Thursday, October 11, 2007

Benja Styles and JDS: Baltimore Club Music

After numerous stops and starts the 5151 Mix series is back after many false promises, "next week for sure", "its almost done" and "I'd loved to". Finally, JDS & Benja Styles came through and delivered a whole mixtape. Its filled with 45 "new and classic party records" and clocks in at over 75 minutes long. Favorites on the full mix include "Tear Da Club Up", "Superstar", "Dance My Pain Away", "Peanut Butter Jelly", "Watch Out for the Big Girl", "Fuck Your Couch" and more.

JDS & Benja Styles are two of the most in deman DJ's and producers in the city. Benja Styles holds residencies at 32 Degrees on Thursday and Loie on Friday and Saturday. His remixes are constantly found on Clubbangaz records which are essential for working DJ's. JDS meanwhile has been DJing for over 20 years and was Eve's personal tour DJ when she first burst onto the scene. Since then he has commanded his own evening show on 100.3 The Beat with sexy co host Toshamakia.

Pick up the complete Baltimore Club Music mixtape worldwide at Turntable Lab, Chemical Records in the UK, Phonica Records, Juno,,Hip Hop Vinyl ( and your favorite local record store. Baltimore Club Music is volume 1 in the 5151 Mixtape series. The 5151 Mixtape series is distributed by Flamin Hotz.

Holla at Benja Styles, DJ JDS

Promo Mix Tracklist:
1.Keep Fuckin Around
2.Goin Down
3.Lets go
4.Kill em in the Club
6.Feel me
7.Murder Joint
8.Lil Jon
9.Pop the Trunk
10.In My Life
11.Peanut Butter
12.Say Wut Theme
13.My Crew My Dogs
14.Ladies Fellas
15.Big Girlz Anthem
16.Watch Out for the Big Girl
17.EA EA


Anonymous said...

Some good songs, but not a lot of new content

Anonymous said...

that's why the title says "new and classic party records"