Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica

So as you may be able to tell from the posts on here, I don't really listen to bands at all unless I used to listen to them in the 90's. I especially don't listen to any of this new indie rock stuff. Casi G on the other hand is the complete opposite always telling me how he bought the new MSTRBear vs Panda album. Once he starts that sentence I tend to tune out, course most of the time I don't actually listen to him. I think I've developed a caching function, so you have to hit a keyword and then I bring up the whole conversation, pretending like I've been listening the whole time. Its a really awesome upgrade in version 2.6. Surprisingly enough, he put the new Panda Bear album Person Pitch on and I actually liked it. This means alot to me, it has to be good if I actually like it. I'm thinking because it sounds like 70's acid rock. Or maybe rolling in the fields on a warm day on happy pills. I would definitely not be into skating to it as in the video. Well maybe that 70's style skating where you were more surfing on the sidewalk doing hang tens and carving before polyurethane wheels. Also, I could have sworn that they are playing again at an R5 show but its not currently on their site. Yeah, so buy the album and I would definitely recommend the vinyl edition but there is like one song per side of the record which is incredibly annoying to flip every song but it sounds so much warmer and brings out the fields so much more.

UPDATE: Casi just reminded me of the rest of the story. I think I went over to watch an Eagles game that was on late or baseball or some other sport that I have since given up on in the past month. He was already 18 deep in on a Hoegarden case and I was really not feeling this at first. There we are sitting on the couch watching a mute TV with the remote too far away. There is no way I'm getting up to listen to any more of this. So Casi finally gets up, since he had to get another beer, and he flips the record for song 2. I actually start to get into it since I'm pretty sure whatever team I was watching was losing. So I flip it for the next song, when I get a beer, and flip it again. This continues for awhile and we listen to the whole album and the case of beer. I keep exclaiming how much I actually like this. Then to get back on track we listened to Yadadamean:

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