Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to be Successful in New York: Be a Douchebag

Two web favorites are recently profiled with two profoundly different directions for their future.

Blog powerhouse Gawker Media was recently profiled> in, where else but, New York Magazine. The article covers 7 pages of drugs, snark, the decline of publishing, ego and the ultimate question "Could you become successful in New York without being a douchebag?" Read on for the answer.

The second article concerns yet another "hip" media outlet, Wired's profile of Vice Magazine and its expanding media empire. Starting as a newspaper out of Montreal, Vice has transformed itself into a glossy magazine, record label, online presence and overall media powerhouse. Its latest addition into the fold has been and in "alpha" mode vLes, part MySpace and part Second Life. Where Gawker, continues with what it knows best, it seems that Vice is using its clout to provide actual substance. One could argue that their profiles of favelas of Rio or gun markets of Pakistan don't actually count as substance, but when compared to Gawker, I would say they are "giving a shit". Read Wired's profile

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