Friday, July 28, 2006

What it Do: Last weekend of July

Wow, seriously already? This summer is way too fun to end anytime soon.

  • Popoff Shack with Oxy Cottontail, Amanda Blank and Rose holding ladies night downstairs while Low Budget and Brendan Bring'em do their thing upstairs. (Front and Fairmount)
    • $3 U Call it drinks until 12, $5 all nite
  • Grown and Sexy at Mojito

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Outkast - Morris Brown

If Idlewild the movie is anything like this, I'm going to geek out. Highlights from this video include a singing car and a purple dog. Sadly, no Andre 3000, well you can see him on TV at the end but other than that this is an awesome video.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Drink the Kool Aid

Tommy Up from Paper Street has a new column in the Philadelphia Weekly. He actually debuted last week, but his writing started this week:

My name's Tommy Up. I'm writing a new column in which I'll be looking at the social side of life in the city. Some sort of introduction is probably in order for those who don't know me. Allow me to expose some truths about myself.

I hate marketing. It's an industry full of used car salesmen who can't stop using the word “branding.” Marketing is about fooling people into feeling like shit about themselves and then suggesting to them that your product will fill the hole you just created. This hatred is ironic because I run a boutique marketing company. (I feel there's another way to raise the awareness of your product without telling people how uncool they are.)


PS. Ted helps me stay up with Entourage whenever I miss a show.

PPS. The Kool Aid point is way kooler than the tipping point


Sometimes, back from journeys of the night, I discover spirals of wisdom scratched inside my notebook; driven into the pages, like some ancient spiritual epiphany.
Please take a moment to integrate the guidance of Tina Turner into your world-view.and sometimes not... usually not. Which is a shame, because I rely almost entirely on my notebook to create a realistic framework here. And I rely on it in this way, because I have a shitty memory. No, this is not an alcohol related problem, thanks for the concern, I just don't have room in my head for storing information about the past. So really I could have been anything before this moment. A prophet, an evangelist, or a belligerent dickhead.

According to my elitist housemate I'm a belligerent dickhead.
"I'm not a belligerent... wait, let's ask her. Mamn?"
A girl wearing a shirt with the words, "I heart nerds" was passing by us, and I decided to bring her in on our lighthearted conversation. She was about 25. I had no idea why I was calling her "Mamn."

"Mamn, do you think I'm a belligerent dickhead? My friend thinks I'm a belligerent dickhead."
"I don't know." Her eyes seemed to have an opinion, probably something hostile, but they remained firmly within her eye sockets. Silent.
"Well, how bout based on first impressions?" I tried to turn it into less of an accusatory question, maybe seg-way into more comfortable grounds, but she looked eager to escape.
"I don't know," she repeated coldly. I had a feeling I didn't want to know either, and was eager to let her to escape.
"Well thanks for your input anyway," I said to her retreating figure. I cringed over at Elitist and passed my index finger across my neck, indicating a disastrous interaction akin to death. This seemed to be an agreeable analysis of the situation.
"Well, she wasn't wearing an I love Belligerent Dickheads t-shirt."

Somewhere in the heart of whatever state they make these flirtatious shirts, stands a warehouse full of cotton tops with phrases like "I love jocks," "I love manipulative narcissists," and "I love aggressive socio-paths" printed across the front. And there they will sit. For about 5 or 6 years until honesty suddenly becomes fashionable.

An excited looking girl standing outside Transit on Saturday night was obviously already off and running with the honesty fashion trend. "I owe my boyfriend 25 blowjobs!" She announced with appropriate bravado.
"So that's the currency of choice in the land you're from? How do I get there?"
She laughed, and I pondered the value of material goods measured in terms of fellatio and the subsequent difficulty of making a Mastercard commercial in such an atmosphere.

Shiny T-shirt: 5 blow jobs.
4 shots of yager: 8 blow jobs.
Entrance to the best club in the city: 12 blowjobs.
Love at first sight... Many, many blowjobs. (Nothing is priceless here.)

I wonder what the exchange rate would be. In any case there would be a booming tourist industry. Although travelers had better hope that they have plenty of goods to offer, otherwise they might never see their beloved gag reflex again. But hey, what happens in Blowjob land, stays in Blowjob land.

I somewhat regret the lewd turn this post has taken, but given that it started out with "Tina Turner is a God. Respect." I don't think there was anywhere to go but down, in terms of life shattering insight.

I will accept no responsibility for the consequences inherent in accepting Tina Turner as your personal lord and savior. I'm as surprised as you are.

- Seg

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trilladelphia - Guaranteed to Go Down

Trilladelphia is Low Budget and Deluxxx of G13 Sound. If you know about that Snap or Die you already know about this combo. This is an early version done in only two takes and its pure fiyah. Word is that Low Budget's long anticipated album will be out soon and will be a collaboration with Scottie B and Unruly Records. As soon as I can confirm this and have a definitive release date, I'll be sure to let you know.
So without further ado:
Catch Low Budget every Thursday at the 700 Club, Metro on Saturday with special guest Oxy Cottontail and Sunday at the Walnut Room.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hollertronix reunion

Mummers museum. Open bar. 2 crazy brazilian bands. Live video mixing from System D128. 1000 sweaty dancing people packed into Transit on 2 days notice. Triple DJ smash down. It was a Hollertronix reunion in Philly this weekend like no other. Diplo and Low Budget rule this city and make everyone change their plans last minute. Add special appearances from Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Paper Street, R5, Soul Travelers and more and you may have one of the best parties all year. Check the pictures here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Brain Melting Weekend

If I can make it through tonight I think I'll be ok. If so, expect pictures and more tracks next week.

  • Popoff shack with Low Budget, Brendan Bring'em and Dan the Swede
  • Mojito - outside grown and sexy - RSVP for half price admission
  • Drum n bass in the place at Transit. Note: Tittsworth will not be there
    • Get a Photek mix from Bailey here
    • Bailey's Photek Mix Tracklisting

  • Under 21 rejoice as its Monster at Starlight w/Steve Bloodbath
    • Stay Local party with Steve's Bloodbath & Beyond release

Yoyoyoyoyoyo for a bible?

Apparently so. Spank Rock CD's are getting swapped out for bibles mid shipment from Big Dada's Montreal office. As Casi G. opined "I guess Home Land Security has deemed this shit is just to devastating to your ears."

From the label:
"We're not talking about a Deicide record or Aleister Crowley re-issues, we're talking about a bumping good-times party hip-hop record," said the label in a public statement. "Is it because they called out 'hemp hacky-sacking motherfuckers' on their record? We remain... confused. But please, Mr. or Mrs. Thief, if you're reading this, please stop. Shit's getting expensive."

Also check out this Spank Rock mix over at DIRTY. This is the Voila mixtape.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Diplo / CSS / Bonde Do Role Tour Blog & Hollertronix Reunion

Vicarious living via Chris Lemon Red is available now that the tour has officially kicked off. Chris is travelling along on the bus and will be at every show selling merchandise. Say hi to him and you just may end up on the site. Nudity is a sure fire way.

Meanwhile things in Philly are heating up as the weather kinda, sort of cools down. The show is sold out, all 250 tickets at the Mummers Museum. However, maybe, just maybe, there may be 50 more tickets available. Maybe. (Holla at R5) Regardless, just added is the official afterparty: It's the return of Hollertronix! Oh snap! Low Budget will be joining Diplo for an insane afterparty at Transit from 12 - 3:30 with special guest Dave P and reinforced sound. For all those at the show, its free. If you don't manage to get tickets its only $5. My brain is going to melt from all of this. Open bar 8 - 12. Hollertronix at Transit. Ideally, I will make it through all of this with pictures. Then again...
Over at Fluokids I found these awesome tracks among others:

Mixtape madnesss

These past few weeks have been crazy busy. I have a bunch of music that I want to post up so lets start with some mixtapes.
Pickup Catchdubs and Mark Ronson's mixtape Radio Radio here.
Smalltown Mix Tracklisting

Week 1 Catch and Ayres Tracklisting

Week 2 Ayres Tracklisting

DJs step away from Serato

Step away from Serato. No longer just spinning records is good enough. You're going to have to do it without electricity or Technic 1200's either. Maybe I should start working on this now. With all of the crazy weather we've been having, who knows how long the next power outage will be. This is also the perfect answer for the often overlooked fact of how you're going to play your favorite records when stuck on a deserted island.

(via Boingboing)

The Internet Is A Series of Tubes

There has been this little debate about Net Neutrality going on. Normally I stay away from politics on here but this is just too good/bad to pass up. Sen. Ted Stevens would like the telecom companies to be able to charge more for better service to companies. Essentialy, the telecom companies want to institute priority mail for the Internet. Right, cause the Postal Service is doing so well. Anyways, below is the statement that Mr. Stevens made.
I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why?

Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the internet commercially...

They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet. And again, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck.

It's a series of tubes.

And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and its going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.

Uh, huh. Tubes. So of course, the only thing to do with this valuable information was to place it in song so it could be heard by the masses. Here is DJ Teds Techno Remix of Sen. Stevens Tubes.


Also slides have been made so you can follow along in pictures (Link)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

J Hill Xperience and an Open Bar

Every third Wednesday of the month Mental Sharp and Yellow Brain perform together live with an open bar which is usually enough. Tonight though, J. Hill will be performing his last night in Philly before L.A. Reid flys him out to turn him into a superstar. J Hill was born in West Philly and has been on the music circuit performing at The Five Spot, Doc Watson's, Mill Creek Tavern and more.

Listen to two tracks to check out the newest philly neo-soul export.

J. Hill Xperience - I Miss Her
J. Hill Xperience - Leave a Message

TWNW is brought to you by Simplefly every Wednesday at Medusa Lounge (27 S. 21st Street).

Monday, July 17, 2006

DJ Eleven: Summer Madness

I've been sitting on this for much too long. This mix is absolutely perfect for the next few days with temperatures hitting 100 across the country. Global warming in full effect. Hopefully you have air conditioning and won't have to suffer too much. Right, so back to the music. This is a great mix with all of your summertime favorites mixed effortlessly together. As I sit here, I can almost feel the sand on my feet, taste the fresh mojitos and feel perfectly relaxed in my hammock...

1. Sam Cooke “Summertime”
2. Bob Marley “Sun Is Shining”
3. Devin The Dude “Lacville 79”
4. The Isley Brothers “Summerbreeze”
5. The Originals “Sunrise”
6. Freddie Hughes “Sarah Mae”
7. Ahmed “Back in the Day”
8. Quincy Jones “Summer in the City”
9. Outkast “West Savannah”
10. Main Source “Just Hanging Out”
11. Smokey Robinson “Cruisin”
12. EWF “Sun Goddess”
13. Hi-Tek & Common “Sun God”
14. Wiiliam Devaughn “Be Thankful For What You Got”
15. Brand Nubian “Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)”
16. Commodores “High on Sunshine”
17. De La Soul “Sunshine”
18. Naughty By Nature “Feel Me Flow”
19. Eugene “Here Comes The Sun”
20. Kool & the Gang “Summer Madness”
21. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince “Summertime”
22. Beyonce & Ghostface “Summertime”
23. Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Take You There”
24. Bill Withers “Lovely Day”
25. Blackbyrds “Dreaming About You”
26. Sade “Kiss Of Life”
27. De La Soul “Pass the Plugs”
28. Raphael Saadiq “Skyy, Can You Feel Me?”
29. War “Summer”
30. Digital Underground feat. 2Pac “Same Song”
31. Osibisa “Sunshine Day”
32. Stevie Wonder “A Place in the Sun”
33. Marvin Gaye “Got To Give It up”
34. Bob Marley “Is This Love?”
35. Sanchez “Here I Am”
36. Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”

Download now.

Purchase this or many other mixes from Eleven.

1 Year of Alchemy

Atma, Miss Behave and MC High IQ will be celebrating their one year anniverssary on DnBTV today starting at 8 PM tonight.
From Atma.
This Monday night we are proud to say will be the 1 year show for the Alchemy 101 crew coming straight out of Philly! With the recent addition of Smokey to the lineup, as long as the official addition of loyal guest That K.I.D. to the Alchemy 101 roster, there's much to celebrate. We've added an extra hour because there was just too much in your face, no-nonsense, dancefloor drum n bass to continue to try n cram into just 2 hours. So tune in at our new time, 8pm Est so you can be a part of another DnBTv milestone! Peep it!

Listen to it here.

In the meantime listen to Atma's Pound for Pound mix. This is perfect for a Monday with sexy, jazzy dnb to get you through the day.

Second Annual "Stickup" Call for Participation

Shamelessly self promote yourself via stickers at Minnow's second annual Stickup at Tattooed Moms.
The Second Annual "Stickup" - Call for Participation!!!
Last Friday, July 28th at Tattooed Mom
8PM — 2AM

On the Last Friday in July, join in Tattooed Mom's second annual sticker show by having an arsenal of your own stickers in hand, for trading, passing out, and most importantly...STICKING UP! Panels for posting will await the adhesive slaughter, and will be on display for (at least) one month.

- Use anything you can to make a graphic/illustration stick
- Keep it within letter size (8.5 x 11 ) for fair game
- No spray-adhesives, aerosols, or similar hazardous materials can be used in the bar (to prevent risk and danger)
- The opening reception is for 21+ years of age (T-Mom's is a bar, fool...)
More info

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Perverted Robots

At the suggestion of one of our readers generically named "John" I checked out the first two chapters of the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. This book neatly reduces club interaction to a series of strategies and rules which have a high likelihood of success. I found it extremely entertaining and frustrating. Entertaining because it is a well written, thought inspiring, and slightly self-depreciating novel. Frustrating, because it's actually fucking right.

For example, the failure described in my last post (Just Say Never) can be attributed to a violation of the "three second rule." Basically, if you don't go up to a girl and talk to her within 3 seconds upon seeing her, you've already over-analyzed the situation and you will fail. I entirely agree with this concept, as well as many others scattered throughout the fascinating plot-line. So why was I shaking my head and swearing under my breath every few pages? Because it was disgusting. Not in an obscene or vulgar sense, but in a scientific sense. It was dehumanizing, to everyone involved.

Hey, I believe in some aspects of behavioral psychology. Under set circumstances, with enough knowledge of an individual's inner state and history, their reactions are largely predictable. What I don't believe, or what I don't want to believe, is that our interactions with others can consist of prefab statements which lead to the same results every time. This kind of world view turns everyone into perverted robots and transforms the club landscape into a statistical wasteland, devoid of any meaningful experience.

While I was dealing with this depressing discovery, the keystone question leapt out at me.
Why does this stuff work?

Well, let's see. The book concerns itself with approaching women at bars. Bars have relatively the same environment, and everyone is there for a narrow set of reasons. The tactics the book describes are sometimes intuitive, sometimes clever, and always generic and extremely appliable. In other words, we're not talking about a one size fits all solution to every form of communication. This is ONLY for nightlife.

And it works because nightlife is not a real-world situation. We all created it from the same template. It the manifestation of our desires, fabricated from fantasy and the hedonistic pleasure centers of the brain. No wonder these shallow tactics work.

But they also take all the adventure out of it. I don't want a prepackaged night experience. I want unpredictability, spontaneity, recklessness, and failure.
Yes. Failure. Isn't that what humanity is about?

So last night I got to thinking, if there are exact rules and guidelines to the club ecosystem which will ensure success, then by doing the exact opposite, one could potentially achieve a total failure.

I will call this the Bizzaro method. Follow closely:

- Apply a substantive quantity of feces to your body and dress like a homeless person.

- Sneak into the party in some kind of not practical or subtle way, say by climbing over a large fence and falling on your face in front of a large group of people.

- If drinks aren't free, don't buy any. If they are free, do not tip.

- Proceed to leer at a girl who is standing by herself for 15 minutes, occasionally making obscene mastibatory gestures and, finally, yell an obscure statement like, "I light my poop on FIRE" preferably through a traffic cone if one is available.

- If you haven't already attracted the authorities you should run up to the closest girl and tackle her from behind. I once saw a goalie tackle a player in a high school soccer game. You should go for something like that. Well executed, but totally inappropriate.

- While you're being dragged away by the cops, verbally assault every girl you see, then attempt to aquire personal information.
"Fuck you! Where do you live!"

Finally, end the night with a "prison cell close."
Congratulations to you. Enjoy the company of your cell-mates.

- Seg

Friday, July 14, 2006

What it Do

  • Spank Rock at the Troc free with Schooly D and others (more info here)
  • Clayton & Fulcrum with Natural Selection at Bubble House (3404 Sansom
    • Free Tsintao and apps 10 - 11 (RSVP here for $5 admission)
  • Its Bastille day so check out Eastern State Penitentiary for their little street party etc.
  • Low Budget is back at the Pop Off Shack kids!
  • Mojito outside sipping for the grown and sexy.

Its a Spank Rock weekend

Spankrock performing today for free you say? Special Spankrock DJ set Sunday you say? Why yes I do. Tonight catch Spankrock perform twice at the Trocadero. They'll be opening the show up at 7:45 and then closing the show beginning at 11:45. You must RSVP so get on the guestlist here.

This Sunday Paper-Street continues on with the Sundays are the New Black party with a special DJ set by Cool MC Disco Spankro which made #1 in the Philadelphia Weekly A-List. Get on the guestlist here for $5 admission.

  • Still haven't bought YoYoYoYoYoYo? Really? Well you can download Rick Rubin for free.
  • New tour mix from Ronnie Darko - Radio Active.
  • Air! Cock! Thrust! - Post up your best ACT by September and win "whole ass load of Spank Rock/Baltimore Bass Connection prizes and exclusives!!!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Caps n Jones

Caps n Jones did the damn thing this past Saturday. Vitamin water is that new crack. Vitamin water and vodkas are ridiculous. What a perfect combination. I'm going on the assumption that they cancel each other out. Not that there was actually much Vitamin water in the drinks on Saturday. Jones shirt was killing it. Regardless, I can't wait til they move to Philly and take up residency somewhere.

So after we left the M Room we started walking home. No cabs seem to drive down Girard at 2:30 am on a Saturday. No worries, drunk walking is cool. You kind of just float along. Its also fun to pass your time kicking/throwing cones, throwing hats and other inane ways to make the trip that much more fun. So we eventually made a left down 10th street toward Spring Garden. As we were walking, I saw a Siamese cat. She was cute and friendly so I decided to take her picture. A young entrepreneuer then decided to approach us offering to sell the cat to us. Hmm, well I already have one cat and I don't think he wants any company. Not content with that, he then demanded $10 for the pictures. Luckily his friend wasn't nearly as serious and we were able to extricate ourselves from the situation without further complications. The rest of the walk was rather uneventful except for an intense discussion as to how serious he actually was. Thing is, I don't think the pictures of the cat even turned out that well. Oh well, I still have my camera and didn't pay $10 for pictures I took. See all the pictures here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just Say Never

It was sometime after I had sat down at the table that I noticed Alcohol-Girl's facial expression had become rather intense and her eye's were flicking to one side of her head. It's a signal, I thought. But it could also be a seizure. You can't be too careful with these kinds of things.
"Are you okay?" I smiled, bringing the night's first bottle of lager to my mouth.
"That girl," she flicked her eyes over my shoulder once more, "is checking you out."
Her whispered voice was excited and scandalous. My response was not.
"Great. Does that mean I have to do something?"

It was not normal for me to get this kind of advance knowledge. Rarely will valuable recon information come to me from King, by virtue of the fact that we're both guys and therefore its pretty much every man for himself. Girls roll differently, forming tight-formation defense circles and whispering special strategic information to one another from the safety of the restroom. Of course, I have no real proof of this, but I think I can fairly say that girls play a more analytical game than a guy's grab-your-guns-and-run approach to the bar scene.
And maybe it was because of an invisible, unconscious understanding of this that I could sense something unsettling in the works.

"You should go talk to her." Alcohol-Girl says earnestly. Whenever guys use an expression like this, it's because they sadistically enjoy watching their friends go down in flames, or attempt to hook up with a monstrously ugly troll-woman. But as I glance over my shoulder I see a hot looking girl, staring in my direction and then turning sharply away.

"She's checkin you out!"
I must have squirmed in my seat at this point. Huddling close to my beer, I looked down into the blackness of the bottle neck and, as I stared, an old projection screen faded in, with flickering numbers counting down to the feature. I was then transported back to grade school, a place where I was once sadistically subjected to miles of film reel concerning the dangers of peer pressure. I don't specifically remember any of this, but every once in a while the crippling symptoms of massive unconscious conditioning rear their ugly head and ruin my night, and that's evidence enough for me.

It's hard to pin point where exactly my anti peer pressure upbringing has its ultimate roots, but for right now I'm going to blame DARE. DARE was a part of the "survival of the scared-shitless" branch of education. The division with the single goal of compelling children to live long healthy lives by encouraging them to cower in dry, well ventilated corners with a modest supply of anti-bacterial handsoap. Actually, their stated purpose was, "to keep kids off drugs." but what they didn't realize, what they couldn't possibly understand is that once "just say no" successfully entered the mind of a child, it would be implemented into other aspects of life. Soon this relatively innocuous anti-drug message would be transformed into a fear reaction upon exposure to "peer-pressure" in the context of any remotely risky situation.

"You should go talk to her." I pulled myself out of the depths of my now half-empty bottle of beer to refocus on the situation at hand.
I started to conspire, "maybe I should spin around in my chair and start talking to her, but I'm at table with some friends, and she's at a table with some friends, and that would be awkward, probably wouldn't work out well, and... oh shit I'm self conscious"
Planning is disaster. Planning is the devil.
Have you ever tried to plot out an entire conversation in your head? Try it sometime, when you start talking, you'll stutter the "hello" and things will go down from there.
So at this point I was pretty much screwed. I spent more time thinking about strategy than the girl, and she had already become a sidenote to the story. This was no longer about her. This was about all women. And me. And my fantasy of being with all women. Yeah, so I was pretty much screwed right here.
"Alright fine, she's checkin me out, what do you think I should I do?"

"You should pick up one of these," Alcohol-Girl grabbed up a sugar packet lying on the table, "throw it at her feet, and then say, 'You dropped your name tag.'"
Alcohol-Girl is full of useful advice. For a second I considered a variation on this device. Something to do with substituting the sugar packet with a condom wrapper, but nothing above the realm of "dangerously offensive" came to mind, so I turned to King for advice.
"Slide around the table, so at least you can see her."
"Yeah, then you two can make eye contact."
With the agreement of both King and Alcohol-Girl, I decided I had nothing to lose. I could practically feel my anti-peer-pressure chemical makeup overwhelming my brain, shutting down critical social and motivational functioning.

I am not a good actor, and that lack of ability did not assist me here. If I'm trying to make eye contact, I can't pretend not to be trying to make eye contact. It's one or the other, so after a brief glance, met with her glossy eyes, I turned back to my beer, feeling a bright spotlight on me.

Fucking DARE. Fucking brain.
My internalized peer-pressure phobia and inability to shut up my left hemisphere had left me empty and useless. Even if these awkward, manufactured tactics had worked, it wouldn't have mattered. I didn't even like this girl any more. My night was over.

I left the bar somewhat less than gracefully, knocking over my empty beer bottle, some salt shakers, and nearly stepping on a girl. I'm actually rather proud of the scene I made. A bouncer was apparently alerted by all the ensuing noise and ran up the stairs to see if there was anyone he could help exit the bar in a speedy and possibly airborne manner.

He didn't see me. I'm not "that guy."

But apparently, I'm the guy who can't take advice and is somehow subtly influenced by children's "educational" programs from the 80's, so make what you want of that.
I'm still going to blame DARE for this one.

- Seg

Friday, July 07, 2006

What it Do


All I Wanna Do is Disco Dance With You

I need to learn more French because Fluo Kids has so much quality music they release. Teki Latex of French group TTC leads off with his debut single "Disco Dance With You". This incredibly infectious rhythm makes me want to get up and start dancing here at work regardless of odd stares from coworkers. I just may be partial to songs about dancing, yet what really puts this over the top is the remix from Spank Rock and Amanda Blank. Amanda's silky smooth hook makes my spine tingle. Spank Rock kills his verse with "Now you're moving to it all sweaty like it was Hollertronix and shit". Amanda's verse is top notch like we've all come to expect.

The single is out July 17th I believe on Arcade Mode and possibly Turntable Lab as well.

Teki Latex- Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock Remix ft Amanda Blank)

Read on for the original review (in English) of all 5 tracks at Fluo Kids

For more info on Teki check his myspace for the original track, the remix and another track Electronic as well as the EPK below with him in Barcelona.

Disco D and Trick Daddy Collabo

I just received this from Disco D about that banging Trick Daddy track he played last Sunday.
Hey guys,

I received a call today from Craig Kallman, the CEO and Chairman of Atlantic Records, the consequences of which will change rap, pop and electronic music forever. They have decided that "I Pop", a song I produced, will be the first single off of Trick Daddy's upcoming album to be released this fall. He is coming to my studio on Monday to mix the record.

If I could describe the record in words: 110 BPM ghettotech / acid house with Trick Daddy returning to 'Shut Up' / 'Nann' / 'Scarred' days. In 2 words: The Shit.

A Haiku:

Trick Daddy's 'I Pop'
The biggest beat that I wrote
Thus far in my life

I'm posting a snippet of the rough mix on my my space as we speak.


P.S. I have a show in Amsterdam tomorrow night

P.P.S. After Craig Kallman was done talking to me about Trick Daddy, he spent the next 20 minutes asking me questions about Spankrock and Amanda Blank

Whoa! (like Joey) Spank Rock and Ms Blank are certifiably blown up. Disco D is a serious tease but he did throw up a snippet of 'I Pop' on his myspace

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mad Decent X Mishka

From the one named Diplo of Mad Decent
why is it important that the hottest new lable in the universe hooked up with the hottest new t shirt line in the whole galaxy?

well cause we did it back in like 2001 when we lived in a commune together in central florida

greg used to promise to take me to flea markets in the middle of the florida desert by crescent sity to buy 8mm films and bass 12"s
he never did but did manage to sell mad haunted baby dolls on ebay and I got an A on my film class by makin a doc on his mr T's

so when you see me on tour... show some respect and buy a mad decent t (designed by mishka) but in the meantime heres our first collaboration back when we lived between alfaya and eatonville... the good old dayz

Watch the Mr. T video here. Find out when they'll be in a town near you here. Philly buy your tickets today because last I heard there were maybe 5 tickets left from R5 Productions.

Wait, mad haunted baby dolls? Yep, check it here and here.

Finally, we have a new remix from Bonjay of Bonde do Role - Melo do Tabaco (Bonjay remix).

Roxy Radio

Ms. Oxy Cottontail now has streaming music on her site with Roxy Radio. The number one song is of course Oxy's Anthems. Roxy Radio is currently sporting 17 tracks from the likes of Spank Rock, Camp Lo, Cuiziner, Weezy, Jeezy, Plastic Little, Scottie B and more.

Listen to it here

New Team Facelift video

No words, just watch.

Bonus tracks:
Team Facelift - This is Not Rap
Team Facelift - New York is Dead
Team Facelift - Ballervision

For more tracks, info and upcoming shows hit up their website and their MySpace. Oh, I can't forget about these breathtaking photos of Fat Jew 1 and 2.

Philly Laptop Battle Looking for More Contestants

From Seclusiasis
the philadelphia laptop battle 5 is about to be upon us and we have a couple slots left that we are opening up to the public! the first 2 people to holler at us will be able to compete in this high profile event.

for those that know of the past 4 battles, the event needs no introduction.

if you are unfamiliar, think of it as a cross between a battle of the bands and a dj battle...with producers rockin their best material in the club setting.

check out for more info on the past battles and our other events.

act fast to get your chance!
Get it in with Seclusiasis and the laptop battle. Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, July 03, 2006

New KMass video

New video from Kenneth Masters and Cramske called "Jet Set Stereo". Jet Set is the title track from the EP due out this fall. Kmass will be playing the Khyber July 20 with everyone's favorite fingerangers Sweatheart and more. Check out KMass on MySpace. Download Working Class Blues

Disco D Hustles Harder

If you missed out on Disco D last night, I feel bad for you. Disco didn't just spin exclusive joints and world premieres, he spent the better part of the night working his sampler with no records whatsoever. The music was great and so was the show. He debuted a new beat he made for J. Lo who he'll be working with next week. There were tracks from Braza, that Spank Rock track you may have seen the video for with them in the studio, a banging Trick Daddy track that will be out on his next album and a new artist from Brazil.

Meanwhile a camera crew has been following him around the world from New York to Rio to Sao Paulo to LA to Barcelona and more putting together the documentary Hustle Harder. Check out the first two of five trailers below.

Trailer 1 features Disco D in Brazil.

Trailer 2 follows Disco D in Barcelona for the Sonar festival.