Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Magic Word

So I Guess I am going to start contributing around here so I would like to take a minute to give you a run down on what to expect from my,culture,fashion,and,booze,places to get free booze while looking at art and being fashionable and pretending to be cultured...I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 3 grade, and slept during all my writing classes so I am going to substitute flawless grammar with the "F" word and tons of misspellings. Sue me! I was born and raised in Philly, and love this city with all my heart. Let's get this show on the road!

If you haven't already seen this get your ass in gear!
Steve Powers: The Magic Word

October 20, 2007, to January 27, 2008

Morris Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

Powers, who was born and raised in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section and has resided in New York since 1995, is an internationally known graffiti artist who has recently been embraced by the contemporary art world. Using the idiom of the billboard and the storefront, Powers, using his graffiti moniker ESPO, has created many illicit outdoor murals which riff off the capitalist marketing experience. Beginning in 2004 and ongoing, Powers participated in and co-curated Dreamland Artist Club an ambitious project on the Coney Island amusement boardwalk, in which he and several other artists worked with low-income business owners to improve commercial signage. Recently, Powers has been making narrative painting installations, still very much informed by signage, in which he recounts through a clever balance of verbiage and imagery, graffiti tall tales, autobiographical missives, and various urban legends.

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