Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ignite Whats Next - Live Painting Philly Stop

EXIT PHILADELPHIA, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Upper Playground. Present David Choe, Saber, Revok, and Retna LIVE PAINTING AT EXIT PHILADELPHIA!

Thursday October 18th, Come check out 4 world renowned artist kicking it, signing autographs, and painting all for you! It kicks off at 2pm and ends around 5:30.

This totally sucks that its during the day. Check the video below from part of their West Coast tour. Also, were you at FUEL on First Friday? Did anybody else see random older couples posted up just chilling with black Sparks? Most surreal thing I've seen in awhile.

More pics and videos over at


seg said...

nice post bro! that video is fucking great, I really wanna see that, whatever it is

di1 said...

Damnit, I totally posted the wrong video. I specifically didn't want to post this video although I figured you would like it. This is the video I was supposed to post.

Hey, didn't you use to write for a blog?

seg said...

Nah, you got me confused with the dude on my profile picture.