Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am gonna take my clothes off

Jenny killed last night folks. Seeing her up stairs at world cafe live is such a different experience then Tin Angel but it was on some super dope date shit. I bought Jenny a shot and she didn't drink it and didn't even make fun of me. Big shouts out to the girls who were playing rummy the whole time through both sets, I wonder who won? Thats almost as dope as the time I saw the girl knitting some socks at a show and I asked her to make me some gloves. Yo also to that lesbian couple making out at the bar I see you. Keep reachin for that rainbow.

For all the vinyl naysayers here is a quick wake up call. If an obscure female singer song writer with independent distribution is still pressing vinyl then shit still has a market. I kinda wanted to buy doubles of this shit so I could cut up and double up "Hot in Here".

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