Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The War On Downloading

  • Oink, one of the best and apparently most popular torrent tracking sites for music was taken down yesterday. If you've never been on Oink, it was an invite only site that enforced strict music quality policies along with semi-strict ratio policies. Oink was not a pay site as is mentioned in the above site. I'm nearly positive that he did not make "hundreds of thousands of pounds". There was an option to donate money to help pay for server costs and if you donated 5 pounds, there was a one time option to invite 2 people to join the site. However, if you kept your ratio up, you would receive 2 invites a month. At least they let him get dressed for the cameras. There is just so much false information in the above clip.
  • Thankfully we have a trusty Internets provider here in Philadelphia that will lie about stopping you from using any type of Bit Torrent application at all. Its Comcastic! Yay, glad you paid for the new building even though you're moving out of the old one.
    • Those pesky Internet people have also found that you are throttling/denying Gnutella and Lotus Notes as well. Lotus Notes software is primarily used by businesses for email, calendaring etc.
    • Thankfully though, they've admitted it but only so you could get better speeds.
    • Of course they admitted after the AP proved after they initially denied it.
    • If the whole Net Neutrality debate was complicated before, this is exactly what it was meant to stop, personally this sounds more like living behind the Great Wall.

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