Oh Jenny Owens Young, she is kinda like Blue Grass mixed with some singer song writer folk stuff. Your gonna love it."
"Does she sing about lesbianism? Cause you know I am a lesbian."

Thats when shit started poppin again. Anywho the moral of this story is the next day I went on Live Journal and found out that she made a post about me saying some shit like

Mood: Just had great sex with this guy you are gonna meet at the Jenny Owens Young show tonight guys see you then.

It was kinda the best show I have ever seen at the Tin Angel. Jenny also signed my CD I was totally floored. She also talks shit on the crowd the whole time she preforms and ended with this track it was fun.

Get tickets here

Kicks ft Prince Rob and John J - In da AU

Just got this new ATL banger in my mailbox from DJ Rob Green aka Platinum DJ G. This is definitely the next Ay Bay Bay. "I be like A U. She be like Hey You."
This is a hot new club banger from Kicks Ft. Prince Rob & John J. referring to the AUC in Atlanta.. For those who don't know its the Atlanta University Center... The crunkest spot for events, parties & fun in Atlanta
DJ G on MySpace, Black Snob Entertainment

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Magic Word

So I Guess I am going to start contributing around here so I would like to take a minute to give you a run down on what to expect from my,culture,fashion,and,booze,places to get free booze while looking at art and being fashionable and pretending to be cultured...I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 3 grade, and slept during all my writing classes so I am going to substitute flawless grammar with the "F" word and tons of misspellings. Sue me! I was born and raised in Philly, and love this city with all my heart. Let's get this show on the road!

If you haven't already seen this get your ass in gear!
Steve Powers: The Magic Word

October 20, 2007, to January 27, 2008

Morris Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

Powers, who was born and raised in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section and has resided in New York since 1995, is an internationally known graffiti artist who has recently been embraced by the contemporary art world. Using the idiom of the billboard and the storefront, Powers, using his graffiti moniker ESPO, has created many illicit outdoor murals which riff off the capitalist marketing experience. Beginning in 2004 and ongoing, Powers participated in and co-curated Dreamland Artist Club an ambitious project on the Coney Island amusement boardwalk, in which he and several other artists worked with low-income business owners to improve commercial signage. Recently, Powers has been making narrative painting installations, still very much informed by signage, in which he recounts through a clever balance of verbiage and imagery, graffiti tall tales, autobiographical missives, and various urban legends.

Hey, Dan...

I posted something.

Tom "Still Existant" Jonze

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hilariously Bad

Okay, so its almost Halloween. That time of year for you to go watch a scary movie about vampires. None come to mind. How bout this hilariously bad horror movie about lesbian vampires instead? Check out this never-before-seen exclusive trailer:

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Lezpyres Movie Premier
Sunday Oct 28th, 7:30pm
at Lounge 125 (125 S. 2nd St.)

[Update: The "event" begins at 7:30, but the movie will start playing at 9pm.]

The soundtrack to the movie has tracks by "atma" and "Miss Behave" who also spin a live drum and bass set, called Alchemy 101, every Monday 8-11pm. See? Drum and bass in Philly isn't dead, you just gotta look really carefully.
Listen in to Alchemy 101 here.

There, I think I got in all the plugs I've wanted to make for the last 6 months.

- Seg

Friday, October 26, 2007

What it Boo!

Hahaha. I kill myself. Ok, I'll dead the Halloween puns. The best part about Halloween during the week is that you can stretch it out over two weekends. Who cares if it was 3 days ago/not for another 3 days. Go ahead pick a costume and make yourself look like a fool or zombie or sexy 1900's steel conglomerate tycoon or sexy sexy or frog.

  • Seclusiasis Phreak Out with Andy Pry at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Philebs is having a Halloween Party at Johnny Brendas with all sorts of wholesome activities like put your hand in a weird box and win Porn! (Frankford and Girard)
  • Party late at the Arts Garage with Steve Bloodbath, Jhn Rdn, DJ Frosty and Billy Martin (!??! yes that Billy Martin from Medeski, Martin and Wood (MMW)).
  • Not specific Halloween, but awesome nonetheless, Fridays at Mansion with Brendan Bring'em and Jes One til 3, free before 12 and $4 drinks til 12.
  • Sundae Masquerade with DJ Starchild now at Veranda (3 N. Delaware Ave.)
  • New completely awesome weekly starting today is Brendan Bring'em and Jones of Caps and Jones at Silk City spinning 60's and 70's Rock and Soul. Yes please. There are prizes for best costume as well.

Congrats Stoya

Do you remember Stoya (seen here on the right) go go dancing at the Pleasuretown parties? She just inked a deal with porn studio Digital Playground! Congrats! I first remember meeting her when she worked the "door" for the Family Affair parties with Low Budget at Marathon Grill. That smile killed me, so amazing. I don't think she takes a bad picture, photogenic beyond belief.

Link (via Philebrity)

So Philly

>>>A historical plaque was installed in the Italian Market section of Philly commemorating the "South 9th Street Curb Market", whatever that is. Apparently last night "the plaque portion at the top was unbolted, apparently thrown to the ground - and may have been run over by a car". I have to say this is pretty awesome. Stop renaming streets and sections of the city. We DO NOT WANT. Its the Italian Market regardless of anything else. Its Delaware Ave not Chris Columbus.

>>>Wow! Years and years after Philly was supposed to have a Public Access channel, there finally is one. Not that everyone doesn't already have a million options instead of traditional TV. The current estimates are that it will be live in January 2008 and are currently looking for content. Submit your videos to

>>>Joe Sixpack posted his second reason why Philly is the best beer drinking city. It has to do with 10% and Dogfish.

>>>More beer news from Joe Sixpack, Standard Tap is tapping a new cask ale every Wednesday, taking Halloween off but back November 7th with a Yards Ale.

>>>With 0 votes tallied and 0% of precinct reporting Philly Will Do is calling the Mayoral race over 12 days before it begins.

Throwback Fridays: Addams Family Groove

Just to get you in the Halloween spirit, here is MC Hammer's Addams Family Groove:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekend Pics

Yo, Thursday, Friday, Saturday was bonkers. Out of control, FREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE out of control. Making Time was a little too crowded for me but Erol Alkan pumped out the rave jams, playing an hour worth of non vocal tracks, sadly there were few glowsticks which would have made things so much better. Saturday was the jump off for me. Shout out to Kimble for coming through from B-lo. JOTS and White T's held down the basement with a whole different party vibe than the main floor. Shout out to the three girls on stage me. I see you, apparently Jay did too.

Two things...

1) The new Little Brother is in the runnin for LP o' the year. Shit is pure fire.
2) What's up with Philly? They on tour with Evidence and it is not coming to Philly...weak! (Another bangar released this year was Ev's new solo jawn The Weatherman).

Stewie will definitely be at this Sexy Party...

Triple Gloss Entertainment (that name was shorter than 3 Hot Chicks Throwing Parties Entertainment) is having their 3rd (Annual) Vampires and Vixens party. This is NOT a Goth party (not that there's anything wrong with that) but a 5 hour costume dance-travanganza. DJs Adam Bomb and Lee Jones will be spinnin' dance muzak all evening.

There's an open bar option on the ticketing that includes all you can drink Ciroc. There's other stuff on the open bar but my eyes lost focus once I read that and visions of drunken debauchery started flowing through my head.

Also there will be regular tickets, bottle service and what costume party is complete without prizes? And did I mention already that it's thrown by beautiful women...that hang out in flocks like geese (walking every where in V shaped patterns to lower wind resistance [not that there's anything wrong with that]). What I'm saying here is last year the beautiful person/ugly person ratio last year was like 500/2 (me and an Andy Reid impersonator)

You can get some more information and links to buy tickets at

Crime Mob - Circles

I was persusing YouTube just now and found this video for one of my favorite songs off Hated on Mostly. Be sure to pick it up if you haven't already

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An American Gangster The Mixtape

Oh snap! Just saw this over at Different Kitchen. No tracklisting as of yet. Download now.

Link (via Different Kitchen)

Citypaper Choice Awards '07

Its that time again to vote in the Citypaper Choice Awards. There are 7 different categories and you can vote as many times as you want. Write ins are acceptable as well. Vote now here.

Looking for New Writers

One man band courtesy of Spinal Connection
So as you may have noticed I'm pretty much a one man band here. Seg and Tom Jonze are nearly nonexistent, Casi G pops up once a week and Pedestrian has been busy with real world moves trying to post there and their own blog, therefore we are looking for new writers to post regularly on topics we don't have time or resources to post about. Specific topics include the indie rock scene and someone dedicated to fashion. Current offers include free mp3s, Facebook gifts, Internet high fives, free entry to shows and possibly actual monetary compensation. Please send samples of your work along with preferred topic to 5151List @ GMail . com with the subject "I can has job?" I will totally be cool if I receive no worthy responses knowing the fact that I found such an incredible website.

Let Me Ride Video Part II

Part II of the Let Me Ride video from October. Upcoming Let Me Ride dates include tomorrow with CBK and Illy downstairs at Bamboo and next Friday with Designer Drugs and Nate Day.

4th on Fourth

4th on Fourth begins on October 24th, and takes place every 4th Wednesday of the month from 6 to 8PM. Establishments will stay open late, some offering wine & snacks, along with music, art, workshops and special discounts. This monthly event is free and open to the public.

Stop by Revelations Boutique (711 S. 4th) tonight from 6 - 8 and receive 20% off of your purchase.

Smif N Wessun - Stomp (video)

I'm not really sure what to think about the new Smif N Wessun. My favorite part of the video is the Philly beard, I was hoping it was Freeway but its not. My other favorite part is the destruction of the computer monitor, anybody got a free one I stomp? New Freeway coming later today. Also, Joell Ortiz? Still not sure what the big deal is. What do you think?

How to be Successful in New York: Be a Douchebag

Two web favorites are recently profiled with two profoundly different directions for their future.

Blog powerhouse Gawker Media was recently profiled> in, where else but, New York Magazine. The article covers 7 pages of drugs, snark, the decline of publishing, ego and the ultimate question "Could you become successful in New York without being a douchebag?" Read on for the answer.

The second article concerns yet another "hip" media outlet, Wired's profile of Vice Magazine and its expanding media empire. Starting as a newspaper out of Montreal, Vice has transformed itself into a glossy magazine, record label, online presence and overall media powerhouse. Its latest addition into the fold has been and in "alpha" mode vLes, part MySpace and part Second Life. Where Gawker, continues with what it knows best, it seems that Vice is using its clout to provide actual substance. One could argue that their profiles of favelas of Rio or gun markets of Pakistan don't actually count as substance, but when compared to Gawker, I would say they are "giving a shit". Read Wired's profile

The War On Downloading

  • Oink, one of the best and apparently most popular torrent tracking sites for music was taken down yesterday. If you've never been on Oink, it was an invite only site that enforced strict music quality policies along with semi-strict ratio policies. Oink was not a pay site as is mentioned in the above site. I'm nearly positive that he did not make "hundreds of thousands of pounds". There was an option to donate money to help pay for server costs and if you donated 5 pounds, there was a one time option to invite 2 people to join the site. However, if you kept your ratio up, you would receive 2 invites a month. At least they let him get dressed for the cameras. There is just so much false information in the above clip.
  • Thankfully we have a trusty Internets provider here in Philadelphia that will lie about stopping you from using any type of Bit Torrent application at all. Its Comcastic! Yay, glad you paid for the new building even though you're moving out of the old one.
    • Those pesky Internet people have also found that you are throttling/denying Gnutella and Lotus Notes as well. Lotus Notes software is primarily used by businesses for email, calendaring etc.
    • Thankfully though, they've admitted it but only so you could get better speeds.
    • Of course they admitted after the AP proved after they initially denied it.
    • If the whole Net Neutrality debate was complicated before, this is exactly what it was meant to stop, personally this sounds more like living behind the Great Wall.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I love beer. I'm especially glad to live in Philly where most places have Yuengling priced the same as the other big pisswaters domestics. Even better than Yuengling is all of the wonderful beer bars like Eulogy, Monks, Nodding Head, Independence, Triumph, Ten Stone and so many others. There are also the awesome beer take out stores with the Foodery and the Wurst Best House at the top of the heap.
  • It is no surprise then that Philly area breweries received 16 Gold Medals at the latest Great American Beer Fest in Denver.
  • Just announced Philly Beer Week, March 7 - 16 in "America's best beer-drinking city"
Raise a glass to Philly!

Be Good or Be Gone

The music is typical singer songwriter fair, not exactly 5151 material, but the video for this is what sets it apart. Watch as Fionn Regan shows up in the foreground in a number of random places actually singing and not lip synching.

Vimby: 700 Club Profile is a new video sited dedicated to "Videos in my backyard" with Philly being a key city. Vimby videographers were at MSTRKRFT on Saturday and should have video up soon. If you want to be a videographer or "preditor", sign up here. Other videos from Philly include WTHN, Deep Sleep, Smak Parlour, Johnny Brendas, First Friday and R.E. Load Messenger Bags. The site is still early in the amount of content but could prove to be rather interesting and useful in the future.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rambling Analysis

After being inspired by that David Choe "dirty hands" video, I made sure I was at Exit Philadelphia's live art this Thursday which he was partner to. It was pretty quiet, everyone disappeared really suddenly, and I didn't get to talk to him, but I did get enough stuff to make a quick, rambling video analysis of the event.

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Don't everyone hate at once.

Peace out.

- Seg

Friday, October 19, 2007

What It Do: Nu Rave Your Weekend Away

It don't stop til sunday night. Or not, I found other ish to holler at.

  • Sundae moves from the Bubble House to La Veranda on Delaware and Market basically. Includes outside deck with those heat lamp things.
  • Justice live at The Troc since there was shooting outside the Starlight and the club is kind of closed. Too bad its sold out, they should move it to the E Factory.
    • Btw, there are reports that they will be spinning at Silk City after their tweek knobs live show
  • Want more bass and less electro? More UK and less Paris? See Vex'd at Inciting HQ. Grime dubstep massive stand up.

Pink Skulls - Blobbaghanoush

Read the Citypaper article from the Music issue, Download the EP now for only $2

White T's in Citypaper Music Issue

First off, that is such a dope picture. Shout out to Michael T. Regan. Second the story behind the picture is funny. Read it in Emynd's own words. Read the full City Paper article by phabulous Phileb jawn Kelly White. Of course if you've ever read this site in the last 2 years you know we've been repping White T's White Belts since the beginning. Its weird, we started out so different from where we are now.

Dudes are crazy on their grind right about now. Saturday downstairs with Jokers of the Scene at Transit with MSTRKRFT, Thursday 25th with Rich Medina and Questlove for the Philly Car Share party, Saturday the 27th at Haverford College and then Nov 2nd Halloween jumpoff at the Arts Garage.

WKDU Electronic Music Marathon 2007

This weekend is the 10 year anniversary of the WKDU Electronic Music Marathon. Every year WKDU, Drexel's student run radio station, is taken over from Thursday night to Sunday at midnight with a different electronic music DJ every hour as they raise money for a selected charity. This year the marathon supports Philadelphia FIGHT!
Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary care, consumer education, advocacy and research on potential treatments and vaccines. FIGHT was formed as a partnership of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and clinicians, who joined together to improve the lives of people living with the disease.
Each DJ is expected to raise $50, paypal your donation to WKDUEMM @ GMAIL with the name of the DJ who should be credited. Donations over $50 receive a T shirt.

See the full set list on their MySpace page, listen live over the Internets here, or tune your radio to 91.7 FM all weekend long. via

Throwback Fridays - What About Your Friends

Spooning with Tommy Up

Since we are all talking about Paper Street and Tommy on this site like every post I think I am gonna post about him toooo.... Like this one time we were hanging out at the Marathon Grill listening to Cosmo Baker straight murder it and this song came on that was all rocky and kinda electroy. And I start straight jackin in my chair next to dude and he is eggin me on like "Okay all right yeah yeah yeah... Man I am feeling this song too." Thats when his girl Pallah starts getting into it also and then we are like fuck it lets stand up and dance. So we all three stand up and start moving and I turn to girl and i'm like "I'm Justin your Britney lets battle Tommy will judge." So of course I ain't got no moves and I do the hand up in the air, shake the booty move, but its a rock song so I start to do the Molly Ringwald into the Carlton into rebel fist in the air knock dance move. Then she starts to do the all my same moves except for way better. She started with the faux rave dance with out glowsticks into some interpretative swan movements straight into pop, lock, and droppin it down to the floor and coming up all sexy.

So Tommy jumps in and ends it declaring Pallah the winner and as the loser I had to go up to Cosmo and request a Britney spears track which he didn't play. But it turns out the song that we were dancing to was by Spoon and Spoon is freaking playing tonight with The Pony's at the TLA.

Oh snapadooo I am gonna be dance offing girls all night for beers.

Spoon with The Ponys and DJ Dave P
Friday, October 19, 2007
Electric Factory
Doors: 7:30 pm | Show: 8:30 pm
421 N. 7TH ST.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone 215.627.1332

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Special Day With Sweatheart

This is incredible. Spotted at Art in the Age.

Courier New Graffiti

D wants me to write a post, but fuck that. I don't have anything to say about music or the philly night life scene. I haven't even really been out at all. And if I was going to go out, I wouldn't pay 15 bucks to go stand around pretending that I'm into 80's or trance or whatever Level plays on a saturday night. However. I'll make an exception for delicatessens with Free and CloseBy on the menu. Yeahhh. World Cafe Live. D got 2 super special press passes and we got in for free to see the show.

Can you believe thats the reason we got into this blog shit? D deserves it though, he's working this blog 24/7. I, on the other hand, don't do SHIT. Blame it on writers block. Lack of inspiration.
Except right now. This here is what we call a rant. A quick little reminder that I do indeed post on this blog, and am somewhat responsible for filling up a page from time to time.

I wanna talk about that video D put up earlier. David Choe is a new inspiration for me. Anyone who attacks life so violently is a righteous role model in my eyes. Yes, he's fucking shit up and destroying society. But from outer-space, the only way to tell there's life down here is to set something aflame. Which is to say, most of us aren't doing our job properly.

Graffiti is an inevitability. A way of proving our individuality and assuring the masses of our existence. And it isn't limited to paint form. Vocal graffiti, kinesthetic graffiti, culinary graffiti. Shit needs to be different and violent and out of place. If it's not, then it's too reserved and conservative, and not really worth much of anything to anyone. Show someone something. Make that something stunning, and show it by shoving it down their fucking throats. Maybe they'll enjoy it, maybe they'll vomit it on to the dashboard, either way you've inflicted a change that's greater than what a pretty picture hanging behind a velvet rope could do.

The world is desensitized to polite art. Art that's simply trying to say something. Forget talking. The only reason we speak is because we can't communicate emotions directly. In two and a half years it'll be 2010. The tools we have available to convey emotion are all around us, and are so much more powerful and jarring than the instruments of change our ancestors used. Shakespeare would be so fucking pissed if he knew we weren't using everything we had our disposal. He'd probably come out of his grave and start choking muthafukas.

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm just fucking around with words here, or really saying anything of value, but fuck it, I feel this, so something here must be true. Or it could be I'm on some crazy adrenalin high. Either way, that's a hundred words. Gimmie my fucking paycheck.

- Seg

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today 6:15 - 8:30am

Courtesy of Mr. Jonathan

Ignite Whats Next - Live Painting Philly Stop

EXIT PHILADELPHIA, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Upper Playground. Present David Choe, Saber, Revok, and Retna LIVE PAINTING AT EXIT PHILADELPHIA!

Thursday October 18th, Come check out 4 world renowned artist kicking it, signing autographs, and painting all for you! It kicks off at 2pm and ends around 5:30.

This totally sucks that its during the day. Check the video below from part of their West Coast tour. Also, were you at FUEL on First Friday? Did anybody else see random older couples posted up just chilling with black Sparks? Most surreal thing I've seen in awhile.

More pics and videos over at

Let Me Ride Video

Check back later in the week for more videos from Illy

Devin The Dude Instore at Armands today 6pm

Late breaking news for the one and only Dirty South Joe.

Devin the Dude and Coughee Brothers are gonna be at Armands Records today (10/17) @ 6pm. Come thru and burn a sweet or two."

Meet the Dude himself today and say whats up to Matt So Real who blogs about rappy raps here.

Armands is between 12th and 11th on Chestnut streets by the weird City Blue, Lady Blue and City Blue II cluster fuck. (How do they all stay in business?)

Editors note: MattSoReal will not be at Armands, Devin and the Coughee Brothers will and definitely visit his blog as it is the Texas rappy rap blog

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Devin the Dude - Lacville '79 and live at World Cafe

Holla! Devin the Dude is playing tomorrow with Del tha Funkee Homosapien at World Cafe Live. Devin's Waiting to Inhale is one of my favorite albums of the year. I got to see him perform a short set earlier this year and it was incredible. Meanwhile, Del is legendary having recorded everything from his own projects to the Heiroglyphics to the Gorillaz to Deltron 3030 not to mention being Ice Cube's cousin. I mean do I really need to mention any of this? If you know, you know. Tickets are 17 - 20 and can be bought directly from World Cafe box office which is open until 10 PM tonight.

More info

Friday, October 12, 2007

What It Do

Yo, its like actual October outside. Had to bust out the sweater today and I need to get my jacket time right for fall. Thankfully though, there are plenty of places to get sweaty in the next two weeks starting tonight with Digitalism. Woohooo! (I never remember how to spell that, is there an h after the W?) Also Faerie Con is here all weekend, I'm not sure whether to be excited or scared. For example the pic in that link makes me scared but Tinkerbell, on the other hand. I used to have a crush on this girl who would call me Peter and I would call her Tink.


  • Sundae still going strong at Bubble House
    • Next week its moving to La Veranda Ristorante
  • Strawberry Mansion Sundays at Silk City

MSTRKRFT Saturday October 20th

Briefly mentioned yesterday, today its officially official. Last minute addition to the tour are vowel haters MSTRKRFT at Transit. Playing the main room with Steve Bloodbath and Shawn Ryan from Hurrah while downstairs White T's White Belts will have table duties with Ottowa DJs Jokers of the Scene. Note, the White T's staff includes Dan teh Swede as well as Bo Bliz and Emynd. Congrats to Jokers of the Scene on their recent announcement of their debut EP out on Fools Gold. There was a fierce bidding war but they finally settled with Fools Gold.
This party brought to you by Paper Street, Turbo Station and Mad Pu$$y.

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bangers & Cash

Spank Rock, Benny Blanco and Amanda Blank count down their top 10 songs to do it to.

The Banges & Cash EP is available now on CD and digitally. Hit up the Spank Rock MySpace for the links.

Jay Z - American Gangster

Blue Magic

I'm excited, its sounding alot better than Kingdom Come did for sure.

Throwback Fridays - Can't Knock the Hustle

Got to bring it back to Reasonable Doubt.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Benja Styles and JDS: Baltimore Club Music

After numerous stops and starts the 5151 Mix series is back after many false promises, "next week for sure", "its almost done" and "I'd loved to". Finally, JDS & Benja Styles came through and delivered a whole mixtape. Its filled with 45 "new and classic party records" and clocks in at over 75 minutes long. Favorites on the full mix include "Tear Da Club Up", "Superstar", "Dance My Pain Away", "Peanut Butter Jelly", "Watch Out for the Big Girl", "Fuck Your Couch" and more.

JDS & Benja Styles are two of the most in deman DJ's and producers in the city. Benja Styles holds residencies at 32 Degrees on Thursday and Loie on Friday and Saturday. His remixes are constantly found on Clubbangaz records which are essential for working DJ's. JDS meanwhile has been DJing for over 20 years and was Eve's personal tour DJ when she first burst onto the scene. Since then he has commanded his own evening show on 100.3 The Beat with sexy co host Toshamakia.

Pick up the complete Baltimore Club Music mixtape worldwide at Turntable Lab, Chemical Records in the UK, Phonica Records, Juno,,Hip Hop Vinyl ( and your favorite local record store. Baltimore Club Music is volume 1 in the 5151 Mixtape series. The 5151 Mixtape series is distributed by Flamin Hotz.

Holla at Benja Styles, DJ JDS

Promo Mix Tracklist:
1.Keep Fuckin Around
2.Goin Down
3.Lets go
4.Kill em in the Club
6.Feel me
7.Murder Joint
8.Lil Jon
9.Pop the Trunk
10.In My Life
11.Peanut Butter
12.Say Wut Theme
13.My Crew My Dogs
14.Ladies Fellas
15.Big Girlz Anthem
16.Watch Out for the Big Girl
17.EA EA

Quick notes on big parties

Can I classify this as all blog house parties? Nu Rave? Neu Rave?

Friday: Digitalism at Transit

Next Friday: Free Erol Alkan at Pure

Just announced by Jay Simplefly, MSTRKRFT at Transit??? The only details otherwise are "we got maaad pussy son."

Better buy the glowsticks now because after these three, they might sell out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

M.I.A., Bun B and Rich Boy - Paper Planes

Picked this up from the MadDecent blog (I need to add their feed to my netvibes, do they have a feed?) and this track kills. First, Bun's verse includes the incredible line "being poor is a disease, gotta hustle up a cure". Second, I never really "listened" to Rich Boy. The first single, was just "Throw Some D's on that". This verse though really made my ears perk up and go back and want to listen to his album which I have to say is quite good. My favorite part of this verse is "Her name is Beretta and shes motherfucking crazy" except I need to add extra letters because the way he says it really makes it pop.
Don't forget M.I.A. is playing live on December 1st at the E Factory. Pick your tickets up from Ticketmaster or better yet go to the TLA (Mon to Sat 12 - 6) to avoid Ticketmaster fees. Or if you're big balling, buy the all inclusive package offered by

Bonus: Download the instrumental from MadDecent and download the Sri Lankan remix by Esau Mwamwaya.

Back to Rich Boy:

This is such an awesome video/track. Honestly, the first time you heard "Throw Some D's" you were like awesome one hit wonder, but here he is on his 4th single. Pick up his album for only 9.99 from Amazon. All I'm saying is "The south got something to say".

Project Pat - Don't Call Me No Mo

Already the number one ringtone, Don't Call Me No Mo featuring 3 6 Mafia and Princess gets the video work in.

I love how they get back together at the end. Hahaha. Also, Princess dayum. Project Pat straight chilling in front of an armored vehicle with a streetwear Ben Franklin? DJ Paul's voice is a little weird but the line "I don't need to hit the number 3 times for 1 letter" is awesome. Juicy J straight chilling on the bed with a styrofoam cup. Hahaha. Whats up with the security guard dude? Also, that shirt with the huge guitar on it, YES.

!!! Tonight TLA

Are you ready for a little this

A little of that

then get sweaty with the boys of !!! tonight at TLA.

oh yeah they got this girl who comes out and sings for little bit also...

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. on Jimmy Kimmel

Way more interesting than a "live" performance. You can see the real duo live on Sunday October 21st and Starlight Ballroom with the Midnight Juggernauts. Tickets are $12 at Ticketweb or with no surcharge at Relapse Records (608 South 4th).

DJ Andy Smith Monday October 15th

Next Monday Cosmo Baker is back in the building with DJ Excel, MC Lix and special guest Andy Smith. You may know Andy Smith with his better known group Portishead. From his bio:
Andy Smith was the first DJ to release a multi-genre mix album on a major label. When his mix-CD The Document hit the streets back in 1998, it became the soundtrack for a generation who had heard Coldcut's Journeys By DJs but needed to hear more
To better acquaint you with Smith's style I'll be posting mixes so you can hear for yourself. This will surely be a night not to be missed if you are a fan of Shadow, Yoda, Food, Z Trip or the turntable as an instrument.
Oh and the best part? No cover all night as long as you sign up on the guestlist. I would suggest signing up sooner rather than later though as the list will be capped early.

R. Kelly - Real Talk

Kells is a master storyteller. Real Talk.

Friday, October 05, 2007

What It Do: First Friday of October


Neighborhood Bike Works Bike Parts Art

Art show and auction tonight at the Power Plant building on 2nd between Race and Vine. Opens at 5 PM and features live music, food, drinks, raffle prizes and more.

More info

Throwback Fridays - T.O.N.Y.

See them live tomorrow at the Troc.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


  • Phillies are losing after that awesome grand slam. Yay. I would suggest happy hour if it continues to go this way
  • LOLDaveP will be freaking out like crazy people or just cold chillin at the first floor of Bamboo for that Thursday night Jump off with Dan the Swede and Brendan Bring'em
    • Ladies is free til midnight. Open bar 10 - 11. $2 Lionheads downstairs all night. Guestlist now.
  • Philly Laptop Battle 8 featuring 10 Competitors at the Northstar tonight. $8, 21+
  • Mo Money Mo Problems. 90's hip hop erry Thursday at Silk City with Steve Bloodbath


MIA Presale Tix Available Now

M.I.A. presale tickets available now until midnight for her show at the Electric Factory on December 1st. Tickets are only $20. Opening up for M.I.A. are the Cool Kids (did you see the Black Mags video?) and 5151 favorite Santogold. Presale tix are only available to midnight, so pick them up now before they go up in price and sell out.

Flash invite or direct to UWishUNu for the "password" and buy link.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cool Kids - Black Mags

New video from the Cool Kids out of Chicago on Catchdub's and A Trak's Fools Gold Records. This track reminds me of the first time I heard The Pack's Vans track. This one features non traditional hip hop beats rhyming about BMX wheel rims. I've already listened to this like 8 times so I figured I should feature it in its own post. Check the MySpace below to find out where they'll be playing next.

Go Cool Kids, Fools Gold Records

August Month In Review

Top 5 Posts
  1. Crank Dat Soulja Lion King
  2. DJ Benzi and Lil Wayne present None Higher
  3. Kanye vs 50 Cent - Kanye Wins
  4. Hip Hop Links
  5. Diplo Essential Mix
Top 5 Tracks
  1. Cousin Cole - Party Like a Rock Star
  2. DJ Funk - Booty House Anthems Megamix
  3. Diplo Essential Mix
  4. Cassidy - I Get Money freestyle
  5. Gorilla Zoe - Hood Figga
Top 5 Search Terms (similar terms combined)
  1. Crank dat (that) lion king
  2. Daft Punk
  3. Diplo Essential Mix
  4. Kanye wins / kanye vs 50
  5. 51:51 / fiftyonefiftyone

Sneaker Pimps this Saturday

Holla! This saturday check out CNN at the Troc for Sneaker Pimps, a traveling sneaker festival. This is sure to be a busy night with 2 live acts, 6 DJs, a live skate demo, special guest Oxy Cottontail and live artist installations from Grand High and Rebellion Customs. Also there is the whole touring sneaker part which includes
over 1000 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers and a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography.

Featuring original artworks by Futura, Stash, Doze, Shepard Fairey, Dave White, Cope2, Ghost, Ewok, JB Classics, Methamphibian, Jor One, SBTG, Kinsey, TechVector, C2, EricQ, Jeremy Fish.
Tickets are on sale now for $15 at The Troc during normal box office hours ( Mon thru Fri 11:30am - 6:00pm and at 11:30am - 5:00pm) or online at Tickets jump to $20 at the door, so get them early.